Friday, January 11, 2008

Cold and Warm Reading -- The Secret Behind The Psychic Medium? Or At Least Certain Entertainers Who Claim To Have Psychic Abilities?

Many viewers of TV programs such as alleged psychic John Edward's "Crossing Over" seem to remain spellbound as Edwards acts as medium between themselves and their departed ones. A family member of mine once went to one of Edward's shows but never had the opportunity to actually speak with him. She did, however, say that he was wrong at least as often as he was right in regard his "psychic" communications.

Of course my first question in regard to Mr. Edward's ability is if he is legitimately capable of communicating with the departed, why not ask them important questions such as what is God really like? Is there really a Heaven? And what was you transition into the afterlife like? Instead, we hear Edwards telling us about how many coins someone had in their pocket, what their favorite cigar was, and a number of other less than fascinating details which have about as much appeal as paint peeling off a wall.

So how does Edwards obtain his information? Does he really contact spirits, or does he rely on two forms of a verbal sleight of hand known as cold and warm reading?

Demystifying Psychic John Edwards:
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