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HAARP Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction - Is The Middle East Being Targeted With HAARP Weapons? Was Egyptair Flight 804 Destroyed With A HAARP Weapon? / How Many Of The Meteors Being Recorded By Amateur Videographers Are Legitimate Meteors? And How Many Are HAARP Created Plasma Fireballs?

What Most Users Of The Internet Have Failed To Realize Is That The Internet Has Become The Primary Venue For Creating World Government And A Dual Class System Of Human Existence: The Investment Class And The Serf Underclass

Was Egyptair Flight 804 Destroyed By A HAARP Created Plasma Fireball?

Dr. Rauni Kilde Describes The NSA's Mind Control Technology & The Agency's Use Of Directed Energy Weapons To Torture And Murder People - Dr. Kilde Would Be Irradiated To Death As Punishment For Her Global Activism Regarding Through The Air Mind Control Technology And Electromagnetic Weaponry

*Is The Middle East Being Targeted By HAARP Weaponry?

**How Many Of The Meteor Sightings Are Actually HAARP Created Plasma Fireballs?

***Iranian City Experiences Temperatures Of Nearly 170 Degrees During The Summer Of 2015 - Was HAARP Technology Being Used To Cause This Tremendous Heat?

****Is The Pentagon Using HAARP Created Plasma Fireballs As A Form Of Covert Weaponry?

*****Mystery Deepens Regarding 2013 Waco Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Now That Investigators Have Determined That The Explosion Was No Accident - Another HAARP Created Plasma Fireball?

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Donald Trump & The Great Wall Of Communist America - The Wall That Will Never Be Built / Why The FBI Should Stop Using The Media To Propagate The Belief That Former Teamster Boss Jimmy Hoffa Is Still Missing

Editor's Note: Scroll down past the post on Trump to read the one regarding Jimmy Hoffa.

Trump's Red Herring

The Wall That Will Never Become Reality
What's More: Trump Already Knows It

On October 11th, 2011, CNN Anchor *Lou Dobbs' Sussex County, New Jersey home was struck by a bullet, only feet from where Dobbs' wife was standing at the time.

*Lou Dobbs Quits His Job At CNN After His Home Is The Target Of Gun Fire

Dobbs obviously did not think that this was accidental, since earlier in the month someone had set a fire on his property. Dobbs reported the fire to police as being suspicious, however, he never bothered to call the police early on regarding the gun shots to his home.

In spite of this, he apparently took the threat very seriously.

I say this because on November 9th, 2011 (less that a month after the shooting at his home), the award winning newsman - to the shock of his regular viewers - announced on his evening broadcast, that it would be his last night on the program.

At the time, Dobbs gave little in the way of an explanation for his imminent departure.

However, it would later become evident that the trauma that Dobbs and his wife suffered a month earlier, after his home was targeted by gunfire, would become a furtive means of intimidating him into toning down his allegations regarding the North American Union, as well as his stance on immigration.

One must wonder at the time, given his hasty departure from CNN, if Lou Dobbs must have truly begun to wonder if he and his wife had become the targets of an assassination plot, secretly orchestrated by the federal government.

So why would the federal government want to silence Lou Dobbs regarding immigration?

Because corporate America thrives on the cheap labor that they obtain from Mexico, due to the lack of any legitimate border policing. And stricter immigration enforcement would close that loophole so that American corporations would have to hire more American laborers, or move their entire manufacturing operations to Mexico under NAFTA.

As it stands they need to do something, because foreign imports (especially those from China) continue to devastate the American manufacturing sector and the blue collar industry.

Bush 43 & The North American Union

In spite of the above concerns which are some of the drawbacks when operating in a global economy, it is far more likely that it was Dobbs' aggressive stance towards the Bush 43 Administration that got him into hot water.

Specifically, Dobbs' attempt to expose Bush 43's secret implementation of a program that would ultimately result in the dissolution of the United States and its land mass. A situation which would result in the merging of the USA, Mexico and Canada, while perpetrating what can only be described as an abject act of treason.

Yes, it would have been the latter that would have created the need to terrify Lou Dobbs to the point where he would be forced to tone down his concerns regarding the North American Union.

So here we have a situation in which Dobbs (once known for his tenacity as one of the most fearless media personalities), may have since been coerced into becoming a member of Rothschild Zionism's controlled opposition.


*The Security Prosperity Partnership Of North America Alleged To Have Been Signed By George W. Bush, Mexico's Vicente Fox And Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien In 2005, Has Been All But Ignored By The Mainstream U.S. Media

Moreover, while some have intimated that Dobbs was fired from CNN for cause, the reader should note that he was not fired. He left CNN of his own accord.

Furthermore, from what Dobbs' experienced, it is clear that inexpensive Mexican labor is more desirable to U.S. corporations than spending more money to hire American citizens to do the same job.

This was the primary reason for the passage of The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was signed by Bill Clinton in the 1990s, in order to allow American companies to manufacture their products less expensively in Mexico; something which has for all intents and purposes devastated the manufacturing sector in the United States.

Consider that Bill Clinton is widely regarded to have had a positive influence on the U.S. economy during his time in office, when in fact his signing of NAFTA would later be used to devastate the average American blue collar worker.

So any claim that Donald Trump makes in regard to intimidating Mexico into building a wall between the United States and Mexico is being done purely for the purpose of getting Trump elected to office, so that he can take over the largest corporation in the world.

The United States Federal Government.

If Donald Trump actually attempted to prevent U.S. manufacturers from hiring Mexican labor - in an effort to create more American manufacturing jobs - he would lose every business connection he has ever made.

Trump will never build that wall, because it would destroy his business connections.

The reader should keep the following in mind regarding the Emperor Trump:

Historically, what is the first thing that most U.S. Presidents have done from the moment that they get elected to office? Break every election promise that they've made.

This is so common that it long ago became a cliché.

And if elected, Donald Trump will do the same thing, because Trump is no friend of the American working class. He was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth and has never known poverty.

He would likely also be the first U.S. President to fully support a global genocidal policy used to murder billions of people, so that the precious ecological resources that are left on this planet can be conserved for the investment class.

As a member of the Rothschild Zionist investment class, Trump has always been an exploiter of the working class.

In fact, Donald Trump is one of this planet's most disturbing examples of greed. A white supremacist whose racist, homophobic, misogynist, and overall generally horrible demeanor, defines him as the psychopath he is. A narcicist who lives in a $100 million dollar penthouse constructed atop one of the most egregious displays of greed ever created: Trump Tower.

How can he ever identify with the common folk when Donald Trump has absolutely nothing in common with them?

Moreover, in spite of their bogus display in public, Trump's family are little more than extremely well compensated employees, who risk being fired (or even disinherited) if they should utter anything that displeases their master.

What is most frightening, however, is how at least some Americans have actually bought into Donald Trump's P.T. Barnum act.

Trump's so called business savvy has more to do with gaming the system and learning how to get other people to pay for his business failures than it does with actually having any real talent as a businessman. For Trump is the equivalent of a three card Monte dealer. If you play his game you are always going to come out on the losing end of the deal.

Trump talks about negotiating to make a deal. However, his idea of negotiating is for you to either see the situation his way, or become the target of his considerable wrath.

As is the case at the present time with his use of the mainstream media to promote himself, Donald Trump just has to figure out a way of conning you into believing that by trusting him you are making a safe bet; even though he knows that you'll be taken to the proverbial cleaners once you do, because people like Donald Trump are the worst of parasites. They will fleece you until you have nothing left, then move on to their next victim.

Look at how Donald Trump changed his attitude towards many of the candidates whom he was running against for the GOP Presidential nomination. He belittled them every chance he got while the GOP was up for grabs.

However, now that it looks like Trump will be the GOP nominee, he has changed his attitude towards several of these participants; actually describing how they were for the most part pretty good people. That is, once he defeated them.

Trump is not just a flake. He is a true Jekyll and Hyde split personality who should terrify you - not as much for the fact that he is a dual personality - but instead because this split personality could very well end up in the White House come January of 2017.

And the fact that Ben Carson and Chris Christy were quick to align themselves with Trump so that they could become part of his cabinet in 2017, should equally disturb you, since this is not about who the best candidates are. But rather, a partisan grab for power between two political parties that long ago came under the control of the House Of Rothschilds' Zionist, global bankster crime syndicate.

Those who see the rest of the people on this planet as something they secretly refer to as "human capital."

Something to exploit as labor, and to then find a way to steal back from them what little they have earned through their efforts.

The unconstitutional income tax system in the United States, which we are erroneously told is authorized by the *16Th Amendment, is in fact nothing but a perniciously clever form of such class warfare; which is used against the average American worker under the guise that they are doing their patriotic duty to help support their government.

*Google: Bill Benson's "The Law That Never Was"

Donald Trump says he would not mind paying more in taxes. However don't believe it, because Trump probably pays little or no income tax at all, because his wealth allows him to avail himself of the IRS' tax avoidance clause.

Once again and for emphasis here: While the wealthy American citizen (Donald Trump and his ilk) avoids paying taxes under the concept of tax avoidance, the average American citizen can be prosecuted by the IRS under Title 26's tax evasion clause.

Even though Title 26 of the IRS tax code does not specifically authorize Americans to pay the income tax. It just lists the penalties for failing to do so. So here we have no law authorizing the IRS to tax your wages, yet, we have penalties if you fail to adhere to a law that does not even exist!

The insanity here boggles the mind.

Donald Trump's Failed Casinos

Casinos which are now going the way of the dinosaur. Not because gamblers have stopped enjoying the concept of betting on long shots, but instead, because the U.S. economy has become so devastating for the American underclasses, that those who once had the disposable income to piddle away on gambling, no longer have such financial means in which to do so.

The U.S. Stock Market works the same way. On the surface the markets appear to be more than just a venue for gambling, since the investor is inundated with a myriad of financial newsletters, whose publishers claim will help to increase their wealth.

The private investor is also lulled into a false sense of security, by believing that the Securities and Exchange Commission exists to protect the investment community.

When in reality, the SEC is just part of the grandiose plan to fleece the small investor out of what little they have, since the objective in this furtive type of class warfare is to ensure that the underclass is never allowed to accumulate any real wealth of their own.

The financial markets were initiated by the Rothschild family centuries ago, and in more recent years have been used to launder massive amounts of drug money for the global Intelligence community.

To make any real money here, you must understand that institutional investing is what drives Wall Street and the global financial markets. When the stocks the institutional investors purchase rise, they are sold for profit.

Then put options are placed on the same investments, so that when their price goes down, the institutional investors will still make money. If you have a sizeable portfolio to begin with so that you can qualify for the better brokerage programs, you can make a lot of money. However, you must have enough money to qualify.

And your average investor does not.

It is this average investor who is gulled into believing that he can make his fortune by such investing, when in reality the financial markets are manipulated by those companies who control institutional trading.

Constitutionalists Across America Are Being Silenced

Judge Andrew Napolitano's Eloquent Criticism Of The FBI Gets His Fox TV Program Cancelled - These Are Orwellian Intimidation Tactics Being Used By The FBI And Other Alphabet Agencies, To Silence Independent Journalists

In 2012, Judge Andrew Napolitano gave a powerful and convincing five minute speech on his Fox News program entitled "Freedom Watch." He did so in regard to the FBI's use of entrapment to perpetrate false flag terrorism in the United States, and how in most instances, the only terrorism that the FBI prevented was that which it attempted to create through its use of entrapment.

Napolitano all but called the FBI a terrorist organization.

As retaliation, the FBI used its furtive manipulation over the mainstream media, to get Napolitano's Fox News TV program cancelled a brief time later, with the bogus claim that the cancellation was due to the program's poor ratings.

What the FBI did here was a warning to Judge Napolitano to end his support of the U.S. Bill of Rights, and to stop criticizing the FBI publicly, which Napolitano has for the most part now complied with.

This is the sign of a police state, where even the most courageous people in the media become fearful of speaking out against the government. America became such a place after 9/11. However, the seeds for this Orwellian atmosphere were sown more than a century earlier, when the Rothschilds managed to blackmail President Woodrow Wilson into signing the Federal Reserve Act, which would become the catalyst in destroying the United States middle class.

Jimmy Hoffa's Whereabouts
Finally Laid To Rest

Editor's Note:

The FBI's decades' long involvement in the case of the missing Ex-Teamster, James Hoffa, has for years taken on a life of its own, when in reality the disappearance of Hoffa was probably far less mysterious than the FBI would have us believe.

In 2007, an effort was made to clear up this situation for the last time based on logic and the last sightings of Jimmy Hoffa in 1975. The research concludes that Hoffa was kidnapped from a restaurant by a friend, taken to a nearby Detroit, Michigan home and executed. His body was then taken to a nearby cemetery and cremated.

Since *Hoffa, either living or dead, was never transported across state lines, his missing person's case was never federal in nature, so the FBI never had jurisdiction in the case. By claiming that Hoffa was taken across state lines against his will, the FBI was able to justify its presence in the case.

*"I Heard You Paint Houses" Describes How James Hoffa Was Likely Murdered

Of course, this is why the case has remained unsolved for so many years, when by using Occams' Razor, the case can be greatly simplified with the aforesaid explanation; which makes as much sense as any of those previously generated by the FBI.

This explanation may lack mystery, however, it does give the reader a fairly good idea of what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa, and helps to clear up years of a mystery which has been largely sensationalized by the FBI through its use of the mainstream media, in order to promote the Bureau while profiting the media.

It's probably why the FBI has refrained from releasing the mountain of information that it has collected in regard to Hoffa over the past forty one years, since the Bureau would not want to admit that it may have known what really happened to Hoffa all along.

Perhaps the FBI has refused to release the 85 tapes it seized from the Pentagon and surrounding area on 9/11/2001, for similar reasons, because the FBI knows that the official 9/11 story is a complete falsehood being used to justify the destruction of American civil liberties.

FBI Muddies Waters Regarding The Case Of The Late Jimmy Hoffa, Looking To Justify Its Own Involvement In The Case, Even Though Hoffa's Disappearance Was Not A Federal Crime

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O.J. Simpson Ties To The CIA And Drug Trafficking - Could The Murders Of Simpson's Wife Nicole Brown Simpson And Her Friend Ron Goldman Have Been Orchestrated By The CIA To Create A Race War? And Was O.J. Simpson Himself A Target Of The CIA's MK-Ultra Program?

The NSA's Use Of Psychotronic Mind Control Technology On Professional Athletes Is Extremely Disturbing, As Is The Use Of Directed Energy Weapons To Either Enhance Or Adversely Affect An Athlete's Performance - Psychotronics & Directed Energy Weapons Can Be Used To Manipulate The Outcome Of Any Sporting Event, Be It The America's Cup, The Triple Crown, or Wimbledon, For The Purpose Of Winning A Gambling Bet, Without Anyone (Except Those Using This Technology) Suspecting That This Technology Had Been Used - Least Of All The Athletes Whom The Technology Was Used On

Editor's Note: Is it possible that the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman by defendant O.J. Simpson, were orchestrated by the CIA? And that prior to these murders, Simpson was being used as part of a CIA drug trafficking operation in Los Angeles? Could Simpson, himself, have been a target of MK-Ultra?

Was OJ Simpson Tied Into CIA Drug Trafficking And Was The Murder Of His Wife Orchestrated By The Agency? Was Simpson Himself A Target Of MK-Ultra Mind Control And Was The Murder Of His Wife And Her Friend Ron Goldman Perpetrated By The CIA In The Interest Of Creating A Race War?

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FBI Behind The Eight Ball With Hillary Clinton Investigation/The Insanity Of Spending Two Billion To Put One Of Two Candidates In The White House, Both Of Whom Most Americans Dislike Intently

Genie Bouchard Being Targeted By Directed Energy Weapons Which Are Used To Adversely Affect Her Performance On The Tennis Court - When Bouchard Plays Up To Her Ability She Is A Tremendous Athlete, However, When Even Subtly Targeted By Directed Energy Weaponry, Her Energy Level Will Quickly Dissipate And Her Tennis Game Will Suffer - This Is Why Her Tennis Game Is So Erratic And Being Used To Frustrate Her

Pentagon Media Propaganda Claims The Military Is Not Ready To Implement Directed Energy Weapons - I Guess The Pentagon Is Not Through Testing Directed Energy Weapons On American Citizens Yet, Before They Announce That These Weapons Are Ready For Military Use

"Spike In Small Plane Crashes Over Long Island Has Some Calling For Federal Intervention" - Were These Crashes The Result Of Signals Intelligence Or Directed Energy Weapon's Attacks On These Aircraft? If So, No Official FAA Investigation Will Ever Admit To This Even If They Determine It To Be True

It's Time To Abolish The Democratic And Republican Parties Since They Are Essentially A One Party System Under Rothschild Zionist Control

The Clinton Indictment Red Herring
When The FBI's Behind The Eight Ball

It appears that the $20 million in taxpayer dollars that the FBI has thus far spent in regard to its now infamous investigation of Hillary Clinton, has become a textbook illustration of the dangers of partisanship.

And moreover, why the Democratic and Republican parties have become nothing more than an ineffective fixture of Rothschild Zionism, and its attempt to undermine our once thriving Constitutional Republic, by replacing it with a corporation that continues to attempt to pass itself off as a legitimate form of government. One which should be expediently abolished.

FBI Director Comey, seems to have now found himself in a position of having to stonewall the American people, having likely been told by the head of the DOJ, that they will not indict Hillary Clinton no matter what evidence of malfeasance the FBI can produce in regard this carpet bagger.

So what is the FBI to do, when the Republican Party will not let up on Clinton, the Democratic Party will not indict her regardless of what she has done, and this investigation has created tremendous divisiveness within the Bureau itself?

It appears that the ad hoc solution that Comey and the Republicans have come up with, is to continue to drag out this investigation through November 2016, while constantly looking for more opportunities in which to dig dirt on the former Secretary Of State.

This is being done in an effort to maintain the negative publicity that the FBI has been able to thus far promulgate regarding Hillary.

In other words, if the Republicans can't prevent her from running for the Presidency, they can at least seriously damage her chances of winning the election by making sure that the FBI keeps its investigation open through November.

If Clinton loses to Donald Trump in November, then the Trump DOJ can allow the FBI to prosecute Hillary. That is unless Hillary has as much dirt on Trump and those who might attempt to prosecute her, as they have on her; which is a distinct possibility, given more than two decades in Washington politics, and how black mail is the stock in trade of both the Intelligence community as well as the U.S. body politic.

In this vein, one must wonder how many Clinton cronies the FBI will have investigated by the time November rolls around, and how many millions more dollars the FBI will add to the $20 million that it has thus far spent in this Republican fomented debacle?

Think about the irony here in which two of most corrupt presidential candidates in United States history - both of whom are intently disliked by the majority of the American people - are going to spend upwards of $2 billion dollars of other people's money on their quest to win the White House.

Did I say irony? What I meant to say was insanity.


In what may end up being the lowest voter turnout for a U.S. Presidential election in the past century, both presidential candidates are so unappealing, that American voters may simply refuse to go to the polls in November, as a protest to the lack of worthwhile candidates attempting to attain the highest political office in this country.

Hillary Clinton has (along with her husband) managed to avoid prosecution for a myriad of crimes she is alleged to have committed since her days at Arkansas' Rose Law Firm. And even the FBI does not seem to be able to prosecute her, for what the Bureau claims are a number of different crimes; not the least of which is using the Clinton Foundation as a slush fund to finance Bill and Hillary Clintons' lavish lifestyle.

*NBC News Poll Shows That Most Americans Don't Like Donald Trump Or Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump appears to have similar protections by the CIA, which through its furtive control of the U.S. media (Google: Operation Mockingbird), can stonewall any legitimate research done by investigative journalists, many of whom have already uncovered enough damaging information to keep both Trump and Clinton out of the White House.

So it would appear that in spite of the American people's complete disgust with Clinton and Trump, the Zionist banksters who secretly control Washington politics have now decided that either Trump or Clinton will be the next U.S. President.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Former Investigative Journalist Terry Tomalin (Brother Of Actress Susan Sarandon) Dies Suddenly Of A Heart Attack At Age 55 - Another Death By Directed Energy Weapon? / Is Signals Intelligence Sabotage Responsible For Seven Plane Crashes On Long Island In The Past Five Months?

John Nash Murdered To Cover Up His Use As One Of The CIA's Earliest MK-Ultra Subjects - Was The Car Crash Which Killed Nash And His Wife Orchestrated By The CIA Because Nash May Have Figured Out That The Story About His Being A Schizophrenic Was False And Used To Cover Up His Use As A Target Of CIA Mind Control Research?

*Was A Germanwings' Flight Carrying Booz Allen Hamilton Contractor, Yvonne Selke, Deliberately Crashed In Order To Murder Selke? Selke's Husband Believes That The Crash Was Caused Intentionally For The Express Purpose Of Murdering His Wife, Regarding Classified Information She Knew About Pertaining To The Ultra Secret National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Pentagon Mind Control Weapons Are Being Used To Enslave The American People

It's Time To Abolish The Democratic And Republican Parties Since They Are Essentially A One Party System Under Rothschild Zionist Control

Editor's Note: 5/24/16 - The FBI continues in its attempts to financially bankrupt us. Recently, FBI provocateurs initiate an E-bay purchase for a boat we have for sale. An FBI provocateur posing as an E-bay member agrees to purchase this boat, then fails to follow through with the purchase. This is just one of a myriad of instances where these criminals interfere with any business deals we attempt to conduct.

The agents will never admit to their furtive efforts to bankrupt us, because such an admission would serve as evidence that the FBI is conducting a criminal conspiracy against us. And doing so in order to conceal the crimes they have perpetrated against this author for the past four decades, regarding their use of my person for MK-Ultra mind control research, and other forms of non consensual human experimentation.

5/23/16 - After posting the following, this author is hit with a directed energy weapon in my skull. I could feel the electricity running through my head and a sudden lack of coordination. The frequency was then quickly modulated downward and the symptom stopped as quickly as it began. There are a large number of people being murdered with this technology, whose deaths are being wrongfully *reported as having been the result of natural causes.

*Megadeath Drummer Dies Of A Massive Heart Attack During A Concert At The Age Of 51 - Is He The Victim Of Another Directed Energy Weapon's Induced Murder? - Is Actor Randy Quaid Correct In His Claim That Famous Media Personalities Are Being Murdered So That Their Multi Million Dollar Fortunes Can Be Stolen?

*It is this author's opinion that Football Hall Of Famer, Frank Gifford, is one of such victims, and there are myriad other well know personalities who are also being murdered with these weapons, including the late pop music stars Michael Jackson and Prince.

The FBI, NSA and DHS are just some of the alphabet agencies that are using this technology on American citizens, as a plausibly deniable way of torturing and murdering them. One of the best examples of this technology being used right under the public's nose, was on Serena Williams during the Wimbledon Tennis tournament in 2014.

I knew from the moment that I saw this video on YouTube, that Serena had been hit with a directed energy weapon. The vacant look in her eyes revealed how disoriented she was, and her complete lack of energy and coordination only served to further confirm this.

This also serves to confirm my suspicion that Serena Williams is being remotely tracked by way of her body's own unique EMF signatures, via the electromagnetic spectrum. The NSA is the likely culprit, and Serena is yet another of myriad targets of non consensual human experimentation; specifically psychotronic computer to brain interface weaponry that operates through the electromagnetic spectrum.

Serena Williams Under Directed Energy Weapons ELF Attack - A Likely ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) Wave Which Would Have Created Tremendous Exhaustion And Disorientation In The Tennis Star - It Would Also Explain Her Complete Lack Of Coordination

Earlier .. In today's Newsday Long Island newspaper, there's an article regarding several plane crashes which have taken place over a five month period in 2016. All of these crashes involved small aircraft. And most of the crashes ended in fatalities, while a few ended in crash landings in which the planes' passengers were not seriously injured.

The Newsday article seeks to find a reason for the anomaly of so many small plane crashes on Long Island over a span of only five months. This author believes that these crashes were intentionally caused using *signals intelligence satellites, which were able to remotely interfere with the electrical systems in these planes. I also believe that over the past few years, in several instances where automobiles have crashed into buildings and homes on Long Island, that signals intelligence sabotage is also to blame for causing these so called accidents.

*Is The NSA Using Its Signals Intelligence Technology To Secretly Perpetrate Corporate Espionage Against Certain Auto Manufacturers? And Did This Begin In The Early 1980s Against Audi, With The Unintended Acceleration Issues Regarding The Audi 5000?

Spike In Small Plane Crashes Over Long Island Has Some Calling For Federal Intervention" - Are The Crashes The Result Of Signals Intelligence Or Directed Energy Weapon's Attacks?


5/22/16 - For years the FBI and NSA provocateurs who use furtive means to attack this MK-Ultra target, have been quietly infiltrating Internet organizations that claim to be attempting to expose government non consensual human experimentation, as well as the vigilante hate crime organized stalking that is orchestrated through fusion centers and the FBI's Infragard program.

These agents have been very successful in destroying any legitimate activism that these groups set out to accomplish, while managing to create so much dissention, that no legitimate target of these Orwellian crimes will trust anyone - including another legitimate TI.

For years the FBI has attempted to use any means possible to entrap this author, while using anyone around me as a provocateur. When it became obvious that the FBI was using other Targeted Individuals to do so, I began to realize just how pervasive the FBI's sabotage of the TI community has been. Especially given what the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has to lose if the general population in the United States begins to realize, that the unique EMF fields produced by their own bodies are being collected by government agencies, and for the express purpose of remotely tracking us by way of the EM spectrum.

Today, even most long term members of the TI community are now admitting that though they don't understand exactly how it is accomplished, their minds are being remotely read and manipulated through the air. Moreover, they continue in their attempts to stonewall those of us who have been targets of this technology for *most of our lives, by claiming that we can't prove our allegations.

However, the stealth nature of this technology was the basis for its creation, because this technology operates through the parts of the EM spectrum that are invisible to the naked eye. So while these crimes are taking place right under the collective nose of the public, because we can't actually see this technology as it is being deployed, this gives the criminals who are using it against us the plausible denial they need in order to perpetrate these crimes with anonymity.

The end result with such weapons is the total corruption of those who secretly deploy them, since they are not operating based on any rule of law, but rather their own inhumane brainwashing. And the hierarchy of the military industrial intelligence complex, including the world's premier defense contractors are all using these weapons in order to secretly torture and murder their own citizens.

*Much of the information that was collected by various legitimate Targeted Individuals several years ago, which is to serve as an official documentation of these Orwellian crimes being perpetrated against us, is now disappearing from the Internet. Hyperlinks to Websites on these files are either no longer operational, or the files themselves have been corrupted and are no longer functioning.

In many instances, the information has simply been deleted.

Most disturbing is that the original Mind Control Forums' Website, which was created many years ago and contained the names of hundreds of legitimate targets of Mind Control experimentation, has since disappeared from the Internet; now replaced with a forum that appears to be little more than yet another venue for the government to entrap unwitting Targeted Individuals, as they search for ways in which to survive this nightmare.

The reader should also note that if a TI is murdered, there is nothing preventing those who murdered the person from taking on their persona over the Internet, and taking over the dead person's Website. I have suspected for quite some time that this has been taking place, and that many Websites that were started by legitimate TI's, are now controlled by the very government miscreants whom these venues were created to expose.

So be very careful when visiting any Website which documents Organized Stalking and Mind Control, because they may very well be secretly overseen by those who are perpetrating these atrocities against you, while they continue to destroy our Constitutional rule of law.

Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices Are Used By The NSA To Remotely Target The Unique EMF Fields Produced By The Human Brain, For The Purpose Of Establishing Computer To Brain Interface With The Neural Pathways Of Any American Citizen's Brain - The U.S. National Security Agency has long been thought to be the catalyst in regard to this Orwellian technology, and as time goes on, it has become apparent that the NSA is operating an electronic surveillance system that is based on tracking the human body through the air, and by the unique electromagnetic signatures that the body produces. This is how the NSA is able to distinguish one American citizen from another, when scanning the EM spectrum through its cellular arrangement.

Terry Tomalin Fatal Heart Attack
Murder By Directed Energy Weapons

Terry Tomalin - Did The Investigation He Did Into Polk County Police Corruption Back In The 1980s Which Made His Career, Eventually Catch Up With Him?

Editor's Note: Could there have been a conspiracy to murder Terry Tomalin? The fact that in the mid 1980s Tomalin uncovered a scandal within the Polk County Sherriff's office, which would later lead to dozens of other scandals being uncovered regarding rampant corruption and cronyism in Polk County, would not have put him in good stead with the police.

I also noticed the number *55 again (the age at which Terry Tomalin died), which has been used quite frequently over the past few years as part of the psychological warfare campaign conducted by FBI/NSA against this author.

*How Mind Control Weapons Deployed Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum Are Being Used To Destroy The Human Race

*Psychological Operations involve the use of myriad different psychological triggers which are used to systematically drive the targeted person insane. Numbers, objects, words, phrases, virtually anything can be used for such psychological warfare, as long as those who perpetrate these heinous acts never admit to doing so. Neural Linguistic Programming has become the most common use of such psychological warfare in regard to Targeted Individuals. And today, we as Americans are living in a completely brainwashed society in which NLP and the remote neural monitoring of our brains via computer to brain interface are the primary means by which such furtive mind control experimentation is taking place.

"At the Lakeland Ledger, Mr. Tomalin distinguished himself as a hard-charging investigative reporter. He broke one of the biggest stories of his career on Halloween 1985. Mr. Tomalin had overheard Polk County sheriff's deputies saying then-Sheriff Dan Daniels was requiring new hires to take polygraph tests. On instinct, Mr. Tomalin requested the tests and sifted through more than 200 polygraphs, only to discover that two deputies, hired from the Lakeland Police Department, had disclosed affiliations with the Ku Klux Klan — and were still hired."

"That initial bombshell story led to more scoops. The 50 stories that followed shocked the Central Florida community, detailing everything from warrantless entries, bid-rigging and cronyism."

*Sounds a lot like what is happening with Suffolk County law enforcement on Long Island these days, thanks to the earlier work done by private investigator Jay Salpeter. Salpeter investigated the role of the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office regarding the framing of Martin Tankleff, who was wrongfully convicted in the murders of his parents in the late 1980s.

Private Investigator Jay Salpeter Uncovers Rampant Corruption In Suffolk County Law Enforcement Which Will Eventually Lead To A Federal Investigation Into Corruption And Cronyism, And Possibly Further Information Regarding How Many People Within Suffolk County Law Enforcement Took Part In The Frame Up Of Martin Tankleff

Salpeter's investigation on behalf of Martin Tankleff, would later lead to Tankleff's release from prison, based on evidence which focused on the relationship of then District Attorney, *James Catterson Jr., with Jerry Steuerman, (a friend and gambling associate of Seymour Tankleff's) and the likely orchestrator of the murders of Seymour and Arlene Tankleff - so that Steuerman would not have to pay back a $500,000 gambling debt, whose promissory note, Tankleff was about to call due.

*Years before Catterson prosecuted Martin Tankleff for the murders of his parents, he had defended Jerry Steuerman's son regarding cocaine charges, and allegations that Steuerman's son was running a cocaine operation out of his father's bakery business.

For years now, Steuerman has been hiding out in Florida, the detective who helped to frame Martin Tankleff, James Mcready, has since died, as has James Catterson.

Meanwhile, questions continue to arise in regard to Martin Tankleff's half sister, Shari Mistretta, regarding her possible role in the murders of her father and step mother.

Did Mistretta have any foreknowledge of the murders of her father and step mother, and is this why she attempted to demonize her half brother with the public, knowing that he was innocent?

Moreover, why did she go into business with James Mcready, the lead investigator in the case, after her brother was convicted of a crime that he did not commit? Did they create this business arrangement prior to Martin Tankleff's arrest? And if so, how long before his arrest?

Or was the business arrangement discussed even prior to the murders of the Tankleffs, and predicated on these murders, with Shari Mistretta knowing in advance that she would inherit the Tankleff's entire estate. That is, if her brother was convicted of the murders of his parents?

Monies which she could use to start a business with Mcready.

Is present Suffolk Country District Attorney, Tom Spota, conspiratorial in attempting to keep Martin Tankleff in prison so that this scandal would never be exposed? If so, was Spota coerced into doing so and by whom? Was his life threatened if he failed to cooperate in the conspiracy regarding Martin Tankleff?

Amongst these important questions is the following: Since there is no statute of limitations for murder, will Jerry Steuerman, his son, or their accomplices ever be prosecuted, or will they remain free?

Friday, May 20, 2016

Are Airliners Being Stolen Through The Use Of Signals Intelligence Computer To Computer Interface, And Physical Signs Of A Crash Intentionally Left In The Waters These Aircraft Were Travelling Over In Order To Make It Appear That They Crashed Into The Ocean?

Today's Alleged Crash Of Egyptair Flight 804 - Was It Taken Down By A Missile, Or With A Bomb Or Signals Intelligence Sabotage Of The Airliner's Computer System? - Air Traffic Controllers Lost Contact With The Airliner As It Approached Egyptian Airspace - Could Flight 804 Have Been Accidentally (Or Intentionally) Shot Down By The Egyptian Military? Or Could Israel Have Been Involved As Payback For Two Egyptian Fighter Planes Violating Israeli Airspace In December Of 2015? Or, Could The Flight Have Been Stolen Like Malaysian Air Flight MH 370 Was Back In 2014 And Flown To Some Secret Location?

The CIA Evolved From The OSS (Office Of Strategic Services) while the NSA Evolved From Several Different Organizations Since 1917, The Last Of Which Was The Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA, Which Like The NSA, Existed Under The Direct Oversight Of The Pentagon's Joint Chiefs Of Staff)

Editor's Note: Egyptair Flight 804 disappeared off radar in a similar way to how Malaysian Air Flight MH 370 did a few years ago. The reader will consider the following hypothesis if in fact these aircraft were stolen so that they could later be used for other purposes; possibly acts of terrorism.

*Was A Germanwings' Flight Carrying Booz Allen Hamilton Contractor, Yvonne Selke, Deliberately Crashed In Order To Murder Selke? Selke's Husband Believes That The Crash Was Caused Intentionally For The Express Purpose Of Murdering His Wife, Regarding Classified Information She Knew About Pertaining To The Ultra Secret National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

If you wanted to steal jetliners for some type of covert purpose so that you could misdirect any legitimate search for these missing aircraft what would be the best way to do it?

Steal an aircraft that will be flying over a large body of water, which will offer a plausible way for the aircraft's remains to never be found, given the enormity of the oceans.

During the aircraft's flight, turn off all equipment which would be used to track the aircraft, so that all communication is lost. Then drastically alter the aircraft's altitude so that it would be lost from radar, and then fly the aircraft below the height limit for a radar system.

Then fly the aircraft to its intended secret destination so that you can later use it for whatever purpose you decide to, while the mainstream media unwittingly (or in some instances wittingly) *aids and abets your crime, by leaving the public with the impression that the airliner crashed and all of its passengers and *flight crew were killed in the crash.

*If the plane's controls are taken over by remote means (signals intelligence computer to computer interface), all of the passengers and flight crew could be killed when the oxygen system in the plane is remotely turned off.

*The media would be used to routinely cover stories which claim that debris found floating in the waters in which a lost aircraft was traveling were part of the doomed aircraft, when in fact the debris is not from the actual aircraft that was lost.

The passengers and crew would either be suffocated on board (when the oxygen system to the plane is turned off by remote means) or later be executed as part of this black operation (think of the mystery behind the alleged four airliners on 9/11 and what became of any real passengers which may have been on some of these flights - That is if the flights themselves were not completely fabricated as part of the 9/11 false flag).

*What Really Became Of Malaysian Air Flight MH370?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Will FBI Director James Comey Resign From The FBI Now That The DOJ Has Refused To Indict Hillary Clinton, In Spite Of Compelling Evidence That Clinton Is Guilty Of Many Crimes? Or Will Comey Just Accept This As Business As Usual In Washington Politics And Look To Appease Clinton In The Event That She Is Elected President Later This Year So That He Can Stay On As FBI Chief Until The End Of His Term?

Today's Alleged Crash Of Egyptair Flight 804 - Was It Taken Down By A Missile, Or With A Bomb Or Signals Intelligence Sabotage Of The Airliner's Computer System? - Air Controllers Lost Contact With The Airliner As It Approached Egyptian Airspace - Could Flight 804 Have Been Accidentally (Or Intentionally) Shot Down By The Egyption Military? Or Could Israel Have Been Involved As Payback For Two Egyptian Fighter Planes Violating Israeli Airspace In December Of 2015?

The Electoral College Is Completely Antiquated And Used To Ensure That If The American People's Choice For President Is Not That Of Those Who Control Washington From Behind The Scenes, That Those Who Quietly Rule Washington Will Use The Electoral College To Ensure That The People's Choice For President Does Not Get Elected - When Will Americans Abolish This Corrupt System Of Manipulating The Voting Process?

"Tracking individuals in the U.S. is easily and cost-effectively implemented with the NSA's electronic surveillance network. This network (DOMINT) covers the entire U.S. involves tens of thousands of NSA personnel, and tracks millions of persons simultaneously. Cost-effective implementation of operations is assured by NSA computer technology designed to minimize operations costs."

- John St. Clair Akwei: AKWEI VS NSA

*FBI Director, James Comey, or his Deputy Director, Mark F. Giuliano, can be as easily tracked and remotely monitored by the aforementioned signals intelligence surveillance system as can any American citizen. As such, Comey and Giuliano can be unwittingly targeted to Directed Energy Weapon's attacks just as any of the more than three hundred million other American citizens can be. This includes the thousands of witting subjects of this non consensual human experimentation who are presently documenting their experiences regarding this covertly implemented Orwellian technology.

Moreover, if James Comey refuses to give up his attempts to prosecute Hillary Clinton, or decides to expose her through furtive means, he can very easily be attacked with directed energy weaponry as punishment for having done so. And with the same plausible deniability that the FBI and NSA have been using against this author and myriad other American citizens. If Comey were to go public in such an instance, he would be aggressively discredited by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex as well as the White House and Congress, who'd attempt to portray him as being mentally imbalanced.

Google: NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

Petition Calling For FBI Chief, James Comey, To Resign Based On The Apple/FBI Debacle - Forcing James Comey To Resign Will Not Fix The FBI - Since The Days Of John Edgar Hoover, The Bureau Has Remained An Americanized Gestapo Which Must Be Abolished, Since It Has Always Been A Pawn Of The Zionist Controlled Executive Branch, As Has The U.S. Department Of Justice - The Bogus FBI Investigation Into Hillary Clinton's Email Server Is Just One Example Of How Easily The FBI Can Be Used By A Partisan Congress, To Attack A Democratic Or Republican Politician In Order To Derail Their Political Career

Will FBI Director James Comey Resign From The FBI Now That The Department Of Justice Refuses To Indict Hillary Clinton?

"The FBI alone has spent over $20 million investigating Hillary, and this does not include Justice and State Department costs." - FBI Cost For Investigating Hillary Clinton

Editor's Note: The following is the type of Directed Energy Weapon's attack being reported by American citizens in every state in the Union, yet Congress, the White House, federal, state and local police continue to ignore these crimes as well as the organized stalking crimes which are orchestrated through fusion centers and the FBI's Infragard program.

The FBI is using this technology on American citizens as a plausibly deniable way of torturing and murdering them.

Serena Williams Under Directed Energy Weapons ELF Attack - A Likely ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) Wave Which Would Have Created Tremendous Exhaustion And Disorientation In The Tennis Star

Monday, May 16, 2016

Why The NSA Found It Necessary To Murder NSA Whistleblower Steven Smith/ How The Abolition Of Rothschild Central Banks Globally Will Lead To The Destruction Of Their Plan To Abolish All Constitutional Governments In Place Of A Communist Central Government

Donald Trump Has His Own "Franklin Cover Up" Scandal To Deal With As A Woman Files A $100 Million Dollar Lawsuit, Claiming That Trump Raped Her When She Was 13 - Trump Is A Pathological Liar Who Lies As Easily As He Breathes - If Katie Johnson - Trump's Alleged Victim - Is Telling The Truth, Then This Would Support Ivana Trump's Claim That Donald Trump Raped Her During The Latter Part Of Their Marriage (A Claim Made By Ivana Trump Which Was Included In A Vanity Fair Article Regarding Donald Trump In The Early 1990s) - Ivana Has Since Claimed That Trump Never Raped Her, However, Katie Johnson Claimed That Trump Threatened To Kill Her If She Ever Told Anyone About Trump's Raping Her, So One Must Wonder If Trump Threatened To Murder Ivana If She Did Not Recant Her Allegation Of Donald Trump's Rape Of Her Person, Which Could Have Destroyed His Presidential Campaign?

"NSA Citadel Of Evil" By Steven Smith - An Inside Look At What Hitler's Third Reich Would Become In The 21St Century - Who Knew That They'd Be Operating Out Of The United States And Protected Under The Cover Of National Security?

Was Veronica Lueken An Unwitting Target Of NASA's Operation Blue Beam Program And Were The Apparitions Which She Claimed To Have Seen Of Jesus Christ And The Virgin Mary Caused By NASA, Through The Use Of Holographic Projection Via Specialized Satellites?

The New Underworld Order By Christopher Story Describes Rothschild Zionisms' Complete Subversion Of The British And U.S. Federal Governments, As Well As How Our Leadership Serve This Zionist Cabal And Its Satanic Minions; While Pretending To Represent The Interests Of The Citizenry - Story Was Murdered Not Long After He Published This Excellent Book, And In Fact Wrote The Book As His Epitaph, Out Of Concern That He Was Going To Be Murdered For Having Written It

NSA Sabotages Another Of Our Automobiles
Using Signals Intelligence Satellites

Editor's Note: The NSA's latest signals intelligence sabotage of this author involves the remote tampering of the electrical system in one of our SUVs. This time, a warning light is remotely triggered indicating that the emission system needs to be serviced, even though this vehicle was serviced recently.

The electrical system of anything we own, be it an appliance such as dishwasher, microwave, or oven range, a TV, motion sensitive spotlights, the alarms or computers in our automobiles, or even the unique *EMF signatures that are produced by our own bodies, are fair game to these National Security camouflaged terrorists.


Chronology Of NSA/FBI/DHS Directed Energy Weapons' Attacks Against This Author Since 2012

In one instance, this author actually had to disconnect the alarm to one of our automobiles because these murderous psychopaths decided to set the alarm off every time we opened the driver's side door to this vehicle.

These expensive signals intelligence based acts of vandalism are used in an effort to bankrupt us, as part of the FBI/NSA COINTELPRO operation that we have been subjected to for several decades.

The U.S. Presidency Has Become A Figurehead
Secretly Controlled And Undermined
By The Zionist Israeli Government

The House Of Rothschilds' Control Over The Israeli Government & Its Attempt To Liquidate The Assets Of The United States And The American People

As for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump becoming the next U.S. President and putting an end to such satellite predation, it really makes no difference which one of them gets into office. The situation will only get worse regardless of which of these politicians is elected (yes, Donald Trump is now a politician), since one of them will be used to aid and abet the Rothschilds' complete destruction of the American middle class.

I say this because in spite of all of the rhetoric which surrounds the U.S. Presidential election every four years, and the billions of dollars spent by the Republican and Democratic nominees, the 2016 election will be rigged.

Rigged like all U.S. Presidential elections have been since *Woodrow Wilson was put into office by the House of Rothschild and its Zionist banking cartel, so that they could get the Federal Reserve Act and 16TH Amendment enacted into law; even though the 16Th Amendment was never legitimately ratified since it lacked the necessary votes to pass this Amendment into law. And the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson - who was blackmailed into doing so - thereby completely bypassing the United States Congress.

Both pieces of treasonous legislation would from then on be used to usurp the Congress and Treasury's control over the coining and regulating of American currency, in favor of a corrupt cartel owned by the Rothschilds (The Federal Reserve System). The same cartel would create the Internal Revenue Service in order to impose an unconstitutional tax on any American citizen who was able to gain employment in the United States.

With his signing of the Federal Reserve Act, our entire system of Constitutional checks and balances was destroyed with the stroke of Woodrow Wilson's pen.

Rothschild Shill, Edward Mandell House Describes For President Woodrow Wilson, How The Federal Reserve Act Will Be Used To Create A Communist Central Bank In The United States, Which The Rothschilds Will Then Use As A Secret Means Of Enslaving The American People

*Woodrow Wilson was having an affair during his time in the White House, which was used as a means to blackmail him into signing the Federal Reserve Act into law. A few years after he did so Wilson made the following statement:

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” -Woodrow Wilson

Also See: Famous Quotations On Banking And The Dangers Of A Central Bank

**In 1913 Colonel Edward Mandell House Describes To President Woodrow Wilson How The Federal Reserve Act Will Be Used To Enslave The American People

The situation for the American middle class will become much worse under the next U.S. President than it is now, since the destruction of the American middle class is necessary, because unlike the lower class, we are the only Americans who are well enough educated to recognize that the ultra wealthy investment class in the United States is aggressively implementing a genocidal policy against the American underclasses.

Our system of government has been under Rothschild control since the early 1900s, and until the Federal Reserve System is abolished and the Rothschilds driven out of the United States for good, the American middle class will continue to be the slaves of Rothschild Zionism, and the main focus regarding the Rothschilds' intent to create a global dictatorship under one central governing body.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mystery Deepens As 2013 WACO Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion That Killed 15 People Ruled Intentional - Were Directed Energy Weapons Involved? Whatever Happened To The $6 Billion That Went Missing From The U.S. State Department During Hillary Clinton's Time As Secretary Of State? How Come The FBI Isn't Investigating The Missing $6 Billion Instead Of Conducting A Red Herring Into Clinton's Emails?

"ISIS: A CIA Creation To Justify War Abroad And Repression At Home" - Americans Are Living In A Country Whose Own Puppet Government Is Controlled By A Terrorist Shadow Government That Uses Covert Methods To Perpetrate Its Own False Flag Terrorism, Then Offers Oppressive & Unconstitutional Solutions To Prevent The Very Terrorism That They Secretly Create - This Is Done In Order To Destroy American Freedoms And The Legislation Which Protects American Civil Liberties - America Has Become A Military Dictatorship Which Operates Under The Guise Of Democracy

Pentagon Plan To Create A Mind Controlled Human Race, Beginning With Soldiers Whose Minds Are Remotely Interfaced With Artificial Intelligence Super Computers

Female Astronaut Speaking At A UFO Conference Begins To Describe Having Seen A UFO, When She Suddenly Passes Out - She Was Targeted By A Signals Intelligence Satellite Deployed Directed Energy Weapon Which Could Have Easily Been Used To Kill Her If That Was The Intent Of Those Using These Weapons At The Time - Instead, Their Intent Was To Prevent Her From Speaking At This UFO Conference And Describing The UFO She Saw (Which They Succeeded In Doing)/ Years Ago, UFOlogist, Dean Warwick, Had Just Taken The Stage At A UFO Conference, Having Told Some Members Of The Audience That He Had Some Shocking New Information He Was About To Share With Them, When He Collapsed & Died Of A Heart Attack On Stage - Warwick Was Likely Murdered By A Satellite Deployed Directed Energy Weapon - These Are The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Stealth Weapons Of Choice, For Committing Plausibly Deniable Murders With Total Anonymity & Impunity From Prosecution

UFOlogist Dean Warwick Was Murdered With A Directed Energy Weapon Having Just Taken The Stage At A UFO Conference - Did The Pentagon Murder Him?

Sudden Heart Attacks, Strokes, Aneurysms, And Fast Spreading Cancers - Have A Rash Of Deaths Over The Past Few Years, Regarding Well Known Hollywood Personalities, Been Related To Directed Energy Weapons? And Were The Deaths Of Actress, Brittany Murphy And Her Screenwriter Husband, Simon Monjack, The Result Of Natural Causes? Or Were They Murders Committed Through The Furtive Use Of Directed Energy Weapons?

Editor's Note: When the 2013 fertilizer plant explosion in Waco Texas occurred, this author wondered if it was the result of directed energy weapons. Now that the explosion has been officially ruled intentional, I am more certain than ever that some type of directed energy weapon was involved. Who has access to directed energy weapons? The United States and Russian governments for certain. However, so do many other governments who can use HAARP weaponry to create the type of plasma fireball that likely caused the 2013 explosion in Waco.

Who controls the HAARP program in the United States? The U.S. Department Of Defense (AKA Pentagon)

*Fire That Left 15 Dead at Texas Fertilizer Plant In 2013 Is Ruled Intentional

Also See:

Editor's Note: According to former Assistant HUD Secretary under Bush 41, Catherine Austin Fitts, the American middle class is deliberately being destroyed by the House of Rothschild, and the same Zionist criminals who were the masterminds behind the 9/11 false flag operation have been secretly looting the U.S. Federal Government and moving American currency overseas. The $6 billion that went missing during Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary Of State and the $2.3 trillion that went missing during Donald Rumsfeld's time as Secretary Of Defense are just two of myriad examples of what Catherine Austin Fitts was referring to.

"The Decision Was Made - Let's Get All The Debt Up, Let's Move The Jobs Abroad, And Instead Of Reengineering Your Skills, We're Gonna Dumb Down America So The Middle Class Will Disappear"

- Catherine Austin Fitts

Former Assistant HUD Secretary
Under The Bush 41 Administration

Where's The $6 Billion That Is Still Unaccounted For During Hillary Clinton's Time As Secretary Of State? Has Any Of It Found Its Way Into The Clinton Foundation?

Former Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts, Describes How The Federal Reserve & The Zionist Controlled Banking Industry Are Secretly Moving Trillions Of Dollars Out Of The United States, Before The U.S. Federal Government Is Dissolved - Fitts States That This Is What Happened To The Pentagon's Missing 2.3 Trillion Dollars In 2001 - On 9/10/01 Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Stated That The Pentagon Couldn't Account For The 2.3 Trillion, But That A Team Of Accountants Had Been Hired To Locate This Money - These Accountants Died At The Pentagon The Following Day When It Was Hit By A Cruise Missile

Also See:

The Looting Of America: The Federal Reserve Made $16 Trillion In Secret Loans To Their Bankster Friends And The Media Is Ignoring The Eye-Popping Corruption That Has Been Uncovered

Is The Pentagon Using The Excuse Of Low Flying Meteorites As A Cover For Its HAARP Weather Warfare Program? When HAARP Is Used To Abruptly Affect The Ionosphere The Result Is The Artificial Creation Of Plasma Fireballs Which Appear To Be Meteorites

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Was A Woman By The Name Of Veronica Lueken An Unwitting Subject Of NASA's Operation Blue Beam Program? And Were The Visions She Claimed To Have Witnessed Of Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary And Other Saints From 1970 Until Her 1995 Death, Created Through The Use Of Satellite Based Holograms And AI Computer To Brain Interface Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum? Were The Ghostly Apparitions Of Eastern Airlines Flight 401's Captain And His Navigator Beginning In 1972, Part Of The Same Operation Blue Beam Experiment?

Why The FBI Will Never Release The 85 Surveillance Videos That It Seized From The Pentagon And Surrounding Area

Using Artificial Telepathy, The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network Can Instantly Monitor The Thoughts Of Any American Citizen, Through The Use Of Brainwave Monitors & Analyzers That Are Remotely Interfaced With The Unique Brain Maps Of Each American Citizen - So When Did The NSA Begin Decoding Our Brain Maps? Likely Within The Decade After World War II Ended And The Hospitals In The United States Began Collecting Bioelectric Information On Infants Before They Were Sent Home For The First Time - The Result: An Entire Nation Of Citizens Who've Been Electromagnetically Branded Like An Enormous Herd Of Cattle From The Day We're Born

How The Wrongful Prosecution Of Martin Tankleff More Than Two Decades Ago, Has Now Led To The Implosion Of The Suffolk County Court System, And Its History Of Cronyism And Corruption - An Article This Author Wrote Several Years Ago Regarding My Concerns That Suffolk County Law Enforcement Was Involved In Framing Martin Tankleff For The Murders Of His Parents

NASA's Operation Blue Beam
How Early Was This Orwellian Program
Unleashed On The American Public?

Editor's Note: The moment that I finish writing this post a signals intelligence induced power failure takes place in my neighborhood which lasts several minutes. Perhaps there's more than a bit of truth to my claims regarding NASA's use of the American people for non consensual human experimentation, going back to the early days of an Agency which was developed by Nazi, Wernher Von Braun. Von Braun was smuggled into the United States under the CIA's Project Paperclip, along with thousands of other Nazis who should have been executed at Nuremburg for their crimes against the Jews.

Before her death in 1995, a woman named Veronica Lueken claimed to have physically not only witnessed, but also interacted with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and several other Saints as early as 1970. Could Veronica Lueken have been one of myriad unwitting subjects of MK-Ultra computer to brain interface via the electromagnetic spectrum and as part NASA's Operation Blue Beam Bible Rapture Scenario?

Serge Monast Exposes Satanic Plan Of The House Of Rothschild To Enslave Humanity Through A Covert Government Operation Known As Blue Beam

If so, is it also possible that what Lueken really saw were audio visual holograms of these apparitions which were produced by holographic projectors that were attached to specialized satellites?

Based on the research done by this author in regard to NASA's Operation Blue Beam, it would appear that sometime during the late 1960s or early 1970s, specific Blue Beam programs were secretly initiated against the American people, in which certain Americans were directly targeted for extensive forms of *non consensual human experimentation.

*Including advanced programs later developed from the earlier MK-Ultra projects that the U.S. Congress ordered the CIA to shut down in 1971.

The Ghostly Apparitions Of Eastern Airlines Flight 401

In 1972 (just two years after Veronica Lueken reported having first seen apparitions of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ), Eastern Airlines flight 401 crashed into the Florida everglades after the electronic instrumentation regarding the airliner's landing gear, failed. Was the failure caused intentionally through the use of signals intelligence technology, which was utilized in order to remotely interfere with this instrumentation so that the plane would crash?

After the plane crash in which the pilot and his chief navigation officer were killed, ghostly apparitions of both men were seen on many of the Eastern Airline flights in which parts that had been salvaged from Flight 401 were later installed. Witnesses to these ghostly apparitions described how the apparitions would *speak to them, warning them that the planes were not safe.

*Google: Audio Visual Holograms Produced By Holographic Projection

Eventually, the sightings caused such consternation amongst Eastern's upper management as well as employees, that the President of Eastern Airlines at the time - former astronaut Frank Borman - ordered Eastern employees to cease discussing the ghostly sightings or risk being fired from their jobs.

Several stewardesses were also forced to undergo psychiatric counsel, simply because they refused to stop describing the ghostly apparitions to other people outside of Eastern.

Could Borman Have Been Part Of This Black Op?

Oddly enough, Frank Borman eventually implemented a directive to remove all of the parts from Eastern Airlines' jets which had been salvaged from Flight 401, and the ghostly sightings ended.

As a former member of NASA, did Frank Borman know more about this situation than he led on to? Could he have in fact been a part of this black operation from its inception? If so did he do so knowingly or unwittingly?

Could this entire situation have been staged as a facet of NASA's Operation Blue Beam program?

*Ghostly Apparitions Of Eastern Airlines' Flight 401 Pilots Seen On Other Eastern Flights Whose Planes Had Received Salvaged Parts From Flight 401

Was Veronica Lueken Another Target Of Blue Beam?

This brings this author to another theory that I have developed in regard to what may in fact have been yet another facet of the NASA Blue Beam Operation. This time involving the use of government satellite projected holograms which were used for the purpose religious indoctrination, in order to make it appear that a woman by the name of Veronica Lueken was having a genuine religious experience, by being visited by Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary; the latter of whom Lueken claimed was actually counseling her regarding Lueken's religious beliefs.

Could directed energy weapons have been used to cause much of the physical suffering that Veronica Lueken experienced in the years before she died (including cancerous tumors), as part of such a false flag operation? Especially since Lueken had gained international notoriety for her claims and was considered by many Roman Catholics to have had genuine paranormal experiences regarding such visits by Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.

Even if the Roman Catholic Church rejected her claims at the time, possibly being aware that Veronica Lueken was being unwittingly used as part of a hoax perpetrated by Rothschild Zionism, based on the House of Rothschild's intent to bring about a Communist central government under the guise of fabricated Bible Rapture scenario.

Documenting Veronica Lueken's Final Years

Also See: Was A Woman By The Name Of Veronica Lueken An Unwitting Subject Of NASA's Operation Blue Beam Program? And Were The Visions She Claimed To Have Witnessed From 1970 Until Her Death In 1995, Created Through Holographic Projection, As Well As Artificial Intelligence Computer To Brain Interface, Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum?

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Was The Syosset Plane Crash Which Killed Three People Earlier This Week Another Part Of The Long Term Psychological Operation That The FBI And NSA Continue To Subject This MK-Ultra Subject To? And Was Signals Intelligence Technology & Directed Energy Weaponry Involved In This Crash?

How The Wrongful Prosecution Of Martin Tankleff More Than Two Decades Ago, Has Now Led To The Implosion Of The Suffolk County Court System, And Its History Of Cronyism And Corruption

Is The So Called Non Toxic Gas Homeland Security Is Releasing In The Subway Really Safe? Or Is It Toxic And Being Used To Test Its Effectiveness By Determining How Many People Suddenly Come Down With Symptoms Which The CDC And NIH Will Monitor? This Protocol For Testing Bio Weapons Has Been Done For More Than A Half Century, Resulting In Chronic Illnesses Such As Lyme Disease, Parkinson's, Mad Cow Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Other Chronic Illnesses Which Find Their Origins In Weaponized Mycoplasmas

Did The CIA Orchestrate The 1978 Murder Of Congressman Leo Ryan? And Did The CIA Do So In Order To Repeal Legislation Which Ryan Had Passed In Order To Place More Scrutiny On The U.S. Intelligence Community?

How The Federal Reserve System Has Been Used As A Covert Means Of Enslaving The American People

Petition Calling For FBI Chief, James Comey, To Resign Based On The Apple/FBI Debacle - Forcing James Comey To Resign Will Not Fix The FBI - Since The Days Of John Edgar Hoover, The Bureau Has Remained An Americanized Gestapo Which Must Be Abolished, Since It Has Always Been A Pawn Of The Zionist Controlled Executive Branch, As Has The U.S. Department Of Justice - The Bogus FBI Investigation Into Hillary Clinton's Email Server Is Just One Example Of How Easily The FBI Can Be Used By A Partisan Congress, To Attack A Democratic Or Republican Politician In Order To Derail Their Political Career

Why Are So Many Automobiles Crashing Into Homes And Buildings?

The Unintended Acceleration Issue In Automobiles Manufactured By Audi, Ford, Toyota And Hyundai - Are These Companies The Unwitting Targets Of Signals Intelligence Satellite Predation? And Has The NSA Been Involved?

Pentagon Use Of HAARP Weapons To Fix The 2013 America's Cup Series Which Led To A Precedent Setting Eight Consecutive Race Win For America's Team Oracle - Team Oracle Was Only Minutes Away From Losing The 2013 America's Cup Series When The Wind Suddenly Died, Setting Up The Eight Race Win - HAARP, Directed Energy And Psychotronic Weapons Are Being Used To Manipulate Professional Sporting Events Globally

FBI Now Allowed To Hack Into The Account Of Any Internet User Who Utilizes Anonymity Tools

Images Of Famous TV Personalities Under EEG Heterodyned Mind Control Via Signals Intelligence Computer To Brain Interface

Was "Bridgegate" Used To Destroy NJ Governor Chris Christie's Chance To Win The GOP Republican Nomination? It Seems That Bridgegate Finished Christie's GOP Run Off Before It Ever Got Started, Which Means That's It's More And More Likely That Christie May Be Telling The Truth When He Claims To Have Known Nothing About The George Washington Bridge Scandal - So Who Is Really Behind The Scandal? Another Of The GOP Nominees? Or One Of The Democratic Presidential Nominees?

When Did The U.S. Military Develop Spy Satellites That Could Instantly Change Direction While In Orbit?

The Movie Charlie Wilson's War Is An Example Of The CIA/Zionist Merger In Hollywood And How The CIA Routinely Uses Hollywood As A Venue For Disseminating Its Propaganda

The NSA's TANGRAM "Total Information Awareness" Program Is Indicative Of This Orwellian Organization's New World Order Roots, And Its Furtive Use In Electronically Enslaving Each American Citizen Through The Remote Neural Monitoring (EEG Heterodyning) Of Their Body's Own Unique Brainwave Print

How The Kentucky Derby Can Be Fixed And Has Likely Been Fixed In The Past - The 2015 Belmont Stakes Was Fixed To Manufacture A Triple Crown Winner For The First Time In 37 Years - In The 2015 Belmont Stakes, Instead Of Having A Field Of At Least 12 - 14 Horses, The Field Was Abbreviated To Only Eight Horses, Keeping Some Of The Strongest Horses Out Of The Race, To Ensure That American Pharoah Would Win The Triple Crown - The Number 8 Has Been One Of Myriad Psychological Triggers Used By FBI/NSA Against This Author For Purpose Of Psyop - Consider That In The 2013 America's Cup Series, Team Oracle Won A Precedent Setting 8 Consecutive Races To Come Back From Near Defeat By Team New Zealand - Once Again We See The Number 8 -- The 2013 America's Cup Was Fixed Using HAARP Technology To Manipulate The Wind Conditions On The Race Course For These Teams - Those Who Bet On Team Oracle To Win The America's Cup After Being Down By Seven Races Would Have Won A Fortune Based On The Unexpected Outcome - A Similar Situation To The 2015 U.S. Open Women's Tennis Match Between Serena Williams And Roberta Vinci, Where Williams Was A 300 - 1 Favorite - This Was Another Example Of Using Psychotronic Weaponry To Manipulate A Sporting Event While The Public Was Led To Believe That The Anomaly Was Just A Fluke

Organized Stalking In The United States Is A Covert Form Of Government Sponsored Terrorism

Editor's Note: After I post the **following, we receive a phone call from a friend that another friend has died suddenly. I don't know if the person was ill, or if they suffered a heart attack or other situation which would have resulted in a quick death. If this person had been ill, their illness would have offered plausible deniability murdering them with a directed energy weapon. If this person was in good health, then their family members will wonder why their apparently healthy relative died so suddenly. Moreover, what will the official cause of death for this person be?

I have documented situations like this going back to the early 2000's, when I am certain that the FBI and NSA began using directed energy weapons to murder people in a covert manner. This being done as part of a psychological operation that they fomented against this author during that time, and which continues in the present day.

This all began after the FBI used a psychiatrist as part of an entrapment scheme against this author which failed. The psychiatrist committed several crimes by taking part in this entrapment scheme including various degrees of fraud. In post 9/11 America, the FBI has criminalized our society with its use of Orwellian programs such as Infragard.

**Earlier this week, on the night before a small private plane crashed in the town of Syosset NY, this author had experienced an EEG Heterodyned dream via computer to brain interface that involved a plane crashing in the woods behind my home. The following morning I told another Family member about this and later in the day the plane crash in Syosset occurred.

While the registration number of the plane was 440, after the plane was torn apart the number remaining on what was left of the plane's fuselage was 40, which can be seen in photographs of the plane in the media. I have said that I have been a target of MK-Ultra for forty years.

During his last communication with the airport tower, the pilot of this small aircraft claimed that the vacuum system in the plane had failed, which will likely be determined to have been part of this plane's disintegrating in the sky.

Several years ago, the NSA and FBI agents who take part in these covert attacks on this author, began using the word vacuum as one of their myriad psyop memes against my person (which have been disseminated throughout the mainstream media over the past several years), after I wrote an article regarding how the NSA scans the electromagnetic spectrum for the unique EEG signatures given off by a targeted person's brain; which the Agency's AI computers can then "vacuum" up and decode into our subvocalized thoughts.

The NSA's Artificial Intelligence computers, which use artificial telepathy (remote neural monitoring or EEG heterodyning of the brain by way remote means) to remotely read and manipulate the mind of any person whose brain map has been previously decoded by the NSA.

I have been experiencing this *phenomenon for several years as a subject of computer to brain interface via the EM spectrum, and the situation has become so prevalent and disturbing, that I have been keeping track of these incidents for several years now. I am also certain that many people have been killed as part of this psyop, including but not limited to actress Amanda Peterson, a Madison Avenue Executive named Suzanne Hart, and a Jericho High School student by the name of Matthew Ravner.

Is Actress Amanda Peterson The Latest Murder Victim In The FBI/NSA COINTELPRO Psyop Against This Author? And Is Her Official Cause Of Death A Cover For Another Directed Energy Weapon's Induced Murder?

The reader will note that as of yesterday the number regarding the articles shared on this Website was 7. When I entered this Website today, the number was *47. This is supposed to mean that since yesterday 40 additional articles on this Website have been posted elsewhere on the Internet. However, it is a furtive way of this cabal's communicating to this author that they caused the plane crash in Syosset yesterday and that there is no way that I can prove it.

* As of 5/6/16 this number now reads 46.

This is just another example of how these Zionist financed agencies utilize their gas lighting tactics on targets of MK-Ultra psychological operations.

As such, now that they've used their demented system of communication to take credit for yesterday's murders of three people, they can just as easily restore the number 7 since I have seen the number changed to 47. This tampering with this Website's statistics is also common, which means that the statistics themselves are not accurate.

*A NY Advertising Executive By The Name Of Suzanne Hart Is Covertly Murdered Through The Use Of Signals Intelligence Electronic Warfare Technology, And As Part Of A Psychological Warfare Operation That Federal Agents Continue To Subject This Author And Target Of MK-Ultra To - I Have Witnessed Thousands Of Situations In Which Such Signals Intelligence Tampering Of Everything From Car Alarms And Motion Sensitive Spotlights To TV Sets And Radios Being Turned On And Off Via Such Remote Means Has Taken Place - And I Am Certain That Suzanne Hart Was Murdered When The Electronic Circuitry Of The Elevator She Was Attempting To Enter, Was Remotely Triggered Via Signals Intelligence Satellite, Which Resulted In Hart Being Crushed To Death

Recent Plane Crashes On Long Island - How Many Were Related To Directed Energy Weapons & Signals Intelligence Sabotage?

Why Are So Many Automobiles Crashing Into Homes And Buildings?

Plane Lands On Long Island Beach After Engine Fails - Another Signals Intelligence Induced Attempted Murder?

Automobiles Crashing Into Homes And Buildings In New York Continue To Be An Anomaly - Is The NSA Using Signals Intelligence To Secretly Cause These Crashes By Remotely Tampering With The Electronic Systems In These Automobiles?

Directed Energy Weapons Being Used To Cause Sinkholes

Monday, May 02, 2016

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg Says His Intent Is To Use Facebook As A Platform For Artificial Telepathy, Brain To Brain Link Between Its Users - This Is A Technology That The NSA Has Been Secretly Using On Myriad Americans For Many Years

The Bogus Phone Call From Journalist Barbara Olson From The Fictitious Flight 77 On 9/11 Allowed For The Foundation Of The 9/11 Propaganda Involving Hijackers With Box Cutters - In Spite Of What The Zionist Controlled Media In American States, The Problem Is The Phone Call Never Took Place And Hijackers With Box Cutters Never Existed

Is There A Connection Between The Death Of Princess Diana And Clothing Designer Gianni Versace? Diana Died A Month After Versace And Told Her Closest Confidants That She Would Be Murdered By The Same People Who Killed Versace

Tavistock Financed Institutions In America Involving Brainwashing Research - The Wharton School Of Business At The University Of Pennsylvania Is One Of These Institutions As Is The Stanford Research Institute And Massachusetts Institute Of Technology - Who Graduated From The Wharton School Of Business? Non Other Than Presidential Candidate Donald Trump - Maybe Trump's Jekyll & Hyde Personality Is The Result Of MK-Ultra Programming?

FBI Using Your Computer's Webcam To Spy On You - At Kenyon College In Upstate NY Recently, FBI Director James Comey Was Speaking To A Group Of Students, When Some Inquired As To Why Comey Had Placed A Piece Of Tape Over The Webcam On His PC - Comey Stated That He Saw Someone Smarter Than Himself Doing The Same Thing So He Decided To Do It - Of Course, In Spite Of His Apocryphal Tale, The FBI Director Knows Very Well That The Webcam On Anyone's PC Can Be Remotely Hacked, Because The FBI Has Been Illegally Doing This To The Computer Webcams Of Myriad Unwitting American Citizens For Years - It Is Also Entirely Possible That Later Computer Screens Contain Internal Mini Cams Which Are Hidden, That Agencies Like The FBI, NSA And DHS Can Secretly Access In Order To Watch You In Your Home; Like The Mini Cameras Which Are Installed In The Screens Of Modern TV Sets

Editor's Note:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will Utilize A Communication Platform Based On Its Users Relying On Artificial Telepathy (Brain To Brain Link) To Communicate Over The Internet

On the above Website, Mark Zuckerberg talks about using social media as a platform to implement artificial telepathy (brain to brain interface) so that Facebook members can use thought activated technology to communicate with each other over the Internet.

Zuckerberg's comment should give the reader a frightening idea of what Orwellian technologies already exist under the cover of national security, and which under the auspices of a future world government will be used on the masses by way of Internet social media and other venues.

We have already become a technologically driven society where computer driven technologies - while profitable for those who design and implement them - now threaten the future of the human species. Computer driven minds are as dangerous as computer driven automobiles, since they are even more unpredictable than human behavior, which can lead to catastrophic situations.

Especially if the human race is eventually controlled by centrally based Artificial Intelligence computers which create a hive mind throughout the human population. Of course, this Orwellian takeover of humanity would apply to the underclasses, while the investment class would at least for a time remain immune from such electronic enslavement.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Actress Sean Young Describes How The Illuminati Controls The Mainstream Media/ Man Who Has Not Slept For Over Three Decades After Experiencing A Serious Fever Describes How He Has Survived On Micronaps

Tavistock Financed Institutions In America Involving Brainwashing Research - The Wharton School Of Business At The University Of Pennsylvania Is One Of These Institutions As Is The Stanford Research Institute And Massachusetts Institute Of Technology - Who Graduated From The Wharton School Of Business? Non Other Than Presidential Candidate Donald Trump - Maybe Trump's Jekyll & Hyde Personality Is The Result Of MK-Ultra Programming?

FBI Using Your Computer's Webcam To Spy On You - At Kenyon College In Upstate NY Recently, FBI Director James Comey Was Speaking To A Group Of Students, When Some Inquired As To Why Comey Had Placed A Piece Of Tape Over The Webcam On His PC - Comey Stated That He Saw Someone Smarter Than Himself Doing The Same Thing So He Decided To Do It - Of Course, In Spite Of His Apocryphal Tale, The FBI Director Knows Very Well That The Webcam On Anyone's PC Can Be Remotely Hacked, Because The FBI Has Been Illegally Doing This To The Computer Webcams Of Myriad Unwitting American Citizens For Years - It Is Also Entirely Possible That Later Computer Screens Contain Internal Minicams Which Are Hidden, That Agencies Like The FBI, NSA And DHS Can Secretly Access In Order To Watch You In Your Home; Like The Mini Cameras Which Are Installed In The Screens Of Modern TV Sets

"FBI Entrapment Schemes & False Flag Terrorism Attacks Have Come To Define The FBI As An Americanized Version Of The Nazi Gestapo"

Actress, Sean Young, describes how the mainstream media has become nothing but disinformation which uses Neural Linguistic Programming to brainwash the public.

Actress Sean Young talks about the Illuminati

Editor's Note: For over two decades since first contracting *Lyme Disease, which became chronic due to early improper diagnosis, this author has been unable to fall asleep. The early stages of this sleep disorder were characterized by sleep apnea.

*Lyme Disease Is Just One Of Many Different Biological Weapons Created Through The Weaponization Of Mycoplasmas, Which Are Then Secretly Turned Loose On The Public To Determine Their Effectiveness

However, this condition would eventually be caused by electronic warfare technology being used to prevent me from falling asleep, and as the direct result of the computer to brain interface that I have been subjected to for several decades.

Specifically, every time I would start to doze off, I would receive an electronic jolt. This signals intelligence based attack has since been used to prevent me from falling asleep.

As a consequence of this rare and artificially induced sleep disorder, I have searched for years to find others who do not fall asleep. The following site describes several sleep anomalies which are always fatal, yet includes one instance regarding a man who has not fallen asleep for more than three decades.

Instead of dying, he has instead managed to not just survive, but thrive by taking what he refers to as micro-naps.

Many Targeted Individuals have described a myriad of different sleep anomalies due to their use as subjects of non consensual human experimentation.

The modern day MK-Ultra technologies that we're subjected to are deployed through the air via the electromagnetic spectrum, and by way of the type of Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Networks first described by NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, in his 1992 civil lawsuit against the NSA.

*Website On Fatal Sleep Disorders

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