Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Martin Tankleff Will Not Face Retrial For The Murder Of His Parents -- Is Martin Being Remote Neurally Monitored By The NSA?

After nearly two decades imprisoned for murders which he claims he did not commit, Long Islander Marty Tankleff is free at last. Prosecutor Thomas Spota announced earlier today that he will not attempt to retry Tankleff, who was convicted in 1990 of the murders of his parents Seymour and Arlene Tankleff of Belle Terre, Long Island. Of course this now leads to speculation regarding who actually committed the murders.

The defense team for Marty Tankleff has stated that they have evidence which proves that Seymour Tankleff's former business partner Jerry Steuerman, and his son Todd, are responsible for ordering the murders of both Tankleff and his wife. And this evidence was strong enough to have Marty's conviction overturned on appeal. What remains to be seen is if there was a conspiracy between Steuerman, Spota and the detective who coerced Tankleff's confession, James Mcready, to obfuscate evidence in the murders of the Tankleffs, by framing their son, Marty.

Moreover, since Marty was never actually acquitted of the murders, will the NSA now use its EMF scanning network to track and remote neural monitor him for the rest of his life as it does so many other Americans, while going on protracted fishing expeditions in which the Constitutional right to privacy of these Americans is being completely violated?
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