Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Troubled Times Ahead As The FEDS Gradually Lose The Battle To Conceal The NSA's Remote Neural Monitoring Technology From The American People

* As of 12/20/2007 I took a quick spin around my neighborhood only to find at least 4 vehicular stalkers waiting for me. The following license plate was taken from a vehicle which has been up at 23 Wenwood Drive -- used as the stalkers' main base within this neighborhood for the past few years. This car, a late model Pontiac sedan with NYS plate EBF-2658, has taken a regular part in these stalking activities.

Since there is no longer any rule of law here, I will continue to document what is quite obviously a federally instigated organized stalking campaign in which my rights continue to be violated in the most egregious of ways. If the FEDS continue to deny me my rights as an American citizen I have no choice but to report their activities as well as those whom they sanction in these organized stalking crimes.

It has also come to my attention that the FEDS are aggressively attempting to *discredit my corroboration of the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA. And this makes perfect sense given what they have to lose as Akwei's lawsuit becomes better known to the public, and that those of us documenting such abuses stand ready to take a polygraph to prove that we are telling the truth in regard to our testimony as targets of satellite based technologies and the most outrageous abuses of this modern day police state ever documented by American citizens.

*Part of the FEDS' campaign to discredit TI's includes demoning them to the public in efforts to dehumanize them. This is a common tactic of COINTELPRO done so that the people perpetrating these crimes can do so without feeling any guilt in regard to those whom they attack. This denial is responsible for the forced suicides of many targeted people who after years of being attacked in such vicious ways can no longer go on living.

Anyone who takes part in an attack which results in the suicide death of a TI is a murderer.

The FEDS must continue to both slander and libel me, while doing so behind my back. They have also fully infiltrated several TI groups in efforts to destroy them. My advice to the heads of these groups is to keep on posting every aspect of what you are experiencing and circulate your information globally.

Attempting to contact the body politic in each country should be part of the campaign to expose these weapons. However, in most cases these politicians are well aware of what is going on and have been told to ignore us. Making every person on this planet aware of this technology should be the present goal of the TI community, since this technology has become a global threat to our privacy as well as our sanity.

For those who claim that you must be implanted in order to experience such harassment, or that you must see holograms within your home or a maser light show, this is simply not the case. And while these manifestations certainly do exist in regard to SOME TI's, many have never experienced them. These types of examples of directed energy weapons are obvious signs that you are being attacked, and do leave
physical evidence in the way of damage to your body.

However, there are other aspects to this technology which can invade your subconscious mind, while adversely affecting your body in a myriad of ways; these are the aspects of this technology which must be documented. The perpetrators of these crimes seem to like to keep their targets under covert surveillance for years, only to one day let them know that they have been under such surveillance.

So there is a lot more than just the physical "light show" that some TI's are reporting. Many people are being subjected to having their internal organs damaged by way of this technology, while their skin and private parts are burned as part of this sick torture. However, it is the effects that this technology has on the human mind that are perhaps the most dangerous to the survival of the TI.

This is when they let you know that they have been accessing your mind and watching you within the privacy of your own home. This is when they let you know that they see what you are seeing through your own eyes, know what you are thinking, and are even capable of placing their own prescripted virtual reality scenarios into your minds. The perpetrators of these crimes are so proud of this technology that it's not enough for them to covertly deploy it on their victims -- they want their victims to know what is being done to them.

I have also noticed that the FEDS continue to cause confusion amongst a number of forums created to expose these crimes. And that anyone who is corroborating this information is being slandered, just to destroy their credibility. Those documenting John Akwei's information regarding the NSA are especially susceptible to such attacks, given that Akwei has exposed how the FEDS have been getting their information for years -- remote neural monitoring of the brain by way of satellites and supercomputers -- sometimes targeting a specific person for years by way of this technology.

And those being targeted are never given the opportunity to defend themselves publicly, because the FEDS cannot afford to allow us to gain credibility. If we did and the entire population learned of how the NSA uses its remote neural monitoring technology to violate the US Constitution, the American people would realize that the US Intelligence community is guilty of treasonous crimes, and looking to destroy any people who can document this.

So it's no wonder why those of us who know that the NSA is involved (oftentimes at the direction of the FBI and DHS) are being slandered, libeled and demonized by these agencies. They have a lot to lose if the global population learns about this technology.

These FEDS are waging a war on your civil rights; and you have the right to defend yourself from such tyranny while exposing those who are attacking you. The TI community as a whole is better off just circulating their accounts globally, because the most important thing that they can do right now is to alert as many of the people on this planet to this mind control technology as is possible -- since it has the capability of affecting everyone of us in extremely adverse ways.

Beware of any so called TI's claiming that you must be implanted with RFID chips in order for this technology to work -- that is outright disinformation. The bio electromagnetic field around your body is how many TI's are being located and attacked. And as long as you have an electromagnetic field around your body (all living things do) you are vulnerable to such attacks.

I continue to promulgate this information because I know first hand that remote neural monitoring the human brain is being done by way of satellites and super computers. And eventually, the global population is going to realize that agencies like the NSA are violating their privacy in the most egregious ways ever documented, as a result of this technology. The truth is that you have no privacy any longer. No sense of physical privacy, and no privacy of your thoughts. And soon, you won't even have the ability to think for yourselves any longer, because once this technology is fully deployed on this planet's population, we will have developed a collective hive mentality.

Think about this tonight when you cuddle up next to your significant other under the false assumption that you are safe within the privacy of your own home -- agencies like the CIA, DHS, FBI and NSA have made certain that you are not. Not in your kitchen, den, bedroom or even bathroom. If this last statement keeps you awake tonight, then perhaps the first thing that you should do tomorrow is to contact to your state senators with a copy of Akwei VS NSA and ask them why this technology is being illegally deployed on American citizens?

If you don't receive a sufficient answer, then perhaps you should consider joining the campaign to expose this technology to the global population, since it concerns everyone of us and the future of the human race. Read some of the testimony from other targets of electromagnetic weaponry as well as organized stalking crimes here:
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