Thursday, January 17, 2008

There' s No Way To Know How Many Americans Have Been Illegally Tracked & Spied On By Way Of NSA Satellites -- Yet, Their Numbers Must Be Substantial

It's not just your E-mails and phone calls that the NSA is watching.

The NSA's millimeter wave equipped satellites are an even greater threat to your privacy. I know for certain that the NSA has been illegally spying on me with this technology for decades, even though I have never been arrested or convicted of a crime; this in addition to the non consensual human experimentation that they have subjugated myself and many other TI's to, in efforts to hone the mind control technology that the NSA deploys by ways of its satellite spy network.

Do you know if the NSA's been spying on you?

The truth is that there is no way for you to know if you've been under long-term satellite surveillance unless the FEDS want you to. And should they want you to, believe me when I tell you that they are not subtle about announcing themselves.

An exploding landmine has more subtlety.

You'll suddenly find yourself being stalked by large networked groups of people who will follow you where ever you travel to, while using psychological warfare in which to drive you to suicide. You will also be made to know through their conversations -- which they make certain you hear -- that your mind is being electronically read, and that you have been watched within the privacy of your own home for years.

It would also be foolish to think that with the technology that the NSA has access to, they would only be spying on a few Americans. The truth is that they are illegally spying on millions of you through the use of satellites -- which include millimeter wave cameras, capable of making the roof and walls of your home disappear, as they capture your image from the heat which your body gives off. Since the attacks on 9-11, the FEDS have in their criminal minds found a plausible reason for using these high tech "toys" of theirs. However, this illegal type of spying has been occurring for decades on a smaller scale in which many Americans (including myself) have been subjected to the most egregious violations of our 4TH and 5TH Amendment rights in the history of this country.

And there's little doubt that millions of Americans are being illegally spied upon by way of this technology in the present day-- technology which agencies like the NSA, FBI, DHS and other members of US Intel utilize to go on protracted fishing expeditions, in which to deprive you of your Constitutional rights. Denying you your Constitutional rights is why these agencies were created. To get around the laws that your local police precincts could not.

However in the present day you must now concern yourselves with the technology that the local cops are being given access to, as well. They too are part of the fascist police state that the United States has become since 9-11, as Homeland Security and the FBI are used to consolidate all of these policing agencies into one spying juggernaut which will forever destroy the privacy of the American citizenry. It has already done so under the pretext of protecting you from a terrorist threat.

Moreover, it is this juggernaut which is the real threat to you and your privacy, since their goal has been to destroy what privacy you had left. And under the Bush Administration they have now succeeded in doing so.

We are living in a high-tech age in which no one's privacy is considered to be sacred, and even the sanctity of the Church confessional can be broken, by government scoundrels who espouse such Nazi ideology.

And satellite based millimeter wave cameras are a primary way in which your privacy has been severely compromised (as well as other ways in which millimeter wave cameras are deployed) -- talk about living in a fishbowl!

Thanks to this technology, all Americans must now concern themselves with the fact that they can be targeted for such invasions of privacy without their knowledge or consent. Your trip to the kitchen, den, bedroom and even bathroom completely monitored and recorded by the perverted trash that masquerades as US Intelligence.

And thanks to the attacks on 9-11, we are all more vulnerable to such violations than ever before.

Also give the following some thought when you turn in this evening. Is the mind of the person laying next to you being remote neurally monitored by the NSA as they sleep -- or perhaps even being covertly programmed without their knowledge or consent? The technology to do so does indeed exist, and is being deployed on myriad unwitting citizens around the United States and abroad. Remember that the name of the game for the New World Order central Totalitarian government is mind control. Control of the minds of virtually every person on this planet -- with the exception of the elite few who refer to themselves as the Illuminati.

There is also no doubt that many serial killers -- as well as those like the Virginia Tech shooter -- were all programmed by such forms of mind control, as government rat bastard agencies like the NSA and CIA sit back calmly and watch the destruction that they have caused from afar; while feigning concern over the deaths of people whom they covertly murdered.

And pushing for the complete removal of guns from our society.

A question that every American citizen must now ask themselves is are they alone, or are they being watched in real time by the NSA, as so many other unwitting Americans are? And are their thoughts private or are the FEDS vacuuming them up too, by way of the NSA's electronic brain link/remote neural monitoring technology?

In the present day it's likely that the NSA is spying on millions of Americans by way of these satellites, while recording their activities 24 hours a day. So no American is safe regardless of where they are. And given the NSA's ability to electronically decode your thoughts by way of its supercomputers and specialized software, if you are being tracked by this system, even your thoughts are no longer private.

You must be a terrorist for this to be happening, right?

Explain that to the housewife who just happened to take out a book from the local library which the FBI deemed to be controversial -- perhaps Tolstoy's "War and Peace" -- and is now under 24 hour NSA surveillance while being subjected to a protracted and illegal fishing expedition -- all while she has no idea that she (and perhaps even her family)is being kept under satellite surveillance.

While this may sound far fetched, such crimes against the American people and the US Constitution are happening as a result of the power crazed maniacs within the US Intelligence Community, whose most inherent desire is to play God with the human race. And their leader -- King George W. Bush -- tyrant and destroyer of the free world (with his IQ of 92), is making many of the decisions which have allowed for the complete subversion of the American people and our government.

As for the NSA's high-tech EMF tracking system, the following is something else you should know. You can't hide amongst large groups of people since the NSA can pick you out in a crowd of thousands by targeting your EMF field, and using its EMF tracking system to find you no matter where you are. We are talking about the Big Brother of George Orwell's 1984 nightmare, having become a reality -- only far worse than even Orwell himself might have envisioned.

So even if you live in an apartment building amongst all of the other dwellers with whom you reside, you no longer have any anonymity. And if an NSA agent punches your EMF code (probably your social security number) up on their computer screen, you will be targeted by its EMF dial up satellite tracking system and followed no matter you go -- possibly for the rest of your life. Not one second or one thought that you have will be private.

The NSA's ability to track you by way of the electromagnetic field which surrounds your body enables it to spy on you anywhere, and for every second of the time in which you are under surveillance. You can be 30,000 feet above the ground in a jet, or 12,000 feet below the surface of the ocean and the NSA can still track you.

What's more is that you can be physically disabled and even murdered by way of the NSA's weaponized satellites with the push of a button.

Also consider that with its use of electronic brain link technology, the NSA can remotely access the visual cortex region of the human brain and decode the signals being sent from the optic nerve of the eye, to the brain; then transmit this information by way of satellite to a waiting computer at the NSA's Fort Meade headquarters in Maryland.

What does this mean to the average American citizen? That the NSA can quite literally see what they see as though they were looking through the eyes of this citizen. This also makes the American citizen an unwitting electronic spying device, since anything that he or she sees can be transmitted to the NSA for evaluation -- all without their knowledge or consent.

What would the late researcher and conspiracy theorist Mae Brussell think of all this? In all likelihood, if Mae were still alive she would have been at her computer typing articles about this technology and trying to promulgate her information as fast as she could. She would've certainly understood the underlying threat that such technology represents to the future of the human race, as well the ability for people to think for themselves - a concept which is all but lost in the present day with the collective media's dumbing down of the global population.

Do you feel violated yet?

Because the crimes that the NSA's perpetrating against American citizens are on par with the worst crimes ever documented. And they will only get worse over time unless the American people call for the abolition of the NSA -- something that the US Congress would be forced to capitulate to, given an infuriated and deceived public whose rights have been violated in ways which nearly defy comprehension.

What's even worse is that the NSA's credo appears to be that whatever they do is legal as long as they don't get caught, and to hell with the United States Constitution. As a matter of fact, that appears to be the doctrine espoused by the entire US Intelligence Community, and has certainly been the policy of the Bush Administration, which has set new standards for violating the Bill Of Rights, Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Code, while lying to the American people about virtually every aspect of their covert agenda; one which appears destined to turn the United States into the hub of the New World Order's central Totalitarian government.

And a corollary to such indoctrination is that if these government officials do get caught spying in such ways, they must immediately destroy the credibility of those whom they have illegally spied upon, before the American people are able to learn just how vulnerable they too are to such illegal satellite surveillance -- surveillance which allows for the archival of their entire lives as they unfold real time, within the NSA's vast data base. And there are undoubtedly a very large number of Americans whose rights have been violated in such ways, who will never know it. That is, unless they are made to be aware of it, which is a primary reason for my having created this Website.

Realistically, if one takes into consideration the advanced tracking/mind reading technology that the NSA has access to, no one is safe from the prying eyes of this clandestine Nazi agency -- or its satellite spy network. Something which the American people to their dread, are going to find out sooner or later.

And if I have my way, it will be sooner.
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