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COINTELPRO -- What The History Channel Won't Tell You About The FBI -- A Century's Worth Of Abuse Aimed At Targeted American Citizens

The following is a Google Search on the FBI and its COINTELPRO operations -- something which the FBI was forced to acknowledge existed from 1956 until 1971 -- when a group of concerned activists broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania and liberated files which documented the FBI's illegal program; something they then shared with the media. While the FBI was disgraced, the Watergate scandal which occurred a short time later overshadowed the situation and the FBI was soon at it again. The FBI has never ended its COINTELPRO operations which since the attacks on 9-11 now apply to a far greater number of Americans than ever before.

Does the FBI consider you to be a domestic terrorist? If you are being stalked by networks of vigilantes posing as community watch groups, who deploy the use of psychological warfare against you in efforts to drive you to suicide, there is an excellent chance that it does. The FBI's attempts to torment those citizens whom it considers to be disruptive to the US Status quo are very similar to what Hitler's Gestapo used back in the 1930's and 40's.

Of course if the FBI ever admitted this in a court of law jurors would probably hear its agents saying something to the effect of "we used what we believe were appropriate methods under the circumstances." That or their standard response of "I can't recall." Perhaps they can't recall the physical and psychological assaults which they have perpetrated against so many of us by way of satellite based directed energy weapons either? Maybe the FBI and NSA can't, however, I certainly can and so can many others targeted for the same Hitlerian tactics.

Websites documenting COINTELPRO:


Third World Traveler Article On How The FBI Used COINTELPRO To Frame EcoActivist Judi Bari. In essence what the FBI did was an attempt to murder Bari. However she managed to live long enough to file a CIVIL lawsuit against them which resulted in her winning a $4.4 million dollar verdict against the FBI -- a rarity as only a few Americans, including Randy Weaver (of Ruby Ridge fame), have managed to obtain any justice against the FBI and its illegal tactics -- tactics which place it in the same class as the former Shah Of Iran's secret police force, Savak (which the FBI approved of), Russia's KGB, Israel's Mossad, and Hitler's Gestapo -- great company to be in if you believe that torture and murder are acceptable methods to control those within society who don't follow the status quo.

The FBI is also an agency which believes that is has the right to use the NSA and its spy satellites to illegally spy on American citizens for decades without a warrant, while using a system of computer monitoring known as electronic brain link (EBL), which is remotely attached to the brains of targeted Americans, to remote neural monitor and manipulate their minds. It should also be noted that the FBI and NSA have conducted this type of illegal surveillance on myriad Americans since roughly 1980 -- long before the Patriot Act was ever passed into legislation. As for the Constitutonality of what the FBI and NSA are doing -- there is none -- making these agencies and their actions abjectly criminal and treasonous.

COINTELPRO The Untold American Story:


The FBI's COINTELPRO against Actress Jean Seberg for her support of the Black Panther Party:


The FBI's COINTELPRO against Dr. Martin Luther King and other civil rights activists -- Senate Report of the Church Committee Hearings:


The NSA and FBIs' Thought Police Mindset:

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