Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Concerns Over The US Federal Government's Refusal To Acknowledge The Presence Of UFO'S

The following video's continue to verify the existence of UFO's and the US Military's abject refusal to discuss eyewitness reports which document these phenomena.

"If you're a pilot and you report a UFO sighting to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), you might as well turn in your license the next day."

-- Bill Birnes Publisher UFO Magazine

The following are videos reporting on the UFO phenomenon and the US Federal Government's attempt to keep the public from learning that UFO's and the EBE's (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) who pilot them exist. It would appear that regardless of which branch of the US Government an American citizen attempts to report a UFO sighting or personal abduction to, the person is uniformly ignored, discredited, and oftentimes subjected to character assassination as punishment for bringing up what is clearly an unpopular topic with this government.

If there's no truth to the existence of UFO's and EBE's, why are these US Federal Agencies acting in concert to destroy those Americans who attempt to research and expose these phenomena?

And why is it that so many Ufologists have reported being subjected to what they believe is government based spying of their persons while being targeted for psychological operations, in efforts to drive them to suicide? Also of interest is why so many Ufologists have never even lived to the age of fifty? Many of whom (including the late Dr. Karla Turner) died from extremely fast spreading and deadly forms of cancer. See Kandy's Website below:

There is also the mysterious death of Ufologist Dean Warwick, an alternative energy pioneer, who died shortly after beginning a speech while on stage at a UFO conference. Was Warwick murdered by way of satellite based directed energy weapons' technology? See more about this story at the following Website:

More on Warwick's mysterious death can be found at this site:

Videos Regarding The Government Conspiracy To Cover Up The Truth Behind UFO's:

A video which purports to cover Astronaut Neil Armstrong's visitation of an ancient structure on the moon. If this video is legitimate, it is the first physical proof that ancient civilizations perhaps millions of years old, inhabited the moon long before humans were on earth. This would also give further credibility to the research done by Sumerian expert Zacharia Sitchin, who has claimed that humans are a genetic hybrid creation of alien intelligence.

A genetically advanced version of the ape, which would make sense, given how similar human DNA is with that particular species. And how quickly and drastically humans appear to have evolved from the ape, to create a sophisticated culture far beyond anything that the earlier species is capable of.

Video which purports to be of Neil Armstrong discovering an ancient alien structure on the moon. It certainly appears to be realistic enough.

Another Website with commentary on the above video of Armstrong's footage. The debunkers are having a difficult time trying to prove that this video is not genuine -- and for good reason. Armstrong himself has thus far not stated that it isn't. There are myriad former government employees from many federal agencies including NASA, the US Military, and Intelligence community, as well as commercial airline pilots, who have risked their very lives by stating that they have physically witnessed the presence of UFO craft (and in some cases the presence of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities aka aliens).

See more comments on what may turn out to be the smoking gun in proving that humans are not the only intelligent species in our universe. Also, that Zaccaria Sitchin's theory about the Nephilum (who are mentioned in the Bible) -- in reference to how they traveled from other planets to visit the earth may be true. And that they were in fact the angels which the Bible refers to.
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