Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Than 1620 Consecutive Days Being Subjugated To Organized Stalking Crimes

"All Americans are entitled to their right to privacy and quite enjoyment under the 4TH Amendment to the US Constitution. And any Intelligence agency of the US Federal Government who would deny any American such rights under the 4TH Amendment, has perpetrated a most serious crime against that citizen, as well as the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. Furthermore, any federal agent who would use a satellite to spy on an American citizen within the privacy of their own bedroom or bathroom, is a sexual predator who should be fired from their job and prosecuted for the crime of sexual predation."

I have been subjected to such crimes for the better part of three decades. However, the organized stalking crimes to which I have been subjected have now exceeded 1620 consecutive days, and for the most part continue unabated, as I document precedent setting violations of the US Constitution and my rights as an American citizen.

I will note further developments as the FEDS continue to demonize me, in efforts to cover up their complicity in these precedent setting crimes. The NSA and the FBI have proven with their attacks on my person, that when they subject an American citizen to long-term illegal satellite surveillance as well mind control experimentation, they must deny that citizen their rights in efforts to prevent the public from learning of the criminal ways in which US Intelligence operates.

Such crimes include the use of NSA satellites to spy on American citizens within the privacy of our own homes for decades on end, without a warrant or any judicial oversight. Further evidence that these agencies are completely disregarding the laws in this country, and looking for any excuses in which to justify their attacks on the US Constitution. The fact that they would actually electronically access the minds of American citizens by way of supercomputers and satellites puts these government rat bastards on par with Adolph Hitler -- and they should be seen as such anathema.

Moreover, the FEDS' attack on myself is not only precedent setting, but also a definitive reason why both the NSA and FBI should be abolished. And contrary to the belief that the agents who operate under the flags of these agencies are above the law -- they are not -- nor have they ever been. They are simply criminals who use their authority to perpetrate crimes while avoiding prison time for themselves.

What the hell are these agents doing spying on Americans in their own bathrooms?!?! These FEDS are abusive and perverted scum.

If NSA operatives are using satellite based hi-tech millimeter wave cameras in which to spy on Americans within the privacy of their own homes, these agents must be prosecuted for doing so. For if they are not, they will continue to perpetrate such illegal spying, while subjecting greater numbers of American citizens to such violations of their Constitutional rights.

The FEDS' Use Of Character Assassination On TI's

The FEDS' smear campaigns are yet another aspect of these violations in which targeted persons are subjected to slanderous rumors which the FEDS' perpetrate against them, while being denied their right to due process of law.

These anti-American agencies have also turned out to be the ideal venues for those agents seeking to wage their own personal vendettas against American citizens of their choosing, while declaring it open season on the US Constitutional rule of law.

Such agencies should be acknowledged as the covertly organized criminal organizations which they are. And those within such agencies who would utilize satellites to spy on Americans within the privacy of their own homes (for one second much for decades on end), while using directed energy weapons to assault us, must take their place alongside every sexual predator who now occupies a prison cell.

Agencies like the NSA, FBI and CIA are loaded with sexual predators who are specially chosen to utilize these hi-tech weapons on American citizens of their choosing, since these agents are sociopaths and murderers who have no conscience.

And as far as I am concerned everyone of these FEDS can go straight to hell, because that's exactly where they belong.

The FEDS have also been looking to heat up a confrontation between myself and other members of the TI community by having some of these TI's altering my posts to serve the FEDS' purposes -- knowing that this would anger me. However, I have better things to do with my time than battling with this community, quite a number of whom are not even legitimate TI's, but instead government provocateurs looking to derail the efforts of the rest of this community. Perhaps what bothers me most is how chummy they have gotten with legitimate TI's whom they are deceiving. TI's who will eventually despise them for what they have done, yet will be too late to undo their damage.

As I have said the past, the FEDS are chameleons who blend in beautifully. They are your pals and your confidants. People whom you are absolutely convinced you can trust. They take leadership roles which is how they are able to steer you in the direction they want you heading in.

This is how they get to you.

Just ask tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown, both of whom are now serving five and half years in prison for a non crime, because they trusted some federal scumbag going by the alias of Dutch, to help them out of a crisis -- when the bastard was setting them up all along.

Dutch was their pal.

He brought them food, and even broke into Elaine's office to steal her medical supplies so that he could have a cavity filled by her. This is how Dutch bonded with Elaine Brown. If Elaine had any doubts about Dutch's sincerity, they were set aside when he allowed her to administer medical treatment to him. Dutch knew that in this particular case this was how he could placate Elaine's concerns, and that in turn, Elaine would placate Ed's concerns about Dutch's veracity. And that's exactly what happened.

Do you know what Dutch told Elaine? That it would be fun to pull one over on the FEDS. He also told Ed and Elaine that he helped them because he loved them and respected what they were doing.

More bullshit from a federal psychopath and pathological lying conartist, who has no conscience. US Intelligence is replete with such despicable characters.

There are a lot of "Dutch's" within the TI community in the present day, so for God's sake, learn from Ed and Elaines' mistake. Propagate your own information and be extremely leery of anyone else who claims to be a TI. And remember, the larger your groups get, the greater the opportunity for the FEDS to infiltrate them -- especially online where they are afforded such anonymity.

Also remember that they will attempt to prevent you from circulating your information on Websites such as the IMC's, and when they cannot, they will discredit you through the use of ridicule and defamation of character.

The FEDS are notorious for impugning the characters of those whom they cannot win a rational debate with. And oftentimes they are reduced to a highschool mentality when looking to discredit those who can document their crimes. To say that these agents lack ethics, morality and professionalism is an understatement. Their covert activities can be considered nothing less than abjectly criminal.

This has been occurring in my situation since I began to promulgate my information in 2005, where my posts were regularly deleted by the Independent Media Center Websites, the result of the FBI and DHS having them either removed or hidden in efforts to deny me my First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

They did not want my accounts of what they had subjected my Family and self to made public.

They have been looking for a covert confrontation all along, since they cannot arrest me legally. This is why they hack into my Email accounts; it is why they slander me; it is why they operate completely outside the rule of Constitutional law in violating my rights.

And should the FEDS succeed in causing such a confrontation with members of the TI community, this would also result in having these people attack this Website -- something the FEDS have been doing from the moment they had my last one deleted. And over the past year they have used one person in particular to do so. So I will just post this person's first name and last initial since he will know to whom I am referring, and that I am documenting what he has been doing.

*To Gerry D: Once again, I have found the need to remind you that if you choose to post my articles, to do so in their entirety. You do NOT have my permission to edit my articles which are my intellectual property -- not your own.

For several months I have remained patient with your manipulation of these articles, even though you have routinely removed words or sentences in which to change their meaning -- something you are in the habit of doing -- and something which I do not appreciate. In the future either publish my articles exactly as they appear on this Website or refrain from reprinting them at all, since you have absolutely no right to do so without my permission. The same applies to one Gina R. who has recently posted a few of my articles on the Edge Website -- something she did not have permission to do.

Perhaps instead of simply grabbing everyone else's information and reprinting it in your own questionable way, you should write your own articles in regard to your harassment, which would ultimately better serve your purposes (if in fact you are a legitimate TI and not a government perp), since you can then document specifically what it is that you are being subjected to as a TI, and not just re post everyone else's information as you have been doing ad nauseum for the past several years, on myriad Internet Websites.

The TI community is full of government shills who are working diligently to demoralize this community. And any legitimate TI who would deliberately look to obfuscate the information which another TI is attempting to promulgate, is counterproductive to the goal of exposing the US Federal Government's use of mind control technology, as well as the orchestration of the crime of organized stalking.

This Website is by far one of the most important in that I am documenting information which corroborates John St.Clair Akwei's accounts of being an NSA satellite prisoner and mind control target. The most important lawsuit in human history -- which is why the US Judiciary has refused to hear it for the past 17 years, and probably never will. All the more reason for those of us who can document this lawsuit and the NSA's mind raping technology, to circulate it globally.

It is a lawsuit which would create such an intense and scandalous stir within this country, that it would cause a ripple effective throughout the entire US Federal Government never before seen in the history of this country. Upon learning of Akwei's lawsuit and the disturbing information contained therein, the American people would never be the same again. Not ever. Nor would they ever trust a government again.

As for being a legitimate TI, I cannot speak for you or anyone else who claims to be, as I have no idea whether you are or not.

For all I know you are a government shill looking to infiltrate the TI community -- groups like FFCHS and FEDAME, whom for all their good intentions are loaded with such perp's whose goal is to redirect their members away from the exposure of this technology, and to waste as much of their TIME and MONEY as possible -- something they are already to some degree succeeding at.

For that matter how many TI's have even actually met? Perhaps a few dozen in each country if that? So suffice it to say that aside from themselves, most TI's have no way of knowing who else is legitimate and who is a perp.

All I know for certain is that my representation is accurate and illustrative of how dangerous this technology is to every person on this planet. And unlike most other TI's, I know who is responsible for the attacks on myself, which is why I am attacked as aggressively as I am.

There are agents who monitor this Website 24 hours a day who would like nothing better than to have it taken down. The only problem for them now is that removing this site will only give me further credibility -- something the FEDS are loathe to do. And even if they do take this site down, I will quickly put up another one just as I have done three times in the past, and just as I will do in the future should I find it necessary.

Furthermore, I have also documented the COINTELRPO operations that the FEDS have subjected me to for decades, as well as the complete covert attack on my Family which they have conducted over the past four and a half years -- something which these federal bastards will eventually rot in hell for. Every stinking last treasonous one of them.

And I am not going to allow some fools to undermine my information or that of anyone else who documents evidence of NSA involvement in their harassment -- especially as it applies to mind control technology. And if the FEDS happen to be involved in this particular instance -- only you know that for certain, Gerry -- then that is all the more reason for my information to continue to be circulated as it has been, given their attempts to deny that such technology exists, and to manipulate those who are attempting to expose this technology to the rest of the world.

The FEDS are paid to deceive us. It is a primary reason why the US Intelligence community was created. And such pathological deception of the American people is perhaps what these agencies do best. That and violating the US Constitution in a myriad of treasonous ways.

Moreover, they broke the law by violating my rights in the most precedent setting ways ever documented, then slandered me publicly to cover up for what they had done. Something they are still doing and which is standard operating procedure for these reprobates -- who never take responsibility for their own criminal actions. And I have no intention of ever letting them get away with it.

So once again, if you can't refrain from altering my articles, then stop posting them, since you are doing a disservice to myself and anyone else who is making a legitimate effort to expose mind control technology and the US Intelligence community's use of such technology, to the public. They are the real enemys of the American people and it's time that Americans learned this for themselves.
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