Saturday, January 05, 2008

1997 CNN Interview With Government Mind Control Target Cheryl Welsh

Government mind control target Cheryl Welsh was interviewed on CNN a decade ago, discussing her experiences as a government mind control target. The following are some of her comments as well as a link to the rest of the interview.

Cheryl's statements are just a further indication that the US Federal Intelligence community (in this case I am referring to the NSA in particular) has the ability through its Signals Intelligence technology, to remotely access the thoughts of any citizens being targeted. Ms. Welsh also mentions how the controllers of this technology can manipulate the minds of those whom they target, as well as destroying their relationships with their families, while attempting to drive these targeted people to suicide -- every aspect of which I am familiar with in the NSA's use of myself for non consensual human experimentation.

"Well it is hard for people to understand and believe because who would believe the government would do it? But they will remind you that they can burn you all day long. Let us say I go to the library. They will make it a very harassing experience. They will have loud noises come from any electrical system they can target. So the computer's not going to work.

When you go to take classes at school, you don't know if you are going to be able to use the computer. Or you don't know whether you are going to be able to do research for papers. Because they can sabotage computers. You don't know how you are going to get along with professors because they can make people hate your guts, they can make people fall in love with you. You just really have to understand that the technology is very sophisticated.

It is a hard stretch of the imagination, I do not talk about it much because it's hard for people to understand. But if you could imagine that they have that type of control you will avoid most situations knowing they are looking to break you. They want you to commit suicide. They want you to be depressed. They want to see what makes people break.

I have networked with over eighty-five victims since 1993, and they all describe the same symptoms of [destroyed] relationships. It is a very painful thing to have people that are close to you -- like my mother, my father, my sisters and friends -- those relationships be manipulated and destroyed. They did that very well, and they can do that so you want to avoid that kind of emotional pain.

I believe that like the radiation experimentation and until those documents are declassified am I going to have the solid proof necessary. In the meantime, I'm looking for government signals. I'm doing everything I can within my limited means. I'm trying to organize as much as I can, but we are up against the U.S. government. A national security secret that if it were out would change the world. When you think mind control and being able to read somebody's thoughts remotely, what a difference that would make to the world. That is a weapon intelligence agencies have wanted for decades."

Cheryl Welsh -- Goverment Mind Control Target

See the rest of the interview here:
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