Wednesday, January 16, 2008

FEDS Use Of Various Companies In Their Psychological Warfare Against Targeted Individuals

Many individuals targeted for illegal government sanctioned mind control research have noted that those who are targeting them for such violations of their rights also utilize businesses in which to do so. Myriad TI's have described situations in which doctors, dentists, lawyers, mechanics, utility companies, local police, firemen, Church's, and numerous other businesses and organizations are co opted into their harassment. I have experienced this numerous times.

However, since I rarely leave my home any longer, given how the stalking harassment against my person has become very intense over the past 4 and half years, the FEDS have seen to it that those who visit my home on business are used to take part in the FEDS' psychological operations. The gardeners have been used in such ways for quite sometime. And virtually every person who visits my home is utilized by the FEDS in the illegal psyops campaign which they continue to deploy against me.

I also note an exterminating company which my Family contracted with about a decade ago, to prevent termites from damaging the foundation of our home. The name of the company is Suburban Exterminating, founded in 1960. And in the early days before the FEDS' attacks on me went from being covert for overt, Suburban's visits were usually once a month, simply to check the stations which they had installed around our home.

However, since the FEDS' attacks on my person have gone from covert to overt, Suburban has now been used as part of the FEDS" psychological warfare campaign being waged against me. And instead of the once a month visit, there are oftentimes where they will visit as often as three times per week, showing up unannounced, while using trigger words and phrases in efforts to cause me further duress. The FEDS have made my Family a hostage of their nefarious COINTELPRO, in which they too will be attacked if they fail to comply with the FEDS' machinations. Another indication of how the cursed Bush Administration has decimated our rights under the fascist Patriot Act.

And as is the case with all psywarfare operations conducted by the FEDS, the street theater is carefully scripted before hand, and used to optimize the FEDS' encroachment on my rights with every opportunity.

This is what happens when the FEDS spend millions of taxpayer dollars in efforts to entrap a TI, based on a conspiracy to deny said TI their rights, and fail to do so. The FEDS become petulant, and even more dangerous than when their illegal surveillance was covert.

I must now include Suburban Exterminating as a co-conspirator in the FEDS' illegal and unconstitutional attacks on myself, since this company is clearly sending its employees to our home far more often than is necessary -- even though these people will claim to have a plausible reason for visiting.

As is also the case, given that the NSA electronically reads my every thought by way of electronic brain link and remote neural monitoring of the brain -- through its satellite based Signals Intelligence operations -- when I think of a particular organization they usually either visit or call within a day or so of my having had such thoughts.

This is done in effort to make me realize that the NSA is able to tap into every thought that I have, and that there is nothing that I can do about it. Again, an Orwellian aspect of this Nazi run organization, and the psychopaths who head it. And further proof that the US Constitution has been completely subverted by these traitors who represent the most abject cancer on the human race,since Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich terrorized the people of this planet.

I have waited for over a year in which to post this information on Suburban to ensure that I was treating this company fairly, and I have treated it more than fairly. I should have posted on Suburban a long time ago, since there is no question that it is taking part in the FEDS' criminal conspiracy against my person.

Those employees from Suburban (if they are in fact employees and not FEDS posing as such) who do so, are liars and unindicted felons, who continue to operate in a criminal capacity. Their actions are also indicative of the complete failure of the US Congress to enforce the US Constitution, while such reprobates as the FBI, NSA and other Constitution raping criminal organizations continue to get away with such treasonous crimes.

A link to the Website of Suburban Exterminating -- the latest co-conspirators in the FBI's illegal COINTELPRO attack on my person.
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