Thursday, December 27, 2007

FEDS Again Interfere With This Website

As has been the case numerous times, the FEDS or their provocateurs have accessed this Website to allow comment to be sent - a feature I had disabled since the aforementioned have made certain that they are the only ones allowed to comment. This is just further proof that when dealing with agencies like the FBI there is no longer any rule of law -- they do whatever they want without any of the checks and balances called for by the US Constitution.

In fact the FBI and its brethren in crime have never acknowledged the Constitution as anything more than a piece of paper which they have a history of violating. And their abuse of the American people (Google FBI's violations of civil rights and you will find myriad Websites on those whose Constitutional rights have been violated in precedent setting ways by the FEDS) will eventually bring about a revolution within this country. When the FEDS need to resort to illegal spying, fabrication of evidence, entrapment and outright perjury, it is clear that they are not protecting the American people, but instead threatening their very being.
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