Sunday, January 13, 2008

Further Information On The CIA's Illegal Use Of Brainwashing & Torture

While there are many forms of brainwashing, some tactics are more abusive than others -- as has been evidenced by the CIA's particular brand of both physical and psychological torture in regard to Guantanamo Bay detainees. However, there are less violent forms of brainwashing which are used on the families of victims targeted by the US Intelligence community for illegal mind control research, which are just as effective in destroying the relationships between the targeted persons and their families.

Most TI's have described how their familial relationships have been completely decimated by federal agencies including the CIA, NSA and FBI, as well as lesser known groups of covert terrorists, who use psychological warfare to cause this destruction. In virtually every instance the family members involved will deny that they have been coerced into taking part in such attacks of their own family members, while functioning in what can only be seen as a completely brainwashed (and nearly robotic) state, as they follow the protocols they have been ordered to, which includes the constant use of psychological trigger words and phrases, as well as leaving objects which the TI's have been conditioned to respond to negatively, physically within their path so that there is no way for them to avoid these objects.

This is done in a conspiratorial effort to drive the mind control victims to states of such desperation that they are forced to commit suicide. And there is absolutely no question that the families of mind control victims have been brainwashed into taking part in such abhorrent tactics, while the communities of these targets are also used to keep constant pressure on their families, in a concerted effort to ensure that the targeted persons are driven to such states.

A major characteristic of this conspiracy is that cities and towns have now been turned into "Stepford" type communities, in which TI's have been targeted as the common enemy which must be eradicated. The driving force behind this criminal methodology within the United States is clearly the Illuminati controlled US Intelligence community, beginning with the FBI and Department Of Homeland Security.

However the clandestine ways in which these operations are carried out, is made to ensure that the targeted persons are never confronted with the specific reasons for why they are being subjected to such criminal activities, even though it is clear that they are stalked by communal networks organized into groups of stalkers, whose intention to to covertly murder the targeted persons.

And it is clear that the US Congress has quietly approved these crimes which are taking place across the United States. An example of this is that the crime of organized stalking has been reported in virtually every continental US State.

And in every instance in which such multiple stalker crimes have been reported (there have been thousands), the targeted persons have reported that their requests for help to both police and politicians have either been completely ignored, or never followed through on.

Myriad members of the TI community have also reported that the FBI refused to help them, and that in virtually every instance, after they contacted the FBI, their harassment only grew more intense -- further evidence that the FBI is at least in part responsible for this crime wave which consists of psychological warfare against targeted persons, while entire communities are brainwashed into taking part in these crimes.

Most TI's have also reported that the spying of themselves (which is as extreme as videotaping them within the privacy of their own homes -- including the most private areas of the homes -- bathrooms and bedrooms) has taken place for years before their harassers were made known to them. And from the testimony of myriad TI's who've now taken to the Internet, they are documenting a very large criminal conspiracy which is now taking place on a global scale. Something along the lines of what took place in Nazi Germany shortly before the Jews were rounded up and sent off to concentration camps.

And for this reason, it is especially important that the brainwashing tactics which the FEDS utilize to perpetrate such crimes are brought to light on a global scale. There is no longer any rule of law within countries which would violate their own Constitutions so egregiously, including the United States. Violations of law which will like the domino effect, eventually affect most if not all citizens of these countries, as their standard of living is gradually eroded, and their possessions either destroyed or stolen by the very governments which were created to protect them. All occurring as they are subjected to psychological warfare in efforts to force them to end their lives.

This is especially applicable to the American people, given the FEDS' history of COINTELPRO operations and the use of psychological warfare which they deploy against those whom they are targeting for their Nazi protocols. The rule of Constitutional law within the United States is dead. And if the people in this country do not begin to stand up for their rights, they will find themselves faring no better in the years to come, having no one left to turn to who will defend them against such overt government aggression.

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