Saturday, January 05, 2008

US Federal Government Ignores Claims That Many Gulf War Veterans Were Infected With A Biological Agent -- Thousands Have Since Died From GWS

More than 11,000 US Soldiers who served in the Gulf War have since died from a mysterious illness which has been dubbed Gulf War Syndrome. GWS appears to find its origins as so many other chronic illnesses which are responsible for destroying the health of American citizens do -- as a biological agent.

The following two links are to Websites which discuss GWS in greater detail. To learn more about the creation of many other bio weapons, the books Lab 257 by Michael Christopher Carrol, and The Brucellosis Triangle by Dr. Donald Scott are recommended reading. Dr. Len Horowitz's book Emerging viruses - AIDS and EBOLA also discusses the connection between these two biological weapons and the US Military.

Given the NSA's remote neural monitoring of Americans, while other agencies within US Intelligence including the CIA continue to covertly test their biological, chemical and electronic weapons on the citizens of this country, one must wonder what percentage of Americans will never live to see old age, as their health declines from the deleterious effects of such weaponry?
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