Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bush Again Demonizes Iran Looking To Turn The Rest Of The World Against It While Succeeding In Turning The Rest Of The Globe Against Americans

While I am no fan of some of the Draconian Iranian customs, the Iranian people do have a right to their own sovereignty, and are looking to avoid being gobbled up by the New World Order Pac Man in its attempts to create a central Totalitarian government. The NWO leaders have been using the Bush Administration to gun for Iran and Venezuela for the past several years, since neither of these countries wants to be part of the NWO. And Bush is now attempting to turn the entire planet against these two countries and their leaders, for just this reason, even though he would never publicly admit to it.

Bush has been looking to wage war on Iran in particular, however we no longer have the ground forces in which to do so. And while Bush sees an air strike as the likely alternative,Iran will be a far tougher opponent than Iraq has been; and Iraq has been far more tenacious than the Bush Administration ever bargained for.

The current attack on Iraq has cost the American taxpayer more than half a trillion dollars to date, not to mention the number of American casualities -- the total number of casualties in Iraq appears to have now exceeded the million mark. And while the number of further casualties (should a war against Iran take place) would no doubt also dramatically add to an already horrifying number of murders, a full scale attack on Iran (and ultimately Venezuela) could ultimately bankrupt the American people, while placing each of their lives in grave danger; since for the first time a legitimate international terrorist threat will exist because of the Bush Administration's use of US Imperialism, to create even more global chaos and hatred for the American people.

And even if such an attack by Iran did not take place, this would still offer the Bush Administration (along with those whom they were complicit in the attacks on 9-11) a plausible way of inititiating another "9-11 type attack" while blaming the Iranians for such an attack, in which Bush would be able to declare a state of martial law and completely suspend the US Constitution -- something he has been trying to do all along.

US Imperialism is not an American agenda -- it is an Illuminati agenda.

Your average American is asking for a closed door policy in this country, and efforts to again make the United States into the manufacturing giant which we once were. It is the Military Industrial complex that wants US Imperialism in order to expand their business interests globally, while allowing for non Americans to enter this country illegally as a source of cheap labor. Again, the corporate structure in this country wins at the expense of the American worker, who is as a result of this treasonous act, gradually becoming extinct in their own time.

The attacks on 9-11 were orchestrated years in advance in order to destroy the US Constitution, while replacing it with fascist legislation which was done the day that the Patriot was passed into law. And now all but the Illuminati and their puppets are suffering as a result of this, as Americans continue to lose their freedoms with each new piece of Constitution raping legislation that the Bush Administration manages to slip past us.

How many signing statements has Bush used since he first stole his way into office? There appear to have been quite a few. Yet we have no way of knowing how badly they have already affected us.

"It would be good if this country was a dictatorship so long as I am the dictator." "The Constitution is only a God damn piece of paper."

-- George W. Bush

It's quite obvious that neither Bush nor his cronies gives a good God damn about how many people they murder, so they certainly have no concerns about destroying the United States or her people -- something they seem hell bent on doing.

The present day protocols for the next election have served to keep the public focused on whom they can vote for, to undue the extensive damage that the Bush Administration has done to this country. However, if Bush and the powerful people who control him have their way, there will be no November election. Instead, the media will be used to cover the next domestic terrorist attack against the United States, while convincing the American people that a state of martial law is necessary to ensure their protection. Something they have already to a degree done in their defense of the fascist legislation known as the Patriot Act.

For any journalist to attack the ways in which the Bush Administration and the US Congress are ruining this country, would be a career threatening (and possibly life threatening) move. And for this reason, the US media is simply incapable of reporting the facts behind the rampant corruption within the US Federal Government. Even the state governments are careful to watch what they say in regard to any criticisms of the federal government, for fear of revenge -- revenge meaning having the Intelligence community used to attack them.

And while I would hope that this is not the case, it seems only logical that those behind the plan for a New World Order are so close to achieving their goal, that they are not going to risk losing all they've worked for by allowing another election to take place, when in Bush, they already have a dictator whom they can rely on to follow their directives. Through his egregious violations of the US Constitution, Bush has proved this time and time again.

And with such treasonous acts, Bush has also proven that he does not represent the American people or our interests, but instead, those within the Illuminati who seek to control every aspect of what occurs on this planet. Even impeachment proceedings would be a waste of time because Americans would never obtain the requisite numbers of votes in which to remove Bush from office -- the Republic Party would staunchly defend him, regardless of the black eye that he has given them.

And because of this, the American people as well as the rest of the people on this planet, are now heading for a disastrous situation of epic proportions -- one which we are all going to regret.

Bush's latest verbal assault on Iran

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