Sunday, December 23, 2007

FEDS Continue To Misdirect The TI Community While Wasting Its Time

It would be wise for the other TI's to stop spending their time using gaslighting tactics against myself and other TI's (obviously at the direction of the FBI, DHS and NSA), and start focusing on their own harassment, which is only going to get worse over time. I am still amazed at how easily the FEDS can control the actions of people.

My comment to the FBI in particular is that while you continue to demonize and dehumanize me, you forget that I have extensively documented the crimes that you have and continue to perpetrate against my Family, self and a great many others.

Unlike the people whom you are manipulating, I know the illegal ways in which you operate, how you coerce others into taking part in your attacks, and then perjuring themselves in courts of law to cover up for your crimes.

And it is also clear that your latest move in attempting to consolidate the TI community against me, is out of desperation to cover up your extensive crimes -- not the least of which is using the NSA to illegally track me by way of satellite for the past 27 years, and use me for non consensual human experimentation.

This Website is documenting how you really get your information on the citizens in this country and abroad -- and none of its legal. The NSA has no business spying on any persons who are not connected with international terrorism, yet it is doing so routinely and illegally.

And if you have fabricated evidence in which to set me up on bogus charges (a likelihood)-- something you have been attempting to do for decades, I will expose this as well. The truth is that if you had not violated the rights of my Family and self as egregiously as you have, there would be no reason for you to be acting in desperation now. A desperation in which you have treated my Family and self viciously, lied to the public through your use of a black propaganda campaign in which to smear me, while denying me my Constitutional rights.

However, when you have been illegally spying on people within the privacy of their own homes, while remotely accessing and manipulating their thoughts for decades, it is clear that you are the criminals, and an outright threat to every person on this planet. You seem to have forgotten that all American citizens have rights under the US Constitution. Remember the Constitution? The laws of this land which you have historically violated in the most precedent setting ways since your organization was created.

And now you attempt to bring religion into your COINTELPRO attack against me in order to demonize me, because I have challenged religious indoctrination as being questionable in its origins, heavily flawed, and the most influential form of man made social control ever developed. Is it any wonder why you are so concerned about preventing the people of this planet from learning about the Extraterrestrial presence, given that the religious status quo would more than likely not even survive should these beings be collectively accepted as a reality, by the human race. And there's also the issue of the alien influence behind much of the advanced technology that you are using in the present day, which you most certainly do not want the public learning about.

Moreover, your most recent actions speak volumes in regard to your attempts to cover up the crimes you have perpetrated against me. And your use of other TI's like ***Gerry D. to misquote and in at least one instance attribute a post to me which I have not even written, as part of your gaslighting tactics, is just further evidence of this desperation. You have wasted the TI community's time and will continue to do so, since I have documented the truth in regard to what you have done to myself. And all of the covert tactics that you continue to use against me will not release you from the extensive crimes that you've committed against my Family, self and a great many others.

When you use blackmail to get others to do what you what them to, you are no better than the organized crime families whom you always claim to be after. Blackmailing people into lying about taking part in the psychotic crimes that you are perpetrating against TI's makes you the worst kind of criminals. I don't blame these people since most of them are terrified not to follow your directives -- I blame you.

I am documenting COINTELPRO at its worst.

And no matter what you do, your illegal use of spy satellites to remotely access and manipulate the brain will eventually become known globally, while you will be forced to admit to the American people that you have illegally deployed this technology on them for decades, in attempts to compile the most complete dossiers on Americans ever documented. I can only imagine how many citizens are experiencing such electronic trespass in the present day, as a result of the NSA's signals intelligence program. However, their numbers must be staggering.

If the American people had any idea that the NSA has the capability of recording every thought that they have, while videotaping them 24 hours a day, they would quickly put an end to such abuses of this satellite based technology and the people responsible for it.

And a quick note to ***Gerry D. -- If you cannot post my articles without altering the content for gas lighting purposes, I would appreciate your refraining from doing so altogether. I am documenting technology which is a threat to every person on this planet. Technology which is being deployed against many of you by the very FEDS who have co opted you into attacking me and other TI's, whom agencies like the FBI have waged unsuccessful and long-term COINTELPRO operations against.

From what I have read you are physically ill and I am truly sorry for what you are being put through. However, I have had nothing to do with your suffering and only attempted to expose what you are being subjected to. Taking your anger out on me, is hardly going to solve your problem with those perpetrating these crimes against you. Take your anger out on them.

And to others within the TI community whom the FEDS have co opted into using these tactics against me, continuing to do so will have little effect since I have been both physically and psychologically tortured for nearly a decade and a half. And I have learned to live in constant pain; so what the FEDS are doing is of little consequence to me any longer. Given this, the recent gaslighting tactics that you are using in many of your posts are a waste of your valuable time.

If you wish to continue doing so that is up to you. However, you are wasting your time. My primary goal is to make certain that Akwei VS NSA becomes a household issue within the United States, so that the people in this country (as well as those on the rest of this planet) can confront the US Federal Government and demand an explanation for such outrageous abuses of their inherent rights. And the so called war on terror is not going to be accepted as an excuse for this; especially since this war on terror is nothing but a black propaganda campaign to expand US Imperialism throughout the rest of the world, while the American people lose what few freedoms we have left, as our Constitution is destroyed.

It is also extremely hypocritical of you to be deploying the same tactics that you are accusing others of perpetrating against you. Yet you continue to do so, which only damages your own credibility.

Thus my advice to you is to let the FEDS do their own dirty work (since they excel at it), and to spend your time attempting to end your own nightmarish hell -- while not contributing to someone else's -- someone incidentally, who has never done anything to harm you.

I know that you are suffering and I wish for your suffering to end as I do all suffering. However, the FEDS want our suffering to continue. So what does that tell you about them?

Moreover, from what I have read on several of your message boards, the FEDS have set you up so that you are going in several different directions at once, and accomplishing little. It would be far more beneficial for you to focus on *John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA and to distribute it globally, since satellite spying and remote neural monitoring are how the FEDS are compiling their information on you. However there is a caveat here.

Given that remote neural monitoring technology is a reality (and the FEDS know it), your harassment will go up exponentially if you choose to circulate Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, since the FEDS cannot afford to have this information promulgated globally. They have depended on it for years to covertly watch us, while denying us our most basic human rights. And they are not likely to admit to this technology, much less using it on us unless we force them to. Any government official who uses their authority to spy on an American citizen within their own home while using that citizen for non consensual human experimentation is not only guilty of crimes under the color of law, but also of treason.

The choice is yours. Do you want to get the truth about the NSA's satellite spying/remote neural monitoring technology out to the rest of the world, or do you want to waste your time focusing on phantom information which is being put before you to misdirect your attention away from the real issues?

For every legitimate TI in your groups there is probably a FED or one of their handlers making certain that you never make any progress. How many times have you started to, when one of them appearing as a concerned group member, vociferously complained about the tack you were taking? The objective is to keep you in a state of constant disagreement.

And while there may appear to be some progress in certain groups, the moment that they have any chance of doing damage to the covert network which exists within US Intelligence, their efforts will be derailed. Many people have been murdered over the years for attempting to expose the Intelligence community's extensive and abhorrent crimes. And nothing has changed in the present day, where US Intel has more to hide from us than ever; ironic given that they can tell many of us what we had for dinner last night and the exact time that we finished it.

Exactly what are they doing spying on us within the privacy of our own homes?

If a revolution comes about within the United States, it will occur because of such treasonous violations against us. Violations which none of us should tolerate. Denying any American their right to due process of law is inviting them to challenge you to defend your actions -- something the US Federal Government has now done. And something that will be challenged through the use of civil disobedience until this government either ends its treasonsous crimes, or is replaced with a government which does not commit such anti American practices.

These violations constitute more than just a serious abuse of this technology. They are a direct threat to our survival as a people, when the government believes that it has the right to invite itself into our homes and minds. Only fools would ever capitulate to such complete invasions of their rights by these cretans who masquerade as the protectors of America.

They are not our protectors -- they are attempting to enslave us. They are attempting to assume the role of God!

This is being done to keep TI's from getting anywhere. Has your harassment stopped? Has it even decreased? Probably not. And there is little doubt that the US Intelligence community is playing a major role in most of your harassment -- even those of you from outside of the United States who are being illegally spied upon and used for non consensual human experimentation.

One of the best examples of this is that the last two people who attempted to expose serious crimes within the NSA have been neutralized -- John Akwei and Russell Tice. We know for certain that Akwei was attempting to expose the NSA's radiation intelligence program when he was neutralized in the early 1990's, and in all likelihood Tice was going to do so as well -- which is what brought the FBI down on him.

As a result he has not spoken publicly since the summer of 2006, and is probably now considered to be a domestic terrorist, since his information will implicate the Bush Administration and NSA in treasonous crimes against the American people. Once again, someone who was attempting to expose the crimes of the US Federal Intelligence community is silenced with extreme prejudice.

This should indicate to you just how important John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA is and the threat that it poses to Americans, as well as the rest of the people on this planet. And the fact that people must take to the Internet to discuss the problems that we are facing within our own governments is a clear indication that these governments are being folded into one fascist cabal.

When have you ever before seen situations in which groups of people comprised of many different countries have been forced to ban together in sending out petitions, in efforts to stop the Orwellian and torturous crimes being perpetrated against them? Never. Yet now we are being forced to do so, which indicates that the problems are stemming from those who are controlling these governments and conspiring against us.

How many former federal agents have found themselves outed for attempting to expose corruption within their own agencies? It is difficult to keep count of all of them; especially those whom have surfaced since the attacks on 9-11. Yet they are telling us something very important about our countries --- that we are no longer in control of them.

And unlike the historical situation in which countries have warred with each other, we are now talking about people challenging their own corrupted governments, the result of having their rights egregiously violated.

In the United States alone, the US Congress has lost most of its power since the Patriot Act was passed into legislation -- something that has given George W. Bush almost sole control over us. One more attack on US soil and Bush will impose martial law and assume the role of a dictator -- something which the Patriot Act gives him the authority to do, while in complete violation of the US Constitution. And Congress will be helpless to do anything about this, as Bush will have complete control over the US Intelligence Community, Military, National Guard and Media.

We will be no different than communist governments like China and Russia. We are nearly there now.

The only logical solution is to educate the entire planet as to what is happening to our governments in the present day, so that we can prevent the Illuminati's New World Order global government from becoming a reality. I hope that we can succeed in making the entire planet aware of what the Illuminati has in store for us, for if we can't, we will be seeing the end of the human race as we know it.
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