Saturday, December 29, 2007

Report Rebukes FBI For Cover Up In Murrah Building Bombing

The FBI has been complicit in either covering up terrorist attacks in the United States to make them appear as accidental (TWA Flight 800), or in concealing evidence which could have led to the perpetrators of such attacks. Americans are still waiting for the FBI to release the tapes it confiscated of the Pentagon during the attacks on 9-11. Of course the FBI is far too busy entrapping citizens who are not legitimate terrorists because this is much safer then going after real terrorists who have weapons which would pose some real danger to these agents.

Heaven forbid they don't all end up living long enough to terrorize Americans and then move on to sweetheart jobs like the one Richard Held obtained with Citibank after taking an early retirement from the bureau.

A retirement which took place immediately after it was determined that ecoactivist Judi Bari did not plant the bomb in her car which nearly killed her -- Up to her death, Judi claimed that Richard W. Held was heading the COINTELPRO sting against her, and alleged that the FBI had planted the bomb in her car in efforts to destroy the EarthFirst! movement, while claiming that Judi had died in the bomb blast while trying to transport the bomb. As it turns out, the forensic reports proved that Judi could not have planted the bomb as the FBI had claimed. The bomb was also an extremely complex one, far more so than your average bomber would have used. It was determined that this bomb was manufactured by an expert with great technical skill.

The COWARD SQUAD, which is what the FBI should really be called, has continued to obstruct justice while aiding and abetting those who have committed terrorist assaults against the American people for more than a decade. And even many of its own former agents have admitted that the bureau is complicit in blocking legitimate investigations into terrorist attacks, not the least of which were those which occurred on 9-11.

With the advanced technology that the NSA has access to, and the way in which it utilizes its Signals Intelligence technology to monitor the entire planet, the only way that an event such as 9-11 could have taken place was with the NSA's foreknowledge of such an event; one in which this agency as well as the FBI did nothing to prevent these attacks.

FBI agents will most likely continue to spy on Americans where they can do so without risk to themselves -- i.e. by way of satellites in the privacy of our own homes. And maybe Robert Mueller will write a bestseller when he retires from the bureau -- something like -- "FBI Suggestions For Decorating The American Bedroom -- Since We've Seen Them All."

Did the FBI cover up evidence in the 1995 Murrah Building Bombing?

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