Saturday, March 31, 2007

Who To Believe?

There are so many people -- some better known through their media celebrity than others -- who are claiming to have key information in regard to every aspect of the complete subversion that is taking place around the world today, by those forces that are looking to enslave the human race.

As someone who's researched this phenomenon for nearly 4 years, all I can say to those who are attempting to make sense of this mass confusion, is to trust your own instincts above all else. Don't allow yourselves to be led by anyone or any single movement.

Don't let your ego's get in the way of your common sense, and don't promulgate information unless you have more than a reasonable indication that this information is valid.

Moreover, don't post your information anonymously, since that is the way in which all disinformation agents operate -- oftentimes making outlandish claims which they don't even have the courage to stand by, by failing to acknowledge who they really are.

If you want to be of help to others, have the courage to stand by the comments you make by not hiding under an alias.

And develop a thick skin if you are going to propagate your own ideas in regard to what is happening in this world, particularly if you are circulating information that goes against the mainstream's indoctrination, be it political, philosophical, or religious.

You are going to make a lot of enemies and you are going to find yourselves being both demonized and dehumanized in efforts to destroy your spirit and credibility. Especially in light of the catalysing events which are now taking place around the globe to both deceive and deny you your freedom.

Don't allow anyone to get away with this.

You are far more than your physical body and you have a wealth of resources that most of you have yet begun to tap into.

And the more adversity you are faced with, the better you will understand what I am referring to here.

While you may experience an intense isolation and believe that everyone whom you have ever known has abandoned you, know that you are never alone.

Nor have you been abandoned.

Friday, March 30, 2007

When Life Truly Does Become Stranger Than Fiction

During the Winter of 2004, I had been in such despair at the relentless psywarfare campaign being waged against me by the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security and their degenerate network of organized stalkers (in efforts to drive me to suicide), that I went to seek comfort in the familiar wooded area behind my Family's home, a place where I had spent many a time hiking, decades earlier.

At the time I headed back there, the minute that I left the house three different firehouse sirens sounded simultaneously! This particular aspect of the harassment has subsided now, but is still typical of the types of psychological operations that all TI's are subjugated to under the FBI and other federal organizations who sanction these crimes; crimes that entire communities end up taking part in. Even the Families of those being targeted can be coerced (blackmailed) into taking part in them.

I decided to rest by laying down on a tree that had fallen years earlier. Upon doing so I noticed a very oddly shaped branch jutting out from a tree next to the one that had fallen, which was located about 40 feet high (and 75% of the way up the tree).

While I had no idea at the time, it would become a key part of the evidence that I would need to prove that the US Government had access to technology that was able to tap into the visual cortex of my brain.

At the time my Family and I had been subjected to the complete subversion of our TV programming, which was intercepted at the source and replaced by the NSA's own programming -- something that along with several other occurrences, would prove to me that the United States was no longer a Democracy.

The customary way for the NSA to present its programming at the time was to eliminate all but a handful of channels which would contain whatever it was that they wanted us to see. The programming on these channels was frozen (in the way TIVO broadcasts are -- however we have never subscribed to TIVO), so that I would see exactly what the NSA wanted me to see at the time, in regard to programming content.

Switching to another station made absolutely no difference, as I would be subjected to the same situation -- and most of the channels were completely blacked out -- even though we subscribed to a package that gave us access to at least two hundred of them at the time.

As I switched from one channel to the next I suddenly saw something that flabbergasted me. It was the exact same image that I had seen the day earlier -- that of the tree I was laying under and the odd looking branch which had caught my attention.

The first thing I wondered was how did they possibly get a photo of this?

But as I looked at the image I saw that it was exactly as I had seen this tree and the branch through my own eyes, from the vantage point of laying flat on the surface of the downed tree.

I began to realize that whoever was attacking me (I had suspected the FBI at that point but hadn't thought of the NSA as being involved at the time) was also able to see what I was seeing through my own eyes.

Upon seeing this image I was as terrified as I was fascinated that the FEDS had access to such sophisticated technology. Little did I realize at the time that I was being watched by way of NSA audio/visual satellites 24 hours a day, or that the National Security Agency had been using me as an unwitting guinea pig for nearly thirty years, as part of their satellite based remote neural monitoring mind control research.

I did not give much thought to it at the time, but during that winter decided to go back into the area where the tree was, to photograph it. However, the tree had fallen down at that point (uprooted) and as it fell landed on the exact spot that I had been laying in back on that afternoon in 2004!

Since that time someone has been back to that area (which is private property) and attached an orange marker right next to where this tree fell. It is attached to a small tree which is right next to a property marker which was also recently painted orange. However, none of the other markers on our property were painted, so why the one by the downed tree with the strangely shaped branch?

No one has ever accessed this area for public maintenance reasons in the past 42 years of our living here, simply because the property is private. So why was this property marker painted?

And interestingly enough, in the color orange, a color that the FEDS and their organized stalking network, had been using their psyop tactics to sensitize me to at the time.

It is also extremely odd that the only tree that has fallen on our property in the past four years has been this one. We've lost some branches, however, no other trees. What are the odds with the thousands of trees on our property (including the wooded areas), that the one I wanted to take a photo of was the only one to suddenly fall down?

I had been out to this tree less than a week earlier, but on the day that I took my camera out to photograph it, it had suddenly fallen.

And given many of the other strange situations that I have experienced in the past several years, I seriously doubt that this was a coincidence. I have also heard strange cracking sounds in the middle of the night, which seem to be coming from some of the trees outside. These nights have also been dead calm -- no wind, rain, or any other natural reasons for this to be occurring.

And from what I have read satellite based directed energy technology can easily take down a tree at its roots, flip a car upside down, and accomplish other tremendous feats.

So do I think that the NSA would knock this tree down just to prevent me from getting an accurate photo of the branch? Yes. Especially since the branch is now in three pieces, making it more difficult to recreate the image that I saw at the time.

The following are some photos of the fallen tree that I took earlier today.

Tree As It Looked Just Days After I'd Seen It Standing

Orange Flag Placed On A Small Tree Next To The Downed One

Strange Looking Branch That I Saw Now Broken In Two Places

Tree Lands On Exact Area That I Was Laying On Back In 2004!

As best as I can figure, the NSA has been using a myriad of American citizens as non consensual human experimentees, who in the past 27 years (from inside sources this technology was first deployed on a very large scale around 1980) have served as human lab rats so that the NSA could map out the human brain to determine exactly which areas to target, in order to evoke the responses that they were looking to

And I can tell you from first hand experience, that not only can the NSA effect your emotional state through the use of this complex technology, they are also able to target any portion of your brain to effect your behavior, all while their specialized spy satellites record every second of it.

Sounds a lot more Hitlerian and characteristic of Nazi Germany than it does the United States doesn't it?

Yet it's been going on here on a large scale for nearly three decades, and has existed as early as the late 1940's, when the CIA began to utilize those Nazis who were smuggled into this country under its Operation Paperclip, for their extensive knowledge of mind control.

Certain Japanese experts were also smuggled into this country for the same reason, and those under the now infamous UNIT 731, known for committing some of the most outrageous abuses of human rights, also came to reside here in the USA, to work alongside these Nazi scientists. (I say smuggled in because I seriously doubt that as the US Troops were rounding up the rest of these war criminals for trial and execution, they would have knowingly allowed this to happen; especially given the numbers of casualties that they suffered just attempting to shut Hitler and his Nazi war machine down).

Operating under the cover of the CIA and its MK Ultra program, these Nazi and Japanese scientists would take part in some of the worst atrocities and crimes against humanity ever documented. And they have done so right here in the United States Of America -- right under the noses of the American people.

Talk about an outrageously cruel irony.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

As A TI Are You Being Too Thin Skinned About The Harassment Perpetrated Against You?

I have noticed that the perp's (through their second and third party agents provocateur) often like to taunt their victims by responding in ways that in a normal situation might be understandable.

For instance, accusing someone of being too sensitive who has perhaps gotten a tad more defensive about something that was said. These types of situations happen from time to time and are part of human nature.


For those who are targeted for organized stalking crimes and government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, this frequent taunting becomes a common everyday occurrence. Yet, for the TI's who deal with this daily assault on their civil liberties, the taunting only adds to the already desperate situations which we are placed in.

Imagine having a group of people who make it their sole mission in life, to systematically destroy yours.

Nothing is off base with them, as they use their technology to violate your privacy in the most outrageous ways imaginable. You can't even shower in your own bathroom without being videotaped. Nothing that you say, do, or think is private, as you are spied on by way of audio/visual satellites that can track your every move and thought.

And this group of people (AKA US Federal Intelligence) who've taken part in these crimes against you deploy degenerates (referred to by the TI's they target as organized stalkers) to stalk you as though they were hunting big game.

Somehow, you now find yourself dealing with a parallel system of justice in which you are no longer protected by the very laws set forth in the US Constitution.

Made into a pariah, you are now surrounded by predators whom you have never met or had interactions with. Yet their mission is to make certain that you kill yourself. While these people have been brainwashed into believing that they are in the right for perpetrating what is most certainly a series of very serious felonies, what they have failed to grasp is that they too have become victims of those who utilize them in these criminal campaigns; campaigns waged to deny others their civil liberties.

The FEDS are notorious for working a number of angles against those whom they are attempting to entrap. And I have noticed that when their efforts fall by the wayside, they are quick to jump on a series of new angles as quickly as possible.

Ironically, in many instances if they become desperate enough, the early characterizations that they engender to a particular person to whom they are targeting, oftentimes end up being in complete contrast with the later ones.

There is one word to describe this situation -- DESPERATION.

When the FBI becomes desperate in regard to the attacks that it is perpetrating against someone it targets, its operations becomes sloppy and unprofessional. There is no longer any rule of law, and the FEDS are quite literally flying by the seat of their pants in an obvious and desperate attempt to promulgate information that is going to place the person whom they are targeting in the worst possible light.

Whatever happened to due process of law in which a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty? I guess since the Patriot Act was passed, Americans can now kiss that part of the Constitution goodbye as well.

*** Robert Mueller went before Congress earlier this week to claim full responsibility for the crimes that FBI agents committed by illegally spying on numerous American citizens since 2001. He pleaded with Congress not to take the broad reaching powers that the FBI was given after the Patriot Act was passed, because they were the "bread and butter" of the FBI's operations.

Well Mueller's statement pretty much says it all. The FBI can't do its spying effectively without the Patriot Act's section 215; legislation that is pure fascism.

Mueller also said that the FBI will not let this happen again.

Mueller is lying as usual, as his agency has been caught red handed breaking the law.

Yet no agent will serve any prison time at all, even though any American citizen who had been found guilty of taking part in the same type of crimes would have served time for them.

I hope that Congress will finally reign the FBI in by removing its sweeping powers for once and for all; something that this organization (given its history of civil rights abuses) had no right to in the first place.

I say hope because I seriously doubt that it will ever happen. Congress and the Department Of Justice have a history either looking the other way when the FBI commits serious violations of Civil Rights, or covering up for them when necessary. It is only when the American people have become so outraged by the FBI's criminal behavior, that Congress is forced to act. And as history has shown us, it has been ineffective at keeping the FBI reigned in for very long, even when it does.

The worst move that Congress could make at this time is to allow the FBI to keep its unreasonable and unconstitutional authority. That would be a HUGE MISTAKE!

Although when I consider the crimes that the FEDS have perpetrated against myself and a great many others; crimes which have been ongoing for decades, it's clear that the Patriot Act was not the catalyst behind them, but instead a reason for those in federal government who were already illegally orchestrating these crimes, to become more brazen about them.

The bottom line's that the FBI's never abides by the laws of this country to begin with, and taking authority away from this modern day KGB isn't going to prevent it from continuing to utilize its COINTELPRO's against any groups or persons whom it decides to attack.

Nothing ever has. The FBI can be seen in much the same way as the Department Of Defense, the Defense Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency -- covert independent governments that consider themselves to be above the laws of the United States and its citizens. And there are other US Agencies which operate in the same fashion.

Based on the research that I have done over the past few years, the American people have been lied to in regard to everything from our economy to our space program. While these agencies continue to covertly perpetrate their lies against us, their technology grows more advanced each year, while we are given the "sub--basement" of such technology -- video games, MP3 players & GPS navigation systems are such examples -- to keep us blindly amused and from asking important questions which pertain to this government's actions and accountability for them.

A simple analogy in regard to how disparate this situation has become is like comparing someone who's just gone on to first grade, to someone who's graduated from their undergraduate work and gone on to advanced studies.

Only the disparity is even far greater than that in this situation. The Illuminati is moving further ahead of the citizenry of this planet on a daily basis, and controlling any technology that manages to trickle down to the level of society. Something else they don't want you to know is that they are concerned about the natural resources on this planet, and don't want you using them. And do you know what they have planned for most of us?

Extermination through several different means, all which have plausible deniability built into them.

Wars -- an effective way for the Illuminati to murder thousands of men, women and children.

Biological, chemical, and electronic warfare -- very effective ways of murdering millions of people with plausible deniability. Also offers the ability to commit genocide as the AIDS and Ebola viruses have done with the African population, and AIDS which was created to murder African Americans and the homosexual population.

Any persons or races whom the Illuminati deems to be inferior to themselves.

The Illuminati's use of the HAARP antenna farm in Alaska to beam an enormous amount of electricity into the earth's ionosphere to disrupt and even manipulate weather patterns.

This can lead to the creation of what on the surface appear to be natural disasters, but those which are deliberately manufactured to murder selected groups of people globally. The HAARP system can also manipulate the weather to create artificial famine's and cause the subsequent deaths by starvation which always follow them.

The Illuminati will continue in this vein until they have eliminated most of the earth's human populace. They will keep enough of the "common people" around to use as labor, and the rest of us will be exterminated in one way or another at the hands of these monsters.

A primary goal of the New World Order one world government that the Illuminati is now ushering in, is to keep the citizenry of this planet in a state of blissful ignorance. Those who ask too many questions end up neutralized or dead -- murdered by the Illuminati's watchdogs -- organizations like the CIA, NSA, FBI, MI5, MI6 etc.

As for the FEDS and their entrapment techniques the following applies: When the FEDS fail to entrap a Target, their "grab bag" of options becomes as varied as the characterizations that they were attempting to saddle the targeted person with. In other words, just about anything goes, as long as they believe that they can get away with what they are doing.

And Heaven forbid if these agents decide that the matter has become a personal one, because at that point nothing short of driving the person targeted to suicide, is going to satisfy them.

With the egos these agents have, it is truly a wonder how they can fit their inflated skulls through a door.

What I find even more disturbing is that they will quite literally use psychological warfare to drive someone into committing suicide, if they cannot arrest them legally.

The FBI and CIA are both notorious for using psychological warfare in efforts to force their targets to commit suicide. If this fails they will find a plausibly deniable way in which to murder them.

The US media never investigates these types of deaths, and rarely ever even reports them.

***** At this point the FEDS have chosen to freeze my computer keyboard -- something that they do constantly when I type this blog or my Angelfire journal. And it is now functioning erratically.

What the average American citizen must ask themselves is the following:

If the FBI (or for that matter Homeland Security) must illegally spy on an American citizen for years on end, and then fails to find just cause to arrest them, why is the spying allowed to continue?

When the FBI becomes so desperate that it utilizes its coercive tactics to force those around the person(s) they are targeting to take part in these attacks, threatening to arrest or in someway blackmail these people if they do not, exactly how does this classify as legitimate law enforcement?

Doesn't it occur to these agents that if they can't find something to arrest the person(s) whom they are targeting for decades (taking into account that these targets cannot even relieve themselves within the so called privacy of their own bathrooms without being videotaped by these FEDS), that perhaps they should best move on to someone who is committing legitimate crimes?

I guess not, because they've been violating my civil rights in this way since 1980 and are still at it with their Nazi protocols.

Maybe the FEDS should grow the thick skin that they're always intimating that those of us whom they regularly torture through the use of psychological operations and directed energy weapons, should develop.

As for stereotyping us, the FEDS are wasting their time. When you've attacked someone to such a degree that they take to the Internet to uncover your myriad of skeletons, perhaps it's time that you find another business to get into -- I will not call what the FEDS do a profession.

As for the FEDS' attacks on my Family and me, I will continue to report every aspect of them as I have for the past three years, and the covert technologies that they have utilized against me; as well as the demonization campaign that they orchestrated to destroy my reputation, when it was clear that I had committed no crimes that they could arrest me for.

I know that Homeland Security is taking part in these attacks as well. However, when the attacks on me began in 1980, it did not exist. Yet the FBI and NSA did. And unless my neighbors could read and manipulate my subvocalized thoughts back then, I seriously doubt that they were taking part in this.

Although because of the FEDS' demonization campaign, they are now active in the organized stalking harassment against me, and gradually becoming as sadistic and sick minded as the FEDS are.

I have recorded every attempt that the FBI and NSA have used to entrap me over the past 27 years; numerous attempts in which they could not get me to commit crimes -- even when their goons crashed their vehicles into mine (4 times), attempted to run me off the road, yet failed to arrest me for the myriad STING operations that they have perpetrated against me in all this time.

Based on what I have seen first hand, and the research that I have done in the past several years in regard to the criminal ways in which they operate, here is how I see the FBI's information gathering system:

A. Utilization of the NSA and its audio/visual spy satellites to track each person in this country while videotaping and archiving their every move. The most outrageous violation of the 4th Amendment ever documented.

B. Once this has been accomplished the FBI and NSA now have the most extensive dossiers on the entire US population. And they can readily review the entire life of any American of their choosing simply by having the NSA access that person's file. I know that is what the FEDS have done with me. I am estimating that they have a minimum of 250,000 hours of videotape which documents every second of my life for the past 27 years.

If there is a more outrageous violation of civil rights in this country than this one, I am not aware of it.

Given this fascist technology, is it any wonder why NSA whistle blowers John St. Clair Akwei and Russell Tice have all but fallen off the radar? And moreover, why the American media never bothered to circulate their information?

The bottom line in the FEDS' attacks on us is that what the FBI and NSA have done to my Family and me has nothing to do with a legitimate investigation, and everything to do with collusion between these two agencies, in order to perpetrate a criminal conspiracy to deny us our constitutional rights.

This has also come in quite handy for the NSA and FBI, given that for the past 27 years they've been able to monitor the mind control research that they have subjugated me to in all this time.

How convenient for them.

At least they have not wiped out my computer yet -- although they are constantly screwing with it -- they have been interfering with my keyboard since I began blogging this post.

Numerous TI's have described experiencing their electronic equipment being remotely tampered with. The NSA in particular is capable of perpetrating this crime by way of satellites and its Signals Intelligence program.

Just a few of numerous tamperings I have experienced

I gave up on TV in November of 2005 because the NSA began intercepting our cable signal and inserted its own in place of it. As a result I have made an investment in audio equipment to compensate for this loss of entertainment. And the FEDS are just looking for another piece of equipment to damage, since they zapped a piece of audio gear that I purchased a few years back. The main circuit board caught fire while the unit was turned off!! An anomaly that not even the manufacturer could explain, and one that I have never seen in more than 25 years as a hi-fi enthusiast.

There have been myriad situations in which the FEDS set out to attack some aspect of my life. They interfered with my credit cards so often that I could not rely on them any longer. Weeks after having paid off the debt on my cards (I had never carried much debt on them and usually paid them off quickly -- that was until the FEDS began to use their technology to cause me a chronic depression - suddenly I let the payments lapse -- something I had never done in 20 years of having credit cards.) I was having lunch with my Family and a few friends. I decided to pick up the tab only to find that for some reason my card had been denied.

When I arrived home I called the credit card company only to be told that my cards had been cancelled -- no reason given -- no formal notice ever sent -- which by the way is illegal. A call to my other credit card carrier, and I was quickly told that this card was also cancelled - once again no reason given. At this time the balance on the cards had been paid so there was no reason for this to have occurred. So this time I pressed for an answer. The representative was obviously flustered, knowing full well that the FEDS had told her to deny my card. She finally blurted out, you have to pay the minimum balance on time, and hung up.

Meanwhile, a few days later another replacement for one of the Citibank Mastercards that had been cancelled showed up in the mail.

But I thought that all my cards had been cancelled?

Knowing full well that the one credit card had been kept valid so that the FEDS could continue using it to interfere with my purchases, I immediately cut the card up!

They even interfered when I used my debit card to make a donation to the Mind Control Forum's Website. They froze the screen as I was attempting to finalize the transaction.

Sound familiar? All of the TI's who access my blog have had many experiences like these, as their lives were systematically destroyed by this low life scum. Ironically enough, I had always been an excellent credit risk and oftentimes I was the one who'd turn down offers for new credit cards.

But all that changed the day that the FBI and DHS decided that their covert spying of my person was to become overt.

I should also note that I had not had a speeding ticket in 12 years. Yet back in 2005, I received two inside of two weeks, having been set up by the FEDS, their organized stalkers, and the local cops; the latter of whom laid in wait for me to show up after attempting to outrun the gauntlet of stalkers who were blocking my vehicle.

Their entire scam cost me $600 including a $300 surcharge over the next three years, the result of having 6 or more points on my driver's license at one time.

Like I said -- scum of the earth.

The FEDS continue to interfere with my keyboard as one of myriad aspects of their psywarfare campaign waged against me daily. As for this sadism, I learned long ago how to cope with a nightmarish situation 24 hours a day, when I contracted one of this government's biological weapons -- Lyme Disease -- back in 1993.

Our fine government believes that it is within its preogative to expose its unwitting citizens to these bioweapons (chemical weapons and electronic weapons as well) in order to determine their efficacy.

Well, as one of your victims I can tell you government rat bastards that Lyme Disease has been quite effective at destroying the health and the lives of a great number of American citizens, including myself. The numbers of men, women and children whose lives you've destroyed through the use of this biological agent and many others are considerable.

And I hope that at some point you find yourselves infected with the same God damned diseases that you saw fit to destroy our lives with!

And like many of your other victims I will continue to cope as I expose what are most certainly some of the worst violations of both civil and human rights in US history.

As for the initial question that I posed to other TI's about being too thin skinned:

The answer is a resounding NO! What truly amazes me is that given the viciousness that TI's are regularly subjected to, more of us don't physically attack these stalkers and punish them in the ways in which they deserve to be punished.

Note** It's taken me nearly an hour and a half to type a post that should have taken all of 20 minutes, because of the FEDS' electronic tampering of my keyboard.

*** This article is now roughly twice as long as it was when I began it yesterday, due to several additional ideas which I believed needed to be included.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Post I Wrote About A Year Back

What An Ex Federal Agent Riddled With Guilt Might Confess
by James F. Marino

I used to work for the CIA , spying by night and day. I used covert weaponry to spy on the unwitting while I violated their Civil Rights over and over again. Of course I could never admit this at the time because it would have meant being made an outcast by the rest of this federal slime.

But I know the terrible things that we have done; I know about the illegal spying tactics that we've used over and over again. The NSA's remote neural monitoring system. Audio/Visual Spy satellites looking in on the American public within their homes - even their own bathrooms and bedrooms where they thought they were alone.

How could we have done this to them?

What were we thinking? America is supposed to be free.

But it's not. At least not anymore.

The National Security Act saw to that.

How many things we have kept secret from the American people.

And not for their own good, either.

If they knew the truth they would lynch us.

The covert technologies which we've used that Americans had no idea existed.

Remote Neural Monitoring technology -- our spying ace in the hole.

The ability to electronically invade the privacy of anyone's mind -- every second of the day and for years on end.

Oh, the absolute power that I felt the first time that I learned about this technology.

The adulation.

Something that gave us the ability to play God with other people's lives.

However, if there really is a God he is certainly not pleased with us for attempting to usurp his authority.

And for this we must answer.

We got drawn into such ultimate power that we became irrevocably corrupted by it.

So drunk with our own arrogance.

We forgot that we were human, and allowed access to a technology that was quite literally dropped in our laps, only to pervert its use.

I'll admit to it now -- not just for myself, but for all of my former federal brethren.

Unindicted felons one and all.

Remote Neural Monitoring.

Yes America, the technology really does exist to electronically read and influence people's minds. And the National Security Agency has been doing it to millions of you for years, yet none of you even have a clue. I knew it was diabolical even when we began to deploy it on a large scale during the early 1980's.

But what could I do?

If I turned against the CIA or its brethren in crime -- the NSA and the FBI, I would have been made an outcast.

They would have assassinated my character.

They would have destroyed my finances.

They would have ruined my family.

This is how they operate -- I know because I have done so in the past myself.

It was not my fault that I did not blow the whistle on them.

I know I should have, but I had far too much to lose.

This fear bought my silence.

How many other agents have thought to do the same but did not for these very reasons?

And I saw how the lives of other agents were destroyed when they attempted to expose these agencies and their crimes.

As I saw this unfolding I thought to myself, this is what I am?

This is what the intelligence community is?

I thought I got into this business to help people?

But I am not helping them. None of us are.

We are spying on Americans.

We are routinely violating their civil rights.

We are subjecting them to some of the most heinous crimes that exist.

Biological warfare; electronic warfare; psychological warfare --mind control.

This is to help them?

It can't be. It just can't be.

Everything's all turned around now. Nothing makes sense anymore.

The US Government makes the policies for this country, but its policies are all wrong -- dead wrong.

They exist to further the interests of the elite and corporatism in this country, rather than to protect the civil rights that it was founded on. And this has become an albatross around the proverbial necks of all Americans.

These agencies have not only betrayed the American people; they have betrayed us too. They have lied to us about their true purposes and now we are stuck because we know the truth -- an awful truth.

That these agencies exist to control the American people, not to look out for their interests.

When was the last time that I did something that had to do with the interests or the safety of America?

I cannot remember anymore.

Or did I ever?

This President Bush scares the hell out of me. He believes that he is a man of destiny.

But in reality he is a fascist.

A raving lunatic.

A Hitler wannabe, but with a fraction of the talent -- yet possessing equal cruelty.

A tyrant using the American people and their military for the interests of himself and those within the US shadow government.

Most Americans are wise to Bush's lies though.

They understand that there were never any weapons of mass destruction in Afghanistan or Iraq. They know that the invasion of Iraq was to steal with plausible deniabilty, the Iraqi's oil reserves, while undermining the US Constitution.

And now Bush is already using the threat of more terrorism on US soil to attack Iran next. If he does not wage an actual war, he'll wage a virtual one on Iran, making certain that the Iranians are demonized to the American people, through the US Media. We'll never hear anything that has to do with objectivity when it comes to the Iranian people -- that's for certain.

They will be demonized and neutralized just as the FEDS have done myriad times before. And the US media will follow the US Government's lead. Any Americans who speak out against this injustice will be labled as being unpatriot, and quite possibly even as domestic terrorists -- a convenient category that the Bush Adminstration now uses to attack any Americans who do not see things the same way that he does.

As for Osama Bin Ladin and the tapes of him that we show the American people: The Americans have become so indoctrinated by the US media that they still believe that Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda are the enemy and axis of evil. However, it's the Bush Adminstration, the PNAC and the hierarchy within the US Intelligence community that are the real axis of evil, along with their Illuminati masters.

If only the American people knew that Bin Laden was working for our side, and being used in name only to give the US an excuse to attack other countries the entire time. If only they knew that Bin Laden's been one of us for decades, recruited by the CIA back in the '70's during the Soviet Afghan War. 9-11 is just one of so many lies that we've told the American people that I have lost count of them.

Afterall, we've told so many lies to so many people. We've destroyed so many innocent lives.

The only truth for us is our truth -- even if it has nothing to do with reality.

Do we even know the truth anymore? Are we even capable of recognizing it?

There is no better organization at telling lies and getting away with them than the CIA.

We are masters at it. And we pride ourselves on it.

But is this truly something to be proud of?

We don't tell our kids to lie, yet it's the first thing we do when we get to work in the morning.

So this is hypocrisy isn't it?

However, we were always told that it's part of working for US Intelligence.

And that means that we have to lie in order to do our jobs effectively. At least that's what I have convinced myself of over the past 38 years.

However, even I don't belief this rubbish anymore.

I think few agents either retired or active still do.

While most Americans loathe George W. Bush, they are unaware that he is only part of the problem; in actuality a much larger one. The spread of fascism throughout America and the rest of the globe. And the intelligence community in this country supports Bush because he gives them what they want: unchecked authority.

The ability to toss out the US Bill Of Rights anytime we decide to, while decimating someone's civil rights in the process. We can wage our own personal vendettas on anyone we want to -- at anytime we want. Yes, it's illegal to do so under the US Color Of Law Statutes, yet we have always gotten away with it.

Like I said -- no checks and balances; no accountability for our actions.

Is it any wonder that we've grown so arrogant?

The ability to operate without Constitutional checks and balances. The ability to wantonly attack any American citizen at any time, and under the pretense of domestic terrorism.

What a complete fraud we are.

Yet we are getting away with it; at least for now.

I wish I had told the American people the truth when I could have.

I wish I had let them know that their government was betraying them.

That it was not even their government anymore.

But it's too late for that now.

Bush has taken over and even the Democrats in Congress are powerless to stop him.

I wish I had told the truth to the American people when I had the chance.

I wish I had told them that their government and its intelligence community are a complete fraud, and that the democracy they thought they had long ago became just a shell; a mask used to hide a shadow government whose ideologies fall far more in line with fascism than they do a constitutional republic.

Why didn't I do it when I had the chance?

But it's too late for that now.

Bush is working to destroy what remnants of the US Constitution we have left. This was in part a major reason for him running for office. He wants the office of President to become a dictatorship. And he is secretly doing all that he can to make this a reality, as he finds loopholes within the laws in which to do so.

Signing statements. Do the American people even know what these are?

And do they realize that they can allow any president to quietly amend laws already in existence, to serve their own interests?

Bush wants to impose his will on the American people and the rest of the world.

He is a dictator.

His statement "The Constitution is only a goddamned piece of paper" is more then enough proof of this.

Only those who are better informed understand the dangers that Bush poses to America and the rest of the world. They know that he and those he represents are evil. They know about his father and his ties to the CIA, and the crimes that he committed while working for it.

He still works for the CIA -- indirectly. But they have his ear. And that means that he can count on them when he needs to. A brotherhood of sorts, like Bush's membership in Yale's Skull and Bones.

Few Americans know of the Oil Company that Bush senior co-founded -- Zapata Oil -- or its offshore oil rigs. Nor do they know how George Herber Walker Bush used them to help the CIA smuggle illegal drugs into the United States back in the 1950's, beginning the drug culture that would pervade America's youth through its universities and educational system.

And this drug culture would bring about a complete subversion of American youth back in the 1960's and to this very day. The innocence of American youth was destroyed by the CIA, as Bush senior played a major role here.

Bush's father's crimes are chilling.

The work of a truly evil personality.

And Bush jr. is well on his way to reaching the same nefarious status, as he elevates himself up the criminal ladder in much the same way as La Cosa Nostra members do.

What's worse is that he does so under a false sense of patriotism; shamelessly wrapping himself in the American flag as he desecrates its very meaning.

Oh how I wish I had told the American people the truth when I could. When they could have done something about it.

Sadly I must now live with this serious omission; this terrible breach of faith against them.

And I must also allow the proverbial chips to fall where they may.

James F. Marino Copyright 2006

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Radome Antenna Farm In Menwith Hill, England -- A Primary Location For The NSA's Echelon Satellite Spy Network -- George Orwell's "Big Brother"

Sunday, March 25, 2007

T -- The Universal Symbol Representing All Individuals Targeted For Government Sanctioned Nonconsensual Experimentation & Organized Stalking Crimes

Saturday, March 24, 2007


While I have observed a myriad of despicable tactics being perpetrated by the FBI and NSA over the past several years (and more recently the Department Of Homeland Security), I find their use of coercion to be one of the most detrimental aspects to the civil liberties of the American people.

The use of coercion to intimidate those who surround a Targeted Individual (namely the Families and friends of these persons) is absolutely deplorable.

The FBI's coercive tactics allow it to perpetrate the most vicious and evil crimes against those whom they target, while the persons around the target become so fearful of similar retribution, that they quite literally adopt a policy of complete denial in regard to everything that the FBI subjects them to, as well as the inhumane psychological warfare that they are forced into subjecting Targeted Individuals to.

This has always been a serious problem with the FBI, and one which has only grown worse since passage of the fascist Patriot Act; terribly flawed legislation which now allows the FBI to place a "gag order" on any persons whom they contact, in regard to someone whom this agency is directly targeting.

The ACLU has defended libraries in the United States who have been placed under such gag orders, because it is unconstitutional to do so. Yet there is no mention of how the FBI uses such gag orders to destroy the lives of countless families.

To to be denied a relationship with your own flesh and blood by the FBI is beyond evil. This particular aspect of this agency's NAZI protocols is so completely sadistic that it quite literally strips away any empathy or sympathy for the TI's and their loved ones.

What they are left with is a feeling of complete and utter violation -- both physically and psychologically.

They are pushed to the very emotional limits of what people can stand, by those in the Bureau who are so completely bereft of their own humanity, that they are no longer even capable of experiencing emotion for the damage that they do to others.

The bottom line is that those agents who perpetrate these crimes against humanity are by nature miserable and heartless scoundrels, who feign an interest in upholding justice, when in reality, they have become brainwashed into enjoying the pain and suffering that they cause others -- and the propagation of such suffering only further whets their appetites for more intense types of sadism.

Those of us who bring the FBI's true nature to the surface are completely reviled by the Bureau, because in spite of its history of outrageous crimes against humanity, the FBI prizes, first and foremost, its reputation. So much so in fact, that the single most important task that the FBI pursues, is the polishing of its own laurels, while it attempts to protect what was once considered to be a sterling reputation for defending human rights, and upholding the US Constitution.

How many of you grew up believing that FBI agents were amongst the most decent and patriotic citizens in this country? I know that I did. And most of the people whom I was familiar with also did.

And this is why so few people in this country are aware of the FBI's true history; one in which human rights are consistently abused, while the US Constitution is routinely trampled upon.

The truth of the matter is that the only decent thing about the FBI, is the bogus illusion of its reputation as law enforcement -- one which this agency has shamelessly promulgated through the American media for the past 99 years.

The acronym FBI stands for fidelity, bravery and integrity. However to those who are familiar with the Bureau's villainous history, these letters should stand for fraud, bureaucracy and indecency.

There is nothing brave about agents who use satellites to illegally track and spy on American citizens.

There is nothing loyal about agents who use the US Constitution for toilet paper.

And there is nothing remotely approaching integrity in regard to the how the Bureau and a great number of its agents will wantonly attack other agents who attempt to report crimes that the Bureau itself is guilty of perpetrating.

The truth of the matter is that any FBI agent who is kind, decent and respectful of the US Constitution and the American people, is as much of a threat to the FBI and its dictatorial and provincial ways of operating, as any American citizens who attempt to exercise their Constitutional rights.

And there have been a great many agents who were subjected to the COINTELPRO style destruction of their lives, as the Bureau punished them for what it deemed to be a betrayal of its confidences.

You cannot convince me that the men and women who work for this organization (excluding those decent agents who as whistle blowers who risked everything to come forward to expose the Bureau's corruption to the public) started out to be as vicious as they have turned out to be.

In the Martial Arts, if a student turns out to be a poor representative of the respective discipline, the teacher must ultimately accept the blame.

Yet the FBI's hierarchy never accepts the blame in any meaningful way. A week ago, when FBI Director Robert Mueller publicly acknowledged that the FBI had illegally spied on Americans and violated their civil rights by abusing the Patriot Act, why were the agents who broke the law not made accountable for doing so?

Mueller gave a feeble apology, because he was caught in a situation in which even the Department Of Justice(who regularly covers up for the FBI) would not stand by the FBI. The report that the DOJ furnished Congress with revealed that the FBI was in the commission of some very serious crimes. And moreover, that the agency can't be trusted with the extensive powers that it has been given since passage of the Patriot Act.

This organization and its Nazi protocols have been a bane to the American people and our civil liberties for nearly a century.

Through its COINTELPRO activities (which began long before 1956 and never ended in 1971 as the public was told) the FBI has destroyed more lives than most Americans can possibly imagine.

And I am well aware of many of them, since my Family and I are among the FBI's victims.

While most Americans are unaware that the CIA has a reputation for committing terrible crimes against humanity, they are, however, well aware that this agency is not comprised of Boy scouts and Girl scouts.

Yet, most Americans have yet to the see the FBI in the same light, simply because the Bureau spends as much time as it does using the media to polish its image -- one which has quite candidly been as fraudulent as the history that the American people have been fed, in regard to their own country over the past Century.

To put it bluntly -- we've all been fed an absolute pack of LIES.

And the deeper you research US History, going back since before the turn of the 20th Century, the more you can see how an extremely corrupt influence has shaped the American landscape.

The reality of the situation is that the disinformation that the American people have been force fed through every venue ranging from the media to our educational system, has been responsible for depriving each of us of ever knowing the unpleasant truths regarding our own country.

America had the potential to be the most outstanding country in the world. Americans had the potential to be the guiding light of the rest of citizenry on this planet. Unfortunately, as a country, we 've been contaminated by a cesspool within our own federal government that has so deeply damaged America, that it will quite literally take a miracle to repair our Constitutional Republic.

At the end of World War II the United States had the opportunity to become a bright and shining example of the democratic way of life. A humane country that protected its own people and showed a genuine concern for the well being of the rest on the people on this planet.

Instead, it chose to exploit its victory during World War II to spread US Imperialism throughout the world.

And today, we are despised the world over for doing so.

Yet this was not the idea of the American people. This was the doctrine instead espoused by those Illuminists in this country who had early on supported Hitler and his global war. Men like Allen Dulles, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Melon, Preston Bush, J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Irene Dupont, and a host of other Nazi sympathizers who chose to sell us all out. And the cruelest irony of all is that American history remembers all of these men as being great patriots, instead of the low life robber baron scum that they truly were.

There are libraries, airports, and numerous institutions named after these men and others like them.

The LIES in this country are so outrageous that even George H.W. Bush, one of the most corrupt and evil men in this country's history, will be remembered as a great American Patriot. And the complete gaul of this government to have even named a newly commissioned aircraft carrier after this Nazi criminal, is a testament to what a complete fraud it is.

What's more is that the LIES that this government has been telling us for the past Century have so confused the real issues, that the bureaucrats in this country, are able to use them to obfuscate any attempts which are made to attack the main problems that we as Americans face.

No one is ever held accountable for their actions.

For example, when you see a politician testifying under oath on TV, when was the last time that you heard one of them actually answer a question that they did not want to?

Oh, they'll dance around and they'll smile those nice bright Washington smiles of theirs.

But they will NEVER answer the questions being put directly to them!

And it is this pervasive fraud that allows organizations like the FBI and NSA to get away with murder. Organizations that have a very long history of perpetrating some of the worst crimes imaginable, while they either walk away Scott free, or get a slap on the wrist.

No Constitutional checks and balances -- no accountability -- absolutely NONE!

And for all of the political grandstanding that we are seeing regarding Congress's threat to punish the FBI, by removing the broad-sweeping powers that the Patriot Act's section 215 has allowed for, the FBI will continue to operate just as it always has --- illegally, immorally, unethically, unconstitutionally, and inhumanely.

An organization that illegally uses the NSA to spy on Americans within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms can hardly maintain an air of superiority. However, the FBI's historical and unwarranted arrogance would attempt to have us believe otherwise.

As someone who is the longest documented NSA satellite prisoner in United States history (there may be others who've been spied on longer by way of audio/visual satellite who don't realize it), I am well aware that both the NSA and FBI have violated my Civil Rights in the most outrageous and precedent setting ways imaginable.

The truth of the matter is that not only have I not been able to live within the privacy of my own home for the past 27 years without being illegally spied upon (or anywhere else for that matter); I have also routinely been subjected to non consensual human experimentation by the FBI and NSA, as they continue to use their satellite based remote neural monitoring technology, to electronically access and manipulate my thoughts without my consent. And for decades this has been done without my knowledge.

However now that I have learned the truth about RNM technology and its illegal deployment against myself as well as a myriad of other American citizens (as well as those of countries), I am so irate about what has been perpetrated against me (as well as my Family), that I would rather die than give up my battle to expose these evil organizations.

These crimes against humanity effect each and every one of you since this technology threatens your freedom! And there's little doubt that many of you are in one way or another being illegally spied on by the FBI and NSA at the present time.

When was the last time that you were angry enough about something criminal that had been done to you, something so vicious that you were ready to die before you would ever submit to those perpetrating such crimes against you?

I sincerely hope that most of you have never experienced this and never do. Although I know for certain that some of the readers of this blog are well aware of what I am saying here, simply because they have also been targeted by these despicable organizations, or others within the US Federal Intelligence community (CIA, ARPA, DoD, etc.).

The real issue is what is it going to take to abolish the FBI and NSA? And for that matter the CIA as well?

Broach this subject with your average American and they will tell you that you are just plain crazy.

However, they are not operating with the same information -- information that is unvarnished by the media or others that the FEDS have been able to access and corrupt.

To be well informed as to how this government really operates is to be in the minority. A very unfairly maligned minority, that truly believes that the truth is worth whatever sacrifices need to made in order to disseminate it.

Your average whistle blower is not allowed to hold a job or to have any semblance of a normal life. The FBI and its criminal brethren see to it that we are made pariahs within our own communities.

We are deprived of our Constitutional right to due process of law, and treated as inhumanely as one may be treated.

We are Americans. And the FBI has absolutely no right to treat us like this!

We are subjected to every imaginable violation of both civil and human rights; and in many instances both physically and psychologically tortured by the FEDS, who utilize their covert and satellite based directed energy weapons to remotely target and irradiate us, so that we die slow and torturous deaths.

As I type today's blog I am getting a sharp jab in my left side, which is being done as punishment for doing so. Most TI's report some type of punishment meted out to them for keeping blogs documenting their torture. Some are noise stalked by organized stalking groups as well, or subjected to other forms of psychological operations, the result of the FEDS' psywarfare campaigns against them.

I have been subjected to this punishment for years. In fact as I lay bedridden for a good part of the 1990's, the result of contracting chronic Lyme Disease (a biological agent), the FEDS used this opportunity to become aggressive with their technology, knowing at the time that I would simply assume that it was just Lyme related.

However, I would experience several symptoms which no other chronically ill Lyme patients would ever report. Yet, I would see these symptoms as a recurrent theme when years later, I was able to find the Mind Control Forums Website and learn of many other victims who had reported near mirror images to what I was experiencing.

For years on end, I was bedridden with a chronic illness so debilitating that I was unable to stay up for more than a few minutes at a time. And the NSA and FBI exploited this situation to utilize their directed energy technology to torture me with, just to determine how much suffering I would be able to endure before attempting suicide. And they have also subjected numerous others (including children) to this same Hitlerish cruelty.

The FEDS live for punishing TI's. And every sadistic aspect of their persona's gets called upon when they target us. The cruelty that they claim to punish others for, so inherent and readily accessed within themselves.

If I had not experienced this for myself, I would have found it nearly impossible to believe that any US Federal Intelligence Agency could have ever taken part in something so vicious. This is something which terrorists subject their captives to.

It's not something that those who are hired to protect others are supposed to take part in.

However, a quick history of the CIA's Operation Paperclip and the NAZI influence that would eventually subjugate all Americans to a hidden enslavement, would expeditiously open the eyes of every American.

Yet the US Media under another CIA scheme to defraud the American people of their news gathering service (Operation Mockingbird), has now kept them in a media blackout.

Oh, we have plenty of news to watch -- but only that which the FEDS deem to be safe.

However, not safe for us. Because anyone who knows of the US Intelligence Community's criminal history is well aware that these agencies could not care less about the American people or our civil liberties.

What the FEDS deem to be safe in the way of news content, is what concentrates on information that will never put them under a spotlight. The following for example is information that you will never see being covered by any American news organization:

The CIA's drug trafficking operations which are used to finance its black operations.

Do you really think that Congress would appropriate "dark funds" that they would have to answer to the American people for? Black budgets which would then be used for the murders of innocent men, women and children in so many of the countries around the world -- people who are murdered so that the corporatist elite in the United States can plant their own dictators in these countries to ensure that the USA has access to their economies.

While the NEOCON right wingers in Congress have certainly appropriated some deniable funding for this (read misappropriated) , the majority of it comes from the CIA's drug trafficking operations.

And here I have a message for the Bush Administration. Not every country in the world wants a McDonalds, a Microsoft, or a Time Warner. And they sure as hell don't want to give up their own sovereignty in order to get them, even if they did.

As for the CIA's covert drug trafficking operations, the truth of the matter is that if the American people had any idea that this illegal drug trade is what is keeping the US economy going, and that our own stock market has been supported by international drug money which is laundered through it everyday, the fascist shadow government in this country would collapse tomorrow.

And while this is true, don't ever expect to see it on 60 Minutes.

The only drug busts you'll ever hear about on TV will be those in which the "bad guys" get caught by the DEA. If only the American people knew that the DEA was created by the CIA shortly after Watergate, to allow the CIA a plausible reason for keeping protracted and unconstitutional investigations open on any persons whom the CIA deemed to be of interest -- including US Judges.

Why? Because Richard Nixon was a Nazi at heart, and the investigation into Watergate nearly uncovered some of the CIA's deepest and darkest secrets. They needed to make certain that a Watergate scandal could never happen again. And the DEA could help the CIA to keep tabs on those in government who might turn out to be whistleblowers.

The truth is that if the illegal drug trade in this country ended tomorrow, our economy would collapse in a heartbeat. And those politicians whom we now have representing us, would bail out of this sinking ship, knowing full well that they could not withstand the adversity they'd be confronted with, once an American public was hit smack in the face with the stark realities of how this government has been criminally operating all these years.

As an American I wish that none of what I have discussed in this blog today was the truth. In fact, I truly wish that nothing on this entire blogsite was.

However, everything documented by me on this blogsite is the absolute truth.

It's just a damn shame that most Americans still have no idea who's really in charge of this country -- because it sure as hell isn't us.

Friday, March 23, 2007

A Timely Article On The FBI And Its Anti-American Ideologies

While the following article was written nearly five years ago, it is certainly no less applicable in the present day in light of the extreme ways in which the FBI has violated the US Constitution. One might even say that this article has turned out to be prophetic.

Of course no matter how many derogatory articles are written in regard to the FBI's insideous history, the American people will forever have this fascist albatross around their proverbial necks until the day that the FBI is abolished.

As an American citizen who has experienced precedent setting violations of my Civil Rights, the result of COINTELPRO operations being conducted against my Family and me by the FBI and other agencies within the US Intelligence community, I believe that it would be in the best interests of the American people if a newly formed federal police agency was created to replace the FBI -- one which was accountable directly to the American people -- an agency which protected the US Constitution and American Civil Liberties, instead of violating them as the FBI routinely has.

Published on Wednesday, June 5, 2002 by
Spying and Lying: the FBI's Dirty Secrets
by Mark Weisbrot

It seems that the FBI is likely to be rewarded for the missed warnings, fumbled intelligence, and bureaucratic foul-ups that preceded September 11. Attorney General John Ashcroft has announced that the FBI is changing its rules so that it can spy on domestic organizations, even where there is no evidence of specific criminal activity.

It is doubtful that the Administration could get away with these changes if the real functioning of the FBI as a political police force were better known. The press has referred to the agency's COINTELPRO (from counterintelligence program) operation of the 1960s and 70s as though it were ancient history, a minor aberration of the FBI's quirky and fanatical director J. Edgar Hoover.

In fact COINTELPRO was a massive operation to infiltrate, disrupt, harass, and otherwise interfere with the lawful activities of civil rights advocates, peace activists, religious organizations, and others. One of the FBI's most famous and hated targets was the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In a covert operation that now reads like a B-grade movie script, the FBI actually made a serious effort to blackmail Dr. King into committing suicide.

Less well known is that FBI operations against law-abiding citizens did not end when these abuses were exposed in the 1970s. We know that they continued well into the 1980s, when the Reagan and then Bush (the elder) administrations faced mounting domestic opposition to their wars in Central America. Death squads in El Salvador were murdering religious workers and clergy, the Guatemalan military was carrying out what is now acknowledged as genocide against its indigenous population, and an army of terrorists was trying to overthrow the government of Nicaragua.

The US government was supporting and sponsoring all of these crimes with billions of dollars, and that did not sit well with many Americans. I was one of them, and joined a student group called the Latin American Solidarity Committee at the University of Michigan. Unbeknownst to us, the watchful eyes of the FBI were closely monitoring our actions.

So closely, in fact, that one of our members wrote a history of the group's activities with the help of documents obtained from the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act. We enjoyed seeing all of our names in print, and pored over the documents with a mixture of awe and laughter, amazed that the federal government could have taken our little student group so seriously as to keep track of everything we did and who attended our meetings.

As it turned out, this was part of a nationwide spying operation involving all 59 FBI field offices. The whole thing might be secret to this day, if not for fact that one of the Bureau's informants had a change of heart. He had infiltrated a community of religious activists in Texas, and later said that he had second thoughts when his supervisor suggested that he sleep with a nun in order to discredit them.

The Dallas Morning News broke the story, and the FBI was forced to conduct an internal investigation. FBI director William S. Sessions (1987-93) told Congress that the investigation had left "no stone unturned" and that his G-men had stopped their "counter- terrorism" -- yes, they actually called it that -- operations by June of 1985.

Sessions was lying: documents released to our local group showed that their spying in Ann Arbor continued well beyond that date. But the press accepted that the FBI had changed its ways, and today the whole story of their illicit activities in the 1980s has disappeared into the memory hole.

That is a shame, because there is no evidence that the FBI ever reformed itself, and now we have two new reasons to worry about it. One is the blank check that Ashcroft has handed to the FBI, which threatens our civil liberties. The second is that after decades of crying "wolf" to justify its functioning as an American KGB, the FBI is now charged with protecting us from real terrorist threats.

There has never been an accounting of how much of the FBI's resources have been devoted to policing the constitutionally protected activities of our citizens. Congress should demand this accounting as it examines the massive intelligence failure that preceded September 11.

Historians like to say that we ignore the past at our own peril; in the case of the FBI, it may be literally true.

Mark Weisbrot is Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, in Washington D.C. (

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Where Is Janet Parker -- A Long Time Informant Of The Late FBI Agent John O'Neill

Veterinarian Janet Parker was a long time informant for FBI Special Agent John O'Neill, who was murdered in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on 9-11 (it was his first day on the job working for Kroll Security as head of security for the World Trade Center).

Parker knew that O'Neill had been very close to uncovering the money trail behind the attacks on 9-11, and that his investigation was leading right to the Saudi Royal Family - a long time business associate of George H.W Bush and the Bush Crime Family. It would only be a matter of time before O'Neill would connect the Saudi Royal Family and the Bush's to the financing which would later be used in the attacks on 9-11.

As a result, the hierarchy within the FBI was quietly told to stop several investigations which were being conducted at that time (all of which would have been able to prevent 9-11 from happening), under a direct threat from the Bush Administration. The FBI and its agents were told that if they did not comply, they would be arrested for reasons of National Security.

O'Neill was told in short order to end his investigation or suffer the consequences.

A few weeks later, a depressed and demoralized John O'Neill would be offered the sweetheart job of a lifetime, as head of World Trade Center security, making more than triple his salary with the FBI.

Of course, this would turn out to be nothing more than a clever ruse by the FBI and Kroll Security, to misdirect O'Neill's investigation. However, in this author's eyes as well as those of myriad others, O'Neill's being at the WTC on the day of the attacks -- the first day of his new job -- was hardly a coincidence.

Especially since it was President Bush's brother, Marvin, whom O'Neill had replaced as head of WTC security, just before the Towers were taken down. O'Neill never lived to see a dime of his new salary. And conveniently enough, was no longer alive to testify against the FBI hierachy once the attacks on 9-11 had taken place; something they were extremely concerned about.

However, right after the attacks on 9-11, O'Neill's long-term informant, confidant, and friend, Janet Parker, would take to the airwaves to raise her suspicions that the FBI had murdered O'Neill, in efforts to keep what he knew about the conspiracy to end all key investigations into the Saudi's, secret from the American people.

The FBI quickly moved to discredit Parker, stating that she was mentally disturbed - a common tactic that the FEDS use when they are looking to obfuscate a situation in which they are complicit in criminal activity. They soon used their COINTELPRO tactics to neutralize Parker for the threat that she represented to the FBI's conspiracy; one in which this agency not only allowed the 9-11 attacks to occur, but then obstructed justice by systematically circulating disinformation and seizing evidence which could prove to unravel the treasonous LIES that the Bush Administration has been using the US media to perpetuate ever since.

Common sense raises the following question:

Why has the American public never been shown any of the videos from the many cameras surrounding the Pentagon on 9-11? Only one insignificant video was released by the FBI (an under protest) which did not show a jet of any kind hitting the Pentagon.

Yet the FBI refuses to show us any further footage.

Why is it that the FBI continues to deny that 3 out of the 4 black boxes of the jets which hit the WTC Towers were never found? Even though workers at the site have publicly stated that they personally saw these boxes loaded into the back of an all terrain vehicle, and were told by the FBI never to mention it to anyone.

Why won't the FBI do something as simple as showing us the tapes from the Pentagon just to bolster it's sagging credibility?

It doesn't make any sense at all does it?

Unless the FBI knows that the tapes at the Pentagon don't contain any footage of a 757, because a 757 never hit the Pentagon.

And if this is the case, then the official story unravels like a cheap piece of twine, and the American people collectively and abruptly learn the painful truth -- that they have been the subject of the most elaborate and treasonous black operation in United States history.

And still worse, that the nation's premier law enforcement agency has aided and abetted the criminals in a vast conspiracy to defraud the American people, and to destroy their civil liberties under the pretense of fighting a war on terrorism; instead of apprehending these terrorists (Bush Administration and PNAC) and bringing them to justice as it was supposed to do.

As for Janet Parker, it appears that as of 2003, she is no longer working in the field of veterinary medicine. The following post that I found on a Website earlier today indicates that she has not left any forwarding information whatsoever. Was this the FBI's way of getting even with Janet for exposing their setting up of John O'Neill to be murdered on 9-11?

Furthermore, she has reported having not seen her foster daughter since 2001, and at that time was concerned that she may have met with foul play.

Moffat-Minnick Kent Veterinary Hospital
10834 Kent-Kangley Rd.
Kent, WA 98031
Tel: (253) 852-8460
Fax: (253) 854-5627


S: Janet is a very knowledgable lady on reptiles and birds, for she worked in a zoo for many years and then became a vet. I took my Chinese Water Dragons to her and she seemed very knowledgable and gentle with my animals. I would recommened her to anyone with exotic animals. (05/08/01)

G - Please note that Janet L. Parker is no longer with Moffat-Minnick or any clinic associated with them and has not left any contact information with them. (09/20/03)

The last that I have seen in regard to Janet Parker is the following post as of 2005, which is listed on the Jeff Rense Website. It can be read by accessing the following link:

So what's happened to Janet in the past two years? Has anyone heard from her? Is she still even alive? And if so, is she OK? Or is she still living a life of torment like so many of us, who've been setup by the FBI and its criminal bretheren, to have our lives systematically destroyed by these modern day Nazi's, and their vicious COINTELPRO tactics?

Paris, Texas Justice Appears To Be Back In The Days Of The Lynch Mob

I was recently surfing the Web and found that Shaquanda Cotton has been freed from prison after a ridiculous conviction of 7 years for shoving a school monitor.

I was so angered by this that when I first read about Miss Cotton's situation I wrote to the Governor of Texas and asked him to intercede on her behalf. So did many other people. And thankfully, common sense has prevailed here and Shaquanda is now free.

I wrote the following several months ago on behalf of Shaquanda:

I just found this post while surfing the Internet and was so angered by the injustice of what is happening to a 14 year old African American student who resides in Texas, that I decided to include her story on today's blog.

What I'd like to know is exactly where was the FBI when this child was tossed into prison for 7 years, by some racist judge, for shoving a teacher???

I'm not justifying what Shaquanda Cotton did. And as far as I'm concerned, she should have been reprimanded for it. But sentencing her to 7 years in prison? Exactly what was this judge thinking?? Or is he simply a racist whose ideology is back in the 1960's, a time when an African American was unable to use the same restroom as a white person, unable to ride in the front of a bus, and unable to eat in a restaurant which was exclusive to whites?

From the following article it certainly seems that the racism of the '60's has been revisited in Paris, Texas in the present day. And that the judicial system in this town is as backwards as it was forty years ago. The issue now is that there is an imminent need to get this child out of prison before she is either too psychologically damaged to reenter society, or dead. And given that she's already attempted suicide three times, exactly what the hell is this racist fool of a judge waiting for?

I can tell you this. If Shaquanda Cotton should suddenly be found dead in her cell, this judge is going to be facing more adversity than he can possibly imagine, and from people all over the United States - not just Paris, Texas! The sentence that Judge Chuck Superville has imposed on Shaquanda Cotton is not only unreasonable; it is not only unconstitutional; it is not only just plain wrong -- It is INSANE!

Read on to learn more about the lynch mob mentality and the Neanderthal mindset that appears to be a common problem within the judicial system in Paris, Texas, where whites are given special treatment by Judge Chuck Superville, while African Americans are forced to suffer ridculously innappropriate and unjust sentences for minor crimes.

Shaquanda Cotton Is Comforted By A Supporter

Shaquanda's story is below. You can access a link at the end of this story to send a letter to Texas Governor Rick Perry, to state your disapproval of Judge Superville's ruling and request that he intercede on behalf of Shaquanda.

My E-mail to the Governor is below.

Dear Governor Perry:

I know that you are a busy man and do not wish to take up more of your valuable time than I have to. However, when I learned of the sentence which was imposed on Shaquanda Cotton, by Judge Chuck Superville, I was enraged.

How dare this man subject a child of 14 to seven years in prison for pushing a teacher's aide. Her punishment should have at most been a temporary suspension from school. The sentence that Judge Superville imposed was not only outrageous; it was equally as inhumane.

As Governor, you have the authority to look into this case and if necessary, to see to it that this judge reverses his decision. Miss Cotton has already attempted suicide three times due to the tremendous psychological burden that she has been unjustly subjected to.

Please intercede on her behalf before another tragedy and injustice occurs. It's clear from some of his other rulings that Judge Superville has a racial bias when it comes to sentencing African Americans, and as such, should be removed from the bench.

I thank you in advance for your time and sincerely hope that you can be of assistance to Miss Cotton and her family.

James F. Marino
Brookville, NY 11545

14 year old Texan girl gets 7 yrs in prison for shoving a teacher's aide
Posted by Vanessa Di Domenico Thu, 22 Mar 2007 03:33:23 -0800


A small town in Texas that seems to relish in its violent racial past...

Paris, Texas is the home of the Paris Fairgrounds, a
stage where thousands of white spectators would
gather to burn and lynch blacks as if at some sort of
carnival. today, it is a highly segregated town that
has implicity dared anyone to question how it chooses
to treat blacks that live in the area.

The facts:

Black parents have filed at least a 12 discrimination
complaints against the school district with the
Federal Education Department, asserting that their
children, who constitute 40 percent of the district's
nearly 4,000 students, were singled out for excessive
discipline the Paris public schools are under investigation by
the U.S. Education Department.

A 19-year-old white man, convicted last july of criminally negligent
homicide for killing a 54-year-old black woman and her 3-year-old grandson
with his truck, was sentenced in Paris to probation. Judge Chuck Superville sentenced a 14-year-old white girl, convicted of arson for burning down her family's house, to probation. A 14-year-old black Freshman, Shaquanda Cotton, shoved a 58-year-old teacher's aide at Paris High School in a dispute over entering the building before the school day had officially begun.

She was tried in March 2006 in the town's juvenile court, convicted of assault
on a public servant and sentenced by the same judge, Chuck Superville, to prison
for up to 7 years, until she turns 21.

Yes, you read that last part right.

I'll let it sink in for a second.

So it's 2007, one state is drafting formal legislation
to apologize for slavery, and another is trying to
flex its don't mess with Texas ego.

While I complained earlier of how dismayed I was that some
black blogs tend to be angry, this type of reality
justifies that sentiment, and rightfully so.

While I've never been the most articulate when it comes to
expressing the complete shock of in plain view
racism, I can honestly say that this type of white
arrogance and hate needs to be called out and handled

But how? The article mentions that the NAACP is
on the case (rolling eyes), but I feel like more, MUCH
MORE needs to be done. If you get to the end of the article, the
turmoil suffered by Shaquanda in juvenile prison, where 95% of
the offenders are repeat and violent (read: real crimes), has
caused her to attempt suicide on her life 3 times. 3 times!

A 14-year old, my little sister, is trying to kill herself
because a racist biggot of a judge put her in prison for shoving someone.


So what can be done? Link to this article. Publicize this story. Let's see what blogging black can really do. Go to the Governor's page at
and let him know how you feel and how this is completely bullshit.

Free Shaquanda Cotton.


I ask that some of my more articulate readers post a
statement in the comments that we can all use on the
contact form on the Texas Governor page.

[update 1]: Looks like we re getting the word spread.
a fb group has started.

[update 2]: I started a thread over at topix.
interesting povs, without question. ive also gotten
word from a few friends that we have connections to
ebony magazine and cnn that are being explored. keep
spreading the word!

[update 3]: A site has been setup for her at

Shaquanda's story can also be found in the following Chicago Tribune Article,1,335702.story?page=1&coll=chi-homepagenews-utl&ctrack=1&cset=true

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