Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Another Test To Prove How Remote Neural Monitoring Works / Is The Entire US Population Being Remote Neurally Monitored By The NSA?

Since the FEDS have chosen to use a number of other TI's in their covert psywarfare campaign against me, sometime ago I decided to try something to prove that my thoughts were being remotely read. I had particular thoughts about specific TI's that I wanted the NSA to pickup on. Then I simply waited to see what would happen.

Sure enough, in several instances the FEDS contacted these TI's and gave them the information that I had thought of, which they then used as a form of gaslighting either on their Websites or in E-mails to me. And while they would deny this, the fact is that the information that they used as triggers directly corresponded to the thoughts that I'd had. So it is now clear that the FEDS are in contact with certain members of the TI community who are being used in the FEDS' COINTELPRO campaign being waged against me.

Are All Americans Being Subjected To RNM Technology?

My mind is remotely accessed 24 hours a day and has been for decades. And oftentimes, not only is my mind illegally violated by the NSA, their thoughts (brainwave entrainment protocols etc.) are implanted into my subconscious, while they also attempt to induce a number of different emotions ranging from fear to anger. I can also regularly hear a high pitched sound in one of my ears -- something which I believe occurs when the controllers of this technology are adjusting (rebiasing?) it.

It is also quite obvious that the visual cortex portion of my brain is being remotely accessed so that the FEDS can see what I see as though they were looking through my own eyes. There is no longer any doubt that this technology exists and that John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA contains some of the most crucial information regarding the NSA's treasonous operations ever documented.

The only variable here is how many Americans are being tracked by way of NSA satellites which home in on the EMF fields surrounding their bodies? According to Akwei's lawsuit, the NSA can spy on any American citizen in such ways at any given time, without the knowledge or consent of these people, while remotely accessing their sub vocalized thoughts. Given that the NSA can access the EMF field of any American citizen, this must mean that this agency has stored the EMF bio electromagnetic signature of every citizen in this country within its database, which prompts some important questions.

First of all, how does the NSA obtain the EMF signatures of each of us? And how long has this been going on?

According to John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA's ability to remotely neural monitor any person by using satellites to home in on that person's unique EMF field has been occurring on a global scale since the early 1980's.

For those Americans who were born since 1980, it is possible that the NSA was able to obtain their EMF from the moment that they were born, simply by targeting them in the hospital and locking onto the bio electromagnetic frequencies which were emanating from their bodies; frequencies which were then catalogued by the NSA -- probably under their social security numbers (a system which was never supposed to be used for tracking Americans but has been used in such ways since its inception). This would mean that everyday, the NSA is busy picking up new EMF fields from babies being born in hospitals throughout the United States and cataloguing them for future reference.

However, how did the NSA obtain the EMF fields from the rest of the American people who were born prior to this time? Going address by address the way the census bureau does and then targeting every person within a particular household? And if so, how have they been able to differentiate between the people in a household so that they could correlate the specific EMF with the right person?

There's no doubt that the NSA's equipment is extremely sophisticated -- so much so that much of it may operate well beyond the realm of our understanding -- especially if this technology has been derived from reverse engineered alien technology.

And given this, one must wonder if the NSA is covertly tracking and recording the lives and thoughts of every American citizen simultaneously, which are then archived in the event that the NSA or other federal agencies ever have an interest in them. This would leave the NSA with the most complete dossiers on every person in this country, enabling it to look back on every second of their life since they were first placed into this satellite tracking system.

So much for your Constitutional rights when every second of your life can be videotaped without your knowledge or consent. And consider how outrageous this spying is to those whom you are in contact with, whose conversations can also be picked up on by the NSA.

One must also take into consideration that the NSA has several different locations around the world including Menwith Hill, England (where Echelon is based), as well as Germany, in addition to other countries which agreed to the UKUSA Treaty.

Another pertinent question here is are the societies of other countries being tracked in such ways as well? And for that matter, is there anyone on this planet who is not being tracked and illegally spied upon by way of the NSA in the modern day? And does this spying include something as invasive as remotely tracking citizens by way of the electromagnetic fields which surround their bodies, while simultaneously remote neurally monitoring their brainwave activity?

If so, this clandestine system of using satellites to intensely spy upon the global population without their knowledge or consent is without a doubt the most outrageous violation of the Geneva Convention ever documented. And within the United States alone, it would constitute the most treasonous violations of the American people and our Constitution in the history of the United States.
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