Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The NSA's Turning Of The Home And Mind Into A Virtual Prison

The NSA's use of electronic brain link technology to remote neural monitor/influence the minds of those whom it is targeting, can covertly turn our minds into virtual prisons in which we are forced to endure myriad forms of electronic harassment, including violent and perverse virtual reality scenes being played out in our minds, as well as both physical and sexual assaults, by the depraved and perverted agents who torture us with this technology.

Such technology which is capable of adversely affecting our very being, given that it can target any portion of our brain or body for experimentive purposes, as we are at the mercy of those deploying this remote, yet invasive form of mind manipulation against us.

Violence, perversion and the complete altering of the targeted man, woman or childs' personality are some of the more disturbing aspects of this technology, while these people are usually completely unaware of what is being done to them.

Moreover, while it is bad enough to have these attacks taking place within our own homes, since they are taking place within our own minds, there is nothing to do but fight them as best we can while documenting them publicly, so that the people on this planet can understand their own vulnerability to the NSA's use of satellite based weaponry and remote neural monitoring technology. Something which if not exposed, will eventually lead to the destruction of the human mind.

How do you know if you are being surveilled by the NSA? It is a safe bet that everyone in the United States has been placed under surveillance by way of Echelon, in which all their electronic communications are being monitored. As for those who are being remote neurally monitored by way of the NSA's EMF two way dial up scanning network, there is no way to know if you have been placed under such surveillance.

However, it is safer to conclude that you have been, since the only way that you will eventually find out if this is the case is once your surveillance goes from covert to overt mode; at which time you will find yourselves being followed everywhere you travel to by a networked group of organized stalkers (the adult version of Hitler's Brown Shirts), while the FEDS covertly destroy every aspect of your life -- Gestapo style.

And while the members of the US Congress speak of the importance of preserving the United States Constitution, it is clear that this is just rhetoric, used to cover up the fact that America has become a fascist police state.
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