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The FBI & National Security Letters -- Another Significant Threat To American Civil Liberties -- And Never Proven Effective In Preventing Terrorism

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The Need For Alternative Fuels & A Shot At Organized Stalkers

While the first part of this subject is off topic for the exposing of government crimes theme of this blog, it is nonetheless of enough importance to be discussed (if only briefly here).

While most of us might think it would be obvious, one must wonder how many automobile owners actually see their vehicles as the tremendous liabilities that they are.

Now here we are in the United States of America, where the average American has had a love affair with the automobile since it was first turned out in any meaningful production.

However, since that time the reasonable costs associated with cars has gone the way of the dinosaur. And gas guzzlers like SUV's and light trucks have only added to the problem.

Moreover, due to the litigious nature of Americans insurance costs have gone through the proverbial roof. And given the complexity of today's vehicles taking them in for a service can also be quite expensive. And then there is the associated cost of fueling your vehicle, especially since in the past two years gas prices have nearly doubled.

So as a driver and lover of your car, truck, or SUV, have you ever given any thought to how you set fire to your hard earned money every time you start your vehicle? You go to a station with your muscular SUV and you proceed to fill the tank to the tune of what? Eighty, ninety or perhaps even a hundred dollars if the tank is nearly empty?

And then you turn the key and quite literally do the equivalent of setting all those greenbacks ablaze; only to do it all over again a few days later. It doesn't make much sense to do so does it? Especially after you tally up what your fuel bill is over the course of a year -- although I have a serious suspicion that most SUV drivers might be afraid to do so given the exorbitance of such a total.

And of course as a long-term target of organized stalking, I have to say from my own observations that their depraved form of vehicular assault as a form of psychological warfare has got to be one of the most inefficient ever documented -- especially given many of the large and powerful vehicles being used to harass myself and so many other TI's.

I can only hazard a guess as to the fortune in gas bills that organized stalking groups run up each week, even though they are constantly alternating with one another.

Given their abject sadism, I must admit that for a long time I absolutely hated seeing these vehicles coming past my home and following me where ever I travelled to, especially when considering their aggressive attacks on my freedom and civil liberties.

However in more recent times, and taking into account that these people are such insufferable pricks to deal with, I am actually now enjoying watching them burn their fuel as they continue to make complete asses of themselves, knowing full well that the FEDS are behind all of these attacks, and are gradually losing the faith of these people as this situation continues into its fifth consecutive year.

I am truly enjoying watching these morons spending their money on me -- after all, that is exactly what they are doing when they fill up their vehicles only to come back and then burn their fuel while using their vehicles for stalking purposes. Of course they did slash a tire on my car earlier this week which is going to be expensive to replace. However, they are criminal maggots and a sign of the Nazi influence now invading this country -- so it's to be expected.

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect in what I witness with these psychopaths is that while they could be out on weekends swimming, playing tennis or golf, boating or barbecuing, they instead choose to take part in the crime of organized stalking to harass me. This is even better than their wasting money burning fuel while using their vehicles to stalk me. Their time is more important than all of the money they burn in fuel, and knowing that they are wasting it on someone who would not give them the time of day only makes the situation that much more satisfying.

And they are becoming more degenerate by the week in doing so, and they have failed to even recognize it yet, because like the cattle herd mentality that they represent, they simply go along to get along. They are fools who have become so brainwashed that they are no longer even capable of thinking for themselves or asking the right questions. And since they have no sense of decency to appeal to, encouraging them to waste their time is the only logical solution for the time being. That is until they wise up and realize that attacking people who have never done them any harm is not only cruel but also completely illogical.

So I continue to wait for these people to understand they are the losers in this situation. Their own criminal acts and the money that they spend in efforts to perpetrate them should have signaled this long ago.

Yet, they simply don't get it. Why? Once again, because they have been brainwashed by the FEDS who continue to feed their delusions in the way that a drug dealer feeds a junkie their daily fix.

These perp's are convinced that TI's are their enemies in the same way the FEDS have convinced the American people that the Afgani's and Iraqi's are our enemies. An absolute government orchestrated con job done by a group of low life miscreants who are paid to pathologically lie to the public while shafting us time and time again.

The FEDS and their provocateurs long ago reached the point of diminishing returns in their attacks on me and are now in such a hole that I am surprised that they can even see above it any longer. Assuming that they can even do that.

That is what Nazi minded miscreants who have no respect for the rights of others deserve. And I predict that before too long these stalkers are going to become so aggravated with the money that they are pissing into the wind, that it will be the FEDS themselves, who ultimately attract their wrath. And that is exactly how it should be since these federal swine and their COINTELPRO tactics were the catalysts behind this entire nightmare in the first place.

So I will just continue to watch these deluded and foolish unindicted felons spend their greenbacks on fuel; fuel that I should again add they are wasting in their pathetic and useless attacks on me. And if they never figure out that they are the big losers here then let them continue to burn their money for as long as they like; let them burn every last Illuminati created Federal Reserve Note they have. After all, it is their money - counterfeit as it may be -- another scam the Illuminati driven US Congress perpetrated on them with the illegal passage of the Federal Reserve Act and the subsequent creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and Internal Revenue Service.

And of course, those who perpetrate these outrageous crimes are the ones breaking the law here, as I simply use my 1st Amendment right to document them. However if these organized stalking fools ever do eventually awaken to the complete con job that the FEDS have subjected them to, I can already see the fireworks that will take place.

And I must say that it could not happen to a more deserving group of heartless low life rat bastards, those who truly deserve one another. May they all go the way of their Federal Reserve Notes.

Evidence That The FBI Aided And Abetted The 9-11 Terrorists By Blocking FOIA Info About Bin Ladin Family & Saudi Terrorist Money Trail

This is a compelling article with irrefutable proof that the FBI deliberately blocked Freedom Of Information Act requests regarding the Bin Ladin Family shortly after the attacks on 9-11. It is becoming more clear by the day that the Bush Administration has been using the FBI as its own personal secret police force to cover up White House complicity in the 9-11 attacks. So perhaps Bush and his cronies should pay for the FBI's services out of their own pockets since this agency has done nothing but steal evidence and obstruct justice.

All of the FBI whistle blowers who have come forward since 9-11 are telling the American people that the FBI is inherently corrupt and that it is up to them to do something about it, since Congress refuses to.

See the article here:

A Number Of Mysterious Deaths Surrounding Bill And Hillary Clinton Have Yet To Be Explained

The Progressive Review -- Arkansas Sudden Death Syndrome

Most Americans associate Hillary Clinton in some way with the death of White House legal counsel Vince Foster. However there are many other suspicious deaths surrounding Clinton and her husband which most Americans are unfamiliar with. Just supposing that orchestrated murders in US politics were nearly as common as they are in the Mafia and other venues for organized crime, and that for obvious reasons our politicians had a policy of refusing to discuss them publicly. Combine this with the CIA's control of the US media to disinform the public in regard to the federal government's deeply closeted dark secrets and you have one of the greatest conspiracies of all time. Of course this is only a conspiracy theory.

The following site contains a list of Clinton associates who died under mysterious circumstances:

The Tragic Death Of Lyme Disease Physician Dr. John Bleiweiss & The Government Sanctioned Witch Hunt On Lyme Disease Specialists & Their Patients

Lyme Disease Patients - Are We The New Jews In The Coming Holocaust?

The Rockefeller Foundation's Control
Over The American Medical Association
And Their Witch Hunt On Lyme Literate Medical Doctors
Author - James F. Marino

Dr. John Bleiweiss was a pioneer in the treatment of chronic Lyme Disease. As such he realized that the illness was unlike any normal malady that he had seen and that it required an experimental treatment protocol in efforts to eradicate it. Of course, at the time he could not have had any idea that Lyme Disease was in reality created as a biological weapon, or that the best that someone who contracted it could hope for was a complete remission from their confusing maze of Lyme-related symptoms.

Like other Lyme Literate Doctors, Dr. Bleiwess was loved by his patients, but despised by the mainstream medical community, who adhering to a simple treatment protocol had failed thousands of their Lyme infected patients.

And John was also not immune from the medical community's use of the U.S. media to smear him either; a vicious and cowardly attack which resulted in a wrongful investigation and witch hunt against his person, that would eventually cost him not only his medical license and marriage, but ultimately his own life.

Distraught over the systematic destruction of his life, Dr. John Bleiweiss took a handgun, went into his garage, and fatally shot himself in the head.

The Lyme Disease community had lost a dedicated doctor and a great man. And Dr. Bleiweiss would be just the first of many more

He remains a tragic example of a physician who in good conscience attempted to help his patients while knowing that he would be attacked because of his challenge to the outdated and oftentimes criminal, medical status quo in America, and the gigantic egos that sustain it; regardless of how wrong they are in their failed treatment protocols for chronic Lyme Disease, and the thousands of patients whom they completely discarded when their failed protocols offered these patients no relief from this government created biological weapon.

Moreover, since the late 1990s these pseudo-clinicians (many of whom are also paid consultants to the health insurance companies whom they testify for, in trials against Lyme Literate Medical Doctors), the U.S. Health Insurance Industry, and federal agencies which include the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and National Institutes Of Health, have declared it "open season" on Lyme Literate Medical Doctors, while using any venues possible in efforts to force them into bankruptcy.

In this author's opinion, several excellent Lyme disease physicians, including Dr. Joseph Burrascano, were coerced into closing their medical practices due to other forms of covert sabotage; being forced to walk away from what were once lucrative businesses that could have been sold for significant sums of money at their retirement.

Burrascano was also forced to contend with an attack by the New York State Office Of Professional Medical Conduct which was fomented for the express purpose of putting him out of business.

However, he was exonerated and able to continue his practice for a year or two before suddenly announcing that he would retire in November of 2006, which he subsequently did.

Yet, Dr. Burrascano never sufficiently explained his reasons for retiring as abruptly as he did, leaving his patients attempting to solve the mystery of why this institution in Lyme Disease suddenly decided to leave them, when they needed his help and expertise more than ever.

Burrascano's expedient closure of his practice seems all the more illogical, given the time, effort and money that he had spent just a few years earlier to hold onto his medical license and keep his practice open.

In this author's opinion, it was in part the FBI/NSA/DHS COINTELPRO attack on myself which led to Burrascano's closure of his medical practice in 2006.

Specifically, through the NSA's illegal 3D thermal imaging satellite surveillance, as well as the signals intelligence remote neural monitoring of my person (the illegal EEG heterodyning of the neural pathways of my brain), they were able to use me to unwittingly spy on Burrascano, given that not one doctor's appointment that I'd had with him from 1996 until 2004 was ever private -- the NSA watching, listening and recording each entire appointment by way of satellite.

They could even see Burrascano as I saw him directly through my own eyes, by tapping into the visual cortex region of my brain, and recording images that were stored there.

Many targets of such government non consensual human experimentation have reported this phenomenon.

While there was certainly nothing of a criminal nature ever discussed, it is clear that the NSA was able to maintain constant audio visual surveillance of Burrascano, given the conspiracy to put him out of business.

In other words, they were looking to dig up whatever they could on him as a result of this conspiracy.

And I personally believe that because of this, Dr. Burrascano himself, has been under 24 hour a day NSA satellite surveillance for sometime now - possibly before I had even met him - yet remains completely unaware of it.

And this surveillance also includes the remote neural monitoring of his thoughts via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

I am also concerned that the prostate cancer which he experienced only a few years before closing his practice (and which he stated was in remission at the time he closed his practice), was brought on as the result of a directed energy weapons' attack on his person, as part of the criminal conspiracy to force him to end his treatment of chronically ill Lyme Disease patients.


This is the furtive way in which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex illegally operates in this country, and why the military should be completely restructured and the intelligence community either restructured or abolished.

Moreover, this clandestine signals intelligence technology has absolutely obliterated any sense of privacy that we once had as Americans, and is in abject violation of the U.S. Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and the Declaration Of Independence; since any person who is of interest to these Orwellian and Marxist indoctrinated agencies will be placed under constant satellite surveillance, as the NSA et al within U.S. Intel look for anything they can use to either blackmail or incarcerate them.

Once again, this is how U.S. Intel really gets its information on us.

And there is nothing legal about it.

These government fat cats just sit back and track us by way of the *electromagnetic fields that surround our bodies, while allowing their signals intelligence satellites, HAARP over the horizon radar systems, and artificial intelligence digital supercomputers, do all their work for them.

*Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency & The NSA'S Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

With their covert cataloguing of the electromagnetic signatures from each of our bodies, the Pentagon and agencies like the CIA, NSA, and FBI, have turned to the electromagnetic spectrum into an invisible prison, that can be used to instantaneously identify, track and remotely access the neural pathways of the mind of any American citizen.

And without that citizen's knowledge or consent.

Not only can this arcane system be used to experiment upon, torture or even murder any citizen living within the United States, it is also used as a cost efficient means of keeping remote tabs on each of us, given that the NSA cryptologists who operate this technology, never have to leave their chairs for anything more than a smoke or bathroom break.

And it's all done at the expense of privacy. The privacy of the American people!

It also serves as proof that from the moment that the American citizenry turn their backs on this government, it uses this opportunity to stab us in them.

In this author's opinion, Dr. Burrascano's detractors had been looking to get even with him since he testified regarding their incompetence during a 1993 Senate Health Committee Hearing, and given the passage of the Patriot Act in 2001, and its complete dismantling of civil rights in this country, the FEDS seized on this opportunity to put Burrascano out of business.

By doing so, they were able to accomplish what the New York State OPMC had failed to do a few years earlier, and in the process did further considerable damage to Burracano's Lyme Disease patients, who were dependent upon him for their treatment.

Burrascano's case is similar to that of so many other LLMD's; those doctors who were forced to walk away from practices that they worked long hard hours to build, because of an aggressive conspiracy being waged at the federal government level, against all Lyme Literate Doctors, as well as their patients.

All because this government will not admit that Lyme Disease is a man made bio weapon that was deliberately turned loose on the American citizenry in order to determine its effectiveness in disabling, and even killing people.

The government itself has been busy using the scientific media in the United States as part of a propaganda campaign, in order to assert that Lyme Disease has been around for more than a century.

This being done to let the U.S. federal government off the hook for any responsibility in regard to creating Lyme Disease.

However, what they are referring to here is not the biological weapon which they turned loose on us in the midst of the 1970s, but instead what was once a harmless spirochete which they later genetically altered, in the interest of weaponizing this bacterium.

Moreover, other governments have perpetrated similar atrocities against their own citizens, when creating and disseminating their own biological weapons; many of which like Lyme Disease, take their roots from genetically reengineered mycoplasmas.

This is one of the reasons why there are so many similarities between such disabling illnesses globally.

Furthermore, these manmade weapons are not the wrath of God or any other such perverted machination.

Another convenient ruse which the global military intelligence complex promulgates in the interest of distancing themselves from their own monstrous creations.

In fact, as part of this disinformation campaign, the Roman Catholic Church at one point was even stating that AIDS was God's plague on the gay community for "sinning against him."

Was this also a plague on the African population who have been absolutely decimated by AIDS in the past, and who are also experiencing a precedent setting *Ebola outbreak which has spiraled completely out of control?

*Update: this is occurring as of August 2014

If so, exactly what was it that the Roman Catholic Church says Africans have done to have been attacked by such a vicious crime against humanity? Given this, is it any wonder with such ignorant and mean spirited statements from such a powerful organization, why such ignorance remains so prevalent in modern society regarding the nature of these biological weapons?

The Roman Catholic Church's claims that some God created AIDS in order to punish the gay community is completely absurd.

The fact is that these biological weapons are the creation of some extremely mentally disturbed and despicable people operating within the governments (at the request of Rothschild Zionism's Illuminati) of these countries, in efforts to gradually reduce the size of the Earth's population -- a main part of Rothschild Zionism's world government agenda, given their concern for preserving the natural resources on this planet for themselves.

The House of Rothschild and their Zionist hate mongers are worshipers of Satan, and also murderers who have no compunction about torturing and murdering anyone they decide to, using either HAARP over the horizon radar or signals intelligence based directed energy weapons to perpetrate these abominations.

Something that any target of these covert and Orwellian technologies can attest to from our own first hand experiences as non consensual human subjects of these Satanists.

In regard to their use of directed energy weapons, these reprobates have already murdered countless men, women, children and even animals, as part of their Satanic agenda, while having absolutely no remorse for doing so.

And these are the people who control our governments, banks, corporations, schools and in myriad instances religious belief systems as well.

They are also covering up the fact that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has secretly implemented an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program that has been used to enslave the American people, by electromagnetically fingerprinting us, in order to turn the electromagnetic spectrum into an invisible prison that is already being used for the purpose of branding each one of us like a head of cattle.

Once you've been EMF fingerprinted, an agency like the NSA can instantly dial you up on its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, locate you by your body's own unique sets of EMF signatures, and then lock onto them in the way that a heat seeking missile locks on to an enemy aircraft; while *dialing up your own unique brain map (also decoded by the NSA), so that the Agency can remotely establish two way signals intelligence communication with your mind.

Google: EEG Heterodyning, "PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER" by Dr. Robert Duncan, NSA Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, Akwei VS NSA

This is not an isolated occurrence any longer, since there are millions of people on the Internet documenting their own experiences with this pernicious attack on their persons, by a global military industrial intelligence complex that is predicated on Satanism, and now completely out of control.

Moreover, in this author's opinion there are a number of different modalities involved in this predation, including the use of both signals intelligence satellites as well as HAARP over the horizon radar systems.

Why is this being done against us by our own subverted governments?

It's being perpetrated in the interest of creating a 21St century feudal system under the direction of Rothschild Zionism and its Satanic overlords, and as part of their intent to destroy the human race, while replacing us with a cybernetic race of beings that are controlled via an artificial intelligence computer driven neural network.

One of the primary agendas for this "New Age" feudal system is to murder billions of humans (in the interest of preserving what natural resources are left on this planet), while turning those humans who remain into cybernetic hybridized beings.

A program which has already begun in secret, and whose agenda is to have a fully automated cybernetic race of beings by the end of the 21st Century.

An Orwellian hive mind in which our creativity, freedom of thought, and emotions such as love, will be completely eradicated.

This is not myth, and it is no longer just a conspiracy theory.

This is fact.

And if you're not concerned by now, you should be.

The reader should also consider the following statements made by physicist Louis Del Monte, in regard to the planned destruction of the human race and its gradual replacement with a race of cybernetic beings by the year 2045.

*Also see Del Monte's book:

"The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Will Artificial Intelligence Serve Us Or Replace Us?"

And the following article:

"By 2045 'The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,' And That Could Be A Problem" by Louis Del Monte

"'It won't be the 'Terminator' scenario, not a war,' said Del Monte. 'In the early part of the post-singularity world, one scenario is that the machines will seek to turn humans into cyborgs. This is nearly happening now, replacing faulty limbs with artificial parts. We'll see the machines as a useful tool. Productivity in business based on automation will be increased dramatically in various countries. In China it doubled, just based on GDP per employee due to use of machines.'

"'By the end of this century,' he continued, 'most of the human race will have become cyborgs [part human, part tech or machine]. The allure will be immortality. Machines will make breakthroughs in medical technology, most of the human race will have more leisure time, and we'll think we've never had it better. The concern I'm raising is that the machines will view us as an unpredictable and dangerous species.'

"Del Monte believes machines will become self-conscious and have the capabilities to protect themselves. They 'might view us the same way we view harmful insects.' Humans are a species that 'is unstable, creates wars, has weapons to wipe out the world twice over, and makes computer viruses.' Hardly an appealing roommate.

"'He wrote the book as 'a warning.' Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more capable, and we're adopting it as quickly as it appears.'"

Dr. Del Monte is an award winning physicist whose statements should be a wake up call to the human race in regard to what will become of us if the House of Rothschild and its Satanic overlords are allowed to continue on their current path to a Zionist driven world government.

Dr. Louis Del Monte - Huffington Post Article

Moreover, under Rothschild Zionism, this complete subversion of the U.S. federal government has spread like a cancer to state and local government, as well as to our own communities, which now act as Red Squad vigilantes in regard to their covert and illegal surveillance on targeted American citizens (those who have not bought into the 9/11 false flag propaganda), as well as the vicious psychological warfare attacks that they subject us to.

All perpetrated under the cover of the 9/11 false flag operation and the fraudulent war on terror.

As part of this precedent setting conspiracy, in the following *article, freelance writer Karin Pekarcik, documents the most common types of societal "brainwashing" as well as some of the more sophisticated ones utilized by the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, including the Pentagon's use of the HAARP antenna farm in Gakona, Alaska, as a venue for remote mass mind control of the citizens of this planet.

*See Who's In Control Of Our Mind? by Karin Pekarcik

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect in regard to what is occurring here is that the majority of the people on our planet have not yet awakened to what is being done to them.

And this remains the most serious concern, since they may already be so brainwave entrained as part of this furtive brainwashing program, that they may now be incapable of escaping this "Matrix" - instead being rendered helpless to recognize the myriad forms of mind control that they are routinely being subjected to by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

James F. Marino

MK-Ultra Target

The following is a brief yet touching tribute in memory of Dr. John Bleiwess, written by one of his early patients.

Tribute To Dr. Bleiweiss

Another Account Of FBI Abuse Which Like So Many Others Calls For Americans To Consider The Abolition Of This Fascist Agency

A Chilling FBI Fishing Expedition

By Mark Feldstein
Saturday, April 29, 2006; Page A17

In an earlier life I spent 20 years as an investigative reporter, getting subpoenaed and sued in the United States, and censored and physically harassed in other parts of the globe. But when I switched careers to academia, I thought such scrapes would come to an end. I was wrong.

On March 3 two FBI agents showed up at my home, flashing their badges and demanding to see 25-year-old documents that I have been reading as part of my research for a book I'm writing about Jack Anderson, the crusading investigative columnist who died in December.

I was surprised, to put it mildly, by the FBI's sudden interest in journalism history. I asked what crimes the agents were investigating.

"Violations of the Espionage Act," was the response. The Espionage Act dates to 1917 and was used to imprison dissidents who opposed World War I.

Read the rest of Mark Feldstein's account of the FBI and its despicable intimidation tactics below. If ever there were a Nazi organization operating under the masquerade of a federal police force, it is the FBI. And as it has consistently demonstrated a complete disregard for the US Constitution and American civil liberties it most certainly should be abolished.

The FBI is an outright cancer on America and her people.

Incompetence Or Conspiracy Under The Color Of Law?

"If the NSA and FBI fascist tag team cannot arrest someone whom they have illegally spied upon for decades one is forced to arrive at the following conclusion: Either the person they are illegally spying on is not a criminal; the agents of the FBI and NSA are totally incompetent as investigators, or these agencies are guilty of a criminal conspiracy in which to deny that person their Constitutional rights under the US Color Of Law Statutes."

-- James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner/Mind Control Target

Friday, September 28, 2007

Some History On Britain's MI5 and MI6 Intelligence

Most Americans have no idea that the US Central Intelligence Agency was actually created through Britain's own Intelligence organizations MI5 and MI6, as a vehicle which would allow the Illuminati further control of the US Federal Government and American media system. So it should come as no surprise that one of the CIA's first efforts was to orchestrate a plan (Operation Mockingbird) in which to subvert the US media system for its own subversive means, all under the covert auspices of British Intelligence.

Even though our forefathers did once break free of England, it took less than two centuries for the Brits to reign us in again with their part in the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as well as the Tavistock Institute whose economic ideologies covertly govern virtually every aspect corporate America and the higher institutions of learning within the United States. Yet while the average American has never heard of Tavistock, they regard the Federal Reserve Bank and CIA as two great American institutions; one used to protect their economy and the other to ensure their safety, when in reality these organizations are responsible for the systematic destruction of both.

This is how extreme the brainwashing effect of the US Media on the American people has been. The Federal Reserve has been illegally picking the American taxpayer's pocket for the past century and the CIA has been covertly undermining their government while perpetrating some of the most outrageous crimes against humanity ever documented. Yet in all likelihood, less than one half of a percent of the entire US population knows these unpleasant truths. So is it any wonder why it is so difficult to bring about meaningful changes in this country when its population is basing its decision making on complete lies?

Compound this with the fact that for the past three decades the National Security Agency has established a means by which to utilize specialied satellites to electronically target and track all American citizens by way of the electromagnetic fields which surround their bodies, effectively allowing the NSA to see what they are doing (even seeing what the targeted individuals are seeing through their own eyes!), know what they are thinking and manipulate their thoughts 24 hours a day -- without their knowledge or consent -- and what you have here are the makings of a raging inferno; an attack on our constitution and freedoms so outrageous, that it will never be forgotten, forgiven, or allowed to propagate any further than it already has without the public coming crashing down on those within Congress. As the saying goes -- the handwriting's on the wall and the time for such action fast approaching.

Learn more about MI5 and MI6 here:

FBI - An Arrogance Only Exceeded By Cruelty

The FBI and its Nazi protocols have been allowed to wantonly attack any Americans of their choosing rarely ever being forced to answer for it. There was some doubt when the FBI was created in 1908 (as the Bureau Of Investigation) if a federal police force could exist without violating the US Constitution and the rights of the American people. The FBI's history of criminality and civil rights abuses have proven that this concern was not unfounded, as any organization given such authority without the proper checks and balances required by the Constitution to keep it accountable for its conduct, will only undermine the US Democratic Republic and the freedoms that it promises all Americans.

The FBI should never have been created as is testament to the myriad of lives that it has destroyed in the past Century. In recent years this fascist organization has only served to aid and abet those who took part in the many terrorist attacks here in the United States, by obstructing justice through the seizure and possible destruction of evidence which could have been used to bring the criminals behind them to justice. The FBI's staunch refusal to release the 84 videos of the Pentagon which it seized on 9-11 is only further evidence of this. And there is far more that the FBI is hiding from the American people regarding these attacks, which is only placing us in greater danger.

It is clear from the numerous reports since 9-11, that the FBI is back to its early days of COINTELPRO when it conducted the notorious Palmer Raids (while it only adapted the term COINTELPRO in 1956 and dropped it after a 1971 scandal which resulted in the American people learning of the FBI's illegal counterintelligence activities, the FBI has always operated in such illegal fashion).

This agency is nothing but a treasonous fraud and criminal conspirator which should be abolished; and those within its hierarchy tried for High Crimes of Treason. They are an absolute obscenity to the human rights and freedom that America was once noted for.

As long as the FBI, NSA and other Intel agencies exist and make use of their satellites to illegally track and spy on Americans, no American will ever again have any legitimate sense of privacy.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

FEDS Continue To Meet With My Family As Part Of The COINTELPRO Waged Against Us

I have discussed this aspect of the FBI/NSA/ Homeland Security attack being waged against me on myriad occasions. The situation has become so obvious that my Family doesn't even lie about it any longer. They just refuse to talk about it. However if I broach the subject they become furious simply because they have been told to deny what is happening, even though they know that I am being tortured. This is in fact part of the long-term brainwashing that they have been and continue to be subjected to by this modern day Nazi filth that masquerades as an intelligence community.

At this point, anything to misdirect attention away from the FEDS and their crimes against us is being done,all in efforts to create a smokes screen in which the FBI and its cohorts can obfuscate the facts -- something which they excel at. This must be done given my allegations against these monsters which include being tortured by way of NSA satellite on a *daily basis.

* I was again sexually assaulted by way of this technology early this morning. I have been attacked in this way on numerous occasions and it has been reported by a myriad of American citizens as well as those of other countries. Such depraved behavior is indicative of the "sexual predators" that we have operating within the US Intelligence community (the FBI, NSA and CIA in particular). These are sickminded criminals who should be sitting behind bars, not a computer monitor.

The FEDS will deny their use of this classified technology which is why they are attempting to destroy me and anyone else who can document it. It is their illegal use of this technology which has resulted in the electronic torture, rapes and in far too many cases deaths (a number of them by suicide) of those being targeted for these Hitlerian types of crimes -- as well as the pathological lying that is taking place from the US Intelligence Community in regard to these sadistic and violent acts.

If the truth comes out and the American people collectively learn of this, they will begin to understand that their government is not a democratic republic, but instead the EVIL fascist cabal that it really is. And that will force sweeping reforms in this country which will either come about orderly or by way of a civil revolution. Either way, this is going to happen because far too many people are being tortured by this federal scum and the communal maggots that they deploy against us as an adjunct to the mind control torture that we are being subjected to. Everyone of these people should be considered as the Nazi Auto PIGS they are, because of their attempts to control our minds through the use of torture. And anyone who is tortured is such ways should focus on working to get each and everyone of these NAZI Auto PIGS HANGED!

Those of us being targeted are telling the truth about what we are being subjected to at the hands of these government miscreants and they (the FEDS) are promulgating one lie after another in efforts to cover up the extensive and treasonous crimes they have perpetrated. These agents are outright criminals who represent the Illuminati -- not the American people.

The FEDS' coercive tactics include contacting my Family either directly or through their provocateurs on a weekly basis in efforts to poison them against me. A significant number of TI's have also reported these outrageous violations of their privacy in which their Families are essentially threatened into cooperating -- something I know for a fact has been happening with my Family for nearly four and a half years. We are being faced with a truly ugly situation all of the FBI's making.

Who else is behind it?

While the FBI is the catalyst here, having colluded with the NSA decades ago to illegally track me by way of satellite while subjecting me to non consensual human experimentation in the way of mind control research, there is little doubt that the Department Of Homeland Security (an New World Order front) is also involved.

An example of the FEDS' intrusion into our lives is in the way that my parents will oftentimes disappear for hours several times per week, when prior to 2003 when the FEDS' illegal surveillance of myself went from covert to overt, if my parents went out for a few hours perhaps twice a week it was a lot.

There have also been times where the phone will ring late in the evening and my Father will quietly leave the house and return sometimes 30 minutes or an hour later extremely upset. There is no question that he had met with the FEDS or their handlers and was being intimidated by them. These attacks on my Family are done to increase the tension in our home on a daily basis. When my parents are not meeting with the FEDS they are carrying out the use of psywarfare including the various triggers that these sleazebags have given them. What the FEDS are subjecting us to is beyond cruel. Their depraved behavior can quite literally be characterized as constant and demonic in nature; something that Adolph Hitler himself would have been proud to take credit for.

And while these meetings may be brief or extended they continue to occur on a regular basis (probably every single week since the Spring of 2003). And they have in no doubt has been going on for quite sometime before that in a covert manner. The objective of the FEDS is to get me thrown out of my own home so that I make for an easier target. However this will not happen, given that I am well aware of their EVIL machinations and will make a final stand right here, never allowing these fascist government maggots to achieve their depraved goal.

The crimes that I am reporting in regard to what the FBI and its criminal minions are perpetrating are so EVIL and affect so many people, that my information must continue to be circulated on a global scale. Not only are these satellite based crimes being perpetrated globally, a COINTELPRO operation is in place in efforts to perpetuate the global population's ignorance in regard them. Those of us who document these outrageous crimes against humanity are labeled as being paranoid or delusional, in efforts to destroy our credibility.

As of 2007, the Illuminati driven US Presidential Admininistration, Congress and hierarchy within the Military/Industrial/Intelligence Complex are guilty of treasonous crimes against the American people, and should be tried for them by an International War Crimes Tribunal.

If the FEDS want me dead they are going to have to face me head on and stop hiding behind my Family and the pathetic and depraved groups of organized stalkers who harass me 24/7/365 -- yet another obscenity to our Constitution. I'm not some fugitive hiding from justice. The FEDS know where I am and they are welcome to show up on my doorstep at anytime, which will only serve to further document how they have been behind these depraved crimes the entire time.

And while we're at it, why don't we all take a polygraph administered by the ACLU and Amnesty International to see who is telling the truth and who is LYING? I am ready to take one. Are the FEDS?

I seriously doubt it.

Here are some of the topics that should be questioned:

Illegal satellite surveillance of my person for nearly three decades.

Non consensual cover research and * human experimentation under the euphemistic heading of "radiation intelligence."

* Remote forms of physical and psychological torture as well as "electronic rape."

Open ended COINTELPRO Sting Operations conducted since roughly 1980.

Interference with my medical treatment & medication.

Illegally monitoring my phone conversations and computer.

The destruction of my relationships including that of my own Family.

The destruction of my good name.

The FBI's orchestrated conspiracy used to deny my Family and me our Constitutional Rights.

Vandalizing my property and as a result of the continued torture by way of satellite based directed energy weaponry, attempting to covertly murder me.

Outright violations of my 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Amendment Rights.

And at least 25 other imprisonable offenses that the FBI, NSA and their sleazy brethren in crime have perpetrated against me.

There is nothing that I can do to get my parents or for that matter the rest of my Family out of this nightmare, so I instead document every aspect of exactly how the FBI and its criminal cohorts operate, since what I am describing here is the most outrageous and precedent setting violation of our Constitutional rights ever documented by an American citizen. I want the entire world to know what an outright obscenity to legitimate law enforcement these federal agencies really are. There is no rule of law here which is why these FEDS are so desperate; desperate as they should be given their rampant criminality.

In fact the FEDS have become so terrible that they are quite willing to destroy my parents and the rest of my Family in waging their vicious attacks against me. There is no longer any question about this.

The crimes have been committed against us -- not by us. The FEDS know it, can no longer cover these crimes up, and are desperate having completely crossed the line from law enforcement to criminal. No one in this country's history has frustrated their efforts at entrapment more than I have. And this is the primary reason that they are now operating outside the rule of law.

It's as if they are saying we are the FBI and we don't give a damn if we can't arrest you legally. We will either force you to commit a crime or use our psychological operations to drive you to suicide.

And the FEDS label other people as psychopathic personalities? Take a good look at how they function and you will see textbook examples of psychopathology in many of those employed by the US Intelligence community; people who have a long and sordid history of using psychological warfare to torture their targets to death - -something they have been doing to me for nearly four years. Sick minded people who enjoy torturing others yet need some sort of psychotic justification for doing so. And the FBI encourages this type of behavior. Take the example of FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, one of the FBI's most notorious homicidal maniacs. During the Ruby Ridge standoff, not only did Horiuchi break the rules of engagement, his doing so resulted in the murder of a young mother -- Vicki Weaver -- who Horiuchi shot through her head as she clutched her baby daughter in her arms.

Horiuchi's punishment? He was promoted. I have found that the more criminal many FBI agents have been, the more successful their careers were -- even after they left the FBI. Take Richard W. Held for example, a criminal mastermind who did quite well working for the FBI while taking part in several COINTELPRO operations which resulted in the destruction of many people's careers and lives. Was Held punished for this?

Not at all. He went on to a lucrative career as head of security for Visa International. If you work for the FBI crime really does pay; and oftentimes quite well.

So is it any wonder why the FBI and its agents have become such anathema to the American people and the human race?

There is absolutely NO JUSTIFICATION for how horribly they have and continue to conduct themselves.

Of course, given these outrageous crimes as well as the precedent setting civil rights violations that these FEDS have perpetrated against my Family and me, these agents would have to be completely insane to think that I will ever allow them to get away with what they have done. That's not going to happen. They have taken everyone in my life that means anything to me away from me and one way or another they are going answer for it.

And over the past several years I have learned of myriad others who were destroyed by the FBI who are no longer alive to defend themselves. Which is why those of us who remain alive must keep them in mind as we expose the FBI and its criminal minions for the outright violations that they've committed against so many of their victims. I will never forget these people or what the FBI did to them, anymore than I will forget what it has done to my Family and me. The FBI's days for causing destruction are now numbered. And these miscreants will get what they deserve and be remembered as the complete anathema that they are.

No matter what they do; no matter what they say -- I am going to personally see to it that the FBI and the rest of the US Intelligence Community are exposed for the outright frauds and criminals that they are, showing that they are nothing but a secret police force like the late Hitler's Gestapo; one which hides its real criminal agenda under the cover of National Security.

As for my parents and their secret and coerced meetings, I remain loyal to them no matter what happens. And I will fight to the death to expose these crimes and the outrageous fraud that the FBI and the rest of its cowardly and criminal SWINE are attempting to pull off here.

They have gotten away with murdering a great number of people and destroying the lives of myriad others since they were wrongfully created. However, this time around, they are not going to get away with anything. Those days are over. And it is time that the American people recognized what US Intel really is and dismantled it piece by piece before it can completely destroy the United States Of America -- something it is intent on doing.

Why Have Americans Not Been Told About The North American Union? -- The Merging Of The United States, Canada and Mexico

Hear the following radio interview with Peter Boyle and Phyllis Schlafly as they discuss the reasons for the Bush administration's creation of a North American Union between the USA, Canada and Mexico.

While Americans are being told that they need an RFID chipped ID card (the Real ID Act of 2005) as a matter of National Security, Mexican truck drivers are now free to cross the border into the United States to serve the interests of corporate America. At the roughly 12 cents per mile that they are paid, they have become a threat to the US trucker who can barely make ends meet at the 35 cents a mile that they are being paid. Also keep in mind that thirty years ago, the average trucker was getting paid about 70 cents (in 1970's dollars) a mile for the same work. This is indicative of the destruction of the middle class in the United States which has been eroded from outside influences, while the wealthy elitists within this country continue to distance themselves from the rest of the US population.

Moreover, this open border policy has only created an even worse scenario for the American people given that it will allow for an even greater threat of international terrorism. It makes no sense at all unless you understand the Illuminati New World Order one world fascist government that is currently emerging here in the USA and abroad. National borders are gradually being removed and countries are being absorbed into unions such as the European Union, which none of the European countries even wanted, but were forced into submitting to. The same thing is happening here in the United States without the approval of the American people -- most of whom have no idea that it's even occurring. And once again, the US Media remains completely silent.

Here the radio interview here:

Interview date: 9-05-07

Blackwater USA -- Well Paid Mercenaries Looking To Advance The New World Order Agenda

In present day America the conversion of law enforcement -- whether they be military, intelligence, state or even local police -- to nothing more than mercenary thugs who are paid not to enforce the laws in this country, but to instead violate them in the interests of the Illuminati's New World Order Agenda, is becoming more obvious by the day.

Gone is any semblance of our Constitution, its Bill Of Rights or due process of law. Instead we have the most well armed police state on this planet operating right here under the guise of a democratic republic. And the Illuminati have done such a brilliant job of using the US Media to blind us from this fact, that your average American has not the slightest clue that their own country has been quietly confiscated from them while they continue to pay out of their own pockets to support those who've stolen it.

The situation has become so terrible that you have a myriad of blogs, forums and other venues within the Internet where those who have taken notice of what is really happening are practically screaming at the top of their lungs for the people in the United States to wake up and take notice of what is covertly being done to them.

Even many of our Brothers and Sisters from foreign countries who are dealing with their own Illuminati based nightmares are trying to get the attention of the American people, to tell us that the enemy has taken us from within.

What can you say when the people from other countries know more about the corrupt history of your own government than you do, simply because you are being kept in a controlled information environment, where the news that you receive is nothing but propaganda used to keep you from knowing the facts behind what is really going on in your own country? Never has this been more true than in the United States Of America, where fascism rules behind a masquerade of democratic respectability.

However, since 9-11 this covert fascist cabal's attack on our freedoms has snowballed in ways never before seen in this country, while the US Media stands by never mentioning a word about this treasonous and precedent setting betrayal of the American people.

In the simplest of terms, the people in this country as well those from around the globe have been forced to live in a pressure cooker type of environment. And as is the case with an unmonitored pressure cooker, it is only a matter of time now before the lid blows off.

The following is an interesting article on the private firm Blackwater USA and its corrupt influence in Iraq.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Elaine Brown: Marshal Monier Says He Is Coming After Us To Kill Us

The following statement by US Marshal Stephen Monier is a blatant LIE.

"This was a tax case but over the last seven months, the Browns have allegedly obstructed justice and encouraged others to assist them. Ed Brown has threatened to kill law enforcement and other governmental officials. So, our message to the Browns is clear: Do the right thing, call us, and surrender peacefully."

-- US Marshal Stephen Monier

The truth is that Marshal Monier is the one obstructing justice and has been using psychological warfare in efforts to force Ed and Elaine Brown into committing a violent act ( which they have said they will not do and have not done ) so that he and his mercenary associates will have an excuse to use deadly force on the Browns -- something that Monier has been looking to do since June of 2007.

And contrary to what Marshal Monier has said, neither Ed nor Elaine have threatened him or anyone else. Ed has merely stated that if they attempt to murder him or Elaine, he will use deadly force to defend himself -- his right under the US Constitution.

** Monier is not typical of the many thugs that one finds in modern day federal law enforcement. He is well educated and most certainly understands that the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are criminal institutions. One can therefore only conclude that Marshal Monier is not acting out of ignorance in the case of Ed and Elaine Brown, but instead as a willing criminal conspirator in the US Government's fraudulent case against them.

And as usual, Marshal Monier's lies are typical of the FEDS when looking to obfuscate the truth in regard to what is really going on within the US Federal Government. In this case, they are doing so to confuse what should have been a simple issue all along. The IRS is operating illegally within the United States as is the privately held Federal Reserve Bank. The income tax is illegal, and there is NO LAW authorizing the IRS to enforce it.

This has been the case in every instance of Americans who have been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned on tax evasion charges. However, their ignorance of the IRS and Federal Reserve allowed these criminal and anti-American organizations to get away with some of the most outrageous and precedent setting crimes ever documented.

And this is why the US Media has never once covered a single case in which an American citizen was found not guilty of income tax evasion, simply because there is no law requiring them to file an income tax. If the Media covered any of these trials the American people would quickly do their own research and arrive at the same conclusion -- the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are complete frauds.

And given the breadth of this conspiracy (Congress knows all about it and so does George W. Bush), the US Federal Government must destroy the lives of any persons who come forward to expose the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank frauds as they did with the late producer Aaron Russo -- whom I happen to believe was murdered through the use of directed energy weapons technology which was used to irradiate his body to give him cancer.

I am being irradiated in the present day by the same technology as are myriad others -- most of whom have no idea that they are even being targeted by these weaponized satellites. Go to the Freedom From Covert Harassment And Surveillance Website to see the cases of other Americans (and people from other countries) who are being attacked by way of satellite based directed energy weapons and slowly microwaved to death. This is what the US Federal Government is really all about.

And while my death will be covered up as either a suicide or from natural causes, the truth is that I am being microwaved to death by way of the NSA and its satellite based directed energy weapons. These government agents are nothing but cold blooded murderers, who use covert weaponry to achieve their means instead of murdering their targets with better known types of armed weapons such as hand guns.
As for the IRS fraud, at least 25 Americans who were arrested for non payment of taxes have since been acquitted by a jury of their peers, simply because the juries themselves could find NO LAW which authorized the IRS to impose an income tax on the wages of the American worker. So a precedent documenting the IRS fraud has now been established in these cases.

It therefore follows, that if these 25 people were acquitted of tax evasion simply because there is no law which requires the American people to pay a tax on their wages, then Ed and Elaine were convicted of a non crime. And this is the case of every American ever convicted of tax evasion.

Making matters worse is that since 1913 when the 16th Amendment was illegally passed and then Secretary Of The Treasury Philander Knox LIED to the American people, by claiming that it was legal for the US Congress to impose a tax on their wages, Americans have had trillions of dollars stolen from them by the IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank - the two greatest frauds in American History.

And every US President since Woodrow Wilson, every member of Congress, every employee of the IRS, and every employee of the Federal Reserve and its 12 associated banks have been guilty (unwittingly or otherwise) of bilking the American people out of trillions of dollars of their own money.

THERE IS NO US LAW THAT REQUIRES YOU TO PAY A TAX ON YOUR WAGES AND THERE NEVER HAS BEEN! SO BE GOOD AMERICANS & STOP PAYING AN INCOME TAX -- This will destroy the legitimized criminal empire that the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS created in 1913 and gradually enable the American people to drive the cancerous Illuminati out of our country while we take back our government and economy. This is the only way that we can destroy the New World Order, by cutting off their money supply.

Do you know how long the Federal Reserve would last without the nearly trillion dollars a year that it collects from you? It would fold in on itself like the house of cards that it is in no time, leaving its members scrambling looking for other sources to parasite themselves off of.

Stop paying your income tax and put the privately held Illuminati run Federal Reserve Banking cartel and IRS out of business! They along with the US Congress are the thieves -- not Ed and Elaine Brown or for that matter any Americans who have ever been wrongfully convicted on tax evasion charges.

Latest on the Browns' situation In Plainfield, New Hampshire

A Letter From Elaine

Two weeks ago, four men were arrested by federal marshals for coming to the assistance of Ed and Elaine Brown. These are four fine men who love this country and are willing to fight for the freedoms for which America stands.

The old saw that freedom isn’t free stands as true today as it ever did. Being a true American is not an easy task. It means standing firm against injustice and not backing down when the going gets tough. Our founding fathers put it all on the line when they “pledge(d) our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor” when they stood against English tyranny. Many of them did lose their lives and their fortunes; but not one of them lost their sacred honor. Because of those brave men and women two hundred and thirty years ago, you and I have been given the great gift of liberty.

What are we doing with this gift? Are we cherishing it, or are we taking it for granted? Are we working to keep it whole, or are we squandering it? Are we standing brave against tyranny and official oppression, or are we bending as whimpering children when confronted with injustice? Do we stand for our neighbor’s justice, or do we turn away, grateful that this is not happening to us?

All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. My friends, we have all done nothing for far too long; that is why we are today living under tyranny in a police state. Injustice to one is injustice to all. When they come to your neighbor’s house, it will not be long before they come to yours. Then who will stand with you?

We are living in an Orwellian time, make no mistake about it. Look around you at all the surveillance, the efforts for the national ID without which eventually you will be unable to get a job, have a bank account, or even purchase items at a store. The list goes on.

These four men are accused of helping two people who have never yet been shown any law we were convicted of violating. Ask yourself how anyone could be tried for breaking a law that does not exist. How far do injustice and corruption in the courts go? Due process is a thing of the past; if you are brought into court for any reason, do not expect justice or fair play.

Marshal Monier yesterday said that they would be coming after us. That means that they plan on killing us for the sake of some money they have never proved we owe. We have not changed our position, and will not bend to their tyranny. Remember, the marshal also said on at least two occasions that they know we have broken no laws, but they will come for us anyway. If this is not convincing you that we are in a police state, what will?

Danny, Jason, Bob, and Reno need the support of us all. We need to get in the faces of these unlawful agents, prosecutors, judges, police, sheriffs, etc. and let them know they will not be allowed to break the law. Stand firm for these men; they are fighting for you.

Elaine Alice: family Brown

A Summary Of The Browns' Situation To Date:

US Government's Use Of Intelligence As Pit Bulls -- Using Satellites To Spy On Americans Within The Privacy Of Their Homes -- A Government Gone BAD

Over a year ago I published a version of the following article on several Independent Media Websites. The FEDS had it removed from most of these sites almost immediately since it painted them in a less than flattering way.

I should note that the FEDS have all of my articles either removed or immediately hidden from IMC (Independent Media Center) Websites as quickly as possible to prevent others from learning of the crimes that they have perpetrated against my Family and self. Before one of them could be removed, however, I did receive an E-mail from a disgruntled Pit Bull Terrier owner, who commented that it was an insult to Pit Bulls to compare them to the FBI, CIA or NSA. And in light of what I have learned in regard to the history of these three organizations over the past few years, I would now have to heartily agree.

FBI/CIA/NSA Used As US Government Pit Bulls
By James F. Marino

Dear IMC Reader:

The US Government's use of electronic warfare against its own citizens would appear to be a covert form of modern day Holocaust in which every race and ethnicity suffers casualties this time around. My awareness of the totality of government corruption within this country occurred after researching Lyme disease (an illness that I have suffered with since 1993), and learning through declassified documents made available by way of the Freedom Of Information Act, that this devastating and life destroying illness was created as a biological weapon.

This research forever changed how I would see the United States Federal Government and its true purpose for existing. I kept thinking, how could the USA deliberately poison its own people? However, once you have a better understanding of how covert wars are fought it makes more sense. Test as many of your weapons on your own people as you can to determine their effectiveness.

If they work, fine.

If not, go back to the drawing board until you get them right. After all, when you are ready to attack your enemy you want to make certain that the weapons that you've created work. And as for any moral or ethical dilemma, just make certain that if you get caught to swear that you had nothing to do with them, since you can utilize disinformation to distract those who might be a problem to you.

And if that does not work figure out a way in which to torture or murder them to ensure their silence. Just make certain that you do so in a way in which you have plausible deniability; this way you can deny your involvement. This has been standard operating procedure for the United States Intelligence Community since it was created. And more government crimes have been hidden under the cover of National Security than most Americans can possibly imagine.

As for the FBI, NSA and CIA, what we must ask ourselves is are they responsible for all of the EM harassment that goes on? Probably not, but they have a hand in most of it. Furthermore, the NSA and CIA in particular are involved at a greater level since they have direct access to this technology, while the * FBI must go through these agencies in order to access it. As for their disruptions into our lives, there are myriad methods in which to do so. For instance, some are as simple as the FBI's intercepting and rerouting of E-mails, while others such as intercepting TV and radio broadcast signals and replacing them with their own propagandized programming (mind control) are far more complex. (I have experienced this interference in programming since 2003, by the National Security Agency.)

* Since the mid 1990's the Department Of Justice has been given access to directed energy weapons (Electromagnetic weapons), so now the FBI has access to these satellite based weapons as well.

And I have not even gone into any details regarding the synthetic mind control technology (psychotronics)that this government has access to, which can remotely electronically read one's sub vocalized thoughts as well as manipulate them, all by way of satellites and AI's (artificial intelligence computers). There are several facilities within the United States which have access to this technology -- the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland facility appears to be the most advanced, and has been since the 1960's. (This according to former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency -- it can be seen by accessing the Google search engine and typing in Akwei V.S. NSA.)

As for those who attack the whistle blowers who've come forward with this damaging information, what one must ask oneself is if what we have to say has no merit, why then would the FBI or for that matter any of these intelligence agencies be so interested in preventing us from talking?

Furthermore, why is it that we find our posts on forums and articles (that we're supposed to be able to self publish) on Independent Media Center Websites, immediately removed or hidden the minute that we publish them?

It would appear that the reason for this is that the FEDS are very concerned about what we know in regard to their criminal use of this technology, since they are well aware that we are telling the truth about it. And moreover, that we might actually share this information with others -- including how agencies like the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security use specialized audio visual spy satellites to on opened ended fishing expeditions which violate the US Constitution and the privacy of certain American citizens in the most outrageous ways ever documented.

Not a good thing at all for the American people -- or the FEDS themselves who will eventually be made accountable for these crimes whether they like it or not.

(Look at what happened to John St. Clair Akwei and Russell Tice when they reported on serious crimes occurring within the NSA -- they were both fired and neutralized with extreme prejudice -- And the mainstream media never once followed up on their information.)

Utilizing this technology against the American people is a crime of high treason, so why shouldn't we expose this government and all others who are in the commission of such capital crimes? It is in fact our patriotic duty to do so, as we owe it to the American people to let them know when their Civil Rights are being violated, without their knowledge.

The Bush Administration is guilty of using rampant nationalism to brainwash Americans into believing that they should support him regardless of his intentions, and of demonizing any American who fails to do so, in the name of patriotism. The truth is that any American who does criticize this so called president and his treasonous ways of doing things is a real patriot - not someone who is being blindly led by this miscreant and his procession of criminals, traitors, and liars.

It would appear that those residing within the fascist shadow government in the United States are interested in mentally enslaving the entire human race, by altering our thoughts through the use of spy satellites and computer based electronic mind control software. Their goal is to have a very docile human who will follow orders and not question authority. What modern day Nazi's like Bush want most is to have a society of clones who they can manipulate in any way of their choosing. A hive collective mentality.

I can think of no greater crime against humanity.

Some of Bush's more telling comments over the past six years:

"The Constitution is only a god damned piece of paper"

"It would be better if the United States was a dictatorship just so long as I am the dictator"

"I am the god damned president so just do what I tell you to"

These are direct quotes from a person who took a sworn oath to protect and uphold the United States Constitution, yet since stealing his way into office in both 2000 and 2004, Bush has done nothing but undermine the Bill Of Rights and the Civil Liberties that it guarantees to all Americans.

As Americans we must now ask ourselves, even in this day of the Patriot Act, what behavior by Bush or the agents of the US Federal Intelligence community would be considered acceptable in a court of law and what would not? While the provisions made in the Patriot Act border on fascism, even they would not make allowances for the types of torture and invasions of privacy that are being used against us by the US Government in the present day.

They are not only unreasonable, but also completely unacceptable!

Moreover, exactly what part of watching people relieving themselves and showering in the privacy of their own bathrooms would the FBI say falls under domestic terrorism?

I know for a fact that they have done this on myriad occasions to many TI's, myself included.

These deviant acts would fall under the heading of voyeurism, and in this case it's the FBI and NSA who are the voyeurs. This is no longer about law enforcement. It's about having ultimate control over the human populace by way of tyranny, through the use of largely unknown and extremely advanced technologies. Were it not for the Internet, I doubt that most of us would have any idea that this technology existed at all, or who was behind its criminal use.

And what about the directed energy technology that has allowed the governments on this planet to weaponize space, while covertly torturing those whom they target? (I have first hand knowledge of this technology because it has been deployed against me on countless occasions, as well as on numerous other TI's as well.)

Do those of you reading today's journal honestly believe that all these satellites do is bring you your cable TV programming?

Wise up Americans -- they do a hell of alot more than that.

Technology, like anything else, is only as good or bad as those using it. And the fascist shadow government within this country (which includes but is not limited to the Bush Administration, Project For A New American Century, and the hierarchy within US Federal Intelligence -- including the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DoD ) have shown us just how evil they are, in the ways in which they have employed this technology against us. We suffer repeatedly and look for any answers that might help us to make sense of this nightmare. At least the Internet and its myriad of different topics enables us to research the advanced technology being used against us, so that we have a better understanding of what we are up against. It is the last frontier where uncensored news can be had, as the mainstream media is now completely under this shadow government's control.

Is it any wonder why the FBI is constantly devising new types of spyware to monitor the Internet activity of the American people?

They are looking to remove the last remnants of freedom of speech by clamping down on the Internet and making it as restrictive in regard to content as possible. Truth be told, the NSA's Echelon satellite spy network already monitors all Internet activity as it does every phone call and all other forms of electronic communications which take place around the world. The FBI's activities and use of programs such as Carnivore and the Trojan virus key logging spyware known as Magic Lantern, are redundant at best, and should be seen for exactly what they are: an ostensible excuse to data mine the Internet.

It only takes three satellites to cover the entire planet. The NSA has far more than three of them.

As to methods of operation, the types of psychological operations that I experience are typical of those used against government whistle blowers -- COINTELPRO tactics are common in my daily life. Tampering with automobiles by either breaking into them to leave cryptic messages or physically damaging them (damage also occurs to numerous other types of property as well) has also occured. Phone stalking, gaslighting tactics, and other methods of mind control, including that of organized stalking crimes have become common place, in addition to myriad forms of calumny which have been used to smear my good name and demonize me within my own community.

These attacks have been orchestrated by the FBI, NSA and The Department Of Homeland Security.

Even having one's E-mail accounts tampered with is also typical of this type of extremist harassment. Of course the most devastating part of these campaigns is when we are both demonized by those who perpetrate these crimes against us, and completely alienated from our Families, friends and communities; made into virtual pariahs because of the criminal activities that we know about in regard to this government, and our attempts to expose them on a very wide scale.

What is perhaps most amazing to me is how easily society can be turned against us. If you think for yourself that is just one more reason for you to become a target. This government does not want citizens who think freely for themselves, and challenge the status quo by questioning its policies. It wants clones who will do its bidding for it, work to generate a gross national product that this government can leach off of, and put down dissent through the use of such agencies as the FBI, CIA and NSA.

It's kind of ironic if you think about it, since the entire point of a constitutional republic is to serve its citizens and be open to any criticisms which bring to light those aspects which may not be in the best interests of the people it is serving. Indeed this is an important function of a constitutional republic.

And it is clear from the actions of subversive organizations like the CIA and the rest of the alphabet agencies, which only serve to undermine said constitutional republic, that the American people are dangerously close to losing it.

Take for example, the ACLU, a most upstanding humanitarian organization. Since the Patriot Act has been made permanent, in order to keep them in line, the FBI has now placed this organization under terrorist watch. It has also done the same with Greenpeace, another fine organization. This is not because they have had anything to do with terrorism, but instead, because by challenging the US Government and many of its unconstitutional policies, they are bucking the status quo.

And a fascist government cannot have this happening, especially when it is masquerading as a democracy. Moreover, the US Government for all of its rhetoric about being democratic, is in this day and age, anything but.

I believe that there are many citizens within the United States and other countries who are under the same types of audio/visual satellite surveillance that we are. I have been to the Websites of people living in other countries who have documented what they have been subjugated to as satellite prisoners. I was particularly impressed with the Website of an Australian TI by the name of Paul Baird, who's also stated that he has been under satellite surveillance 24 hours a day for years (he seems to believe that it might be the NSA who's responsible for his harassment).

And based on my own experiences, I believe him.

However, most of the people under this insidious surveillance have not been alerted to it just yet. They are still being observed covertly, with these perpetrators just waiting to pounce at a designated time. Perhaps the communities of these targeted people have been notified by government employees, and that once it gives the word, these people will become as aggressively attacked as we continue to be. I had no idea that I was under 24 hour surveillance for decades and neither did my Family.

Most TI's are watched for years before the surveillance on them switches from covert to overt mode. Then all hell breaks loose as these criminals wage an aggressive campaign to destroy the sanity and lives of their victims.

As TI's we are suddenly made aware that we are no longer alone. Organized stalking becomes readily apparent wherever we travel to, and in my case the NSA's constant reminder that not only have I been illegally spied on from within the privacy of my own home, but also subjected to having my sub vocalized thoughts electronically accessed (mind raped) by way of NSA audio/visual satellites and Artificial Intelligence computers, has only made the situation more complicated. This is what many unwitting Targeted Individuals (TI's for short) have yet to be made aware of. The real question is, what is being said about us, and how do we defend ourselves when no one will confront us directly, as our reputations, relationships, and lives are destroyed from behind the scene.

One thing that I know for certain is that none of this psychotic harassment is legal or constitutional, and some of the sickest minds that we have in this country are located within the US Federal Intelligence community; a community whose hierarchy not only sanctions such fascist crimes as both physical and psychological torture, as well as satellite based "mind control," but in many instances also participates in these acts of sadism.

They are a blight on the American people and the US Bill Of Rights and an example of the extensive and treasonous lies that this government has been telling us all for decades. Given the destruction that the FEDS have caused in my Family's life, and their systematic attempts to not only destroy my relationship with my own flesh and blood, but also my own sanity, I believe that it is incumbent upon me to alert every person that I can to this technology, as well as the criminals within the US Federal Government who are illegally deploying it.

As far as I am concerned they are guilty of destroying my relationship with my Family as well as my reputation.

And I will not allow these fiends to get away it.

Furthermore, it's about time for the American people to acknowledge the FBI, CIA and NSA for what they really are - pit bulls that the fascist shadow government within the United States will illegally and unconstitutionally sic on any group or person that mount a serious challenge to this fascist cabal.

Since passage of the Patriot Act, George W. Bush and his Administration have let them off their leash and endangered all of us in the process. And the time has now come for us to take out ALL of this trash.

NSA Causing Vertigo & Exhaustion By Way Of Directed Energy Technology

As I have reported on this blog for quite sometime, I am constantly being targeted by the NSA for non consensual experimentation including that of mind control. However I am also subjected to a myriad of differing types of directed energy attacks in which I am in some way adversely affected. I am constantly being subjected to ELF waves which keep me exhausted most of the time. More recently I have been experiencing symptoms of vertigo which as in the case of this morning almost caused me to lose my balance while standing.

I continue to experience a lesser form of this at present, however it can worsen again at anytime. I document this because this symptom is yet one more of myriad which are being deliberately caused by NSA operatives who continue to illegally deploy this technology against myself and many other persons targeted for non consensual cover research and human experimentation.

As for those who wonder why the FEDS are trying to kill me, just take a look at the contents contained within this blog -- remotely tracking an American citizen by way of satellite and torturing that citizen? Using the same technology to illegally access that citizen's thoughts while also manipulating them for nearly three decades?

If my allegations against the NSA and US Federal Government are not the most damning ever made against them, they are most certainly amongst the worst. These people are nothing but mind raping/torturing Nazi's masquerading as an information gathering service (what US Intel is supposed to be doing -- not torturing Americans).

There is no longer any rule of law here, these agents being nothing but mercenaries who are paid to torture myself and many others -- they are not enforcers of the laws of this country but instead criminals who have violated their oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution.

This aspect of the NSA's torture is being done in effort to force me to commit suicide, which I have no intention of doing. So the NSA continues to attack me aggressively, while organized stalking and gas lighting continue to be used as an adjunct to these attacks.

If ever there were any question that America has become a fascistic police state, my first hand experiences with this torture are conclusive proof of it. And the FEDS constant attempts at demonizing me and preventing me from being able to publicly defend myself, while deploying their COINTELPRO tactics against me and my Family are
also indicative of their attempts to cover up their collusive and treasonous crimes against us.

Given these intense attacks and the FEDS outright violations of the law here, they have no incentive for telling the truth, yet every incentive to pathologically LIE in efforts to cover up for what they have done.

Exactly what they are continuing to do on a daily basis.

Somehow they are of the opinion that if they abuse TI's for long enough periods of time, that this will justify what they have done. However all they have done is show us that they have an unmatched appetite for cruelty; a dark side of humanity which they themselves will eventually succumb to.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lyme Disease Patients -- The "New Jews" In The Coming Holocaust

Editor's Note: The following article by George Green does an excellent job of describing the origins of bio weapons like Lyme Disease and why those who are infected with them are not only routinely denied health care coverage in the treatment of these illnesses, but also blacklisted by the US Health Insurance Industry.

I have experienced both of these phenomena as a long-term sufferer of chronic Lyme Disease and know of numerous other Lyme Disease victims who are also suffering terribly as a result of this bio weapon. (I refer to all people afflicted with Lyme as victims because they are experiencing much suffering as a result of something which the US Federal Government created and deliberately circulated within the US population, to determine its effectiveness as a biological weapon.)

Mr. Green also discusses how vaccines are a primary way in which to covertly infect the population in this country with bio weapons, since these unwitting citizens will never connect their symptoms (which can develop years later)with the injections that they received. The AIDS virus was one of the best examples of this, as it was spread through the gay population in both Manhattan and San Francisco under the pretense of giving homosexual men the Hepatitis B vaccine.

There have no doubt been a myriad of such deceptions in which disabling and oftentimes deadly biological agents have been injected into unwitting patients by their doctors, believing that they were being given a legitimate vaccine. In most cases, the doctors themselves were probably completely unaware that they were injecting their patients which deadly strains of viruses and bacteria which later led to many of their deaths.

Of course this is yet another contentious issue that most doctors would never want to get involved with, given their unwitting complicity in the murders of some of their own patients.

Two Excellent Links Regarding Lyme Disease Information & Just a Few Who Have Died From This Biological Agent:

Lyme Memorial Page:

More than 500 casualties of this bio weapon listed here

Lots Of Pertinent Information On Chronic Lyme Disease:

The Illuminati's Use Of Genocide To Reduce The Earth's Population

Population Reduction Plan 2000

Former Investment Banker George Green
Discusses The New World Order
And Their Genocidal Policy

George Green is a former investment banker (Registered Financial Principal with the N.A.S.D. and a Broker/Dealer. Securities Underwriter, Real Estate Developer, Insurance Broker and Publisher). A frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows, and a former insider who has the inside scoop on past as well as present info regarding the corruption and plans of the globalists. In the money circles, Green was considered a "cash cow." He was considered one of the big time players who knew how to raise money - lots of money - something politicians are attracted to like bees on honey or, more appropriately like "flies on you know what." It was while hobnobbing with these neocons in Aspen that he realized this New World Order wasn't idle talk. It turned out, according to Green, to be "the God-awful truth."

"Kissinger loved to refer to the American public as 'useless eaters' and back then all the men in that room in Aspen, including Kennedy, Volcker and the others were endorsing this Armageddon-type plan, which is now being played out right before our eyes in Iraq and soon in Iran," warned Green, adding the next 90 days may prove to be the beginning of the end of America as we know it.

Green left the neocons behind and switched sides...he now speaks out loudly about the New World Order and their genocidal plans for population reduction, Global 2000.

In July of 1980, Secretary of State endorsed as official Carter administration policy the Global 2000 report, which according to then Secretary of State Edmund Muskie's own words "THE ELIMINATION OF 2 billion human beings by the year 2000."
The Office of Population Affairs of the U.S. State Department from the National Security Council's Ad Hoc Group on Population policy: "U.S. Foreign Policy is being planned and implemented on the basis of its effectiveness in murdering human beings. " Unprecedented Population growth as spelled out in the ECO summit Meeting in 1992 in Brazil has required the examination of the statistics provided in the studies of "Human Environment" (1972), "Population" (1974), "Human Settlements" (1976), "Water" (1977) and others have shown the MOST growth of Human species in the last 40 years.

The first Billion of population occurred on the planet around 1800, the next century ended with about two Billion, the 3rd Billion around 1960, the 4th Billion in approximately 1974 and reach 5 Billion in 1987. We currently exceed 6 Billion on the Planet and the Technicians of Genocide are now stepping up their programs."

Thomas Ferguson was the head of the Latin America desk at the U.S. State Department's Office of Population Affairs. "Every hot spot in the Third World is in fact a result of failed population policy. There is a single theme behind all of our work - we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in Iran or Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even FASCISM, to reduce it. To really reduce population quickly, you have to put all the males into fighting and you have to kill significant numbers of fertile females. "

According to Green's analysis, the following is a country-by-country of the devastating effects Global Report 2000 has had on the world: ETHIOPIA: Some 5 million people are in danger of starvation. Ethiopia-Somalia warfare largely provoked by Henry Kissinger. SOMALIA: 1.5 million refuges and many more nomadic people wait for death. Government is seeking $2 billion in reconstruction aid. United Nations actions are a preparation for the understanding and use of the NEW WORLD ORDER Police Force to control the world and put us all under the dictums of the United Nations. KENYA: Acute hunger and starvation are occurring in the Karamoja and West Nile regions. 9000 women and children died over a two month period. Food relief is nonexistent.

According to Rep. Richard Ottinger, Democratic congressman from New York's Westchester County area, sponsor of the Population Policy Act of 1981, "Overpopulation is a national security question. We have much greater demand on our food stocks, and WE WILL MAKE GOD-LIKE decisions on WHO LIVES and WHO DOES NOT. "

William Paddock, advisor to the U.S. State Department under three administrations. In 1980 he was an unofficial advisor to the State Department Office of Population. In an interview, "We're going to see a rollback of the population. It will happen somehow. One of the four horseman, and the FIFTH ONE, WHICH IS "THE BOMB."

Clearly this indicates the lengths our government will go to in order to exterminate us.

From the Global 2000 Depopulation file:
"This Awareness indicates that for entities to hope to survive through the end of the century, the survival will require that entities be very much aware of what is occurring. This Awareness suggests for example, the program is in effect whereby beef is used to poison entities with certain additives put into the beef which has a growing effect on the system of creating various physical problems, including heart conditions, cancerous conditions, and a dullness of the mind, whereby the mind ceases to lose its ability to think clearly; these additives in the beef as that which has been introduced with the knowledge of the medical profession. "

"This Awareness indicates that this type of program can be expected to continue in other areas also; that these additives may be added to chicken, turkey, pork, and other areas (such as dairy products-Ed.). This Awareness indicates that during the future years, those entities on a vegetarian diet will survive best in terms of food intake. This Awareness indicates that also those who raise their own or receive food from known sources, not using commercial feeds. This Awareness indicates that there are also programs being prepared whereby masses shall be destroyed through plagues and biological warfare."

Since 2006, "plague drills" have been being conducted throughout this country. In 1998, why did our government order 25 million body bags from DOW Chemical? (This was confirmed by DOW Chemical). To put this in perspective, that quantity, 25 million, is ten times more than all those men and women killed in all US wars COMBINED! (Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, 1812, Revolution, Spanish American War). How could this government, or any government, predict an event that could possibly cause that many deaths? The answer? They can't, unless they are creating the event themselves. Would a plague require body bags? It most certainly would. And the NWO Illuminati have made no bones about the fact they intend to use a plague to reduce world population. This would go a long way toward explaining all of the "plague drills" currently being conducted in the U.S.

It also explains government engineered bio warfare agents like AIDS and Lyme.

Anyone pondering this puzzle might well wonder if there is a "smoking gun." Well, there is and it is in the form of the Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970, HB 15090, Public Law 91-171, introduced in 1968, debated in 1969 and signed into law right at the end of 1969 when we were all distracted by the Vietnam war. In the Department of Defense Appropriations Hearings for 1970, Volume 6, page 129, we have Dr. McArthur from the Pentagon speaking to Robert L.F. Sikes, Florida, about the need for a Synthetic Biological Agent. Dr. McArthur requests and gets $10 Million for the research and development costs of a synthetic biological agent as outlined in item No. 2 of the program presented to the Appropriations committe. Dr. Leonard Horowitz stated at Conspiracy Conference 2001 that additional funding came from the Rockefeller family. (Rockefellers being one of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines)

Here is the actual text of that request:
"Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease."

"It is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to another method of mass killing of populations."

Is The AIDS Virus Man-made?

Let’s suppose that in the past year you’ve gotten your flu shots largely because of a series of radio announcements from the Public Health Service about a new variety of Asian Flu. Then one day you stop by your church to make a blood donation during their annual blood drive, but they can’t accept your blood because the free HIV test reveals that you are HIV positive. You and your doctor are puzzled because you are in the low risk group because you are celibate, have never used intravenous drugs and have never had a blood transfusion. Sound impossible?

Now imagine that you are Dr. "X" and head up a team at the U.S. Army’s Chemical and Biological Warfare Laboratory in Ft. Dietrick, Maryland, and under the direction of the CIA you’ve just finished five years of Top Secret reseearch on a virus for which man’s immune system has no defense and that you did all of the research at taxpayers expense through funding from the Department of Defense. Early field tests on prison convicts prove that the virus really works. The test subjects get sick and eventually die.

Later on you link up with some "scientists" from the World Health Organization that have an interest in helping the project along with some larger field tests. In their Federation Proceedings they’ve already decided the best way to test the virus is to lace it into smallpox vaccines which are soon to be injected into selected test populations throughout the world. Central Africa is first on the list. Before long the test results come in.

It works! Millions of people get sick and some are already starting to die. There is even a hidden bonus: people begin to spread it amonst themselves through promiscuous intercourse and intravenous drug injections. Now your real bosses, the Bilderberg Group, an allliance of elite rulers and international financiers that fall under the umbrella of the Illuminati, are ecstatic. Perhaps now they will be able to reach their goal of reducing the world's population by 75%.

Sound preposterous? This probably sounds like a science fiction plot for worldwide genocide to benefit the elite, but there is sufficient documentation to support just such a scenerio.

Much of the documentation supporting this idea came as a bonus in the 1983 to 1988 research of Dr. Robert Strecker, M.D., Ph.D., of Los Angeles who, along with his brother Ted, were hired to prepare a proposal for a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) for Security Pacific Bank of California on the long term effects of insuring and treating AIDS patients. At that time no one actually knew what the AIDS acturial data was, and the bank was responsible for insuring 30,000 employees, so the Strecker brothers went to the medical libraries and began reading for themselves what the cost of the this epedemic would be.

Not only did they discover that AIDS would bankrupt the nation’s medical system, but the also "unearthed thousands of documents supporting the man-made origin of AIDS." There for all the world to see was a request by top scientists who wrote in the 1972 World Health Organization Bulletin that there was a need to see if "viruses can, in fact, exert selective effects on the immune system..." They also said that "the possibility should be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself be impaired if the effective virus damage, more or less selectively the cells responding to the viral antigens."

Dr. Strecker is not alone in his conclusions either. More and more members of the medical community, such as Dr. Peter Dusberg of the University of California at Berkley, Dr. John Seale, a member of the Royal Society of Medicine of London, and Dr. Alan Cantwell who has recently finished a third book, AIDS and The Doctors of Death, are questioning the popular view about AIDS which has scientifically failed to explain the disease.

The Green Monkey, a species from West Central Africa, that really has greenish-grey coloring on its back and a long yellow tail, is at the core of this official explanation. Writing in the Summer of 1987 issue of Covert Action, Roberd Leader says that "mainstream scientists say that HIV was a harmless virus in Central African Green Monkeys which jumped species through bites or meat consumption to a form that produced AIDS." According to this theory, after its "natural" origin in poor rural areas in Central Africa, AIDS spread to the regions’ cities as residents migrated there.

A recent issue of Rolling Stone Magazine presented the idea that AIDS came from a batch of contaminated polio vaccine that was grown on Green Monkey kidney cells. This is misleading and amounts to misinformation. Dr. William Campbell Douglass points out that there is a virus named SV-40 that is similar to AIDS which did come from a batch of contaminated polio vaccine that was grown on Green Monkey kidney cells. It has a delayed effect and the sad truth is that people now in their 40’s carry this virus if they were given polio vaccinations in the 1960’s. The result is not AIDS but brain cancer and possible multiple sclerosis. Dr. Douglass says that "the delay between the vaccination and the onset of cancer with the virus is as long as 20-30 years which would explain the increase in this disease what we have seen in the past ten years."

In his work Dr. Strecker points out that there are several other deadly retro-viruses besides the actual AIDS virus which are infecting humans and cause causing cancers including leukemia. He discovered that all these viruses, including the AIDS virus, have stricking similarities to animal viruses, but not to the Green Monkey. Instead. they had similarities to cattle and sheep viruses which included the same shape, the same molecular weight and the same magnesium dependency. The Green Monkey mythology falls apart on the genetic level too. He explains that the genetic coding of the AIDS virus does not exist in primates or man. Quite simply, you cannot take the genes of monkeys or man and make AIDS.

When Dr. Strecker examined some of the data emerging from the spread of the AIDS epedemic in Africa, he found additional reasons why the Green Monkey threory of the government is impossible to accept. He explains that "you would have expected the virus to have spread from the jungles to the cities, but in actuality, it is spreading from the cities to the jungles." He also note that the Pygmies who most often associate with the Green Monkey were "virtually 100% free of AIDS virus until the last six months of 1988 and only got infected after associating with prostitutes from the cities or by use of contaminated intravenous drugs from the cities."

With the link to cattle and sheep viruses established, Dr. Strecker explains that the AIDS virus is only 50% similar to these viruses which in his work are treated like the parents of the AIDS virus that affects humans. He feels that the cattle and sheep viruses were adapted "accidently or on purpose in human tissue cultures." This is known scientifically as serial adaption and once it has taken place that virus will only grow in human tissues.

Anyone pondering this AIDS puzzle might well wonder if there is a "smoking gun."

Well, there is and it is in the form of the Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970, HB 15090, Public Law 91-171, introduced in 1968, debated in 1969 and signed into law right at the end of 1969 when we were all distracted by the Vietnam war. In the Department of Defense Appropriations Hearings for 1970, Volume 6, page 129, we have Dr. McArthur from the Pentagon speaking to Robert L.F. Sikes, Florida, about the need for a Synthetic Biological Agent.

Dr. McArthur requests and gets $10 Million for the research and development costs of a synthetic biological agent as outlined in item No. 2 of the program presented to the Appropriations committe. Dr. Leonard Horowitz stated at Conspiracy Conference 2001 that additional funding came from the Rockefeller family. Here is the actual text of that request:"Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease."

Page 129, HB 15090
Dr. Strecker’s research of the literature indicates that the National Cancer Institute in collaboration with the World Health Organization created the AIDS virus in their laboratories at Ft. Dietrick, Maryland, Although this Frederick, Maryland facility is now named the National Cancer Institute, it was at that time (1970-1974) called the U.S. Army Chemical and Biological Warfare Center, supervised by the Department of Defense. According to researcher William Cooper, (former U.S. Navy Intelligence) the work was supervised by the CIA under a project called MK-NAOMI. And thus AIDS and other biowarfare agents (like Lyme) were created.

Dr. Strecker’s work also revealed the means by which the WHO "scientists" planned to test the AIDS virus developed at Ft. Dietrick. From the World Health Organization Federation Proceedings for 1972-1973 came the proposal:‘‘Let’s inject them. We'll put them in different vaccines and we will test them. And that's particularly useful when applied to sibships."

Which, in plain English means to inject brothers and sisters of the same parents with the laced vaccine and see if they die and who dies first with the rationalization that they could study what is called HLA processing (human leucyte antigen processing). The point of all this was to determine how these different human beings are processing these different antigens that they are being exposed to. Now you know why entire familes got sick at the same time! And now you see the same thing happening with Lyme disease - entire families becoming infected.

There is ample precedent for government agencies using the population for testing biological weapons. In the past native American indians were given small-pox tainted blankets in the Northwest. As well, Dr. Strecker cites the book "A Higher Form of Killing" by Paxman and Harris which has information gleaned from the Freedom of Information Act. Among the cases was the 1950 test when the U.S. Navy sprayed the San Francisco Harbor with Serratia Marcesens bacteria, resulting in one death and many residents being stricken with pneumonia-like symptoms. Even more deaths (12) resulted from increased cases of whooping cough when the CIA conducted a bio weapons test whose details are still secret on the Tampa Bay of Florida in 1955.

On Monday, May 11, 1987, the London Times ran a front-page story which said the AIDS in Africa appeared there because of the WHO smallpox vaccine program. Dr. Strecker said that the story was picked up by papers all over Europe at that time. In the U.S. we heard very little about it. Dr. Strecker said he checked with AP and UPI and asked them why they never ran this story in the United States. Their answer was that "they were not able to understand the significance of the article."

Dr. William Campbell Douglass states that "the AIDS virus did not exist in the United States before 1978." He says "you can check back in any hospital and not stored blood samples can be found anywhere that exhibit the AIDS virus before that date." The myth that we are supposed to believe in the United States is that a promiscuous airline stewart named Antone Dega who had the AIDS virus managed to travel to three major population centers of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco where he infected people in each city.

In his lecture in Santa Barbara, Dr. Stricker drew a map of these three major AIDS epicenters pointing out that New York became infected in 1978 and the two California cities in 1980. Reflecting on the Antone Dega scenario, he says that these certainly are not contiguous communities. So, to make the myth work Dega had to follow a peculiar flight pattern from his Canada-based airline "flying only to New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, managing not to have sex in all of Canada and Europe. Continuing, he says that "if you are stupid enough to believe the story of Antone Dega and the CDC’s claim that they were actually following this guy, why didn’t they extradite a person they knew was spreading a 100 percent fatal disease?"

So, what did Dr. Strecker’s research reveal about the origin of the AIDS virus in the U.S.? He found out that in each of the major three city AIDS epicenters, the spread of the virus followed on the heels of a Hepatitus-B vaccine "study" that was carried out in each of these cities. He asks the simple qustion, "How can you change a black heterosexual disease in Africa into a white homosexual disease in Manhattan, affecting a particular group--the young between the ages of 20 and 40, male homosexuals, who were otherwise healthy and promiscuous" In Manhattan, the 1978 study involved 1040 volunteers who met the criterea of being between the ages of 20 and 40, white, and were promiscuous.

During the interviews, if it was determined the man had only one lover (monogamous) he was sent home and not allowed to participate. These particular rules were set up by a Polish doctor educated in Soviet Russia by the name of W. Schmugner who came to the U.S. in 1969 and became the head of the New York City Blood Bank. Writing in the January 1988 Natural Health Convention Magazine, Dr. William Campbell Douglass reported that "The Centers for Disease Control reported in 1981 that four percent of those receiving the Hepatitus-B vaccine were AIDS infected. In 1984 they admitted to 60 percent. Now they refuse to give out figures at all." He says that "the data on thse studies are now buried in the U.S. Department of Justice and we will never see them."

There was a book in 1968 titled "The Population Bomb", by Dr. Paul Ehrlich that had a very telling paragraph on page 17 that probably tells us the key thinking that was behind the decision. Dr. Ehrlich says "In summary, the worlds population will continue to grow as long as the birth rate exceeds the death rate; it’s as simple as that. When it stops growing or starts to shrink, it will mean that either the birth rate has gone down or the death rate has gone up or a combination of the two. Basically, then there are only two kinds of solutions to the population problem. One is a birth rate solution (remember the ZPG movement?) The other is a death rate solution in which ways to raise the death rate - war, famine, pestilence--find us."

The late William Cooper, in his excellent book "Behold A Pale Horse" notes that Dr. Ehrlichs wife, Anne, is a member of the Club Of Rome, a think tank group that produced a computer model called Global 2000 which not only outlined the recommendations for AIDS, including a special prophylactic for the ruling elite and a cure at the very same time, which is to be released to the survivors when it is decided enough people have died. According to Cooper, the Global 2000 plan was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then presented to President Carter. Cooper’s research determined that the order to proceed with the plan "was given by the policy committee of the Bilderberg Group in Switzerland." The Bilderberg Group are the Illuminati.

In his book Cooper also mentions the "Haig-Kissinger depopulation policy which has taken over various levels of government and in fact is determining U.S. Policy. The planning organization operates outside the White House and directs its entire efforts to reduce the world’s population by 2 billion people through war, famine and any other means necessary."

Active policies of our State Department go beyond the implementation of AIDS.

There is a sad personal note to Dr. Strecker’s story that must not go unnoticed because it broadly hints at how desparate the powers that be are to keep this a secret. This is the sudden and unexpected death of two key players. First there was Dr. Streckers brother, Ted, who was found shot to death alone at his home in Springfield, Missouri, an apparent suicide on August 11, 1998. It is very questionable because Dr. Strecker spoke with him the night before his death and in the Strecker Memorandum we found that "Ted was cheerful, in good spirits and looking forward to certain new developments that promised progress."

The next day he was found dead, his 22-caliber rifle next to him. There was no note, no good byes to anyone." And, next, over a month later we have Illinois Representative Douglass Huff of Chicago, the only politician who did everything in his power to make the people of Chicago and the State Legislature aware of Dr. Strecker’s work. He gave radio and television interviews to wake up the people to the coverup of AIDS, and was found dead of an appparent overdose of cocaine and heroin on September 22, 1988. Representative Huff’s associates doubt he died accidently. They knew him to use drugs only occasionally and recreationally and say that he would have been aware of how dangerouse a massive overdose of cocaine and heroin would be. summary, what we have here is a government of psychopaths who believe they have the right to play God, intent on killing 2 billion people (actually more) through any means necessary. We have world government agencies like WHO and the CDC participating in this murderous plot via ruse vaccine programs, covertly injecting innocent masses with government-engineered lethal biowarfare agents. And we have a government of sociopaths murdering anyone attempting to expose these crimes against humanity.


Does your struggle to get any help from the government in getting treatment now make sense?

The persecution and witch hunts of our LLMD's?

Do the IDSA "treatment" guidelines that virtually deny the existence of chronic Lyme and basically declare genocide on the Lyme community now make sense?

Does the CDC removing the two bands specific to the Bb spirochete and the medical establishment then using this inaccurate Western Blot test to say "You don't have Lyme!" make sense?

Does the COINTELPRO going on within the Lyme community itself make sense?
Does the fact that nothing appears in the Illuminati-controlled media regarding a worldwide pandemic of Lyme disease make sense?

Does the fact our virtually non-existent ability to receive a proper, timely diagnosis make sense?

Do you now understand, given the Illuminati tactic of portraying "those in the know" as mentally ill, why you are told your disease is all in your head, that you just need a shrink?
Does the complicity of the medical profession as a whole explain why doctors dismiss you, your symptoms, your disease?

Do you understand why insurance companies are refusing to pay for your treatment, why the Social Security Administration does NOT recognize Lyme as a disabling disease?

We are the first wave of "new Jews" in the coming Holocaust.

Footnote: I would like to show you what the World Health Organization did during their ruse smallpox vaccination program.

A needle used to inject a person was re-used 40 to 60 times, the "sterlization" of the needle consisting of waving it through a flame.

There's the result. They "vaccinated" hundreds of millions of people this way, with infected needles and vaccines.

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