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Remote Neural Monitoring - The Worst Violation Of Civil & Human Rights Since Creation Of The Magna Carta To Protect Them

The US Intelligence Community has through the illegal use of satellite based directed energy weapons and remote neural monitoring technology, breached the faith of the American people. It has violated the United States Constitution and invaded the privacy of all Americans while in the commission of the worst human rights violations in U.S. history.

What this community has perpetrated against us is treason. They have not only undermined our Bill Of Rights as well as the constitutional republic of the United States, but also become a direct threat to the American people, our freedom of thought and creative expression.

In 1215 AD, The Magna Carta was created in an attempt to protect human rights. The very foundation for our US Constitution was derived directly from the Magna Carta. And it is clear that the advanced modern day audio/visual satellites that are being used to illegally spy on millions of us, archiving every second of our lives, have become the most outrageous threat to the Magna Carta and all subseqent human rights legislation ever documented. This cannot be allowed to continue, as these agencies threaten the very fiber of American society, and will destroy us as a people if they are not either completely restructured (in which they are accountable to the American people themselves), or abolished.

More on the Magna Carta

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Magna Carta

Magna Carta (Latin for "Great Charter", literally "Great Paper"), also called Magna Carta Libertatum ("Great Charter of Freedoms"), is an English charter originally issued in 1215. Magna Carta was the most significant early influence on the long historical process that led to the rule of constitutional law today. Magna Carta influenced many common law documents, such as the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, and is considered one of the most important legal documents in the history of democracy.

Magna Carta was originally created because of disagreements between Pope Innocent III, King John and his English barons about the rights of the King. Magna Carta required the king to renounce certain rights, respect certain legal procedures and accept that the will of the king could be bound by law. Many clauses were renewed throughout the Middle Ages, and further during the Tudor and Stuart periods, and the 17th and 18th centuries. By the early 19th century most clauses had been repealed from English law.

There are a number of popular misconceptions about Magna Carta, such as that it was the first document to limit the power of an English king by law (it was not the first, and was partly based on the Charter of Liberties); that it in practice limited the power of the king (it mostly did not in the Middle Ages); and that it is a single static document (it is a variety of documents referred to under a common name).

To Learn More About This Document Access The Following Website:

Dr. Nick Begich --- Mind Control Researcher

I am in the process of reading the latest book by Dr. Nick Begich, a man who's taken a serious interest in exposing the mind control technologies that are being deployed by the governments on this planet, against their own citizens. Dr. Begich's book is very well researched, citing numerous federal government documents obtained by way of the United States Freedom Of Information Act, which conclusively prove that the US Intelligence community has long been interested in developing "mind control" technologies for use in their war stratagems.

As an American who has been targeted for such types of illegal and immoral technology, and at the hands of the NSA and FBI for nearly three decades, I am most interested in exposing this obscenity on our civil liberties to the American people, since there is no question that they are all vulnerable to this technology
without their knowledge or consent.

If mind control technology, namely the National Security Agency and Department Of Defense's use of satellite based remote neural monitoring, did not exist, they would have no reason to be concerned about those of us who've come forward to expose it. However, this technology does exist and it's being illegally used on at the very least, millions of Americans (and quite possibly far more), in violation of the US Bill Of Rights and every human rights law ever created -- including the Geneva Convention and Nuremburg Code.

For those of us who know with absolute certainty that this technology is for real, it is up to us to document it for the treason that it and those who deploy it against us represent to the American people.

Any persons who attempt to expose this technology are immediately met with ridicule and accused of being mentally unstable. However, to those of us who've been routinely exposed to it, we are well aware that these diversionary tactics are perpetrated by the US Government and meant to obfuscate a very dangerous threat to the civil liberties and well being of all Americans.

To even those well informed persons within the TI community who claim that the miniscule amount of electricity in the brain is not sufficient enough to allow satellites to pickup our brain's evoked potentials, thus enabling the NSA and other organizations which have access to remote neural monitoring technology,
I say that they are mistaken.

These satellites are so powerful, that they are capable of compensating for the low levels of electricity emanating from our brains, and the electromagnetic fields that all humans give off is more than ample for the NSA and US Department Of Defense to electronically track us as well as gain access to our subvocalized thoughts, by way of their Artificial Intelligence computers and specialized neurological/verbal decoding software.

I am positive of this.

And it is my hope, that most Targeted Individuals will eventually recognize that the most potent evidence that they have in regard to this technology (aside from their own personal experiences with it), is former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA; a suit in which Akwei goes into great detail regarding the NSA's Signals Intelligence program and its use of satellites to illegally spy on and remotely neural monitor American citizens.

Clearly, this information when presented in a much larger venue than the Websites that TI's dedicate to exposing this technology (the American Media), would force the dissolution of the Nazi shadow government now operating within the United States. And this would have a domino effect on the rest of the governments on this planet that continue to utilize such diabolical technology on the human population.

By making the decision to breach the trust of the American people through the illegal deployment of this technology, the US Federal Government long ago opened up a "Pandora's Box," in which there is now no return.

Dr. Begich's inciteful book can be purchased at the following Website. I highly recommend reading it, since the situation regarding these mind control weapons is only going to get much worse in the coming years, as those who employ them against us demonstrate their impugnity from prosecution, protected under the National Security Act, and continue to attack any persons whom they decide are a threat to the United States status quo -- including and especially those of us who are telling the truth about the most egregious and scandalous corruption ever recorded throughout the annals of America's history.

Controlling the Human Mind By Dr. Nick Begich

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Hillary Clinton Already Looking To Propagate LIES About Barack Obama

In what should come as no surprise to anyone who's familiar with Hillary Clinton or her covert attempts at character assassination, her latest target is Senator Barack Obama. Some recent disinformation was circulated on the Internet claiming that Obama was looking to hide his Muslim heritage from the American people -- a clearly libelous tactic. And another article had the Republican right wingers using their black propaganda tactics to destroy both Obama's and Clinton's chances at a run for the White House before they began. However, in this author's opinion, Clinton and her campaign staff are more than likely in on this subterfuge, even if the Republicans are going along for the ride.

For starters, Senator Obama is a Christian. Yet the Clinton camp could not wait to seize on this opportunity to impugn the character of a man whom some are calling an African American version of the late John F. Kennedy. It's clear that many Americans see Obama as a breath of fresh air in the political realm and are looking to learn more about him.

Others have criticized his lack of political experience -- that he's not one of the typical Washington crowd. In this author's opinion, that is a good thing. Americans have far too many hacks in Washington as it is, who exist to play the political game by catering to special interest groups while maintaining the status quo to ensure that things remain as they are. Senator Clinton is just such a politician -- a political shark who's better at talking the game of politics than she is in actually using her position to affect positive change in this country.

She has once again jumped on the health care bandwagon as her political platform just as she did during her husband's administration, and will be as equally unsuccessful (should she become the next president) as she was in the 1990's, when her campaign for health care reform failed miserably.

If there is a bright light in the Democratic Party, it is Barack Obama. Americans may well have a rising star in this straight shooting Hawaiian native -- and not just because of his celebrity status as of late. Senator Obama has already proven himself to be a brilliant orator; a man who appears to have as fine a handle on this country's problems as he does in regard to Congresses' less than stellar performance over the past several decades.

And the voters can be sure that Obama earned his education the old fashioned way: he worked hard for it. Not like George W. Bush, who was accepted to Yale simply by his family's Skull & Bones legacy.

The real issue is can Senator Obama win the presidential election in 2008? Americans are at a pivotal point in their history, suspecting the Bush Administration of at the very least a lack of candor in regard to the attacks on 9-11, and in a worst case scenario, complicity in treasonous acts against them, through the orchestration of these terrorist acts.

Barak Obama comes along at a time where this country is no longer just asking for positive change, but vociferously demanding it. Is he another John F. Kennedy? It's too soon to say for certain, but perhaps in time he may prove to be even more dynamic than the man who oversaw Camelot was in the early 1960's.

Senator Obama may offer Americans a chance at a new beginning, and the ability to clean up the cesspool that this government has become; something that Hillary Clinton clearly does not.

Americans are ready for a significant change in leadership. They are ready for a woman president, an African American president, or for that matter anyother person who would have in the past been considered an anomally in such an influential position, simply because of the narrow mindedness which has pervaded American politics for far too long.

What we need first and foremost is excellent leadership -- something that we have not had in a very long time.

The following article covers the Clinton campaign's attempts to attack Senator Obama's integrity as well a the Republican's role in the aforesaid. I doubt that he will allow himself to get mired in such dirty tactics, and will instead seek the high ground throughout his campaign to gain the Democratic Party's nomination.

I wish him well and look forward to an opportunity in which to vote for him in 2008.

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You Can Access The Mind Control Forums Below. Make Sure To See The List Of Victims And Their Accounts Of Harassment, As Well As The Mind Control Forum's Archives, Which Is The Best Repository Of Its Kind On The Internet:

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A Precedent Setting FBI/NSA Fishing Expedition

For the past 27 years, I've been illegally spied on by the FBI and NSA through the NSA's remote neural monitoring spy/mind control technology. I was 20 years old and a Sophmore in college when I was illegally placed into this system. The numbers are difficult to fathom, however they are accurate. What's worse is that there are many other people in this country who've been in this system just as long yet have no idea.

FBI/NSA Warrantless Spying By The Numbers:

24 hours/day X 7 days = 168 hours X 52 weeks = 8736 hours X 27 years = 235,873 hours

Approximately 235,873 hours of illegal spying.

That equates to 27 consecutive years making me the longest documented remote neural monitored American citizen in United States history. I have no doubt that the late civil right's activist Frank Wilkinson was monitored longer by the FBI, but there's no way to know if he was spied on by way of RNM technology. He was certainly subjected to the FBI and its COINTELPRO activities for more than 30 years and at a cost of more than 7 million dollars.

What the American people must now realize is that when the US Government spies on you they are doing more than just listening to your phone conversations and reading your e-mails. They are using their audio/visual satellites, millimeter wave technology and Artificial Intelligence computers, to live with you in your own homes and monitor you within your places of work.

No matter where you are, you can be watched and heard, as your thoughts are constantly recorded by way of the NSA's Blue Gene AI computers -- the most advanced in the world.

Tracking you by way of the invisible electromagnetic field that surrounds your body , the NSA can watch you 24 hours a day for the rest of your life -- no matter where you are on this planet; electronically reading your subvocalized thoughts as well as your emotional states, and even influencing your behavior without your knowledge. This is an absolute assault by the US Federal Government on your civil rights!

Welcome to the land of the human guinea pig; the NSA has enlisted you without your knowledge or consent.

What legitimate democratic constitutional republic would allow for this?

NONE -- However, a fascist cabal militarized police state would welcome such technology and exploit it for their own criminal means as the United States Intelligence community has now done. Americans don't need to concern themselves nearly as much in regard to international terrorism, as they do about the domestic spying and covert terrorism that the US Intelligence community is perpetrating against them without their knowledge.

Use this Website as a means in which to educate yourselves. You will learn some very horrifying truths about the US Federal Government here; information that you will never see on TV or read about in your local newspaper, because the media in this country is controlled by this government. Consequently, any information that could be used in exposing it for its history of rampant criminality will never be broadcast or published in such an influential venue as the US mainstream media.

As a result, the Internet has now become the last venue in which the truth can be told; the final frontier of untainted journalism. An example of this is film maker Dylan Avery's documentary on the 9-11 attacks, a work so well researched, that is has quite literally helped to ignite the "9-11 Truth Movement" here in the United States, as Americans now look at the facts behind the 9-11 attacks, and immediately realize that the US Government was behind them, and has subsequently done everything within its power to confuse the situation by circulating treasonous propaganda. If you have not yet seen this brilliant and historic documentary, I urge you to do so as soon as you can. Millions of Americans have now seen 9-11 Loose Change, and are no longer acknowledging the official explanation as the final word in this horrific tragedy, but instead doing their own research into this government perpetrated deception.

Don't be the last to learn what many of us already know. Start by doing your own independent research and you will find the greatest series of lies ever perpetrated against the American people and their constitutional republic.

The Attacks On 9-11 Were Committed By The US Federal Government In Order To Pass The Patriot Act -- Legislation Which Quite Literally Allows This Government To Nullify The US Bill Of Rights And American Civil Liberties! The Bush Administration not only knew about the attacks in advance, they helped to organize them.

The Feds And Their Organized Stalking Perp's Pressure Their Targets Into Suicide

This is the primary goal when the FEDS are involved. A military precision in dispensing psychological warfare -- every second that they fail to initiate some type of psychological trigger can be considered a missed opportunity. So they occupy every moment of their time demonizing and dehumanizing the target while deploying psychological warfare tactics in efforts to destroy them. No mercy.

There is no humanity left with the FEDS; it was brainwashed out of them long ago.

And still worse is that they employ the use of the same types of vicious psywarfare against those who are close to the Target, all the while adopting a strategic policy of active denial that they are perpetrating these crimes, yet doing so relentlessly.

While they use glib humor in which to discredit someone targeted for these heinous crimes, the truth is that they scrutinize every syllable the target utters, every thought they have, every expression they show, in an effort to dissect them. The FEDS and the Nazi oriented technocracy which orchestrates their actions are truly state of the art, unhampered by human emotions, and driven by their complete lack of empathy.

There's a satisfaction which they derive from causing extreme pain and suffering. Their minds are indicative of those which have traveled well beyond the clinical term of insanity, and into the realm of a darkness that few people can identify with.

They exist to destroy. And every ideology that supports that of free thought and creative expression is considered to be a threat to them and the cabal that they represent; a threat which must be eliminated swiftly and efficiently, without fear of reprisals or remorse.

Big Brother has snuck up on the American people; the NSA, FBI and numerous other intelligence agencies, hiding their crimes against humanity behind the term national security and a wall of bureacratic indifference. And anyone who challenges them is fair game for their COINTELPRO tactics. Few have ever survived the FBI's COINTELPRO operations, since most peoples' ideas of justice and fair play preclude any understanding of such viciousness. A viciousness that the FEDS' and their monstrous and wonton demonization campaigns are demonstrative of.

These people are the real victims. Denied due process of law, and subjected to the most despicable tactics ever perpetrated against any person, they are truly aware of what a farce the democracy in the United States of America has become, where the FEDS and their corrupted Illuminist leaders have quietly subjugated all Americans to a covert enslavement, using technologies that are beyond the comprehension of most.

As for those of us who have been made painfully aware of the bright shining LIE that America has become (due to this Nazi shadow government), we may live lives of complete torment, yet we are the enlightened ones, no longer deceived by the smoke and mirrors that our failed captors have used against us.

We now see them without their masks and for the absolute inhumanity and evil that they represent.

We have broken free of their world of cruelty and disinformation, and as such are now able to expose them and the myriad LIES that they have been propagating for the longest time.

We're free of them.

As for those who live their lives in denial, the best that we can do is to show them the truth and hope that they eventually see the LIES, and those who perpetrate them for what they are. Sadly, if they are unable to, they will be forced to continue to live lives of ignorance and quiet desperation. Lives that the FEDS and their Illuminist bretheren much prefer in lieu of the truth.

The FEDS and their Illuminati masters are not keepers of the light as they would have us believe but instead, an infinite darkness that knows no limits to its depths or inhumanity.

Response From The Person Who Made Libelous Comments About Me & This Website

The person who identified themself as LilyPat ( I responded to their post in an article last week which can be seen here: recently posted the message at the end of today's post, in response to my article in which I documented that I am not the James Marino to whom LilyPat was referring. In seeing that this person has also accused me of not answering their e-mail (I only received one prior to yesterday and did answer it, only to have it returned as a mailerdaemon), I have listed their response here. LilyPat has apologized and I accept their apology.

*** However, I stand by my statement that people like this are regularly used by the FEDS to discredit legit TI's. If LilyPat is a perp they are certainly never going to let on to it. However, I will give this person the benefit of the doubt.

As to whether or not the FEDS would play both sides of the fence in order to discredit someone they are targeting, anyone who's familiar with their COINTELPRO tactics knows that they do so as a rule.

Furthermore, anyone who's familiar with the FBI and other US Federal Intelligence agencies is also well aware that lying and all forms of deception are common and widely accepted practices within this community, and have been since its inception. COINTELPRO tactics have destroyed a great number of American citizens' lives since the FBI and its later CIA and NSA bretheren were formed.

A common trait in all instances has been the FEDS' use of disinformation, psychological warfare, and everyother imaginable crime, clearly perpetrated by those who are by nature sociopathic personalities. The FEDS complete lack of empathy is a defining characteristic of their COINTELPRO operations. They will employ the use of psychological warfare until the person they have illegally targeted either commits a crime in which they can be arrested, or commits suicide. They are unrelenting in their efforts to do so, and history has recorded this time and time again.

See my article on the FBI and its criminal bretheren at the following Website:

While the FBI resorted to the default and faux characterization of being bumbling incompetents, in order to cover up their complicity in the 9-11 attacks (by aiding and abetting the Bush Administration as well asthe PNAC by confiscating evidence before the public could view it), the reality is that they are robotically efficient in regard to accomplishing what they were formed to do -- Maintenance of the US status quo through the use of coercion, entrapment, and if necessary covert forms of terrorism to achieve their goals.

The FEDS will also circulate malicious LIES in regard to a target as a means in which to neutralize them. In my case, they have done everything within their power to destroy my reputation and relationships, in efforts to force me into a state in which I would either commit suicide, or act in a criminal manner in which I could be incarcerated. In all instances, and the myriad STING operations that they have perpetrated against me in the past 27 years, they have FAILED to do so, and are now operating in complete desperation, as I document what is certain to be some of the most outrageous violations of civil rights ever recorded by an American citizen.

And while the FEDS' attempt to make light of this by labeling me as a paranoid crank, criminal, or anyother type of negative stereotype, a result of the calumny that they choose to utilize in efforts to denigrate my person, the reality is that they are caught in a series of lies which this time around they have been unable to completely spin to their advantage.

In all this time I have never been arrested, indicted, tried, or convicted of any crimes, even though the FEDS' crimes against myself are absolutely outrageous. The FEDS have become so frustrated that lately they are actually so desperate that they are putting out disinformation that the Mafia is perpetrating crimes and cleverly manipulating the situation so that the FBI gets the blame for it.

This is a clear deception on the part of the FBI, as anyone who's familiar with how this anti-American organization operates is well aware that the FBI not only utilizes Mafia members through the use of coercive tactics for its own means, but has also taken part in myriad crimes with certain Mafia families. In particular I cite the scandal of former FBI agent John Connelly and his association with Whitey Bulger back in the 1970's; an association that would give Bulger and his Mafia associates a stronghold on corruption in Boston, as Connelly setup other rival families for arrest, and in some cases murder, by giving Bulger information on where these men would be at a particular time, so that they could be killed.

More recently, another former FBI agent by the name of Lindley Delvecchio was indicted on murder charges for five counts of murder. And some of his FBI cronies have been involved in raising a defense fund for him, no doubt in efforts to prevent Delvecchio from cutting a deal. If this were to happen and Delvecchio told a Grand Jury what he knows in regard to the crimes perpetrated by other agents (quite likely including those who've taken up the cause to raise funding), there's no telling how many FBI agents he'd end up implicating --- the number would more than likely be substantial.

His story can be accessed at this Website:

Still there are many other accounts of FBI collusion in covering up the crimes of its agents.

FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, narrowly avoided being brought up on murder charges after he shot an unarmed woman by the name of Vicky Weaver in the head, killing her instantly (Weaver was clutching her 10 month old daughter in her arms at the time she was shot). Even though a judge ruled that Horiuchi should be tried for the cold blooded murder, a week later some very powerful people within the FBI got him off the hook.

When the FBI failed to entrap environmentalist Judi Bari in one of their many STING operations, it propagated the LIE that she was a terrorist, and then planted a bomb in her car, with the intention of murdering her, then claiming that she was a terrorist who was killed by the bomb she was carrying.

The FBI's slick deception almost worked, except that Judy, although permanently crippled by the blast, lived long enough to file suit against the FBI and eventually, posthumously won a 4.4 million dollar judgment against the agency, as well as certain members of the Oakland Police Department. The FBI was gauled by this, yet in reality these agents should have been on trial for two counts of attempted murder (Bari's partner Daryl Cherney was also in the car with her at the time of the blast).

Once again, the FBI got off on the cheap, as it destroyed the lives of some good people.

There are myriad examples of the FBI's COINTELPRO activities which have been perpetrated by this criminal organization over the years, proof positive of just how inherently corrupted and evil it is.

If only Connelly and the rest of the aformentioned were an anomaly in the FBI, Americans could state that the problem was easily remedied through the removal of a few such bad apples. But the FBI and its domestic terrorist tactics have clearly proven that the entire barrel is rotten to its very core; immoral, unethical, and completely incorrigible.

To advocate civil liberties in an open way in modern day America means to risk being subjected to outrageous violations of such freedoms, as the FEDS utilize their Nazi based spy/mind control technology to
systematically destroy the lives of Americans, who are simply exercizing the inalienable rights that the US Constitution has guarenteed them as citizens of this country.

As for myself, a primary reason for the FEDS' frustation is that more than two years ago, in desperation at the COINTELPRO psywarfare campaign that these miscreants were waging against my Family and me, I chose to use the Internet as a venue in which to describe the outrageous violations that the FEDS have perpetrated against us, and in the process found myriad others who have documented the same outrageous harassment by the FEDS, who are clearly operating as a modern day version of the Nazi's Gestapo.

In my situation the FEDS have routinely violated several Amendments to the US Constitution, and done so
in the most egregious of ways.

The FBI as well as the NSA and all other US Intelligence agencies do not acknowledge the US Bill Of Rights and have always violated it, without exception.

Furthermore, my documentation of the extreme crimes that they have perpetrated against me are now causing them a nightmarish situation, since any attempt to arrest me will be based on fabricated evidence, and in their desperation, they are becoming increasingly more sloppy in their efforts to do so.

Hence their need to employ these networks of degenerate organized stalkers to carry out the FEDS' despicable tactics, while the FEDS themselves can deny involvement through the use of plausible deniability.

I have told the truth and will continue to do so, as the FEDS continue to circulate disinformation to obfuscate a situation in which they are clearly guilty of precedent setting crimes. And through the numerous accounts of many persons who are being targeted for these types of unconscionable tactics, the public is now beginning to realize just how horrible these agents and the agencies that they work for are (with the exception of those courageous agents who blow the whistle on this corruption -- they are the true heroes).

My concern is most certainly for my Family first and foremost, but also for many others who have now come forward to describe near mirror images of what I have experienced first hand. Here we have a large and ever growing group of persons who are describing absolutely horrific violations of both civil and human rights, yet are being largely ignored by the police as well as their own legislators, due to the secrecy behind the technology that is being deployed against them.

Another signifcant concern of mine is for the rest of the American people, who are for the most part completely unaware that these crimes are being perpetrated against them, or that they are catalogued within the NSA's computer database, and can be tracked and watched by way of audio/visual satellites, millimeter wave technology, and Artificial Intelligence computers 24/7/365.

This is the most egregious violation of your civil rights ever documented, and you should be calling your senators referencing John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA (which documents this technology), and demanding that the Church Comittee Hearings of the 1970's be reopened by an independent counsel, in order to investigate a growing and myriad number of complaints against the FBI, NSA, CIA, DOD and many other organizatons within the US Intelligence community, all of whom stand accused of some extremely serious crimes.

Do you remember former NSA agent/whistle blower Russell Tice? In May of 2006 he testifed before a US Congressional committee in regard to what he claimed were shocking crimes being perpetrated at the highest levels of the NSA, that if made public would shake the foundation of the US Government. There is little doubt in my mind that Tice was referring to the NSA's SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE remote neural monitoring satellites, and its use of them to illegally spy on millions of Americans without their knowledge or consent.

You will notice that the mainstream media never picked up on this story, because of its incendiary nature. If this was made public by the US Congress, it would bring down the shadow government in this country and cause a scandal unprecedented in this country's 231 year history.

Tice was quickly reeled in by the FBI, who immediately investigated him under the pretense that he might have divulged information that was a threat to national security. Moreover, Tice acknowledged that the FBI was well aware that he had not compromised national security, but was instead exposing rampant criminality at the NSA, and was being made an example of by the Bureau to intimidate other whistleblowers from coming forward (according to Tice, a common practice at the NSA).

Whether Americans are ready to acknowledge this or not, the truth of the matter is that the National Security Agency is the Big Brother of George Orwell's anti-Utopian nightmare, 1984. And ironically enough, its remote neural monitoring technology was deployed in 1980, four years before Orwell had envisioned its inception.

A word to anyone being targeted by the FEDS for COINTELPRO tactics: Go public as fast as you can. This way if anything happens to you or your Family (set up on fraudulent charges, murdered etc.), you will have already alerted the public to the fact that the FEDS were behind the crimes being perpetrated against you.

While there's no guarentee that this will save your life, it will definitely place suspicion squarely on the shoulders of the FEDS; something given their intense secrecy, they can ill afford to have happen. When the public's watching them, it becomes far more difficult for them to obfuscate the situation by deploying an orchestrated smokescreen.

The FBI and others within the US Intelligence community have absolutely no respect for the American people, civil liberties, or the constitutional republic on which the United States was founded. They never have and they never will. In understanding this reality, one must defend their constitutional rights to the death if necessary, to send a clear message to these modern day Nazi's , that their despicable tactics will no longer be tolerated.

In regard to LilyPat, ordinarily I would simply suggest that when one makes an "honest" mistake in regard to a situation, they get their facts sorted out before posting libelous comments about someone, and creating an association between that person and a situation which is completely irrelevant to them. However, as a TI, one must make the distinction between a person who is making an honest mistake, and one who is involved in duplicity, since the FEDS, in using their despicable tactics, are routinely duplicitous when conspiring to neutralize a target.

LilyPat writes:

LilyPatB.V. LurkerJoined: Jun 10, 2005Posts: 485Location: Oakland, CA USA
Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2007 8:34 am Post subject: There and back again.....

I'm baaaaaaaack. And I already wrote (emailed, actually) to Mr. Marino and explained that I had him confused with someone else and apologized to him for that.
I notice he doesn't post THAT message. That's typical of a lot of people who enjoy feeling that they're persecuted more than they enjoy simply communicating--hope that's not the case here. I went to his site and AGAIN apologized and explained today--we'll see if he posts that..... As for a Suicide Girls site, I honestly have no memory of ever visiting it myself. I went to a ton of sites back when Lily showed up in my mind (winter and spring of 2004) looking for an explanation for her presence, so it's possible that I went there and read it and even posted, but I never bookmarked it. And if I'd been a regular there, I would have done so, for sure.

Lily is in her mid-teens, so it's possible that she posted there, but she's definitely not prone to doing that sort of thing at all--she's a right hemisphere alter--not very verbal and communicates in images and feelings. The only alter I have who is also a writer is The Painter and she's an adult--right hemisphere too, but also verbal. So without seeing the post(s) I have no idea if I briefly visited the site and posted and have forgotten it or if perhaps it's another person with my name or with my handle or if it was an alter of mine. And BTW, there IS another person using "LilyPat" out there--it’s come up as "taken" when I tried to register under it at a couple of places. I checked the posts and they were obviously not written by me or by any of my alters.

I'm honest when I make a mistake and I try hard to be forthright when it comes to any possibility that an alter of mine might have made a post. Before I leave a site, I do a search for my day's posts and make certain that I (Pat) made them myself. DID/MPD can and does wreck friendships and reputations all the time and I don't want that to happen to me. The bullies here are in their usual meanspirited and vicious form, but as soon as I have a post written on MC that comes from a first-person account, I'll post it. Those of you who are new to the thread, I encourage you to go back before this latest bully invasion and read, say, the first 50+ pages.

You'll soon know which posters here are the "scroll by" ones and which ones are serious about discussing trauma-based mind control. Ask questions--that's why I'm here enduring the jerks. I want people to see what the older MKULTRA era programs' symptoms look like. There are a lot of survivors walking around unaware of what wrecked their lives and some of them are bound to end up here. LilyPat

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The FBI's Rampant Criminality

The following is an excellent article in regard to the FBI's inherent corruption. I am almost in complete agreement with Mr. Silverglate with one exception: FBI Director Robert Swan Mueller. Silverglate states that Mueller is incorruptible. However, more than five years after the attacks on 9-11, there remain many unanswered questions in regard to the role Mueller's played during the 9-11 attacks (in which he appears to have aided and abetted the Bush Administration and PNAC in their orchestration of said attacks), as well as his nebulous part in the FBI's investigation regarding the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland -- a situation which opened the door for the United States to impose punitive sanctions on Libya, which ultimately led to the end of its nuclear weapons' program.

In my opinion, it's not only possible, but also quite plausible that the US Intelligence community has orchestrated myriad terrorist attacks both overseas and within the United States, in efforts to achieve their questionable objectives - these objectives include attempting to pass further legislation through the use of "Intelligence orchestrated domestic terrorism" which gives these agencies unprecedented spying powers (with no accountability) while simultaneously undermining the US Bill Of Rights and American civil liberties.

Such an outrageous deception on a country's people, seen in an historical context in which precedent was long ago established, occured in Germany in the early part of the 1900's, when Hitler ordered the burning of the German Reichstaff Building , which he then blamed on the communists, in order to justify Nazi Germany's declaration of war against the Russians.

Given that his article was written nearly a year after 9-11, early on in Robert Mueller's tenure as FBI director, perhaps Mr. Silverglate's opinion has now changed in regard to Mueller's character; especially when taking into consideration the number of former FBI agents who've blown the whistle on the FBI for its egregious
attempts to obstruct justice, by obfuscating any efforts to expose the Bush Adminstration and PNAC for their complicity in these attacks.

As for the FBI, Americans are still waiting to see ALL of the tapes that it confiscated from the Pentagon on and after 9-11, yet refuses to release to the public.

Bureau of Intimidation

By Harvey Silverglate, Boston Phoenix. Posted August 14, 2001.

The FBI's culture of hostility to constitutional rights, its lack of respect for civil liberties, and its devotion to enhancing its own unaccountable power isn't likely to change much by its new director.

THE FBI IS the luckiest agency ever.

In February of this year, the Bureau suffered the humiliating disclosure that Robert Hanssen, a senior agent in its vaunted and secretive counterintelligence unit, had been spying for the Soviets and Russians for more than 15 years, and that his perfidy had gone undiscovered despite a number of clues. Three months later, the agency drew criticism from all three branches of government when it disclosed at the 11th hour that it had failed to turn over thousands of pages of investigative reports to the legal team defending Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, causing an embarrassed Attorney General John Ashcroft to postpone McVeigh's execution for a month. And last month the Bureau admitted that an internal inventory had disclosed that hundreds of weapons and laptop computers, including at least one with classified data, could not be accounted for.

How can such high-visibility revelations of gross incompetence be deemed luck? Well, it's simple. Just as the FBI was attracting unprecedented public, media, and congressional criticism and even suspicion, these scandals suddenly popularized the notion that the FBI's problem is one of poor executive management. In fact, the real problem is the agency's culture of hostility to constitutional rights, its lack of respect for civil liberties, and its devotion to enhancing its own unaccountable power. And the confirmation last week of Robert S. Mueller III as the new director -- replacing the incompetent but Teflon-coated Louis Freeh -- isn't likely to change much.

Over the course of its existence, the Bureau has demonstrated the somber truth of a statement made, ironically, by then-director Freeh during testimony before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime in June 1997. " We are potentially the most dangerous agency in the country, " he said, while trying to persuade legislators that he and his agency should be given even more power -- an undertaking at which Freeh excelled and almost always succeeded.

Last week, Freeh passed to his successor an agency as dangerous today as it was during the nearly 50-year more-terror/less-error reign of the infamous founding director, J. Edgar Hoover. Yet despite the unprecedented amount of scorn and skepticism directed toward the Bureau, Mueller's confirmation hearing was utterly uneventful. No senator seemed to have either the historical perspective or the will to ask any really tough questions. From the current spin, you would think that all the FBI really needed was a good manager, someone to do for it what Jack Welch did for General Electric; the Bureau came across as an agency more bungling than dangerous.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In seeking to promote its own peculiar notion of law and order, the Bureau is a ruthlessly efficient machine.

If Mueller's confirmation hearing was a love-fest, the tone had already been set by June's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on " Oversight: Restoring Confidence in the FBI " (as if there had ever been a time when we had a basis for real confidence), which the committee's chairman, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), called to examine the agency's embarrassments of recent years. Former Missouri senator John Danforth, who headed a 14-month, $17 million investigation into the FBI's conduct of the Branch Davidian siege at Waco, Texas, solemnly assured the committee that he found no evidence of serious FBI wrongdoing, other than a " lack of openness and candor " meant " to avoid embarrassment " of individuals and of the Bureau itself.

" A long-standing value of the FBI is not to embarrass the FBI, " he intoned. But, he assured the senators, " I am sure that systems for managing information can be improved. " Danforth's testimony never even touched on the fundamental question of why the FBI got involved in a situation that could and should have been left to local law enforcement, and how and why the Bureau convinced then-attorney general Janet Reno that an assault on the community was essential in order to stop the alleged child sex abuse by leader David Koresh. (Reno's obsession with child sex abuse was well known from her days as Dade County district attorney, and her law-enforcement advisers knew precisely how to push her buttons.)

Even more ludicrous was the testimony of Michael R. Bromwich, former inspector general of the Justice Department, who conducted a highly publicized investigation in 1995-'97 of the fabled FBI Crime Laboratory, long touted as the premier forensic crime lab in the world. Bromwich reminded the senators that he had " rejected some of the most far-reaching allegations that had been made, including allegations of perjury, obstruction of justice, and suppression of exculpatory evidence " leveled against the lab and its forensic experts and agents.

To those with experience in defending people accused of serious crimes on the basis of testimony from FBI lab personnel, the Bromwich report was a joke. (I am currently involved in defending one such client -- Jeffrey R. MacDonald, convicted in the " Fatal Vision " murder case at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in the 1970s.
MacDonald remains in prison largely as a result of false testimony by a renegade agent in the same FBI lab whose activities were whitewashed by Bromwich. In fact, while Mueller was a higher-up at the Department of Justice in Washington, I met with him to try to get him to look into the FBI and DOJ frame-up of MacDonald, and Mueller, while cordial, made it clear that criticism of the agents and prosecutors in the case would be "a non-starter." No investigation ensued.) Bromwich's rejection of the "far-reaching allegations" is more a comment on the failure of the Bureau's internal-policing system than on the essential honesty of its agents and experts.

The failure of Bromwich's "investigation" is clear when one recognizes that the person who suffered most from the affair was not one of the offending agents, but rather former FBI forensic expert Fred Whitehurst, the whistle blower without whom the lab's scandalous obstruction of justice and other crimes would never have come to light.

Whitehurst was suspended and then fired as a result of his telling the truth, although he got some measure of vindication when the Bureau later settled, with a substantial payment, his lawsuit for wrongful discharge.

Leahy, too, was tepid in his criticism of the Bureau, tipping his hat to an organization that "has long been considered the crown jewel of law-enforcement agencies "but" has lost some of its earlier luster. "The Bureau has lately appeared " unmanageable, unaccountable, and unreliable," he said. Surely someone as sophisticated and well-intentioned as Senator Leahy cannot be blind to the real history of this "crown jewel," or believe it has been laid low simply by recent poor management. Is Leahy suggesting that things were better in the days when the Bureau's director exercised real managerial control -- in the Hoover era?

But even the FBI's most vociferous critics seemed to accept that the agency's failures have resulted from managerial incompetence. Few recalled, for example, the highly dubious indictment of Qubilah Shabazz, daughter of the late Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X, in a phony agency-concocted plot to kill Louis Farrakhan, the Black Muslim leader who some believe bears at least indirect responsibility for the murder of Shabazz's father. Shabazz was contacted in May 1994 by Michael Fitzpatrick, a former Jewish Defense League member who'd previously been convicted of a bookstore bombing. Fitzpatrick not only had his own beef to work off, but also testified that he'd been paid $34,000 for making secret tapes of his discussions with Shabazz and expected an additional $11,000 for trial testimony against her.

It was one of the classic entrapment-cum-frame-ups for which the Bureau has become famous -- a demonstration of the damage done by the Bureau's obsession with turning scumbag criminals into witnesses against often innocent citizens.

Shabazz was lucky -- she had a good lawyer and, in the end, the FBI's case fell apart. The agency offered her a sweet plea bargain to prevent further scrutiny of its conduct: Shabazz, who could have spent 90 years in prison had she been convicted of hiring a hit man, instead agreed to three months' psychiatric counseling and two years' probation. The Bureau's shameful conduct was criticized from the right (James Bovard in the American Spectator) and the left (Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune), but nothing much ever came of it. Yet the technique used was a shockingly common one for the Bureau, a result not of administrative failure but rather of a coarse disregard for citizens' civil liberties and such niceties as truth.

People like Shabazz -- troubled and down on her luck -- have not been the Bureau's only victims. Even the powerful are not immune. Most have forgotten the travails of E. Robert Wallach, a friend of former Reagan-era attorney general Edwin Meese III. Wallach was convicted in 1989 of white-collar crimes in the so-called Wedtech case. His conviction was reversed in 1991 by a federal appellate court, which decried the FBI's cover-up of perjury by its main witness. (Closer to home, the Bureau's Boston office in recent decades conducted a veritable reign of terror, including the conviction of innocent citizens, with the collaboration of the Whitey Bulger gang. The FBI's apologists would pass this off as just a few "rotten apples in the barrel." In fact, however, it's the barrel that's rotten.)

Many of Freeh's touted successes simply offer more evidence of the Bureau's rapacious grab for power. In the aftermath of every dramatic incident of domestic "terrorism," Freeh and the FBI proved themselves adept at exploiting momentary public and congressional panic to get repressive legislation enacted. Consider the Orwellian-sounding Digital Telephony and Communications Privacy Improvement Act, passed in 1994 in the wake of the World Trade Center bombing. It requires manufacturers of telecommunications equipment to make their products wiretap-friendly by following FBI guidelines.

In effect, the Bureau obtained the power not only to force private industry to help spy on unsuspecting customers (also known as American citizens), but also to impede technological progress in terms of both efficiency and privacy in the service of facilitating government eavesdropping. Likewise, Freeh and the FBI have vociferously opposed unfettered distribution of sophisticated encryption systems, on the theory that unless the Bureau is able to crack every code, communications might ensue that the FBI will not be able to monitor.

Similarly, in the aftermath of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, the Bureau forced additional "anti-terrorist" legislation through Congress that authorized "roving wiretaps," which follow a target from phone to phone, thereby incidentally eavesdropping on the conversations of many more people. And, of course, there's the infamous Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996. It decimated the writ of habeas corpus, a venerable legal device (dating back to the Magna Carta of 1215) for obtaining judicial review of unlawful imprisonment long after trial. As a result, convicts who could show substantial evidence of innocence are now being rushed to the death chamber -- a convenient way to avoid, among other things, unsettling probes into the accuracy of FBI forensic-lab technicians and the veracity of informant witnesses-for-hire.

A glimmer of the real FBI came through the other day. Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank learned that a letter he'd written in 1989 about some immigration legislation he was sponsoring had landed in FBI files, stamped secret. The files also contained a report from a "highly knowledgeable source" that Frank's legislation had been discussed at a public meeting in 1989 at the UN Plaza. Frank's letter was discovered in FBI files as a result of a request filed by the Los Angeles Times some 15 years ago under the Freedom of Information Act and just recently answered. (Ironically, much of the Bureau's spying on Americans in search of "disloyal" citizens such as Frank was headed by none other than indicted spy and confessed traitor Robert Hanssen.

The notion that Hanssen was monitoring Frank's loyalty to the country tells us more than we want to know about FBI culture!) Robert Mueller, a former Boston US attorney, Justice Department official, and career prosecutor, is tough, intelligent, and incorruptible. This is his well-earned reputation, and since I know him and have defended the accused in cases he has prosecuted (see "The Real Bob Mueller," TJI, July 19), I can corroborate it from personal experience. However, he lacks a fourth quality that is vital for the next FBI director -- a deep skepticism of an institutional culture that fails to recognize the existence of values more worth defending than the Bureau's notion of law and order.

Some means are unacceptable, regardless of how important the Bureau believes the ends to be. There are bad guys (or those the FBI thinks are bad) to get, but there is also a Bill of Rights to protect and even nurture. Much has changed in the country since Hoover's death, but too little fundamental change has taken place within the FBI. This sad truth is demonstrated daily when agents and executives who work out of the Bureau's main headquarters in Washington enter and leave the J. Edgar Hoover Building.

Harvey A. Silverglate, a partner at the Boston law firm of Silverglate & Good, writes about criminal law, students' rights, and civil liberties. He is also the co-author of "The Shadow University: The Betrayal of Liberty on America's Campuses" (HarperPerennial, 1999) and co-founder of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He can be reached at

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The Death Of Vince Foster -- Evidence Of A Cover Up

Given that Hillary Clinton has just announced that she plans to run for the US Presidency in 2008 I think it's time that the American people got the real answers to what happened with the White Water Scandal, the Rose Law Firm, and the mysterious death of former White House counsel, Vincent Foster.

The following's an excellent article covering much information that the mainstream media (as usual thanks to the CIA's Operation Mockingbird) has chosen to omit.

Despite her ability to get on the side of the "right" issues, Hillary Clinton has been less than effective as a NY State Junior Senator, succeeding in raising 14 million dollars in funds for her own political campaign, yet leaving New Yorker's wondering if she has accomplished anything to benefit them. Clinton is as shrewd a politician as you will ever see. Not a good thing for the American people; especially given the damage done to this country by the Bush Administration -- easily the most criminal in American history.

As for Clinton, a brief summary is in order. She is a carpet bagger who accomplished absolutely nothing for New Yorker's while serving as the Junior Senator of NY State. We could easily use the phrase "never has one person done so little for so many" to describe her performance here in NY. Yet, she is now going to save the USA by running for the highest office in the land? Americans would be grateful if she'd just admit to her criminality in the White Water scandal and tell the truth in regard to what really happened to Vince Foster.

Few people believe that his death was a suicide, and are still wondering exactly what it was that Hillary was doing with an aid removing files from Foster's office before White House security could seal it off.

Furthermore, she has never answered for the funds that she stole from Grenada's Crozier Bank in 2002 (now dissolved -- were Clinton and those other powerful Illuminists with whom she associates concerned that they would have to explain what they were doing with nearly a trillion dollars of slush fund money?).

Read on:

Was Vince Foster Murdered?

Hillary Clinton Caught Red Handed Stealing Funds From Bank Crozier In Grenada In 2002:

The Tavistock Institute -- Where Contemporary Mind Control Research Originated From

"Once the citizen becomes aware of the true role of the foundations, he can understand the high interest rates, high taxes, the destruction of the family, the degradation of the churches into forums of revolution, the subversion of the universities into CIA cesspools of drug addiction, and the halls of government into sewers of international espionage and intrigue..."

Learn More About The Tavistock Institute At The Following Website:

A Brief Yet Informative Article About The FBI & Its Criminal History

True to its History, the F.B.I. is Still Violating Civil Liberties

March 22, 2006
By Gene C. Gerard

According to a report released last week by the Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation violated procedures for wiretapping and other methods of obtaining intelligence more than 100 times in the last two years. The department’s inspector general regarded some of the violations as "significant," including wiretaps that were broader than what a court had approved, and wiretaps that were allowed to go on for weeks, even months, longer than had been authorized.

Given the bureau's history, this shouldn't be surprising. The F.B.I. was created for partisan political purposes, and has blatantly violated civil liberties since its inception.

In 1919 the Attorney General of the United States, A. Mitchell Palmer, exacerbated public fears of Communism in order to generate publicity for his candidacy in the upcoming presidential election. Coming only two years after the Russian Revolution of 1917, there was widespread hysteria in America concerning Communists and other supposed radicals. Attorney General Palmer capitalized on this by creating an anti-radicalism division in the Justice Department. He selected a young government attorney named J. Edgar Hoover to lead the new division.

Hoover's division became the F.B.I. In 1919 the bureau staged the first of what became known as the "Palmer Raids." Agents invaded the offices of suspected radical political organizations and labor unions. These raids rounded up thousands of legal aliens who had committed no crime, but were suspect only because of their political beliefs (many were Communists or socialists) or their immigrant backgrounds (many had Russian or German ancestry). Since they lacked U.S. citizenship, many were deported without indictment or even a trial.

The only evidence of domestic terrorism that the raids netted were blueprints that the bureau maintained were for a bomb, intended to be used to overthrow the government. It was eventually discovered that the blueprints were actually for a new and improved record player.

Despite a lack of evidence that the suspected radicals were actually a threat, in January 1920 the F.B.I. staged its infamous "New Year’s Raids." This time, in addition to entering offices, the agents invaded thousands of people's homes, largely without search warrants. Approximately 6,000 individuals in 23 states were arrested and jailed. Most were never charged with any crime, and were denied legal counsel.

It's ironic, of course, that the nation's chief law enforcement agency was denying American citizens their Constitutional rights. Arrests were made on the basis of subscribing to Communist newspapers, reading Russian novels, eating in restaurants that served foreign cuisine, and simply because someone "looked like a radical," according to published sources.

Almost 85 years later, little appears to have changed in the F.B.I. According to the Justice Department's report, the inspector general identified 108 instances of violations in 2004 and 2005 regarding wiretaps and other methods of obtaining intelligence. The report also found violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which governs how and when the federal government can eavesdrop on domestic communications. In 2004, 48 percent of the F.B.I. violations trampled on FISA, and this figure surged to 69 percent last year.

The inspector general's report also revealed that the duration of the violations grew over the last two years. This was the case regarding the "overcollection" of intelligence data, in which the F.B.I. collected more evidence than a court had authorized. In one such instance, the bureau obtained the complete content of 181 telephone calls related to an intelligence investigation, but a court had only authorized the bureau to obtain billing records.

This was also the case with "overruns," in which the F.B.I. allowed a wiretap or other method of obtaining intelligence to run longer than a court had approved. In one instance, a wiretap lasted 373 days longer than it had been approved for. The average duration in which overcollections and overruns were permitted before the bureau stopped them was 22 days in 2004, and 32 days in 2005.

The spokesman for the F.B.I, John Miller, attempted to justify these violations of civil liberties by arguing that some violations are inevitable "given the scope and complexity of national security investigations." However, it’s more likely that the bureau is simply perpetuating longstanding practices.

The Justice Department would do well to view its report as a serious comment on the blatant lawlessness within the F.B.I., and to demand serious reforms within the bureau. It’s long overdue.

See More Thought Provoking Articles At The Website:

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Margie Schoedinger -- George W. Bush -- The FBI -- A Criminal Conspiracy That Will Not Die

In my writings I have often cited specific instances of injustice, because they are so outrageous that those who've perpetrated these crimes have no choice other than to silence those who expose them. This attempt to silence a target is usually done in the form of some type of calumny (smear campaigns which include black propaganda and the systematic destruction of a targeted person's life) in efforts to neutralize the intended victim so that they cannot obtain help in ending the attacks being waged against them.

The ultimate goal is always the same -- to murder the person. And it does not seem to matter to those who perpetrate these crimes whether these murders are accomplished through the use of psychological warfare (in efforts to drive the person to take their own life), or other covert methods, including irradiating the person through the use of satellite based (or ground based) directed energy weapons, or for that matter, even tampering with their food, water, clothing etc., in efforts to poison them.

There's little doubt that the late Margie Schoedinger was targeted for such horrific abuse, in efforts to silence her attempts at exposing George W. Bush and several FBI agents, for the frequent druggings and rapes that she was forced to endure at the hands of these monsters.

When Margie attempted to seek justice, she was routinely denied any assistance. Lawyers refused to represent her; the police would not help her. And in one instance the Sugarland, Texas Police Department even denied that Margie had ever filed a claim against Bush. Reporter, Jackson Thoreau, was told by the Sugarland PD that they could find no evidence of an assault report filed by Margie Schoedinger, when he inquired as to Margie's allegations, and that furthermore, they knew nothing of a lawsuit against Bush.

Not surprisingly, Thoreau didn't have to look far to find that the Sugarland Police had lied to him, locating Margie's lawsuit (filed in 2002) against Bush at the local courthouse -- which named George W. Bush and the FBI as defendants.

Margie's case, like so many others targeted for these gross types of unAmerican injustices is becoming far too typical in the United States. Cases such as those involving Michael Boren Williams, Judi Bari, Jean Seberg, Leonard Peltier, Dr. Steven Hatfield and myriad others targeted for the FBI's despicable COINTELPRO activities, cry out for justice, as a largely ignorant American public remains oblivious to the modern day fascist tactics that this corrupt juggernaut metes out to any and all persons who upset the status quo in this country, while challenging this government's oftentimes corrupt and backwards way of doing things.

If anyone can understand what these people have been subjected to, I certainly can. And so can my Family, as well as myriad others who've been targeted for the most egregious attacks on their civil rights ever documented. Those targeted for such abuses, whether orchestrated by the FBI, NSA or anyother government agency (or even organized stalking networks run by Mafia, drug lords, etc.) are attacked in the same vicious ways as some of the aforementioned victims have been.

Gone are the days of due process of law, replaced instead, by a networked squad of vigilantes. And this simply will not be tolerated by those Americans who still respect the US Constitution and the civil liberties of others.

Given the crimes that Americans are now reporting nationally, in regard to organized stalking and various forms of non consensual human experimentation, the US Federal Government, starting with Congress on down, has a lot to answer for. And they'd better start by investigating the claims being made by those of us whom are alleging that the US Federal Government is using many of us as unwitting human guinea pigs, a result of their weaponizing (through advanced satellites) outerspace.

Unless they do, Congress is going to find that its constituents are suddenly having a change of heart, in regard to donations and other forms of gratutities that many of these fat cats have gotten far too accustomed to, having long ago forgotten that their employment is based on serving the interests of ALL the American people, and not just the corporatists who fatten their healthy bank accounts.

The following links will enable the reader to access two articles which document the nightmare that Margie Schoedinger's life became, once George W. Bush decided that she had become too much of a risk for him to have around.

This is the real Bush family. Career criminals who for more than four generations have managed to escape prison. Eventually, there will come a time when this situation will change, and the Bush's will be seen for the outright monsters that they are and punished accordingly for it.

Columnist Raymond Ponzini's Article On George W. Bush Entitled: An American Caligula

An Article In Texas' Fort Bend Star Newspaper Regarding The Death Of Margie Schoedinger

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An Article On The NSA's Remote Neural Monitoring Technology By Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, MD


"Every thought, reaction, hearing and visual observation causes a certain neurological potential, spikes, and patterns in the brain and its electromagnetic fields, which can now be decoded into thoughts, pictures and voices. Electromagnetic stimulation can therefore change a person's brainwaves and affect muscular activity, causing painful muscular cramps experienced as torture.

The NSA's electronic surveillance system can simultaneously follow and handle millions of people. Each of us has a unique bioelectrical reson- ance frequency in the brain, just like we have unique fingerprints. With electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) brain stimulation fully coded, pulsating electromagnetic signals can be sent to the brain, causing the desired voice and visual effects to be experienced by the target. This is a form of electronic warfare. U.S. astronauts were implanted before they were sent into space so their thoughts could be followed and all their emotions could be registered 24 hours a day."

Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, MD
Former Chief Medical Officer -- Finland
September 25th, 1999

After coming forward with this information, Dr. Kilde was fired from her post as chief medical officer of Finland. Soon afterwards she began to experience a pattern of organized stalking harassment which would most certainly qualify her as a Targeted Individual.

Dr. Kilde's elderly Mother was also attacked as punishment for the doctor's attempts to blow the whistle on this treasonous and inhumane corruption.

Rauni also found herself being attacked by directed energy weapons, in a similar way to another whistleblower by the name of John St. Clair Akwei, who was fired from the NSA when he discovered that its hierarchy was using its satellite based spy/mind control technology on unwitting American citizens, and reported this to his superiors.

Akwei began to experience the same types of directed energy attacks that myriads of TI's have now reported. In 1991 he filed suit against the NSA to expose these attacks and the treasonous crimes that the NSA was perpetrating against innocent American citizens. To this day his lawsuit remains unheard, proof that the NSA manipulates the US Judiciary into preventing these crimes from being made public in a legal setting.

Dr. Kilde states that the NSA's "Electronic Surveillance Program" began in 1980, which corresponds with John St. Clair Akwei's statement that the NSA's SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE remote neural monitoring technology was deployed on a wide scale in the early 1980's.

So has the NSA been illegally spying on all Americans by way of its satellites and Artificial Intelligence computers for more than two and a half decades? IBM Blue Gene super computers which are capable of more than 2 trillion computations per second -- enough to monitor every person on the globe six times over -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

It's apparent from the numerous accounts of American citizens (as well as many living in foreign countries), including a number of former US Intelligence employees, that there are serious crimes being perpetrated by the US Intelligence community; a community which is operating covertly in efforts to undermine the United States Constitution and American civil liberties; agencies which consider themselves to be free of the checks and balances called for by the United States Constitution, and hence above the laws of this land.

Moreover, from the accounts of others such as Dr. Kilde and Austrailian, Paul Baird, it's also become clear that the NSA is subjecting myriad citizens from other countries to non consensual human experimentation (mind control/synthetic telepathy).

The rest of Dr. Kilde's article can be accessed at the Mind Control Forum's Website:

A Seminal Work In The Largely Unexplored Field Of Scalar Weaponry & Electromagnetic Warfare

Most individuals targeted for government sanctioned mind control, a particularly insideous form of non consensual human experimentation, are always searching for physical evidence to prove that such technology exists, since it's the only way to document that A. they are not crazy and B. they are telling the truth in regard some of the most heinous crimes ever perpertrated by a government.

Cheryl Welsh, President of (formerly CAHRA -- Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse), has written a short yet important book in regard to NATO member governments (including the United States) and their development and illegal deployment of these weapons on innocent citizens. Ms. Welsh's research which is seminal in the field of electromagnetic weaponry or as they are privately known within government circles -- non lethal weapons, is critical in developing a platform for all TI's to build on, in which we can conduct further research into this covert and absolutely denied technology.

Having done so, we may then know its genesis and have a greater understanding as to the extent to which this technology has been deployed.

Once we've accomplished this, the United States and other NATO member government's that employ this covert and inhumane technology will no longer be able to maintain their secrecy -- as a result we will finally be able to expose them for the treasonous criminals that they are -- corrupted men and women who've routinely used this technology to violate our civil liberties, and in the most outrageous ways imaginable.

Ms. Welsh states that her book "came about as a result of research for alleged victims of mind control experimentation." She also goes on to say that "Illegal experimentation using electromagnetic weapons technology on U.S. citizens has been going on throughout the cold war, continues today and is in use as an intelligence tool and military weapon today."

The following is the conclusion that she arrives at having done extensive research in this area. Cheryl is one of six people in the world who's recognized by the United Nations, as an expert on non lethal weapons.

The bottom line here is that she has something important to tell every person on this planet, in regard to how extreme the deceptions of their government's have been. Consequently, we should all make time to listen to what Cheryl has to say.

Her book can be read in its entirety at the Website listed after the following information.

The Epilogue To Cheryl Welsh's Research Into Electronic Warfare:


"The capability to read and communicate remotely with the brain is a technology that governments would go to great lengths to develop, especially to surpass an enemy that is developing mind control technology also. Over 25 articles on Russian mind control are available (see also CAHRA UN Report) and a few of the many examples were present here. The Soviets have had a documented history and interest in mind control weapons from the 1940's to the 1990's. The emerging technologies of quantum physics, brain biology and electromagnetic technology combined with cold war military funding and mind control technnology was developed because of an arms race to control man."

"The history of the Vietnam sensors technology and targeting of populations firmly established that the military has a bureaucracy for conducting classified research that would be similar for mind control technology. It is clear that remote surveillance is very sophisticated. DARPA and IDA, both active in sensor research, are two organizations to research further and would be likely conduits for mind control technology. Here is an absolutely classic summary of the science and government atmosphere in the early 60's in which mind control would proliferate. Charles Townes, who won the Nobel prize for invention of the laser in 1964 along with two Russian researchers, discussed DARPA in his book Making Waves, 1995."

"'The proposed position for me was Vice President and Director of Research for the Institute for Defense Analysis. The Institute was a non-profit think-tank with a very important role, run by five or six prominent universities on the East Coast, Columbia University being one of them. It managed what was known as the Weapons Systems Evaluation Group. We had to pick the right people who would be responsible for analyzing how and whether a weapon worked and its effectiveness. We also advised a new organization, the Advanced Research Projects Agency, whose aim was to consider what could be done in space, and to help initiate new ideas and technologies of importance to national security.'"

"'We also advised the State Department on arms control problems. I met with Allen Dulles, then head of the CIA, It was a lengthy presentation of all the highly classified evidence we had. Finally, he (Dulles) asked me, "What do you think?" (Townes Pg,. 199).'"

"Tennenbausm felt that SDI, the Strategic Defense Intitiative was a cover for electromagnetic weapons as the same technology is involved. He states that in 1983, the beginning of SDI, Russian biophysics research went underground. This is when the strategic expert, Dr. Possony published his article on the direct communicatio with the brain. So much more research is needed."

"It is difficult to describe scientfic technology while it is classified and has not officially been used. Several independent sources support claims of the existence of government mind control and many scientists worldwide have stated that mind control technology is possible. The bureaucracy is in place and the victims are alleging serious human rights abuse."

This is a serious issue worthy of further investigation.

"This is more than enough evidence to establish the need for an investigation. The burden of proof of obtaining the classified documents and/or tying the electromagnetic signals used on victims to the government or corporations involved, is too high and victims are suffering and dying."

"It is cruel to make alleged victims of mind control experimentation and use, meet this burden of proof in order to get help. The government has been and is developing a weapon used against the brain and mind. This fact alone deserves special attention. The claims made by victims may sound crazy, but not in light of the facts. Knowing past government motive and behavior, victims deserve a compensating government mechanism for an investigation into alleged abuses. Please share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and conclusions with CAHRA. "

Cheryl Welsh -- President

Cheryl's book: " The 1950's Discovery of the Code of the Brain: A documentary with quotes by leading scientists, professionals and several independent sources," can be read at the following Website. The book contains 9 chapters, and each of these chapters can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link listed on the left side of the Web page.

The following is a response by the National Security Agency (NSA) to a letter written by Mindjustice President Cheryl Welsh, in regard to her request that the NSA disclose whether or not it has deployed satellite based space weaponry (directed or electromagnetic weapons) on Americans. The NSA skirts the issue by hiding under national security, however, it does not deny that it has access to such weapons, nor that it is illegally deploying them. In fact, if one reads the article they come away with the distinct impression that the NSA does indeed have access to such technologically advanced weapons and is looking to avoid any questions which pertain to them. See Cheryl's letter at the following link:

The following is a link to Cheryl's human rights Website:

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Author Sharon Weinberger's Washington Post Article On Mind Control Weapons

The other day I read an article in the Washington Post, by author Sharon Weinberger. In said article, Ms. Weinberger attempted to delve into the dark world of US Intelligence, and the role it's played in deploying electromagnetic weapons (directed energy weaponry) under the cover of its active denial weapons' program.

As part of her research, Ms. Weinberger interviewed a man by the name of Harlan Girard, an American who's been targeted for non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking harassment for quite some time. Many of the TI's (acronym for Targeted Individual) who've actually become aware that they are being targeted for these crimes (the result of their harassment switching from covert to overt mode), are familiar with Mr. Girard, and his accounts of being targeted for some of the worst violations of both civil and human rights ever documented. As TI's we can certainly empathize with him, having experienced much of the psychological and physical torture that he describes.

While her interview was (in this author's opinion) inconclusive, and as such did not firmly validate the accounts of the TI community of men, women and children who are routinely subjected to these hideous violations of both civil and human rights, Ms. Weinberger' s article will certainly help to raise further questions within the mainstream media, as to the United States Government's complicity in the crimes that TI's are accusing it of.

If Americans are to take back the US media industry from the CIA and other agencies within US Intelligence; agencies which subverted our media for their own nefarious purposes nearly six decades ago (Operation Mockingbird), we need to do so now.

And Ms. Weinberger's article is a good start.

Furthermore, while there is much information to be obtained in regard to this phenomenon by way of the Internet (one which has now swept the United States as well as other NATO member countries), Weinberger's attempt to use the mainstream media as a venue in which to do so, is both laudable and most certainly appreciated by every person ever targeted for these "Nazi mindset" crimes.

With her courageous act of conscience Ms. Weinberger has opened the door for further articles regarding the government's use of satellite based "mind control" weapons, which will undoubtably eventually aid in exposing the fascist shadow government that now resides within the United States -- certainly a move in the right direction.

In this day and age it seems that many Americans are fearful of exercizing their 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech, believing that they will be retaliated against for doing so. It would appear that they have legitmate reasons for this concern, since the Bush Administration has been attempting to emasculate our Bill Of Rights through the creation of the fascist Patriot Act, and obfuscating any investigations
which attempt to expose this.

However, failing to speak out in regard to the inhumane travesty that this government has become (especially since this so called president has been in office) will only further contribute to the decline of our constitutional republic. As American citizens we all have certain inalienable rights which can never be legally taken away from us -- not by this corrupted administration or anyone else.

So speak up and demand to be heard. It is your right as an American citizen.

Sheila Weinberger's article can be accessed at the following Website and printed out for easy reading. All the reader need do is sign up at the Washington Post Website to receive a user name and password. There is no charge for this, and it will allow those whose do so to post their own comments in regard to this article and myriad others.

Fired FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds -- Further Proof That No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes.”

Justice Felix Frankfurter

Former FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds, came under fire by the FBI after reporting of myriad problems within the Bureau; problems which Edmonds claims allowed the attacks on 9-11 to happen. For her whistleblowing efforts, Ms. Edmonds was not rewarded for her integrity and candor, but instead rebuked and later fired for them -- something that's become a tradition at the FBI.

Simply put, if there's a serious situation within the Bureau that could lead to a scandal if made public, the FBI's standard protocol is to sweep it under the carpet and systematically destroy the lives of those honest agents who attempt to correct the situation. Over the years there've been quite a few agents who have suffered the wrath of the FBI (as well as agents of other intelligence agencies including but not limited to the CIA and NSA) for such acts of conscience, all of whom have experienced this agency's despicable COINTELPRO tactics, which utilize illegal means in which to neutralize those whom the FBI is fearful of, but cannot arrest legally.

What follows at the end of this post is a two part article written by Ms. Edmonds, which documents the US Military Industrial Complex's role in subverting justice in the United States through its PAC (political action committee) donations, and maintaining ties with non democratic nations (including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Turkey), while selling them billions of dollars worth of weapons, and using their political influence to ensure that these foreign powers are never held responsible for their crimes against humanity.

Ms. Edmonds refers to the US Federal Government's ability to invoke the "state secrets privledge" in regard to preventing her from discussing her own personal case with the FBI. However, it has not stopped her from repeatedly commenting negatively on our nation's defense contractors and in particular this nation's Carlyle Group, which from 1998 until 2003 was the 9th largest defense contracting company in the United States.

Edmonds also noted that former US President, George H.W. Bush has been on the Carlyle Group's payroll for quite sometime; something that should come as no surprise to those who know of his family's Nazi sympathizing history -- or Bush #41's long time association with the CIA and its illegal drug running operations. Moreover, his former Secretary Of State, James Baker, is also mentioned in Edmond's article, as an investor in the Carlyle Group.

In the following quotation, Ms. Edmonds does not mince words when she accuses the US Military Industrial Complex of treasonous crimes against the American people and for the subsequent coverup which has occured in this country. She has also called for the release of 27 pages of classified documents in regard the research done by the 9--11 Commission, and its pertinence to foreign governments.

Ms. Edmonds, like many other former agents of the US Intelligence community (who've had their careers and lives destroyed for telling us the truth) is an American Patriot, who has refused to allow those subversives within the fascist shadow government presently operating within the United States, to get away with their precedent setting crimes.

And while there have been corrupt administrations within the United States over the past two centuries, the present Bush Administration is easily the most inherently corrupted of all.

Sibel's article can be accessed at the following Websites. Please circulate it to everyone you know. The American people have been left in the dark for long enough, regarding the subversion of their government.

"The Carlyle Group, a Washington, DC based private equity firm that employs numerous former high-ranking government officials with ties to both political parties, was the ninth largest Pentagon contractor between 1998 and 2003, an ongoing Center for Public Integrity investigation into Department of Defense contracts found. According to this report, overall, six private investment firms, including Carlyle, received nearly $14 billion in Pentagon deals between 1998 and 2003. Considering the fact that Saudi Arabia is the top buyer of the U.S. weapons industry, Carlyle’s investment and its stake, and of course Jimmy Baker’s far reaching influence within the Pentagon and congress, everything seems to come together and fit perfectly to shield this foreign interest no matter the price to be paid by the American public."

Sibel Edmonds

Head Of The US National Security Whistleblowers' Coalition

Edmond's two part article on the US Military Industrialist Complex

The Highjacking Of A Nation Part 1 By Former FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds

The Highjacking Of A Nation Part 2 By Former FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds
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