Friday, January 25, 2008

Chronic Lyme Disease Patients & Pioneer Lyme Expert Dr. Burrascano Interviewed Regarding The Lyme Controversy -- The Post Lyme Disease Syndrome Fraud

This is a worthwhile interview in that the viewer can begin to understand the complexity in treating chronic cases of Lyme Disease as well as the tremendous out of pocket expense. Moreover, that most insurers refuse to pay for long-term IV antibiotic treatment in regard to this government created bioweapon -- treatment which can last for years -- and in numerous cases at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars per patient.

During the segment in which Dr. Joseph Burrascano is interviewed he discusses how he has treated chronically ill Lyme Disease patients from 17 different countries and 47 US States , clearly illustrating what many patients have been stating since contracting LD -- that chronic Lyme Disease has become a pandemic which is devasting those who are infected with it both physically and psychologically, as well as financially. In addition to losing their health, many chronically ill Lyme Disease patients have lost their jobs, finances and subequently even their own homes.

Dr. Burrascano also details the core group of researchers within the medical community who have coined the term Post Lyme Syndrome, in efforts to explain refractory illness when the standard short term treatment protocol for Lyme Disease fails to cure LD patients. Burrascano also explains that these researchers, a number of whom are not even physicians, are subsidized by the health insurance industry, and collectively seek to find the cheapest medical protocols in treating chronically ill Lyme patients, regardless of how ineffective they are.

Dr. Burrascano also states that there is no such thing as Post Lyme Syndrome, just refractory illness in patients who continue to experience myriad symptoms from their chronic Lyme Disease infections. As a sufferer of chronic Lyme Disease for nearly 15 years now, I am in agreement with Burrascano and the rest of his camp.

See The Interview Here:
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