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Video Of Whatever Hit The Pentagon On 9-11 -- Was The Object A Long Range Cruise Missile?

Since the FBI has refused to release the videos which it confiscated of the Pentagon being attacked on 9-11, the following is the only one which Americans have had access to. One will also notice that the white streak which appears to the right of the surveillance camera is nearly at ground level just prior to striking the Pentagon (interestingly enough, the only area of the Pentagon which had been structurally reinforced).

Could a commercial jetliner have leveled off so quickly that it was able to be just feet off the ground before striking the Pentagon? It's very doubtful. *However, a cruise missile could have. And thus it should be no surprise why the white streak on the following video appears to be a cruise missile. It even seems to be missing the slightly raised cabin section that you would see on the front of most commercial airliners.

*"Because of the low-altitude flight it's difficult to detect this missile with radar, and because of the low heat emits of the turbofan it's hard to detect it with infrared detection systems."

-- Website on TOMAHAWK Cruise Missiles:


Moreover, there appears to be no sign of the left wing or the jet engine which would have been part of a 757. With a cruise missile, only a small left wing would have been present and no jet engine mounted to it -- just the *low bypass turbo jet engine mounted within the tail section of the missile. The following is a cutaway view which you can click on to enlarge.

Then compare this to the video of what hit the Pentagon. It certainly appears to look more like a cruise missile than a commercial jetliner. Was the engine found at the scene the type used in a cruise missile or was it used to power some smaller type of aircraft?

And why was the second jet engine or parts from it never located? If it was an aircraft which hit the Pentagon could it have been some experimental type of craft with a reinforced cabin, that was carrying within its fuselage a missile?

And if in fact the FBI already knows this, it is guilty of both obstruction of justice and treason for keeping it from the American public. Once again, why does the FBI refuse to release the videos which it confiscated from the Pentagon, Virginia Department Of Transportation, and Sheraton Hotel -- and end all of the speculation? What is on these tapes that the FBI does not want the American public to see?

Those who perpetrated this act of treason have also achieved another coupe in convincing some of the better known people within the 9-11 truth movement to claim that a 757 really did hit the Pentagon, and that the missile theory was simply a hoax to discredit the movement. However, the forensics regarding the damage to the Pentagon tell a different story. And the fact that the FBI refuses to release the videos which it has confiscated from the Pentagon and surrounding area only serve to further the belief that the FBI is covering up what really happened.

Video Of Whatever Hit The Pentagon On 9-11:


A Video On The FBI's Deliberate Attempts To Conceal What Was On The Videos Taken Of The Pentagon And Surrounding Areas On 9-11:


When alternative journalist Christopher Bollyn decided to do some research into the type of engine which was found at the Pentagon crash site, he contacted both Pratt And Witney as well as Rolls Royce, yet neither manufacturer could identify the remains of the engine. What Bollyn did do was to raise the ire of the FBI, who sent some local cops (mercenaries) to stalk and later assault him. And he has been harassed ever since. Bollyn's account of what was done to him can be found by accessing the second link below.

More than six years after the attacks on 9-11, Americans are no closer to learning what type of craft hit the Pentagon. However, what most have now surmised is that there is a major cover up being perpetrated by the US Federal Government in efforts to obfuscate the facts -- which can only lead one to believe that this government was involved in the attacks on 9-11. And if this is the case, then Americans are eventually going to find themselves at war with the very people in this government, who attacked us on 9-11.


Christopher Bollyn Beaten By Cops As Punishment For His Independent Investigation Of 9-11:

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