Friday, February 01, 2008

A Moment To Reflect On The Nightmare Of Being An American Mind Control Target Citing Precedent Setting Violations Of The 4TH Amendment By US INTEL

Enjoying A Rare Moment Of Solitude
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"Americans who are in the present day being unconstitutionally subjected to the illegal intrusion of US Intelligence satellites, are presently documenting the most outrageous and precedent setting crimes against humanity ever before seen in the United States. These citizens, who've been subjugated to the life of NSA satellite prisoners, are never alone.

Forced into the reality of having every second of their lives monitored by way of NSA AI supercomputers, and every single thought raped from within their minds, these citizens are being tortured and slowly murdered, while subjected to a modern day Holocaust which is occurring within the so called privacy of their own homes. And I should know, because I am one of these citizens."

-- James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner
US Government Mind Control Target

A reminder to all targets of the treasonous and inhumane crime of government sanctioned mind control, to savor every second that you have in this life in which there's some enjoyment, because there are so few moments within our lives which are actually enjoyable. The result of the vicious attacks being waged against us by the predators within our own governments, and the communities which they now sanction for the phenomenon and treasonously conspiratorial crime known as organized stalking.

The Silent Holocaust has begun.

And George Orwell's 1984 has arrived on a global scale. Soon enough, every member of this planet's proletariat will begin to recognize that their freedom is nothing but an illusion.

And that World War III -- a battle for the human mind -- began long ago.

Gone are your constitutional rights to privacy within your home and mind, as well as your right to due process of law. Gone is your right to be treated humanely and with dignity. As for those within this government who believe that they have the right to impose their own will on the rest of us, while desecrating the Bill Of Rights; history has time and again demonstrated that those who attempt to establish such an authoritarian and tyrannical approach to governing their people, will eventually suffer the devastating consequences for having done so.

Those within US Intel are of the same psychotic mindset as the current President. An arrogance and cruelty so extreme and typical of the bully who would not just punch you in the face, but order you to leave your hands at your sides while he did so. What we have here are Nazi's whose cover as strange as it may seem, is National Security.

Citizens from across the globe are already discussing how the American people were taken from within by a Nazi shadow government which masked its crimes against them under the very National Security Act which was originally created to protect them.

The only people who appear to be ignorant of this fact are most Americans, who continue to be fed a steady diet of lies through the propaganda machine which they have grown to depend on for this ignorance -- the US Media "control the flow of information" system.

However, there is a silver lining in all this.

Thanks to the Internet and its alternative media, many Americans are beginning to awaken to the Nazi mindset which has taken root in the United States, and are no longer being disinformed by the US Media or its CIA controllers. (Learn more about the CIA's Operation Mockingbird subversion of the US Media at the following link.)

As such there will come a time in the not- so-distant future where federal agencies such as the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS will be forced to experience what other tyrants have throughout history. And it will be just as unpleasant for the criminals within these agencies as it has been for those torturers and murderers who've gone before them. As well it should.

Their days of cruelly abusing many of us are now numbered.

These agents have had their chance to act in a humane capacity, yet have continually refused to do so. So they cannot complain when their own brand of tyranny is finally unleashed upon themselves, since they have proven with their abject cruelty, that this violence -- whether it is administered covertly or overtly -- is all they can relate to.
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