Sunday, December 30, 2007

Congressman George Hanson Set Up On Trumped Up Charges For Taking On The IRS

Hanson spent over a decade wrongfully imprisoned based on trumped up charges, the result of his criticism of the Internal Revenue Service. Voltaire's statement "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong" has never been more meaningful than in the present day, when the US Federal Government uses the FBI and other alphabet agencies to destroy the lives of innocent people.

Historically these agencies have also been used by Presidents to attack their competition. The FBI was used by George W. Bush to destroy the life of a woman named Margie Schoedinger who claimed that Bush raped her. She was found dead 9 months after she filed charges against Bush, and repeatedly claimed that instead of helping her, the FBI was sent in to harass her and other family members while systematically destroying their lives.

Michael Boren Williams reported the same type of situation when attempting to expose the elder Bush's criminal history. And a former IRS agent has reported that Bill and Hillary Clinton used the IRS to audit their detractors.

It is clear that the IRS did not like Congressman Hanson criticising it or his efforts to change how this non government organization operates, and fabricated evidence in which to wrongfully incarcerate him. His account of this situation can be read at the following Website. Even Hanson himself probably did not realize at the time that the IRS has not been operating legally since 1913. And while the IRS may argue this point, it is quite obvious that those who have publicly criticized it have found themselves under attack, as the IRS found ways in which to destroy their lives.

If there is an organization within this country that has done more damage to the American people than the FBI and CIA, it would have to be the IRS.
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