Tuesday, January 29, 2008

FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds Offers Further Credibility To Those Who Claim That The FBI Is Covering Up The Crimes Of Its Rogue Agents

As the target of an FBI agent who has used his position within the FBI to wage his own personal vendetta against my person for the past 28 years, under the US Color of Law, I find the following article to be useful.

It is a compelling article which describes how the hierarchy within the FBI covers up for such rogue agents, while deliberately preventing good FBI agents from doing their jobs properly, and oftentimes blocking investigations which would make the Bureau and the outside influences which control it appear to be both criminal and incompetent.

The article also discusses how the FBI wages attacks on its own agents who when forced to turn to whistle blowing tactics, are fired from their jobs, and set upon by the bureau, which creates criminal campaigns in which to impugn the character of these agents, while destroying their reputations through the use of myriad forms of slander.

I am hopeful that in this case former agents like Sibel Edmonds are familiar with the extent of the spying that the FBI is capable of, especially when utilizing the NSA's Signals Intelligence program to use satellites in the illegal and protracted fishing expeditions perpetrated by these agencies. There is little doubt that for her candor, the FBI now sees Ms. Edmonds as a threat to them and may well be spying on her by way of the NSA's satellite based electronic brain link technology, in efforts to remote neural monitor her thoughts and electronically read her mind.

Yet another illegal and protracted fishing expedition by these Nazi agencies, who continue their rampant attack on the 4TH Amendment and the freedom of the American people. And if this is the case, she should expect to have no sense of privacy left in her life at all -- no physical privacy and no privacy of thought -- something which I have been illegally subjected to by the FBI and NSA for nearly three decades. And something which myriad other Americans are presently being subjugated to as unwitting satellite prisoners of the NSA, without their consent.

Will the FBI now have us believe that Sibel Edmonds is a terrorist, simply because she chose to expose this agency's crimes?

Probably, since that is how deluded these psychopaths are.

And if so, this will be yet another victimization of Ms. Edmonds, given the unwarranted firing of her person for no other reason than exposing the criminality which she witnessed within the hierarchy of the FBI, as it applied to the investigations regarding 9-11. No doubt brought on by the criminal Bush Administration in attempting to cover up its own complicity in regard to the 9-11 attacks.

Something which in my opinion former agent John O'Neill was covertly murdered for, when being hired for a job as head of Security for the World Trade Center, and placed in one of the World Trade Center Towers on the day in which the attacks occurred -- one heck of a coincidence.

The sweetheart job which O'Neill was offered by Kroll Security should be seen as the smoking gun regarding the FBI's complicity in these attacks, given the bureau's premeditated plan to rid themselves of O'Neill; whom had he lived, would have certainly gone public with how the FBI's top brass blocked his investigation into the money trail which helped to finance the 9-11 attacks.

As it was, a former informant of his by the name of Janet Parker went to the media after the attacks relaying essentially what would have been the same account that O'Neill would have shared with them. As a result of this, Parker has now been relegated to Internet journalism, and like Edmonds, probably only still alive because she went public when she did.

When you go public stating that a US Intel agency is trying to murder you, it does make it more difficult for the agency to do so. For if you do actually turn up dead, the agency in question will be the likely suspect in your murder -- at least in the eyes of the public.

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