Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To The Person Who Is Attempting To Contact Me Via The Internet

The following post was listed over the Internet. I have removed most of the screenname of the person looking to con tact me for their protection.

On Dec 27, 3:36 am, TJ#$#$# wrote:

"I would like to contact a blogger who has a blog at
Specifically it is at The person's name is James F. Marino."

My response to this person:

I read your post over the Internet. However, due to the FEDS' constant intrusion of my E-mails and usurpation of any group which I have joined -- since their illegal spying campaign against me went from covert to overt in the Spring of 2003 -- I no longer speak directly with anyone. As a long term target of NSA mind control research, my information has caused the FEDS considerable problems.

As such they have maintained an all out assault on my person through the use of smear campaigns and other machinations, in efforts to damage my credibility and drive me to a state of suicide. However, the information that I am promulgating in regard to the NSA's illegal use of satellites and EBL (electronic brain link technology)to remotely access and manipulate the human brain is true, and affects a very large number of American citizens in the present day, most of whom have no idea that they are under 24 hour surveillance -- nor that they they are being utilized for illegal and non consensual human experimentation by this Nazi branch of the shadow government in this country.

As for your interest in the topics contained within my Website, I strongly urge you to promulgate my information, as well as John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, to your family, friends and local community, since this information discusses technology which will adversely affect all of you, and ultimately the freedom of thought which has always been the defining characteristic of the human race - something the Illuminati through agencies like the NSA is looking to completely destroy.

If you want to ask specific questions, do so just as you did your request to contact me, which I found while surfing the Internet. And if possible I will respond as best as I can.

I appreciate your consideration and hope that your targeting has not been too horrific. Much of mine has been. These government spooks are vicious and completely relentless in their attacks on those whom they target for such unconscionable crimes.

They torture and commit murders through the use of covert means, while wantonly disregarding the rule of Constitutional law in this country. And they will continue to subvert our Constitution unless they are held accountable for their acts of treason. The time for Americans to stand up and challenge the shadow government which has destroyed our Constitutional republic is now.

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner
US Government Target for non consensual human experimentation.
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