Thursday, December 20, 2007

The American Medical Association Conveniently Labels Chronic Lyme Disease Patients As Having Post Lyme Disease Syndrome

Over the past several years the American Medical Association at the direction of the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA), has claimed that patients suffering with chronic Lyme Disease no longer have an active infection, but are instead suffering from what they refer to as an immunological response to their initial Lyme Disease infection (something they have dubbed post Lyme syndrome).

However, the International Lyme And Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), an organization which comprises many Lyme literate physicians who have been a God send to the Lyme patients who were either undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or diagnosed properly, yet improperly treated by infectious disease physicians who have set the guidelines for the IDSA association, has for many years taken the position that Lyme Disease can become chronic in many patients. Dr. Raphael Stricker, the current President of ILADS has also stated his belief that Lyme Disease appears to have been created as a biological weapon.

Keep in mind that the doctors who are represented by IDSA are the same doctors who have misdiagnosed and mistreated millions of Lyme Disease patients over the past three decades. Also consider that with this diagnosis, the standard -- and in the cases of chronic Lyme Disease -- completely inadequate treatment protocol which the AMA endorses, recommends short treatments -- which is also of benefit to the health insurance industry that has deliberately denied a myriad of long-term patient claims over the past decade and a half.

The following is a well written commentary by another chronic Lyme Disease patient; one which exposes the fraud that all chronically ill Lyme patients are being subjected to by the American Medical Association, IDSA and US Health Insurance Industry -- all of whom are now attempting to convince the public that chronic Lyme Disease does not exist, when it in fact does.

While this person did not go into the details regarding Lyme Disease's biological weapon's origin (an article on this can be accessed below), he did document the obvious conspiracy which is taking place to deny chronically ill Lyme patients our right to long-term antibiotic treatment. I also recommend reading "The Brucellosis Triangle" by Dr. Donald Scott, "Lab 257" by Michael Christopher Carrol, and "Emerging Viruses -- AIDS & Ebola" by Dr. Leonard Horowitz -- all of which document how a number of chronic illnesses in modern day society were created as biological weapons. These books can be purchased over the Internet.

Any Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) will tell you that Lyme Disease can become chronic in many patients whose only recourse is long-term antibiotic treatment. However, like so many other unpopular truths in modern day fascist America, it is easier for the medical status quo, if chronic Lyme Disease patients are simply ignored and left to die the slow and painful deaths that so many have already experienced. While the US Medical community is loathe to admit that many Lyme Disease patients are dying from this illness every year, the following Website is documenting these deaths in detail.

What is becoming frighteningly apparent in contemporary America is that anyone who questions the status quo in this country is going to find themselves being harassed by agencies like the FBI and Homeland Security, who as the government pit bulls that they are, will be turned loose on those who attempt to expose the rampant criminal activity occurring within the United States Federal Government -- a government which is now using its satellite spy network to watch scads of Americans within the privacy of our own homes, while using remote neural monitoring technology to invade the privacy of our own minds.

America has become a LIE -- proselytizing the type of open government and freedom to the rest of the world, that Americans are being denied by a shadow government composed of criminals; cretans who have destroyed our Constitutional Republic.

And George Orwell's 1984 novel about a doomed society enslaved by omnipresent surveillance technology has become a reality around the globe. Thanks to agencies like the NSA, the US Federal Government has become the worst offender of all, using these satellites to remotely rape the minds of its citizens while covertly destroying the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.
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