Monday, December 31, 2007

FEDS Continue To Use Their Covert Murder Threats In Efforts To Drive Me To Suicide -- However There Will Be No Suicide Attempt

The FEDS have used coercion to blackmail my Family into taking part in the psychological warfare campaign against me for the past four and a half years. They have assaulted me with directed energy weaponry, illegally spied on me for nearly three decades while subjecting me to non consensual human experimentation. And they have blatantly lied to the public in a smear campaign designed to cover up these extensive crimes which they have perpetrated against me.

The greatest irony here is that all of these crimes are occurring in ways in which I have never been directly confronted by any person who has identified themselves as a FED (typical of COINTELPRO), while the systematic destruction of my life continues, completely outside the rule of law.

In typical FBI fashion, allegations are made in efforts to defend what are outrageous violations of the US Constitution.

And the FBI will be loathe to admit that their illegal spying costs them millions of dollars each year, while if they simply operated within the rule of law this expenditure would not be necessary. Instead we have cells of agents concentrating on one person at a time, while performing street theatrics, and oftentimes crimes of violence -- such as running their targets off the road, or deliberately crashing their vehicles into them in efforts to cause a confrontation.

As 2008 begins, I document 28 years of COINTELPRO harassment as well as being illegally tracked by the NSA for satellite based remote neural monitoring, and mind control research. This harassment campaign went from being covert to overt in 2003.

In doing so, I have also documented that this technology destroys both your physical privacy as well as that of the privacy of your own thoughts, which are simply electronically lifted out of your mind and sent directly to a waiting computer terminal at the NSA. So much for your 4TH Amendment right to privacy, which has been abused for decades by an Intelligence Community that has as much right to be on US soil as Adolph Hitler would have.

The real issue is that if the FEDS had anything legitimate to charge us with, they would not have been forced to resort to such Draconian tactics, in which those whom they target end up being setup on trumped up charges, denied their Constitutional rights, while being demonized. How dare we be thin skinned about being spied upon within the so called privacy of our own homes, while our minds are routinely raped by these psychopaths, who have no more use for the US Constitution than they have for any person who speaks out against those government agencies that abuse it.

As for these agents, in the future why you don't just face those of us head on and make your accusations, instead of stabbing us in the back with your smear campaigns and wasting millions of taxpayer dollars while crapping all over the American people and our Bill Of Rights - and using others to attack us through the use of psychological warfare and innuendo?

As for the recent indication that you will attempt to arrest me in the near future, we both know that any such arrest will be based on entrapment as well as fabricated evidence. And that any Kangaroo court will simply allow for you to get away with your rampant criminality just to end what has been the most abject nightmare for my Family and self ever documented.

That is what your inflaming of public sentiment has been about all along. Demonizing me in efforts to toss out the US Bill Of Rights. And we both know that you can coerce anyone into perjuring themselves by quitely threatening to take their home away, forcing them to lose their jobs, blackmailing them, or doing any number of other things which can cause them hardship. There is a long history of your having done so to many people in the past, much of which has been well documented.

At this point given your extensive crimes against me, you are also well aware that I will not go willingly and have every intention of dying, before ever allowing you people to get away with any further desecration of the US Bill Of Rights as they apply to my Family, self and everyother American citizen.

So don't wait a week, or a month, or however long you plan to in regard to what should end up being the most creative case of bullshit ever documented. Fabricated evidence and perjury don't make for good cases, even though your history depicts that such is commonplace for you. Such fabricated evidence is only a further illustration of the conspiratorial nature of your organizations. And why should those of us who have been illegally targeted in such ways have to pay for the fact that you are the ones who have broken the law and violated our rights?

And then there is the aspect of your electronically "hacking" into our brains so that you can help yourselves to our thoughts, as you see what we see through our own eyes (an electronic form of remote viewing), is just further proof of how outrageous your crimes are. You so called agents are the terrorists. People so obsessed with your own power and the technology that you have been given access to, that you are like mainline junkies completely out of control in the ways in which you are deploying this technology against many citizens. Demonizing us in order to justify your own demonic behavior.

And when did you start videotaping people within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms? They put scum like that in prison so what's your excuse? And to think that you have illegally spied on a great number of Americans as you have myself, for decades, is only further evidence of how serious your violations of the US Constitution have been, even long before the fascist Patriot Act was created.

Truth be told, I am tired of watching you use my Family like pawns in your wicked and depraved COINTELPRO freak show, in which you have proven that you have not one ounce of decency in you. To have used psychological torture against my elderly parents (two wonderful people) while ruthlessly pitting us against each other for the past four and a half years bespeaks the most abject cruelty I have ever seen.

You agents are wicked.

So as I said, don't wait another week, or month. Show up tomorrow or as soon as possible and let's get what has turned out be the greatest public stroke job since the Federal Reserve Bank Fraud, over and done with before you psychopaths harass my Family for one more second. They have been put through enough of a nightmare because you and your Nazi protocols -- WE ALL HAVE!

There is no rule of law in what you have done and there never will be, so stop attempting to convince the public that you are being judicious, since nothing you have done in your attacks against me has even a semblance of following the US Constitution. It fact what you have done here is so outrageous that it smacks of a criminal conspiracy; from the illegal spying of myself, to using me for non consensual human experimentation, to the smear campaign which you have used to further deny me my Constitutional rights -- something you have done to a great number of people who are now posting their accounts over the Internet.

You agents are criminals and PIGS! And you have now crossed so far over the line between law enforcement and criminal that you fiends no longer have the right to enforce the laws in this country on any citizen. Any attempt to do so should be considered nothing but abject hypocrisy, since you have no respect for the laws of this country or our Constitution.

And your use of psychological warfare and mind control to force non violent people into the commission of acts of violence is still further evidence of how you manipulate those whom you target. You will take people who are non violent and drive them to a state of such violence, only to accuse them of having been violent all along -- another crime and LIE which you regularly perpetrate. Anyone who is tortured for years on end is going to experience intense rage at being subjected to such cruelty -- cruelty which is a regular part of the attacks which you deploy on those whom you target.

Perpetrating criminal conspiracies to deny Americans their rights, backed up by covert torture and murder --that's always been your calling card. It's just too bad that most of the public doesn't realize it. However, they are beginning to.

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