Wednesday, January 09, 2008

FEDS Continue Their Aggressive COINTELPRO Against Me, In Which There Is No Rule Of Law In What They Are Doing

FBI and DHS continue their aggressive attack using certain members of the TI community as part of the psyops campaign against myself and other legitimate TI's. However, these members are now damaging their own credibility by doing so.

Of course this is done to provoke a direct response so that they can deny what they are doing. However, no direct response to any particular person will be forthcoming. I have neither the time nor energy to waste on people who are looking for help because they are being victimized, only to victimize others in the same way.

Those TI's who are doing so are as hypocritical as the FEDS who claim to be legitimate law enforcement; those agents who routinely violate virtually every US law there is -- including long-term illegal satellite spying and remote neural monitoring of many American targets while completely ignoring the 4TH Amendment.

The FEDS may think that they have found a niche in using certain members of the TI community to attack me -- however, they have not. I should also mention that their obvious use of E-mails to me for the purposes of gaslighting has been acknowledged and as such these E-mails do get deleted. One of their members whose initials I shall list here (BD) is a particularly loathsome individual who is detracting from the TI's efforts to get their message across. I would not be at all surprised if this insideous character were in fact a perp who has infiltrated this community.

There appear to be many of them who simply crawl out of the wood work looking to infiltrate and compromise those who are reporting the serious crimes of mind control and organized stalking which they are being subjected to. And I must remind those within the TI community, that in most instances there is no way of knowing whether many people who pose as TI's are legitimate or not. And in reality, perps many even show up at real time events posing as concerned TI's in order to gain the trust of legitmate TI's.

From what I have observed, the FEDS most certainly have done so and appear to be in control of this group. I also recall an E-mail which had been sent to another TI in regard to a certain person's exposes on the criminal behavior of the FBI and CIA. The response he received from a person who is prominent within the TI community was to leave these organizations alone, since they had done nothing wrong -- a clear indication that this person of prominence is not only in contact with the FEDS, but also working with them. And from this person's verbal abuse of the expositor, it was clear that the FEDS had been demonizing the expositor -- something which they do to neutralize those whom they have committed serious crimes against, yet can not arrest legally.

However, as far as the general TI community is concerned, there are many legitimate TI's who are suffering needlessly, and I have no intention of adding to their suffering by waging any further criticisms than I have just done.

I would remind them though, that I am not the one who is torturing them while systematically destroying their lives, and that they should look to vent their anger elsewhere (namely on those who are attacking them), since I have no intention of tolerating abuse from anyone.

And I still wish them well and hope that the attacks which they are enduring will end soon. Each of these TI's has demonstrated that regardless of which country they reside in, their civil rights have been seriously violated, oftentimes by the state and government organizations which have been charged with their protection.

As for the FEDS, they have clearly shown through their recent Blitzkrieg against me that there is no rule of law in the United States any longer. Just some very desperate criminals who masquerade as law enforcement, attempting to justify the most precedent setting violations of an American citizen's Constitutional rights ever documented. Something I have no intention of ever allowing these reprobates to get away with.

It would also appear that the FBI and DHS have maintained a presence within the TI community by feigning offers of help to certain members. Again, this is how the FEDS are able to take control of groups which they are looking to target, yet I seriously doubt that the FBI, DHS or other government agency will ever deliver on any promise to help this community, since it's not in their best interest to do so. And neither will any other federal or state organization, regardless of what country they hail from.

Their goal is to covertly mind control the people of this planet through the use of satellite based remote neural monitoring/influencing technology. And any citizen who has figured this out is being demonized, dehumanized and set upon by this federal plague of locusts in efforts to destroy our credibility while attempting to drive us to suicide.

The FEDS have changed the rules in their attacks on us. In fact from their activities, there appear to be few if any rules dictating how they function in modern day fascist America. However, they are no longer acknowledging the US Constitution, and that should concern all of us. And it would appear that the same is true for those TI's of other countries who have reported the complete break down of judicial process within their own governments.

Moreover, there have been many public examples of mind control, whether being done by way of drugs (CIA MKULTRA), implanted microchips, or the electronic brain link targeting of many people who have been used as Manchurian candidates -- unwitting pawns used to murder innocent people. Some of the best known instances of this have been the shootings at Columbine High school in Colorado back in the late 1990's, as well as the more recent murders of 32 students at Virgina Tech.

Yet another example of this was a highschool student by the name of Kip Kinkle, who murdered his parents before going on a shooting spree at his school. Kinkle had claimed that there were voices in his head telling him to do commit these murders. He even claimed to have heard a voice claiming to be God coming from some shrubbery in his driveway. The more bizzare such accounts are, the more important it is for society to consider that mind control is responsible for them.

Instead of automatically assuming that people like Kinkle are mentally disturbed, they should be questioned in regard to what they have experienced prior to committing such crimes. In many instances, these people will describe hearing voices
within their heads which tell them to do commit murder, as well as other phenomena which would point to some external influence for their criminal behavior.

Instead, the public is led to believe that these mind control targets are mentally imbalanced and that no further reasons for their behavior exist -- a deliberate deception by those who utilize mind control technology, to keep the public ignorant in regard to how such technology is being deployed against many people being targeted for government sanctioned and classified mind control research.

Furthermore, these types of murders are being done in efforts to convince the American people that the police should be the only ones to have access to guns. Of course, this is another ploy by the New World Order, to force the American people to surrender their freedoms since they make for much easier targets when the government is the only one which has access to such weapons.

And while the police are encouraging this ideology, the truth is that they too are nothing but pawns in the hands of those who control the Illuminati designed New World Order; pawns which the NWO considers to be expendable.

The NWO doesn't want citizens -- it wants mind controlled slaves that it can use for its own purposes. I am just fortunate that I realized that I have been used in such ways for decades, the result of US Government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, while I was still able to expose what I have been subjected to.

My awareness of this and my attempts to promulgate what I have experienced as a long-term target for illegal mind control research, is why the FEDS' continue to demonize me, so that they can discredit my accounts. And the fact that they are trying to justify precedent setting violations of the US Constitution in their criminal actions against me (something which they fail to mention), is only further proof that US Intelligence does not support or defend the US Constitution.

It also indicates that the US Intelligence community is being used as an NWO pawn to cover up the mind control experimentation which is being conducted on a great number of citizens within the United States (these types of experimentation are also occurring on a global scale with myriad people from many nations now taking to the Internet to report what they are being subjected to).

Furthermore, when agencies like the FBI use coercion to control those close to a TI, it is also clear that the FBI has no interest in abiding by the law. However, if the bureau cannot abide by the laws of this country, than it has no business in attempting to enforce such laws.

And the fact that the NSA has used me as a mind control target is not going to change either, simply because the FEDS wage their own demonization campaign against me. They have illegally targeted me for long-term satellite surveillance as well as mind control experimentation, and I will continue to document this, regardless of how aggressive they become. They are the criminals.

Moreover, there's no rule of law in what the FBI has subjected my Family or self to. And I am quite willing to die to defend my Constitutional rights, before ever acknowledging the FBI or any of the other US Intelligence agencies as anything other than the anti-American criminal organizations that they are. These agencies routinely use the cover of national security to prevent the public from ever learning of their history of criminal activity. The truth is that national security has harmed the American people by allowing the shadow government in this country to subvert our constitutional republic. Consequently, the National Security Act should be abolished.

What I find most disturbing is the effort that the FEDS place on attacking me, while never confronting me directly, simply because their COINTELPRO operations have never been designed that way -- operations which are illegal and designed to covertly murder those whom they target. These agents are following Nazi protocols, while attempting to justify their attempts to drive others to suicide. This is standard operating procedure for the FBI's counterintelligence operations.

As such, I will add further documentation as it becomes necessary. However the FBI should stop wasting the public's time getting it to do their dirty work for them, and confront me directly, since they have been perpetrating this illegal activity for nearly three decades, and have set a precedent in the violation of the US Constitution in their attacks on my rights as a US Citizen.

Agencies like the FBI have never been law abiding and never will be. They are run by cold blooded murderers who torture their victims, lie to the public, violate the laws of this country and then inflame public sentiment in efforts to justify their illegal activities. These government rat bastards will spy on us within the privacy of our own bathrooms and attempt to justify it, while using remote neural monitoring to electronically access our minds to go on protracted fishing expeditions. They will also use satellite based directed energy weapons to torture us within the privacy of our own homes in efforts to drive us to commit suicide, and then accuse us of being mentally unstable if we attempt to describe the tortures that we are being subjected to.

What does this tell you about these agencies when they are no longer supporting and defending the US Constitution, but instead decimating it! And even many of their own agents have been forced to turn to whistleblowing as they themselves have seen that these agencies have been taken over by modern day Nazis who seek to destroy America and her people.

The FBI is one of the worst offenders here. An Americanized version of the Gestapo, its agents will destroy physical evidence which proves they have conspired to deny an American citizen their rights, while fabricating evidence in which to entrap that citizen. The FBI has done this so often that it's difficult to believe that more Americans are not aware of the illegal ways in which this agency functions.

Even long after it's abolished, the FBI will always be defined by its COINTELPRO operations and complete disregard for the US Constitution and the American people. It's history of agents who fabricate evidence while perjuring themselves in courts of law is what the FBI will be remembered for. That and its complete lack of humanity.

Also, utilizing its psychological operations to drive those whom it targets to suicide while using propaganda to brainwash the public into believing that any tactics that this agency deploys, regardless of how despicable, are acceptable, when they clearly are not. The FBI operates without any of the checks or balances that the US Constitution calls for, which has given its agents the ability to commit crimes without any fear of ever being made accountable for them.

And while they would never admit it, they have a license to murder people as has been demonstrated in the case of Judi Bari, whom the FBI attempted to blow up in her own car. There have been many such victims of the FBI, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Black Panther leader Fred Hampton, labor union leader Walter Reuther, and a myriad of others whom the FBI targeted for COINTELPRO. All of whom were murdered while giving the FBI plausible deniability.

Until the American people stand up to the FBI, NSA and other Intel agencies, and refuse to let these Americanized versions of the Gestapo push them around, they are going to continue to be abused worse than ever before. Especially under the current president, who sees himself not as an elected public servant, but instead as a King who rules over his subjects -- the same type of tyrannical King whom our forefathers broke away from more than two centuries ago, when they founded the 13 colonies and our humble American beginnings. The same type of King who believed that torture and murder were perfectly acceptable as long as he was the one who authorized them.

The Bush Administration is the most criminal in US History. And Bush and Cheney have done more damage to the people of this country in the past 7 years, than the combined total of every president and vice president who've gone before them in the past 232 years. They have destroyed this country and left the American people vulnerable to the NWO global fascist government which is now emerging.
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