Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Primary Goal Of The NWO Fascist Government Is Global Realtime Spying On The People Of This Planet

The following article was written by a man who has extensively researched the NSA. The comment that he makes in regard to real time surveillance of the entire planet, is to a large extent already a reality for the US Intelligence Community.

What author James Bamford has not discussed is the ability through the NSA's use of Signals Intelligence, to track the electromagnetic fields of humans -- which allows this agency to monitor those being tracked in real time, while seeing what they are doing, knowing what they are thinking, and even manipulating their thoughts without the targeted persons knowing or consenting to such Orwellian abuses of their privacy.

Bamford probably does not realize that the NSA has such capabilities. And for that matter neither does most of this planet's population; something which the NSA would prefer they not know about, given the criminal implications of such invasions of privacy and violations of Constitutional law.

It's the governments who are deploying this technology that are the real criminals in this case -- those who have now created an Orwellian "Thought Police" state, in which the minds of the citizens can be electronically accessed, manipulated, and even covertly destroyed, by those miscreants who operate this technology.

Excerpt From James Bamford's article "Big Brother Is Tracking You"

"But as cameras take ever-closer aim at domestic targets, the legal, political and ethical issues remain unresolved. 'Our whole posture as to how we respond to this is still a work in progress,' said James Clapper, director of the mapping agency, in an interview last year with Signal Magazine.

In the meantime, satellite imagery abilities are growing exponentially. In addition to the expanded use of commercial satellites, which can be used for both foreign and domestic surveillance, plans are under way to increase the number of spy satellites. Under a program known as Future Imagery Architecture, the intelligence agencies plan to launch nearly a dozen imagery satellites to replace the four or five currently in orbit. Although smaller than their predecessors, these models, because of their increased numbers, will allow more continuous coverage of targets.

Given enough commercial and spy satellites, supplemented by aircraft and a ground system to marry it all together, the intelligence community might one day achieve the ultimate in coverage: constant, real-time surveillance of the planet."

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