Monday, December 24, 2007

Was Enron CEO Ken Lay Murdered By Way Of Directed Energy Weapons?

It was extremely convenient that the CEO of Enron died of a heart attack just shortly before he was due to testify in regard to his complicity in one the greatest corporate frauds in US History. Not surprising was that Lay was also connected with the Bush crime family in some business dealings. Was he covertly murdered for this?

Was he poisoned as the author in the following article opines? Or perhaps even murdered by way of a directed energy assault?

Or was Lay involved in a more complex situation in which he may still be alive?

In this day and age with the rampant corruption within the hierarchy of the US Federal Government, nothing is necessarily as it appears. Deaths can be faked, coroners can be intimidated or paid off (or perhaps both) to falsify the record in regard to such situations, or the actual causes of death in which hi-profile people have died mysteriously ( i.e. Anna Nicole Smith and her son), and the media will simply report whatever they are told, helping to give credibility to these fabrications. And these false accounts eventually pass into time while few people ever give them a further thought.

The following post opines that Ken Lay may have found alternative means in which to avoid his testimony.
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