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E-mail From Another TI

A short while ago when checking my E-mail account I found the following E-mail from Derrick Robinson, head of the Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance group based on the Internet -- which has now grown to more than 100 persons strong.

I was very pleased that he found my Website helpful and told him to feel free to access the content on my blog in reference to documentation that the FFCHS group is sending to a Senate Oversight Committee in the future.

I wish that I could be more enthusiastic in regard to the response that I believe FFCHS will obtain from this endeavor. However, I have seen far too much corruption within this government to ever be that optimistic again.

He requested that I speak with someone from his group who has claimed to have had similar experiences to my own as a TI. However, as has been the case in every single instance in the past, these persons were either sent in as provocateurs, or later converted to them. And if I allow this person to make contact the situation will turn out in exactly the same way; if in fact this person is not already a perp -- which I believe they are.

Consequently, I have had to decline speaking with them. However, I did give Derrick permission to access any of the content on my Website provided that this site is referenced.

I believe that FFCHS is doing a credible job of promulgating the phenonmenon of organized stalking crimes, as well as that of government sanctioned mind control. However, I am not so sure that they collectively understand the absolute chicanery that the FBI, the Department Of Homeland Security and others within the US Federal Intelligence community are capable of -- at least not yet. In time they will begin to recognize these FEDS for the absolute miscreants that they are, and the extensive crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate under the guise of protecting the American people.

Until you have witnessed the FBI's use of coercion to get those around you to LIE, in regard to the crimes that this agency and others have perpetrated against you, you cannot possibly begin to understand just how nasty and manipulative these agents are. They will quite literally use their psywarfare campaigns to torture you to death. They have done it on a myriad of occasions, and I have cited many of them.

An article that I wrote about a year and a half ago covered the deaths or attempted murders of several people whom the FBI has attacked over the years. My article entitled "An Open Letter To The FBI And Other Government Terrorists" can be accessed below:

I am hopeful that Derrick and his group will eventually come to understand just how evil the FBI and its criminal brethren in US Intelligence really are. And I also include the latest addition, The Department Of Homeland Security, which is turning out to be just as criminal and defective as the rest of these Nazi-driven agencies.

Derrick's E-mail to me:

Subject: TI in our community wants to send you an e-mail
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 12:29 AM

Hey Jim,

A ti in our group has been visiting your blog and has been impressed that your experiences are similar to hers, as well as being impressed with the presentation in general. She would like to e-mail you and hopes that is ok with you. Let me know.

BTW, you've done a really remarkable job of compiling information at your blog. And if it's ok, we may also refer to it as we send information to the Oversight Committee in Congress.

Hope you are well,

"Let there be Peace on Earth"

My response to Derrick:


Feel free to access any information on my blog that you believe will be helpful to your cause regarding Congress. However, please remember to cite the source.

I no longer speak with people one and one since it gives the FEDS just one more opportunity in which to conduct their depraved and filthy attacks against me -- as if they haven't had enough opportunity already. As someone who's been targeted for COINTELPRO for years, I am sure that you can understand.

Keep up the good work.

Jim Marino

Why Was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped?

In 1974 a writer by the name of Mae Brussell wrote a 4 part article in a counterculture publication known as "The Realist," entitled "Why Was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped?"

What she discovered while conducting her research was that the Sibionese Liberation Army (SLA) which had been terrorizing certain areas of California prior to their 1974 kidnapping of Hearst Publishing heiress Patricia Hearst, was in fact a CIA created/aided and abetted organization from beginning to end. One which targeted many of the very dissident groups that the CIA and FBI were attempting to destroy at the time. And that the FBI and local police had all colluded with the CIA in the ensuing cover up which followed.

Throughout her article Ms. Brussel did an excellent job of taking her readers through many critical details in this case, which the US Media at the time was told to deliberately ignore. She also surmised that several members of the SLA were in fact brainwashed by the CIA to ultimately be used as patsies, in similar fashion to how Lee Harvey Oswald and myriad others were used in the Kennedy Assassination.

At least 16 people involved in the Kennedy Assassination were murdered by the CIA to prevent them from testifying in regard to what they knew about this case. Amongst them were David Ferry (a CIA Operative)as well as Lee Harvey Oswald (A CIA asset and FBI informant).

After extensive critical analysis, Ms. Brussell was forced to arrive at the following conclusion:

The SLA was used as a cover for a CIA covert operation -- one in which to destroy the prison reform that the Democrats (who had control of Congress at the time) were attempting to bring about at the time within the US prison system.

She surmised that the CIA did not want prison reform to take place, and instead opted to create a perpetual state of violence in which these prisoners would gradually kill each other off. Through its dissemination of racist materials and many of the very illicit drugs which prisoners were in one way or another already incarcerated for, the CIA sought to permanently enslave these prisoners -- ensuring that they would never have the means in which to improve themselves.

In the past forty years prisons have also become a very lucrative business for government officials to invest in. Wackenhut in particular is certainly demonstrative of this.

Ms. Brussell's article also describes the collusion which took place between the FBI, CIA and local police at the time, and their usurpation of the media to spin their own disinformation regarding the entire clandestine operation.

Unfortunately, what Mae also uncovers is that a myriad of stories that the media has reported to us over the years regarding topics such as the SLA, have been complete fabrications, perpetrated against the American people by the CIA and others within US Intelligence, as they sought their own corrupt agendas.

And in every instance the FBI's involvement in these situations has concerned obfuscating the facts through its use of disinformation, in efforts to prevent the real criminals from ever being brought to justice.

She refers to the FBI as always siding with the far right neoconservatives to protect their interests, at the expense of justice and the rest of the American people. And given my own experiences with the FBI and its rampant criminality, I have to wholeheartedly agree with her.

In the present day this problematic situation has been further illustrated in the FBI's pathetic attempts to conceal the Bush Administration and Project For A New American Centurys' complicity in the attacks on 9-11; further proof of the imminent need to abolish it.

If the FBI is not fighting legitimate crimes what in God's name do we need them for?

We have enough organized criminal activity in this country without having to deal with a federal agency that takes part in treasonous crimes against the American people, while quite literally masquerading as legitimate law enforcement.

Simply put, the FBI is an out and out fraud.

And the same can be said for the rest of the US Intelligence community which should be seen as the largest collective of organized criminals in the Western Hemisphere.

There's quite literally a mountain of evidence which suggests that the FBI and highly placed officials within the US Intelligence community were in some way involved with the orchestration and implementation of the attacks on 9-11, albeit with the blessing of the entire hierarchy within the US Intelligence community.

There's little question that US Military and Navy Intelligence also knew about these attacks long before they were ever commenced, and gave their blessings to them.

However, as for George W. Bush being the mastermind behind them, the truth is that he simply is not intelligent enough to have hatched such a plan, and was in fact a puppet (one of many) who was utilized in making these attacks a reality. And according to Stanley G. Hilton -- a California based attorney, political scientist, and former chief of staff for Senator Robert Dole, the only role that Bush played in the attacks on 9-11 was signing off on them shortly before they took place.

Hilton has even filed a lawsuit against the Bush Administration for its complicity in the 9-11 attacks which can be accessed at the following Website:

The stratagem behind these attacks must have taken place within the Department Of Defense.

Quite the irony if one considers that this organization was created to protect the American people from such attacks, rather than perpetuating them.

At least that is what the American people have always been told.

Moreover, it is far from a coincidence that these attacks nearly mirrored the Pentagon's 1962 "Operation Northwoods" plan to discredit Cuba, through the implementation of a stratagem in which the Pentagon would perpetrate domestic terrorism here in the United States and use the media to shift the blame for these attacks to Cuba. A plan so nefarious, that its creator, who at the time was the head of the US Joint Chiefs Of Staff (Leon Lemnitzer), was immediately removed from his position, once President John F. Kennedy was notified of the plan.

While JFK was far from the perfect president, he had a sense of decency about him which the US Intelligence community simply could not tolerate. Furthermore, Kennedy was a very different president from most of the men who had gone before him -- he had vision.

And it was this vision which motivated him to buck the status quo in this country -- something that presidents who want to keep those powerful elite who covertly exist within in the corporate/ military industrial complex in this country, contented -- simply cannot do. And JFK would become a painful reminder to all future presidents of what happens to those who fail to maintain the Illuminati's precious status quo -- his tragic, brutal and untimely death still indelibly etched in all our minds more than forty years later.

While Mae Brussell's article was written more than thirty years ago, it is so timely that it might well have been written in the present day. She concludes by stating that the Patty Hearst kidnapping had nothing to do with issues that the American people were furnished with (by way of the US media) and instead everything to do with yet another US Government conspiracy to deprive them of the truth.

Her facts are irrefutable.

They are also indicative of the massive corruption that still exists within the US Federal Government; corruption that myriad Americans are just now waking up to in the present day.

Her article can be accessed at the following Website:

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NSA Two Way Dial Up Satellite System -- Use The Google Search Engine To Access Former NSA Agent John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The NSA

Click On Diagram To Enlarge It

George Orwell's Anti Utopian Novel 1984 Became Reality In 1980 When NSA Audio Visual Satellites Began Deploying Remote Sensing Technology On Americans

Omnipotence, Omnipresence & Omniscience

Over the course of human history the aforementioned attributes have only been associated with the specific deity represented by some type of monotheistic religious belief system. However, what would you say if the US Federal Government had access to technology that could reasonably approximate the abilities mentioned above?

Because the disturbing truth of the matter is that while they can't completely achieve these aspects of the Godliness that most humans have been indoctrinated into adopting for their belief systems, in many respects them come frighteningly close.

NSA satellites are used to deploy advanced technology which is capable of tracking humans by targeting the invisible electromagnetic fields which surround their bodies; EMF fields that surround all objects which have even the most minute amounts of electricity running through them.

And according to the lawsuit filed against the NSA by one of their former employees, a man by the name of John St. Clair Akwei, every American citizen can be accessed by way of these EMF bio electric resonances at anytime the NSA decides to track them.

This can only mean that the individual bio electric fields that surround each of our bodies is already catalogued within the NSA's enormous database, which allows for the most outrageous abuses of the 4th Amendment ever documented.

The ability for an NSA cryptologist to electronically access the mind of an American citizen is a violation so outrageous that most Americans would not believe that it was possible. However, it has been occurring in the United States for nearly thirty years on a large scale, and the reality is that if all Americans are not presently being watched individually by way of these satellites, in which their actions and thoughts are being archived 24 hours a day for possible later reference, it is certainly a reality in the near future.

Why would the US Federal Government go to such trouble?

Here are some basic reasons:

A. It's never trusted the American people and has only used them as cash cows in which to finance its covert operations. Those operations that its Intelligence community is notorious for carrying out in both the United States and abroad through the CIA and US Military Intelligence. Expressly, overthrowing legitimate democracies and replacing them with CIA controlled puppet dictatorships which masquerade as democracies.

This is done to protect US corporatism (the driving force behind the fascist ideology which has been presently sublimated behind a masquerade of democractic respectablity) and allow for the spread of US Imperialism throughout the rest of this planet to protect US interests, at the expense of humanity.

The late alternative journalist Steve Kangas, a former military intelligence officer who was murdered by the CIA for his attempts to expose its rampant criminality, reported that in attempting to accomplish this task the CIA has murdered at least 6 million people around the world -- equal to the number of Jews who were ruthlessly massacred during the German Holocaust.

The truth of the matter is that in the present day the United States Of America is nothing but a masquerade of democracy, when in reality it's operating as a quasi fascist police state.

All governments have an inherent need to want to control every aspect of their citizens' lives, and as such must know as much about these citizens as possible.

The primary reason for this, is because governments have always fought to maintain their power base and are eternally concerned with maintaining them. Those citizens who think differently become a threat to the status quo of such governments, and as such must be routinely monitored to know exactly what they are thinking at all times. This was the prime motive in the creation of remote neural monitoring satellite technology -- the ability to invade the minds of the citizens in this country so that the NSA would be able to know exactly what they are thinking at any given time.

This is outright FASCISM!

And it is taking place right here in the United States of America. And what I am writing about on this blog is eventually going to cost me my life. So please don't let it be in vain.

Make the most of this information and circulate it to everyone you know, since this technology was created with you in mind and to quite literally make you an unwitting slave of the US Federal Government (and the New World Order which is now being gradually ushered in). This is a matter of life and death -- yours, mine, and myriad others. So take action now and speak out. Do whatever you have to to make the NSA and remote neural monitoring household terms. If you fail to do so, you will be the ones who are forced to suffer the tragic consequences of your silence.

Some US Intelligence Agency Credos

(9) FBI,CIA & NSA Credos

1. When we want the American citizen's opinion we'll give it to them.

2. We didn't realize that we were illegally spying on the Marino Family in their own home over the past 25 years. We just stopped by and lost track of the time. Ya know, it does happen...

3. We're interested in prosecuting criminal activity as long as it is not our own. Please do not bring up our own criminal activity or we'll have to hurt you -- real bad.

4. Yes, of course we use entrapment to create criminals. How else do you expect us to arrest innocent citizens if we can't entrap them first? Duh...

5A. The FBI did not blow environmental activist Judi Bari up in her car. Honest. It was just a strange coincidence that we were holding an explosives seminar in the vicinity of the bombing at the time. Really...

5B. Our FBI defense attorney was absolutely right in saying that Judi Bari was faking having cancer while she was being deposed in her trial against us. She even faked her own death 6 weeks later just to make us look bad. Don't believe a thing about her funeral. It was all a put on just to make the FBI look bad. Really it was...

6. The Federal Marshals who ended up in a shoot out with the Weaver Family did not realize they were illegally trespassing on the Weaver's property at the time. If they had they would not have deliberately tossed rocks at the side of the Weaver home to agitate their dogs in order to provoke a confrontation with the Weavers. They were just a bunch of innocent guys looking for directions. The fact that Vicki and Sammy Weaver would be killed by them and FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi was just one of those things. Really....

7. That 6000 pages of exculpatory evidence we had regarding AIM activist Leonard Peltier got lost by our cleaning staff. We'd never let an innocent man rot in prison. Honest....

8. We at the FBI believe that entirely too much is being made of the Branch Davidian situation. They tried to live their lives in peace away from the rest of us. How dare they do such an Un-American thing! Don't believe those photos of the charred remains of women and small children -- they are fakes -- honest!

9. The CIA is not the second largest drug trafficker in the United States. It is the oldest and largest drug trafficker, by far... Just ask former President George H. W. Bush. -- Oops, we actually made a mistake and told the truth on this one. It happens now and then.

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Osama Bin Laden & Lee Harvey Oswald -- CIA Patsies Instrumental In The Illuminati's Commisson Of Precedent Setting Fraud Against The American People

"Referring to his meeting with an unnamed Al-Qaeda expert at the Rand Corporation, a nonprofit research organization in the U.S., (Soviet Intelligence Chief) Shebarshin said: "We have agreed that [Al-Qaeda] is not a group but a notion. The fight against that all-mighty ubiquitous myth deliberately linked to Islam is of great advantage for the Americans as it targets the oil-rich Muslim regions"

-- Soviet Intelligence Chief Leonid Shebarshin

Sitting here at my desk typing today's journal, I am listening to a newsbrief in regard to the latest situation regarding the war against the Iraqi's, in which it's been alleged that Osama Bin Ladin and the Al Qaeda have taken credit for an attack that they have orchestrated.

And five or six years ago, I would have believed every word of what was being broadcast. However, I have learned quite a bit about the true nature of the US Federal Government and its Intelligence community in that time; all of it bad.

Amongst the most disturbing aspects of what I have learned is how agencies like the FBI, CIA, and NSA are able to manipulate the US media into disseminating their own propaganda, in order to continue the propagation of lies which are used as a cover for the extensive and treasonous crimes that they continue to perpetrate against the American people.

Shameless as they are, George W. Bush is on equal standing with these scoundrels, as is Dick Cheney and the rest of the Bush Cabinet -- all guilty of treason -- all complicit in the attacks which took place on 9-11-2001, and those subsequent to this tragic day in American history.

Few Americans are aware that Osama Bin Laden has been a CIA asset since the 1979 Soviet Afghan War, and that in June of 2001 (just three months before the attacks took place on 9-11 and while he was wanted as an International fugitive), Bin Laden was visited by top CIA officials, as he lay in a Dubai hospital recovering from treatment there.

Why was he not arrested at that time?

Especially since he is credited with masterminding the attacks behind 9-11 (at least that is what we have been led to believe). Here one would have to assume that the CIA could have arrested Bin Laden at that time and prevented the attacks from occurring.

So why didn't they?

Had Bin Laden not been an international fugitive at the time, it might have been plausible for the CIA to visit him without a subsequent arrest. However, given that he was considered to be an international terrorist, there remains no logical reason for the CIA to have let him go.

Unless of course Bin Laden was still working for the CIA in some capacity and would later be used as the lightening rod in the 9-11 attacks, just as Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged lone shooter in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, was used as a CIA asset in the covert operation to murder America's 35Th President.

If one looks at the facts in both of these tragedies, it is clear they were the result of years of planning, and that neither 9-11 nor the Kennedy Assassination could have ever taken place without the hierarchy within the US Intelligence community knowing in advance of these black operations.

Yet, while the CIA has always had a hand in such operations (it was created for just such purposes), there is little doubt that John F. Kennedy was in large part murdered for his attempt to remove the Federal Reserve Bank from power here in the United States. In June of 1963, JFK signed into a law an Executive Order that would effectively strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its authority to print US Federal Reserve Notes, and restore to Congress and the US Treasury the sole authority in which to print US currency.

Upon the passing of EO 11110, the Federal Reserve Notes which had been in circulation at the time were being removed from the US economy and replaced with US Treasury Notes. This continued to take place until a few months after JFK's assassination, at which time the US Treasury Notes were taken out of circulation and Federal Reserve Notes put back into the US economy.

To say that the Federal Reserve did not benefit substantially by the death of John F. Kennedy would be completely erroneous. In fact, his use of Executive Order 11110 had effectively put them out of business.

(Executive Order 11110 has never been rescinded or amended in the 44 years in which it was first passed, which means that the Federal Reserve Banking system is operating illegally in this country, and should be abolished).

And this was bad news for the Jeckyl Island 7 who both drafted and saw to it that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed into legislation, while seeing to it that the 16 Amendment which called for a federal income tax to be applied to the American people, was created.

(The 16TH Amendment is also unconstitutional in that the US Constitution strictly prohibits taxing the American with a federal income tax.)

Given that every aspect of what the Jeckyl Island 7 had done here was unconstitutional, it is no wonder that when on his death bed, President Woodrow Wilson, the man under whose watch all of these crimes had occurred, was reported to have said "My God I have destroyed my country!"

And if Wilson did indeed make this statement, it was certainly appropriate, given that as President he allowed a group of right wing neofascists to subvert the US economy and to take control of the American landscape through what would turn out to be the greatest fraud in US history -- the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel.

In the present day, the American people are again being taken to the cleaners -- this time around by the Bush Administration and the myriad lies that they have told us since perpetrating their treasonous assault on the American people on 9-11-2001.

To date the illegal wars that the United States has waged on both Afghanistan and Iraq have cost the American taxpayers upwards of half a trillion dollars, with no end in sight. And this pales in comparison to the nearly 700,000 Americans, Afghani's and Iraqi's who have been murdered as a result of the Bush Administration's war for oil and instability in the middle east -- regardless of the official propaganda that they continue to promulgate through the US media.

In the modern day, the American people are witnessing a fraud perpetrated by their own government which will someday be seen as perhaps the most outrageous act of treason in human history. Of course given Bush's manipulation of the US Constitution, it's clear that this cowardly miscreant has quietly seen it to that most of what he and his administration have done will find its way to the paper shredder (if it already hasn't) , so that the next president will have a difficult time making any sense of what this modern day fascist managed to do behind the scene during his tenure as America's first quasi-dictator.

As for the US media's daily reports on Osama Bin Ladin, the Taliban, and the Al Qaeda, the readers should take note of the following comments:

"Shortly before his untimely death, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that "Al Qaeda" is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel guerrillas, arms, and money into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan."

-- Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

"The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaeda. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the 'TV watcher' to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US and the lobbyists for the US war on terrorism are only interested in making money."

-- Pierre-Henry Bunel, a former agent for French military intelligence

"Referring to his meeting with an unnamed Al-Qaeda expert at the Rand Corporation, a nonprofit research organization in the U.S., (Soviet Intelligence Chief) Shebarshin said: "We have agreed that [Al-Qaeda] is not a group but a notion. The fight against that all-mighty ubiquitous myth deliberately linked to Islam is of great advantage for the Americans as it targets the oil-rich Muslim regions"

-- Soviet Intelligence Chief Leonid Shebarshin

I regularly suggest watching documentary filmmaker Dylan Avery's "9-11 Loosechange" because it makes clear to its viewers many key issues in regard to the attacks on 9-11 which point to a mainstream US Federal Government conspiracy. Today, millions of Americans have seen this documentary and as a direct result of it are no longer seeing the US Government as the "white knight" that the US media has promulgated it as being for so many decades.

This film is powerful and it will have a lasting effect on its viewers, as if forces them to realize that there are people operating within the US Government (including the Bush Administration) who believe that it is their right to murder innocent Americans as well as others, in order to propagate their own malevolent agendas.

After seeing "9-11 Loose Change" you will never see the US Federal Government, the FBI, or the rest of the US Intelligence community in the same light ever again. Instead you will find yourselves questioning the true reasons for the US Intelligence community's existence, given its sanctioning and subsequent cover up of those who perpetrated the 9-11 attacks.

The FBI in particular comes off extremely badly in this documentary, clearly having not only sanctioned these crimes but also aiding and abetting those who committed them (Bush Administration, PNAC and others) in what can only be seen as a treasonous obstruction of justice!

The death of former FBI special agent John O'Neill, and the subsequent reporting by one of his informants (Janet Parker) in regard to how the Bush Administration contacted the FBI to have O'Neill removed from the investigation he was working on (one which was close to locating the money trail that would end up funding the 9-11 attacks -- and lead back to George W. Bush) is very compelling. The attack on Janet Parker when she took to the airwaves after 9-11 to describe what O'Neill told her regarding the disturbing facts in his investigation -- facts which ultimately got him killed -- is equally compelling.

You can learn of this and more at the following Website. "9-11 Loosechange" is a film of historical importance, and will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most important
films of our time.

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More Documentation Of Criminal Behavior By The FBI And NSA

The following is a post from a man by the name of Tom Bean, someone else targeted by the FBI for its COINTELPRO operations. He filed a complaint against certain FBI agents operating out of the Sioux Falls, South Dakota branch of the FBI, which got three FBI agents fired. Since then, Tom, like so many of us, has been targeted by these federal sociopaths for some the most outrageous violations of civil rights ever documented. He also describes being "chipped" by the FBI. What he means by this is that they broke into his home while he was asleep (probably unconscious from some drugs that were planted in his food) and injected him with a microchip which enables the FBI to track him 24 hours a day.

The NSA's remote neural monitoring technology, something that I have been illegally subjugated to for the past 27 years, is capable of the same violations of the 4th Amendment's right to privacy, amongst others. Like Tom, those of us who have been viciously attacked by these FBI thugs or others within US Intelligence, live and breath to expose them for the criminals that they are and to see to it that these organizations and the fascist ideology on which they base their notorious operations, are destroyed.

At the end of today's journal is a post that Tom left on a number of Websites across the Internet. As you can tell from his language, he is more than a little upset with what has been done to him, and for good reason. When a group of subversives who masquerade as law enforcement, commit some of the most outrageous crimes ever recorded, by perpetrating the systematic destruction of your life, you too, will not only despise them , but also make it your mission in life to destroy them.

Once again the Bush Crime Family's name shows up in a complaint, and as Tom reports, his complaint was "obstructed all the way up the chain of command." The same has happened to Charles August Schlund, who filed a lawsuit against George W. Bush in regard to a substantial number of documents which came into his possession, showing that Bush, his father George H. W. Bush, The Rockefeller family, and the hierarchy within the CIA, have attempted to quietly subvert the US Federal Government for their own nefarious means.

Like Tom Bean, Charles Schlund was "chipped" when the CIA drugged him, and later broke into his home to inject implantable microchips into his body; those which they can use to remotely track and torture him.

Charles Schlund's case is one of the most disturbing that I have ever read about, given the complete absence of judicial accountability in his situation. Recently, Charles filed for a restraining order to gain protection from Bush and his criminal thugs. He is also seeking a ruling by the court to allow him to have these chips (which he has physical proof exist) removed from his body. He has reported of being tortured for years by the CIA, and was at one time receiving protection from the FBI as it was looking to gain information that it could use in regard to the CIA's criminality, to give it an edge against this competing agency. However, when Charles stopped being useful to them, the FBI cut him loose knowing that he would continue to be tortured by these CIA thugs, at the direction of George W. Bush. Charles' lawsuit against Bush et al can be accessed below:

The FBI and CIA should be seen as two organized crime families who are much more powerful than the traditional crime organizations that have been popularized by the movie industry. La Cosa Nostra as the mafia is called, can only dream about having the kind of illicit power that the FBI, CIA and the rest of their criminal brethren in US Intelligence have. However, these agencies function in a similar way when one of their agents attempts to blow the whistle on their criminality, finding themselves under the same types of COINTELPRO attacks that the FBI is notorious for conducting on any persons who disrupt the status quo in the United States. The FBI operates in much the same way as the mafia, because this agency and its extensive history of crimes follows the same type of indoctrination.

In numerous cases the FEDS have even formed alliances with organized crime families who shared a common interest. One of the most infamous of these occurred within the Boston FBI back in the 1970's, when an FBI agent by the name of John Connolly forged a relationship with the older brother (Whitey Bulger) of a former schoolmate (Roy Bulger), who later became part of Boston's Winter Hill Gang crime organization. Connolly helped Bulger and his partner, mobster Stephen Flemmi, put the Angiulo crime family out of business, while clearing the way for the Bulgers to take over organized crime within the city of Boston.

Connolly also saw to it that certain members of the Angiulo crime family were setup to be murdered by Bulger, giving him classified information as to where these men would be at a given time, so that they could be killed.

Former FBI Agent Connolly also framed 4 innocent men for crimes that they did not commit, while protecting the men who did commit them -- all of whom were informants for Connolly and the Boston FBI. These 4 men were sentenced to long stretches in prison, based on trumped up charges, and had their lives destroyed by both Connolly and the FBI.

It would be more than two decades before this scandal would be promulgated through the US Media, which ended in John Connolly's arrest, and Whitey Bulger's flight from prosecution. To this day, he is ironically enough listed as one of the FBI's most wanted -- even though they were the ones who allowed him rise to prominence within the city of Boston through their destruction of the Angiulo crime family. The following Website contains the stories of the men who were wrongly imprisoned by the FBI for crimes which they did not commit.

Tom Bean is far from alone in his quest to destroy the FBI. There are a myriad of us who want this agency abolished for its rampant criminality. And the NSA, CIA, and Homeland Security are no better.

Given that there is serious question as to any legitimate functions that they have, and a preponderance of evidence showing that their activities are not only a threat to the American people and their civil liberties, but also a serious burden on the human race itself, there is little question that the American people will be better off abolishing all of these agencies, and building a legitimate data gathering agency that can take the place of all three; one in which the counterintelligence operations which are used as a cover for the crimes that these agencies routinely commit, will no longer be able to exist. An agency that will be abide by the US Constitution, and respect the rights of ALL Americans.

**Note that Tom mentions a Ken Tice in regard to some testimony -- I believe that he is referring to former NSA employee Russell Tice, who in December of 2006 claimed that he had a bombshell to drop on Congress in regard to outrageous crimes that were being committed within the hierachy of the NSA. I think there's little doubt that what Tice was referring to was the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology, and its illegal deployment on perhaps millions or more American citizens. However, Tice's testimony has been put off indefinetly, in what appears to be yet another attempt by the powers that be in this country, to prevent the American people from learning of the extent of the treasonous betrayal that the US Government has perpetrated against them.

In Reference To Tom Bean's OIG Complaint:

" Read my 47 page US DOJ OIG complaint alleging wrongdoing by the vaunted FBI scum.

Mueller knows what happened to an innocent medical doctor named DR. MARK GORDON....and what crimes were committed by Minneapolis and Sioux Falls, SD, FBI scumbags.

My complaint got Sioux Falls FBI lowlifes, DAN REYNALDS, DAVID HELLER, and their SAC DEBORAH STREBEL PIERCE FIRED.


This complaint has been obstructed all the way up the chain of command (FBI OPR, DOJ OPR, DOJ OIG in Denver and Dallas, The Dems at Senate Judiciary Committee, etc, etc.

I gave up on this country along time ago.

I got chipped in my own home, by NSA/DOD/FBI Div 5 and counterintel special agent STEVEN PLUTA at Sioux Falls, SD, FBI.

Why all this smoke and chicanery from big, bad BOB "the cowardly punk" MUELLER?

Because the complaint mentions the Canadian warrant for former Miami FBI agent TERRY NELSON'S CALI COCAINE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK IN MONTANA...and the bank records show laundering into Bush, Racicot and GOP campaigns.

That's the info that the Dems refuse to question Mueller over?

Face it...............I gave the Dems at Senate Judiciary Committee all they needed (FBI and NSA TAMPERING WITH A US SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE WITNESS WHO OUTED BUSH ON THE NSA TSP when I contacted Senator Grassley three weeks before the New York Times wrote their story).

Notice how the Dems forgot about who KEN TICE WAS AND WHAT HE WANTED TO TESTIFY ABOUT?

How many people understand that the Dems rolled over on oversight of the bogus politicized NSA TSP?"

The Story Of How The Boston FBI's John Connolly Became A Partner In Crime With Whitey Bulger, head of Boston's Winter Hill Gang crime family.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Have You Seen Habeus Corpus?

The American Civil Liberties Union is in the process of conducting a campaign in which to reinstate Habeus Corpus into the US Judicial system. George W. Bush, who ranks up at the top of the list of the biggest disasters to ever hit the United States, saw to it that this aspect of juris prudence was removed in October of 2006.

Bush is a fascist who hails from a long line of like minded people, including his father, former President George H.W. Bush, grandfather, Prescott Bush, and great grandfather, Sam Bush. Bush's idea of governing is to terrify those whom he oversees through the use of covert forms of domestic terrorism, like the ones which he helped to orchestrate on 9-11.

He has done more damage to this country in the past seven years than every president to go before him, combined.

Through the use of signing statements, Bush has quietly amended many laws in this country, which gives him the ability to abuse his authority at anytime he cares to, and in doing so not only subvert the United States Constitution and its Bill Of Rights, but also hold each of us hostage under his neo fascist ideology of governing.

Amongst Bush's deliberate attempts to destroy our Constitutional Republic was the suspension of Habeus Corpus, which gives someone wrongly imprisoned the right to a new trial.

The ACLU is looking to restore the right of Habeus Corpus in this country, giving those who are falsely convicted of crimes, the right to request a new trial. Their petition can be accessed at the end of this post, and I urge each of you to sign it.

My letter to the ACLU which was sent by way of this petition:

I am supporting your day of action because I have had my civil rights violated in the most outrageous ways imaginable by the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security.

Their use of NSA satellites to illegally surveille me for decades is the most outrageous violation of the 4th Amendment ever documented.

My Website is listed below, and you can learn more about these extreme violations there.

George W. Bush is a tyrant and liar who is guilty of committing treason against the American people, given his role in the attacks on 9-11. While the media is unwilling to even broach this subject, there is a mountain of circumstantial evidence against Bush and the rest of his administration; evidence which shows that they are the most criminal administration in US history.

In addition to my site please visit the Mind Control Forums Website and Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance Website, both of which can be accessed through the Google Search Engine.

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner/US Government Non Consensual Human Experimentee

The ACLU petition to restore Habeus Corpus can be accessed below:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why Have The Profile And Links Section Of This Site Been Moved?

The right side of my blogger has been lowered so that my profile is out of view, as are the hundreds of links to Websites which support my documentation. Why? Perhaps because far more people are now considering my claims of being an NSA satellite prisoner and are looking into John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit, which documents much of this technology, and the cutting edge space weaponry that they are using to violate the privacy of all Americans. And not having my profile at the top of this Webpage (one which discusses the NSA's illegal surveillance of my person by way of spy satellite) lessens the initial impact that the site has, since new visitors don't immediately see my claims of being an NSA satellite prisoner -- something that would certainly stimulate anyone's interest -- especially when considering how the NSA's illegal use of this technology can effect them.

For the regular readers this is not a problem, given that they are already familiar with my accounts and extensive documentation, all of which is clearly above reproach. However, given that my intention is to propagate this information on a global scale, the FEDS' attempts to even cheat me out of placing the information where I want it on my own blog, while they use the media to demonize me and prevent me from posting on the main pages of the Independent Media Center Websites, illustrates what absolute control freaks they are.

They don't want any backtalk; they don't want anyone defending themselves or their First Amendment right to free speech. They simply want to overrun anyone whom they target and toss the Bill Of Rights out the window.

Well, as far as I am concerned let every damn one of them move to Russia where their tyrannical indoctrination will fit right in. As an American citizen, there is no way that I am ever going to let these modern day fascists deny me my civil rights, or those of anyone else, without fighting to the death for them.

By violating the civil rights of the American people and betraying our trust as they have, the US Intelligence community has lost its credibility.

The FBI, NSA and Homeland Security monitor this Website all day long, simply looking for reasons to have it deleted. They have made certain to remove or hide the articles that I have written and self published on Independent Media Center Websites all across the country, in efforts to keep me from promulgating my information. And I am far from the only person who is documenting such precedent setting violations of the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

The FEDS are well aware that I am telling the truth and have documented a literal mountain of circumstantial evidence against them. For these reasons their attacks on me are constant, and they are taking every opportunity to poison my Family against me, as well as the community at large.

They simply cannot afford to have more credibility given to my accounts. However, this is happening in spite of the FEDS' attempts to circulate their disinformation. The specialized satellites that the NSA deploys against those Americans whom it targets can home in on the electromagnetic fields that surround each of our bodies, and use them as tracking devices. They target you in a similar fashion to how a fighter jet can home in on the heat from an enemy aircraft -- the real difference here being that the fighter jet is homing in on heat, whereas the NSA's satellites and supercomputers are homing in on electromagnetic fields.

Similar principles -- different sources.

One of the most disturbing aspects in all this is that satellite based remote neural monitoring technology can decode your sub vocalized thoughts, and even target specific areas of your brain to influence your behavior; both of which I have experienced on myriad occasions. And many other victims of this technology are gradually surfacing on the Internet to describe similar experiences.

We are telling an ugly truth about the US Intelligence community and short of being murdered (a likely possibility) we are not going away.

We are also being vilified by the FEDS for exposing this technology. The FEDS' protocol for dealing with this is as follows: complete denial that this technology exists, or simply stating that there are highly classified programs that they do not have the security clearance to discuss.

Most of the time, they simply use their guile to undermine a target, while covertly utilizing psychological warfare in efforts to gradually erode a TI's confidence so that they are driven into desperation.

They'll stalk us around the Internet all day long and immediately move in on a post that we make on a heavily trafficked site, in order to discredit us. However, when you self publish a post that has been immediately hidden, and two minutes later there is a person who miraculously manages to find it, posting a comment like "get back on your medication" or go buy a "tin hat," it's clear that the FEDS are extremely concerned about us, and what we have to tell the public.

The truth is that if they did not have such tremendous control over the US media, this technology would have been exposed years ago, and the FEDS would have been attempting to survive a scandal the likes of which has never before been seen in any country.

What the FEDS have failed to realize is that they cannot keep a situation of this magnitude under cover indefinitely, especially when it concerns the betrayal of an entire country. And the NSA's illegal deployment of this technology on its own people is treasonous.

For this reason, those of us whom the FEDS have failed to neutralize are quite candidly being vilified by them in public, because they recognize the scandal which is now gradually emerging; one in which the legacy that they will be left with will forever expose them for the frauds and subversives that they are.

The main issue here is that it's the FEDS who are dead wrong for what they have done to us.

I know the anger that I experience in having to helplessly watch as the FEDS trample all over the inherent rights of my Family, self, and numerous others. And I can only imagine what would happen in this country if 300 million Americans became this angry at learning of such a betrayal simultaneously.

The NSA, FBI and other Intelligence agencies in this country (who illegally deploy this satellite based technology on American citizens) simply cannot afford to have the American people believing that this technology is real, or that the citizens of this nation are one of the specific reasons that it was developed and now deployed on a large scale -- many of whom are not only being illegally tracked and spied on 24 hours a day, but also used as unwitting guinea pigs for those who are honing this technology for specific applications.

However, this information is now a matter a record, thanks to John St. Clair Akwei, a former NSA employee and government whistle blower ( who exposed the NSA's abuse of this technology for the first time back in the early 1990's), and others who have found their own venues in which to propagate this information.

One of the best on the Internet is Australian Paul Baird's Website, which discusses this technology in detail and includes many different patent numbers for the types of directed energy weapons that are mounted on satellites and deployed on citizens around the world. His Website can be accessed at the end of today's post.

The real issue is what will the FEDS do when the American people as a whole realize that they have been betrayed, and the NSA (which is not authorized to spy on Americans) has been illegally spying on millions of them every minute of their lives for years on end?

When the FEDS find themselves behind the 8 Ball on this one, it should indeed prove to be very interesting.

Satellite Prisoner Paul Baird's Excellent Website On Specialized Satellites And Their Covert Capabilities.

When The FBI & Homeland Security Use Their Demonization Tactics Hell Can Become Other People

When the FEDS go out of their way to demonize a person targeted for this psychotic harassment it is clear that they are operating outside of the laws in this country. In my case as well as myriad others, their crimes go well beyond those of civil rights and with their use of psychotronic weaponry (satellite based mind control weapons) tread directly into human rights violations.

What the FEDS have done to those of us whom they have targeted for these crimes against humanity is so outrageous that they dare not ever take the chance that we will gain credibility, for if we are able to, their crimes will be promulgated far and wide leading to their dissolution - something which is inevitable. There's no question that the FBI, NSA, CIA and the rest of the US Intelligence community will be dissolved. The only variable here is how long it will take the American people to become educated in regard to the considerable crimes that these agencies have perpetrated throughout their notorious histories.

They have been able to get away with these crimes in the past, because the only source of news was through the US Media, which these agencies control through heavy censorship.

However, with the advent of the Internet, there is now a new venue in which any person can publish their content. This has allowed for the promulgation of real journalism again -- something that has been seriously lacking in the US Media since the CIA's Operation Mockingbird was put first put into place back in the late 1940's, to subvert the American people's ability to learn of the covert actions of the US Federal Government, and in particular its Intelligence community.

Operation Mockingbird and the National Security Act were two of the most subversive aspects of the 1940's. And the National Security Act in particular has been used as a very effective cover in preventing the American people from learning of crimes committed against them and other countries, by the US Federal Government.

I wrote the following back in 2005, given my experiences in being demonized by the FBI, NSA, and Homeland Security, in their efforts to cover up the crimes that they have routinely perpetrated against my Family, self and myriad others.

When Hell Becomes Other People

Until several months back while watching a Richard Gere movie called Intersection I had never before heard the phrase "Hell Is Other People." The term actually originated from Existentialist John Paul Sartre, and this maxim is considered by many others to be Sartre's legacy to his field of endeavor.

In understanding how those targeted by the FBI and other fascist intelligence organizations are completely alienated from society, and treated horribly by other people, including in many instances their very own families, Sartre's saying offers certain profound meaning to those who are targeted individuals.

Each human being yearns for the companionship of others. Whether it's the close bonds of family, friends, or still others who offer an even more intimate relationship. Even the loner misses the comfort of another person to speak with on occasion. Yet, targeted individuals quite literally, become devoid of any types of meaningful human bonds once they are relentlessly attacked by the FBI or others at its direction.

While the saying "no man is an island" has prevailed for quite a lengthy time, the sad fact is that TI's (short for Targeted Individuals) must become islands unto ourselves, as we are made to become societal outcasts by the very worst criminals on the face of our planet: the United States Federal (terrorist) Intelligence Agencies.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Was the Virginia Tech Shooter A Manchurian Candidate?

In the post that I had written the other day I had pondered whether or not the gunman who massacred 32 students at Virginia Tech, was a mind controlled "Manchurian Candidate." I have no way of knowing this for certain. However, I do find it of more than a little interest that this massacre took place at a time when US Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez was unsuccessfully testifying before Congress in regard to his knowledge of the recent firings of eight US attorney's, further eroding the credibility of the pathological Bush Administration.

If these murders were indeed in someway setup to create a smokescreen in which to redirect the American people's attention to another situation, it would certainly not be the first time that this has happened.

What I find equally disturbing is that the Virginia Tech campus police were told by the FEDS to stand down during the two hour gap in which Cho Seung-Hui waited to commit the rest of these murders. If they had pursued him at the time they could have in all likelihood prevented many of the murders which took place.

So why were they told to stand down?

According to the Virginia campus police, they don't have a good answer for this, and remain confused as to why they had to wait for the FEDS to arrive.

The following is taken directly from an article on the Website:

"Police and EMT workers at Virginia Tech tell us that campus police were given a federal order to stand down and not pursue killer Cho Seung-Hui as Monday's bloodshed unfolded.

Though wishing to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, we have received calls from police and EMT's who tell us that a stand down order was in place, and this is also confirmed by eyewitness Matt Kazee, who is a Blacksburg local.

Kazee talked to local EMT's and police who told him the same thing, that the order was to wait until federal back up arrived before any action was taken. This explains the complete non-response of the police in the two hour gap between Cho's first two murders and the wider rampage [30 more victims] that would follow later that morning."

The rest of this information can be accessed at the following Website:

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dealing With Adversity To the Nth Power -- My E-mail To The ACLU And Amnesty International

"There is no doubt in my mind that former NSA employee Russell Tice was referring to the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology, when he claimed that he had a 'bomb shell to drop on Congress.' And whether or not it is presently being deployed on the entire American population, it most certainly will be in the near future.

Satellite based remote neural monitoring technology and the ability that it offers agencies like the NSA, to quite literally get inside the minds of every American citizen, is quite simply too powerful a temptation for these professional snoops to resist."

James F. Marino -- NSA Satellite Prisoner

US Government Non Consensual Human Experimentee

In answer to the psychological operations that the FBI has subjugated me to, and the relentless attack that they have been waging against me in efforts to drive me to suicide, I contacted the ACLU by way of E-mail with a copy of the report that I had written entitled "Tortured By The FBI." I sent this as well as the statement that I have listed at the end of this post.

This was back in 2005 when I was using America Online as my Internet Service Provider, so I was able to check to see if this E-mail was ever opened -- it was. However, it was never responded to, nor did the head of the ACLU at the time ever acknowledge receipt of it.

While it is quite possible that she had not received it, there is no question that someone at the ACLU's New York City office did, given that my E-mail had been opened.

I later contacted Amnesty International with the same E-mail and never heard back from them either. And this has also been the case for most persons who've reported serious complaints to these organizations, which concern some type of criminal activity being perpetrated against them by US Intelligence agencies; in particular the FBI, CIA and NSA.

It is apparent that in these instances, the ACLU and AI have been told to steer clear of cases which involve those persons who are complaining of being subjected to serious violations of their civil rights; in particular those who report being illegally spied on within the privacy of their own homes, as well as experiencing what can only be termed as "mind control" weapon's technology being deployed against them.

***Note -- In 2006 I again contacted the ACLU, this time around to alert them to the NSA's satellite based remote neural monitoring technology. I referenced the lawsuit by former NSA employee and government whistle blower John St. Clair Akwei, which documents in detail the NSA's Signals Intelligence technology and the ways in which it can be illegally deployed to spy on unwitting Americans without their knowledge or consent. My concern was that many ACLU employees are being targeted for this technology because they are constantly challenging the US Government's abuses of civil rights, and more recently the FBI's abuse of the Patriot Act.

I also contacted film maker Dylan Avery (creator of the superb documentary on the 9-11 attacks entitled "9-11 Loose Change") to alert him to the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology, given that his work was an absolute thorn in the side of the Bush Administration, the think tank which calls itself " The Project For A New American Century" - PNAC, and the hierarchies within the US Intelligence community, including but not limited to the FBI, NSA, CIA and Pentagon.

Defending a librarian in regard to the FBI's abuse of the Patriot Act is one thing. Even the rights of those being tortured at Guantanamo Bay. And there is no question that these are extremely important issues.

However, the issues that I've presented to the ACLU and AI are of real consequence to every American citizen, given the outright betrayal by these US Intelligence agencies, who have clearly perpetrated treasonous crimes against the American people.

I even offered to take a polygraph given the outrageous treatment that both my Family and I have been subjected to by these miscreants -- people don't offer to take polygraphs unless they KNOW that they are telling the TRUTH.

However, when I called the head of the ACLU's New York City office, I was told that they'd never received my information and that if I wanted them to look into my complaints, I would have to print out it out and mail it to them -- even though I knew that at this point at least one person at the ACLU had seen my E-mail, and that given its remarkable content, they would have most assuredly shared it with those in charge.

However, I decided to print my report out and send it to the ACLU regardless of this -- this time by registered mail. As I began to download the report the printer that I was using immediately began to malfunction. It was clear that the FEDS had used their remote satellite technology to destroy the unit in efforts to prevent me from printing my report and sending it out. I was using my Father's computer at the time which also began having all sorts of strange problems, once I started researching the FBI's COINTELPRO operations, and later the NSA/CIA tie to electronic warfare and mind control.

The computer became very unreliable after this, and eventually my Father was forced to have it repaired, telling me that I could no longer use it. In knowing that the FBI was involved and furious about it, he even left a note on my desk stating that my use of his computer to research the FBI's COINTELPRO was the reason that his computer was damaged and blamed me for it, even though it was blatantly obvious that it was the FBI who purposely damaged his computer to get even with me.

I obliged him and dug up an old Celeron system that I had purchased for him before he received his new computer. I should also note that since I no longer use my Father's computer it now functions fine.

However, what would happen if you or I hacked someone's computer and damaged it the way the FEDS did to my Father's computer? We'd go to jail. So what makes these FEDS so special? Why should they be allowed to routinely break laws that the rest of us are forced to obey?

The answer is quite simple -- they shouldn't!

So now that my Father's computer is operating fine, the FEDS regularly attack my home computer.

Now I find my computer locking up on a regular basis, programs opening and closing on their own, and my keyboard literally having a mind of its own at times; all thanks to the FBI/NSA illegal entry by way of satellite, that they use on a regular basis.

This is something that they also do with my Websites, as part of their psychotic methodology. Altering a word or sentence in a way in which to change its meaning. Removing the spacing between words so that together they form some word that conveys a theme which they are looking to express -- this is a commonly reported tactic that the FEDS use on those they target.

Even adding programs to the hard disc on my computer which I never installed. If they were not so lethal, these types of pranks would simply remind me of some of the kids who were always in detention hall after school.

However, think of the situation this way.

Here's a prime example of someone who can become an unwitting victim of these saboteurs:

Suppose you are a very vocal person who is interested in defending your civil rights.

You attend civil rights meetings held by organizations that the FBI deems to be a threat to the US status quo. You may become a member of such an organization, and in doing so be given a much greater venue in which to voice concerns that the FBI does not want you speaking about.

Now they decide to go after you. They download something illegal to your computer, and the next thing you know they're breaking down your door.

What's one of the first things that you hear about when a person's home is raided? That their computers are seized, right?

If this sounds like a complex procedure, you have no idea just how easy it really is.

How easily you can be tracked by way of the electromagnetic field which surrounds your body. How effortlessly the NSA can get in and out of your computer through its use of spy satellites, without your ever being made aware that they have done so. Even more terrifying is that they can gain access to your own mind as though they had a revolving door by using their remote neural monitoring system.

They are that SLICK.

And you'll never know it until you are sitting in a federal court when the prosecution suddenly presents their exhibits, and you are wondering where they ever came from, since you've never seen them before.

As you sit there watching your life go down the proverbial toilet, it's too late to do anything about it. You've been conned by the best in the business, and the only thing you did was to exercise your rights to assembly and free speech.

This is just one example in a myriad concerning ways in which the FEDS can arrest you simply by illegally accessing your computer and placing their own information on it. They are also capable of stealing information from your computer at any time that they decide to. That is a federal crime, and ironically enough, here we have the FEDS committing it.

I have even had them change the passwords that I have used to gain access to my blog account as well as a few E-mail accounts that I have had. Yet as soon as I report this on my journal, miraculously, I am able to access these sites. And this has nothing to do with misspelling a password -- I am referring to attempting to access the Website 7 or 8 times, which is proof that the passwords themselves have been temporarily changed, or the FEDS are simply preventing the information from getting to the servers that I am attempting to access.

I have also had them freeze computer buttons that I was trying to access on certain Websites so that I could not do so. They are also notorious for freezing a Web page just as it begins to download, preventing access. They even prevented me from making a donation to the Mind Control Forums Website, when freezing the screen at the last minute, so that I was unaware as to whether or not my donation had gone through.

Concerned that I might be billed twice, I refrained from trying again. The FEDS will use these tactics to have credit cards double billed -- another problem commonly reported by those who are targeted for organized stalking crimes.

The FEDS even attacked my credit cards, routinely interfering with purchases and calling the CC companies to decline my cards, even though they were valid at the time. They did this in an effort to destroy my credit (which before they began attacking me was excellent). An excellent illustration of how they attempted to destroy my credit and reputation was during 2005 on a day in which I was buying lunch for my Family and a few friends. The meal was excellent and enjoyed by all. However, when I went to pickup the tab I was informed that my card was not valid.

And this was not the first time that this had happened to me at a restaurant.

It had occurred a prior time when I again attempted to pickup the tab at a restaurant and my card was revoked. This also happened when I would attempt to get cash from automated teller machines at CitiBank. I would place a call on the courtesy phones next to the machines only to be told there was some problem that could not be handled by way of the courtesy phones. However, as soon as I returned home and called CitiBank, I was told that there was no problem.

I would make another trip to the CitiBank ATM and everything would be fine. Yet over time this situation would only get worse. It became so bad that when eating at a restaurant, I would be forced to ask the waiter ahead of time to check my credit card to ensure that it was valid (something that the FEDS did to cause me embarassment). In the two times in which I forgot to check my cards, the FEDS quickly called CitiBank to have them cancelled, just so they could cause me embarassment. Of course if I had called the credit card company shortly after this everything would be fine. However, the FEDS began to tire of their failed attempts to get me to stop eating out and decided to become more aggressive.

In what would turn out to be the final straw, the last time that this happened, I called Citibank when I got home and was told that the two cards that they had issued to me had been revoked. However, I never received written notification of this - which to my knowledge is illegal. A few days later I received a renewal card in the mail which I promptly cut up and tossed into the garbage -- exactly how could I get a renewal card in the mail if CitiBank had closed my account?

Moreover, how is it that one card could be cancelled, while the other was still active? And just days after I was told that they were both revoked?

Makes no sense at all right?

Unless the FBI and Homeland Security are involved. When these boys and girls play, they make up the rules as they go -- rules that have absolutely nothing to do with the law or the US Bill Of Rights.

They kept the one card open just so they could keep screwing with it. So I cut it up the day it arrived.

The major point that I am attempting to make here is that when the FEDS are involved in your harassment, they have access to technology which can be deployed against you to turn your life into a living nightmare -- and every aspect of your life becomes like the credit card situation that I have just described.

And believe me when I tell you, that's exactly what they have done to my Family and me. And if my Family for one second ever decided to go against these FEDS and tell the entire truth about what they have subjected all of us to, they would immediately find themselves subjected to same types of 24 hour a day attacks that I've been dealing with for the past four years.

Which is why they keep silent.

As it is, the first two years of this harassment was used to brainwash my Family -- something that I saw happen daily from 2003 though 2005, until they were convinced that I was their enemy and not the FEDS who have destroyed our lives.

This is insanity!

We underwent a complete media blackout, so that the FEDS could use the media to trash my reputation and deny me (as well as my Family) my right to due process of law. And many other people have taken to the Internet to report very similar violations by these government rat bastards.

This is outright brainwashing!

And I will take a polygraph to prove it; I will swear on a stack of Bible's; or whatever else it takes -- because I am telling the truth, and these FEDS are LYING through their TEETH!

As for the types of electronic sabotage that the FBI, NSA and even Homeland Security are capable of in regard to your computer, also keep the following in mind:

If these agencies can add whatever content they want to your computer, what's to prevent them from placing content which is illegal on your hard drive at anytime they want to?

I have often wondered how many people over the years the FEDS have setup for such entrapment, whose families were then bullied (as mine has been) into keeping quiet in regard to the crimes that the FBI perpetrated against them?

People who had not committed any crimes and as such could not be legally arrested.

People who were setup up on trumped up charges and imprisoned by some FBI scam artists who looked to violate their civil rights under the color of law statutes in this country.

And there's little doubt that with the FBI these violations have been and continue to be a common practice. The rule, rather than the exception to it.

So where do those of us who've been setup by the FEDS find a way to obtain justice when even the ACLU and AI are too fearful of taking on our cases? Those activists who will be treading right into the areas of electronic warfare and other top secret government programs that only federal agents with the highest clearances available, actually have access to.

Right here on the Web. Because here, we are not restrained as these organizations are. And unlike the US media, we can tell you the truth, because we don't regurgitate the CIA's Operation Mockingbird black propaganda.

We can give you the unpleasant facts while the FEDS cringe in horror as we unmask them for the fascistic disciples that they are; those whose ultimate objective in life is to play God with the rest of our lives.

And if you don't think that people who utilize satellites to rape the thoughts right out of your own mind, while deploying directed energy technology to physically torture you have a God complex, then you really need to look up the definition of those suffering with this delusion.

And if there is a real God, don't hate these FEDS. Pity them. Because when they meet this God they're going to be given a one way express ticket to hell.

And after the countless lives that these government rat bastards have destroyed, that my friends will indeed be justice.

My E-mail to the ACLU and Amnesty International:

I, James F. Marino, a resident of the State of New York, present the following information to the ACLU and Amnesty International as evidence of gross misconduct by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, in regard to my family and myself. I have also included information presented by Geral W. Sosbee, a former special agent with the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, which describes his constant harassment by them through the use of coercion, entrapment, psychological operations and psycho electronic weaponry. I realize that the information that I am providing will place you in a difficult position with the FBI.

However, as an American, it is imperative that I share this information with you so that you may become aware of the serious crimes that the FBI is complicit in, and consequently, alert the American people to them. I do not want another person being put through the hell that Geral Sosbee, (Barbara Hartwell harassed by the CIA), my family, myself, and still many others, have been put through by this morally bankrupt and corrupted organization. I will gladly amplify any comments that I have made here by phone or in person, at your request. I am also prepared to take a polygraph.

My report entitled "Tortured By The FBI" can be accessed below:

As for the NSA's spy satellite network and its use of remote neural monitoring technology, one must ponder exactly how many Americans are presently being watched by this system 24 hours a day?

Take the following information into consideration:

The NSA uses the most advanced computers in the world -- according to John St. Clair Akwei, the technology that these computers operate on is at least 15 to 20 years ahead of any computers that the average American citizen has access to.

Their capabilities are also so extreme that they have enough computing power to watch the Earth's entire population (6 billion people) six times over. Most citizens would ask how the NSA's staff of roughly 50,000 employees would be able to watch every person on this planet 24 hours a day, but the truth is these super computers can do all the work, archiving this information so that NSA technicians can access the dossiers of any persons they need to simply by tapping into the NSA's massive databank.

Whether or not every person in the United States is being watched and videotaped by NSA audio/visual satellites is open to question. There's little doubt that millions of us are being spied on in this way 24 hours a day. I know that I certainly have been for the past 27 years.

The real issue here is that the NSA's primary function is that of gathering data and creating dossiers on people around the globe, and this includes all American citizens. Remote neural monitoring technology is the most effective way of accomplishing this, given that the NSA is not only able to watch each of us 24 hours a day, but also record and archive all of our activities -- as well as what we are thinking -- for future reference.

And it's all done by way of super computers and satellites. Moreover, anytime that the NSA, or other government agency (including the FBI) is looking to obtain information on any Americn citizen, all they would need to do is access the information that the NSA has archived on that person within its extensive database -- information that is vastly more in depth than any of the FEDS' traditional ways of gathering data.

What Americans must consider in regard to this hi-tech spy technology is that the NSA is a global spy organization which spies on the United States as well as other countries. However, domestic spying by the NSA is illegal and against its charter. So it's no wonder that John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit has never made it to the trial stage (even after 16 years of being kicked around in the US legal system) , or that former NSA employee Russell Tice, whose specialty at the agency was "dark operations," was quickly neutralized by the FBI before he could testify in front of a Senate subcomittee, regarding as he put it " the bomb shell" that he had to tell them.

There is no doubt in my mind that Tice was referring to the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology. And whether or not it is presently being deployed on the entire American population, it most certainly will be in the near future.

Satellite based remote neural monitoring technology and the ability that it offers agencies like the NSA, to quite literally get inside the minds of every American citizen, is quite simply too powerful a temptation for these professional snoops to resist.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Further Commentary On The Virginia Tech Massacre

I was just visiting a Website which documents the phenomenon of the networked organized stalking crimes that have been reported taking place globally.

One of the recent posts was in sympathy of the student who murdered 32 of his fellow students on the Virginia Tech Campus this past week, in what has turned out to be the most deadly shooting by a single person, in United States history.

The poster of this message opined that the shooter, Cho Seung-Hui, became irreparably damaged because he was not only molested by his father as a child, but also constantly stalked and harassed as a result of being different. And moreover, that the cumulative effects of all of these crimes are what led up to his cold blooded murder of these 32 people.

As someone who's been ruthlessly targeted for the crime of organized stalking for the past 4 years, I would have to concur with this person.

The 23 year old who murdered 32 of his classmates did not become a cold blooded murderer in an afternoon, or for that matter, in a year or two.

Cho Seung-Hui was tormented for most of his life, and gradually began to dissociate himself from the painful world in which he was living.

When people suffer this much, it can only manifest itself in one of two ways: The person either turns their anger inward and hurts themselves, or as is the case with Cho Seung-Hui, turn it outward and hurt others whom they believe are responsible for their insufferable pain.

The media of course, was quick to attack this kid, and on the surface it's easy to see why. Thirty two precious young lives were ended within a short time -- a tremendous waste of human life.

However, the media clearly responds to these situations as though people like Cho Seung-Hui are the only ones with serious psychological hangups, when in fact they apply to most people at one time or another.

It is so convenient for a society to target specific individuals to blame for its own inadequacies; those problems which it simply has never attempted to resolve in one way or another.

And to delve deeply into this problem is not allowed, because this would reveal that society as a whole is a failure, and because of it, generation after generation of young people will only grow up experiencing many of the same problems.

The saying history repeats itself because people fail to learn from its lessons is not only true, but also a direct assault on the concept of maintaining a status quo in society -- one which not only promotes mediocrity, but also strives to secure all aspects of a society, including its myriad of problems.

Society has never succeeded at fixing most of its problems, because it has never made the concerted effort necessary in which to do so. As is the case with any situation that is simply ignored, those within society have only gotten worse over time.

Of course, this is a little too sensitive an area for most people to deal with since it would put each of them under the same spotlight, and bring up many issues within their own lives that they are simply not comfortable dealing with.

Moreover, history has shown us that as long as others are being ripped to shreds within the media, the American people have little problem with it. That is, as long as they are not the ones being attacked.

In fact, many of them use these tragedies to boost their own self esteem.

And herein lies the most significant problem of all -- the collective bullying by the public of those whom they choose to target with their hatred; attacks which are usually instigated and fed by way of the US Intelligence community, and its use of the media as a catalyst for such inhumane acts.

The FBI in particular is a major culprit here, as is the Department Of Homeland Security (a completely failed effort if there ever was one).

While there can be little doubt that Cho Seung-Hui was a very troubled young man, whom through his misery and confusion became capable of an absolutely monstrous act, we should not ignore the insensitivity of a society that feeds situations such as this one, with its own backwards ideologies of what is right and wrong, who is acceptable and who is not, and who should be allowed to live their lives in peace, while others are targeted to be tormented.

This in and of itself speaks volumes in regard to the absolute hypocrisy that American society is guilty of.

And these days, if the issue isn't a politically correct one, those who attempt to promulgate it are vilified, regardless of the content of their issues.

Furthermore, as long as this hypocrisy is allowed to continue, there will be more of these tragedies; a sign that society as a whole is incapable of serving the needs of its citizens, and instead rewarding those who fit neatly into a particular stereotype, while vilifying those who do not.

This is an incendiary issue.

People just don't pick up guns and start shooting others, especially with the randomness that Cho Seung-Hui did, unless their anger has been building up for years.

And if he was indeed routinely ridiculed by those around him, and psychologically tormented to the point of experiencing such anger, then society must share at least some of the blame in the tragedy that occurred on the Virginia Tech Campus.

As for those who take part in the organized stalking crimes that are perpetrated against many of us, they are playing with dynamite.

They cannot expect to routinely participate in the psychological torture of others in efforts to completely dismantle their lives, without understanding that a form of retribution will eventually be meted out to them.

It would be unrealistic to make such a thoughtless assumption.

As of this day, I still cannot help but think of what must have been going through the minds of the students who were murdered in such callous a fashion. These killings were cruel beyond words.

As for their killer, I doubt that there was much at all left of whomever Cho Seung-Hui once was, given the torment that he must have suffered over his life.

By the time he got to these kids, he was little more than a machine, clearly no longer able to maintain any semblance of normalcy. And the malicious tauntings that he was forced to endure most certainly did not help the situation.

The absolute viciousness of these murders should serve as a reminder to each of us, that if we allow those around us to collectively bully those whom we disapprove of for one reason or another, we must indeed shoulder a large part of the blame for turning these people into the monsters that they become.

And organizations which sanction such acts as organized stalking crimes; those that masquerade as law enforcement, yet in reality serve a completely contrary function, should indeed be at the head of this list.

The FBI and Homeland Security, in particular, are prime culprits in this area, for instead of setting a proper example, they are encouraging criminal acts of vigilantism, and only contributing to the creation of such homicidal sociopaths as Cho Seung-Hui, Dylan Klebolt, Eric Harris, Kip Kinkle and a host of others, who did not start out as murderers, but were instead psychologically abused to the point of becoming the monsters that they did -- and shockingly enough, at such a young age.

In the case of organized stalking crimes, which could well end up making murderous sociopaths out of those innocent citizens who are in the present day being illegally targeted for them (crimes which have been quietly sanctioned by the federal, state and local police), it's clear that Americans should be looking in the direction of these agencies and placing the spotlight on them, instead of wantonly attacking those who have clearly done them no harm.

These organized stalking crimes are simply not going to be tolerated. And given the rising number of victims who are now reporting such accounts, these stalkers will likely find themselves becoming the hunted ones in the future.

There are many important lessons to be learned by the Virginia Tech shootings. Unfortunately, one of my greatest concerns is that they will not be learned, and we will again see another Columbine or Virginia Tech massacre, but perhaps even worse the next time around.

History is certain to keep repeating itself until the human race has not only learned to pay attention to the lessons that it has to teach us, but to also find within ourselves the courage and resolve to go against the indoctrinations of society, which are in large part the real source of our problems.

Those who cannot, or are unwilling to do so, will continue to find themselves being subjugated to this vicious cycle, over an over again.
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