Saturday, January 19, 2008

FEDS Continue Their Psyops With A Helicopter Flyover & An Early Morning Piece Of Street Theatrics

Last night I decided at the last minute (the only way that a government mind control target can leave their home without having the FEDS knowing where they are heading in advance) to take a ride to the beach. The ride was for the most part uneventful, as the vehicular stalking has been kept to a minimum as of late -- at least the street theatrics aspect of it has been. During the ride I did witness an SUV driver surge forward against a red light heading through an intersection which contained vehicles making a left hand turn.

The driver suddenly realizing that they had jumped the light backed up and waited for it to turn green. Whether this was a piece of street theatre or just a driver who was tired and became confused by mistaking a green left turn signal for the one in the main traffic circle, remains to be seen. However it was a dangerous move which could have resulted a serious collision had the driver not stopped when they did.

While parked at the beach in the early evening hours, a helicopter flashing its front headlight from high beam to low beam headed across Cold Spring Harbor and passed directly overhead of my vehicle. At that time, I placed my four way flashers on to acknowledge the presence of this pilot (stalker) who did the flyover.

In return for this, early this morning when I went to use the lavatory, I noticed a car which appeared to be running without its headlights, heading down to the other end of my neighborhood with only its four way flashers on.

Note that earlier in the evening when I placed my four way flashers on to acknowledge the helicopter pilot (possibly from Homeland Security?) who was stalking me, I was parked at the time with my headlights off. I mention this to show the military-like attention to detail that those perpetrating these crimes have.

Also keep in mind that the NSA can actually see what I see through my own eyes, by tapping into the visual cortex region of my brain. So the cryptologist who was watching this by way of a computer monitor at the NSA was also able to see this helicopter flying overhead as though they were seeing it through my own eyes.

I also snagged two more license plates from vehicles which were parked within my neighborhood last evening while apparently spying on me within the privacy of my own home.

The first was a white Range Rover with the New York plate DSM5040, that was sitting with its headlights on, parked two houses down. The person was there for no other reason then to stalk me. The second vehicle was a late model blue BMW M5 with the New York plate CTB1065.

This person was sitting parked in a driveway at the other end of the neighborhood, as I made a quick pass through my neighborhood last night. He pulled out in front of me as I left the neighborhood. He also abruptly cut in front of me as he entered an entrance ramp to an intersecting roadway. He appeared to be gray haired and middle aged, and was heading for the town of Westbury at the time in which he cut in front of me.

I continue to document every aspect of the FEDS' psychological warfare campaign against my person, since this is being done in efforts to conceal the fact that I have been targeted for illegal mind control research for decades, illegally tracked and spied upon by way of NSA satellites, and subjected to the most outrageous and precedent setting violations of the US Constitution in the history of this country.

I am also documenting many instances of other American citizens who are also being subjected to similar abuses of their rights, by the thugs within the Nazi Intelligence cabal who are operating illegally and completely outside the framework of the US Bill Of Rights. These people are the real terrorists in this country and a threat to both the American people and those in myriad other countries who must bear the brunt of their psychopathic tendencies to use all forms of warfare against the human race -- including psychological, chemical, biological and electronic forms of warfare.

These high-tech "satellite predators" who work for agencies like the NSA, FBI, CIA and DHS, are the ultimate bullies, using their authority and weaponry to covertly torture and murder myriad citizens within the United States and abroad, in what should be seen as the greatest act of treason in American History.

I refer to them as the "Fourth Reich" since they are modern day Nazi's, who have cloaked themselves beneath the mask of the Democratic government which Americans have been deceived into believing still exists, yet clearly functions as nothing more than an instrument in which to mask the Nazi cabal which controls this country as it oppresses its unwitting citizenry.

I also mention that the deception of the American people has been so extensive that when asked what type of government is the best, they will readily reply that the Democratic republic which the United States represents is the best form of government. This is the extent to which Americans have been brainwashed by the Illuminists who control this country. The United States was not formed as a Democracy, which is a terrible form of government in which the majority of the people rule the minority. America was formed as a Constitutional Republic.

And in a Constitutional Republic, each citizen's rights are respected by way of Constitutional rule of law.

The American people had the best form of government in the world; a government which our forefathers worked tirelessly to build for us. And through our apathy and carelessness, we've now allowed the Illuminati -- through its use of the privately held Federal Reserve Banking cartel, as well as the Military Industrial Intelligence complex within this country -- to subvert our way of government for their own perverse and inhumane New World Order central Totalitarian government agenda.

An interesting article on the rise of the Nazi driven Fourth Reich within the United States, with Heir George W. Bush at its helm:
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