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FBI's COINTELPRO History - The Untold Story

"The FBI Should Be Abolished"

"The FBI commits such abhorrent acts of cruelty with an arrogance befitting only of those whose adherence to such tenets of inhumanity is considered to be acceptable -- something which will no doubt leave the FBI a well earned legacy as anathema."

-- James F. Marino COINTELPRO Target

There's a link at the end of today's post to a well written article on the FBI's illegal use of COINTELPRO operations. It details many specific targets who were in some cases both physically and psychologically tortured, as the FBI routinely denied them their constitutional rights. The FBI was also responsible for the murders of many of these people; especially a number of whom were members of both the American Indian Movement (AIM) and the Black Panther Party.

Some FBI targets were also driven to suicide, while others suffered the loss of their reputations, relationships, finances, and ultimately health. The FBI has a history of acting as spy, judge and jury (and sometimes covert executioner) in such situations, while completely obfuscating exculpatory information which benefits those whom they are targeting, and denying these citizens their constitutional right to due process of law. The FBI commits such abhorrent acts of cruelty with an arrogance befitting only of those whose adherence to such tenets of inhumanity is considered to be acceptable -- something which will no doubt leave the FBI a well earned legacy as anathema.

The FBI's Use Of The NSA To Spy For It

In the modern day the FBI's COINTELPRO operations have been given a new lease on life with the use of satellite based technologies, which allow for this criminal agency to covertly spy upon and torture myriad American citizens within the privacy of their own homes, through the use of directed energy weapons; while using super computers and a specialized type of interrogation of the human brain, technology known as electronic brain link, in which to conduct protracted and illegal fishing expeditions of the minds of targeted victims, while denying them their right to legal counsel.

The FEDS know that what they are doing is criminal. However, these mercenaries will continue to attempt to get away with what they are doing until the satellite based remote neural monitoring technology which they're using to conduct these illegal interrogations, is exposed to the American people.

This is a Nazi mindset, which has no place in the United States of America. However, these types of illegal and Orwellian tactics are being used on myriad American citizens in the present day, most of whom having no idea that their rights are being violated in such outrageous ways.

The misery that I am put through on a daily basis in order to bring you this information is a testament to how concerned agencies like the FBI and NSA are in regard to their crimes -- in this case the rampant criminality that they have subjected me to for decades.

I consider myself to be a casualty of the FBI's COINTELPRO operations, as well as the NSA's radiation intelligence program, in which for the past 28 years I have been subjugated to the life of a satellite prisoner: a situation in which not one second of my life has been private -- and in which I have been both physically and psychologically tortured through these agencies' use of both satellite based directed energy weapons, and psychological warfare.

The information that I bring to the public is indeed precedent setting, in that I document what is perhaps the most egregious violation of the US Constitution as it pertains to my rights as an American citizen, ever documented within the history of the United States. I am subjected to psychological warfare everyday. And in the face of such viciousness, I am also subjected to the abject denial that such heinous crimes against my person are being perpetrated against me -- even though they are.

And that those behind these crimes are the FBI, NSA and DHS, all of whom remain responsible for this hellish purgatory which I have been subjugated to -- filthy government reprobates who are an obscenity to the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

Furthermore, I have no fear of these agencies, nor am I concerned with being sued by them, since I am telling the truth about their crimes against my person. Furthermore, they are well of it, as well as their conspiracy to demonize me with my own Family and community -- something which is typical of the filthy and demonic FBI COINTELPRO operations which this anathema of an organization has conducted against American citizens since it was created.

The FBI is a demonic organization which should be abolished; something borne of EVIL and which has propagated nothing but EVIL since its criminal and satanic inception in 1908.

The FBI, NSA and other agencies of US Intel will continue to perpetrate such Orwellian crimes against myself and others, until the American people have collectively learned about the technologies which I describe on my Website, and which are deployed against the American people without their knowledge or consent.

And that they and the freedoms which they hold dear, are the very targets which the FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS and other US Intel agencies, have within their cross hairs.

Those American citizens who've either created or joined groups which were initiated to expose the crimes of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation (aka satellite based forms of mind control research) and organized stalking, should read the following article on how the FBI (in particular) conducts its COINTELPRO operations. This article discusses the FBI's attack on many different groups throughout American History, including the American Indian Movement, Black Panther Party, Socialist Workers Party, Puerto Rico Independence Movement, as well as attacks on individuals such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., ecoactivist Judi Bari, and others whom the FBI deemed to be a threat to the US Status quo, and thus set about to destroy.

The article also discusses how myriad members of civil rights organizations including the American Indian Movement and Black Panther Party were murdered by FBI agents, or their provocateurs, while the FBI used the US media to cover the up the truth in regard to its plan to destroy these peaceful movements.

This article is especially important for some of the better known organizations which are looking to expose the US Intelligence community's use of satellite based electromagnetic weapons on the citizens of the United States and other countries, so that they can better understand how the FBI will use its agents and provocateurs to infiltrate these groups, while posing as concerned members of said groups -- this done in efforts to create opposition between group members so that the FBI can bring about the dissolution of these civil rights organizations.

The FBI has played such a role in virtually every situation in which groups of Americans in some way challenged the status quo within this country. Even the UFO community has been attacked with a similar vengeance in the FBI's efforts to destroy them. And even though many UFO groups still remain, they are covertly influenced by the FBI, CIA, NSA and other agencies of US Intel who do not want the public learning that UFO's do exist and are operated by beings who are superior in both intellect and technology to humans.

Should the public collectively learn that EBE's do exist, this would become the greatest threat to every aspect of the United States status quo in the history of this country -- where everything from religious indoctrination to political ideology would be threatened like never before. Dogmas which could not survive the onslaught of such powerful new information.

Formalized religions would be most affected here, in that parishioners of such religions would grow to quickly understand that these belief systems were responsible for propagating disinformation in regard to how the human race was created. Physical proof of EBE's would no doubt set off further precedent setting controversies in which religious doctrine and those who espouse it would find themselves forced to admit that these doctrines are heavily flawed -- especially when confronted with empirical proof that Extraterrestrial Biological Entities do indeed exist. Just imagine how this would affect religious organizations who rely solely on the financial generosity of their parishioners to remain in business.

Their donations would dry up and these organizations would be left without the financial wherewithal to continue proselytizing their own belief systems -- something which would threaten their future existence.

For as if humans have been told, they are created in God's image and are the highest form of God's expression, how can EBE's exist? Those who are superior to humans in virtually every sense of the word. This is an enigma which these religions will not be able to use their circular logic to convincingly refute.

An excellent article on the FBI's history of COINTELPRO black operations:

"Between 1968-1971, FBI-initiated terror and disruption resulted in the murder of Black Panthers Arthur Morris, Bobby Hutton, Steven Bartholomew, Robert Lawrence, Tommy Lewis, Welton Armstead, Frank Diggs, Alprentice Carter, John Huggins, Alex Rackley, John Savage, Sylvester Bell, Larry Roberson, Nathaniel Clark, Walter TourÈ Pope, Spurgeon Winters, Fred Hampton, Mark Clark, Sterling Jones, Eugene Anderson, Babatunde X Omarwali, Carl Hampton, Jonathan Jackson, Fred Bennett, Sandra Lane Pratt, Robert Webb, Samuel Napier, Harold Russell, and George Jackson.

One of the more dramatic incidents occurred on the night of December 4, 1969, when Panther leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were shot to death by Chicago policemen in a predawn raid on their apartment. Hampton, one of the most promising leaders of the Black Panther party, was killed in bed, perhaps drugged. Depositions in a civil suit in Chicago revealed that the chief of Panther security and Hampton's personal bodyguard, William O'Neal, was an FBI infiltrator.

O'Neal gave his FBI contacting agent, Roy Mitchell, a detailed floor plan of the apartment, which Mitchell turned over to the state's attorney's office shortly before the attack, along with "information" -- of dubious veracity -- that there were two illegal shotguns in the apartment. For his services, O'Neal was paid over $10,000 from January 1969 through July 1970, according to Mitchell's affidavit."

-- The Third World Traveller

Read the rest of the article here:

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