Saturday, January 12, 2008

Regarding Akwei VS NSA How Do TI's Obtain Physical Evidence That There Is An EMF Field Surrounding Their Bodies Which Can Be Electronically Accessed?

One aspect of the metaphysical world concentrates on electromagnetic fields. In particular, the electromagnetic field which surrounds the human body is of interest here. This EMF field, also known as the human aura, can be photographed. And this is all the proof that an individual who is being targeted by agencies like the NSA (for remote neural monitoring of their brain states as well as satellite tracking) need in order to prove to the public that such electromagnetic fields do in fact exist, emanate from the human body, and can be readily accessed through the use of specialized technology.

Kirlian photography shows two examples of EMF's or auras

The following is a Website on the human aura and its many attributes:

Other Websites on Kirlian photography and the human aura:

Aura photography and Kirlian photography are two different schools of thought regarding the same topic -- how to photograph the electromagnetic field which surrounds the human body. And not just the human body. All living things are surrounded by an electromagnetic field which many refer to as an aura. And this field can be photographed as well as electronically tapped into and used as a tracking device by the National Security Agency.

A Website on aura photography:

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