Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Black And White Trigger Day/ Further Thoughts On The Implications Of The NSA & Its Mind Control Technology

The vehicular organized stalking has again leaned towards the use of both black and white vehicles today -- some vans with red markings (hence red,white and black Nazi colors). One of these perp's was parked down at the other end of the neighborhood when I drove down to get the mail. As I took a quick trip through the neighborhood, the following van whose owner had more than likely been parked while watching me in my home by way of satellite based CCTV, drove out of the neighborhood as I approached.

It was clear that he knew that I was aware of his being there strictly for the purpose of organized stalking. Which is why he was quick to exit the neighborhood, after briefly getting out of his van in an attempt to make it look as though he had business here. However, when you exit a vehicle, walk about 20 feet and turn around, without doing anything, it is clear that you have no business being here. He was driving at least the fourth white colored vehicle in the neighborhood today, along with an equal number of black or dark colored vehicles -- all being used in the stalkers' latest "theme."

The driver of the van was a middle aged Caucasian male, approximately five feet nine inches tall. And I did snag his license plate -- NYS Plate 63254 JN, which was attached to a white Chevrolet Astrovan. While I don't go shagging these plates on a daily basis - the perp's are wise to this and will park somewhere off the main road, where they are less conspicuous -- I do make unannounced trips out from time to time -- meaning that I do not think of them until the last minute, so that the FEDS have no ability to know exactly when I am going out. This does make it more difficult for the NSA to relay accurate information to those organized stalkers who are parked within the vicinity of my home.

I will continue to make these unannounced trips, since it keeps the stalkers off guard and allows me to take the plate numbers before they can flee the crime scene.

What I do find of interest is when the stalkers become angered at having their plans disrupted. This is quite the irony, since they plan their day around making my life as difficult as possible.

As stated, I will update what their themes are as they change. This business of organized stalking is extremely time consuming for those who are perpetrating these crimes (as well as expensive) -- in my case the United States Federal Intelligence community. And those who take part in these crimes are involved in extremely detailed operations. Such operations are carried out with military precision, where even the local communities of government mind control targets are conditioned to perpetrate such attacks in Hitlerian fashion, while in the process desecrating the US Constitution.

I also believe that at some point those behind these crimes are going to realize that their tactics are inefficient in terms of a quick death regarding the targeted persons, and as such, will seek to find ways in which to expedite the murders of these targeted persons in the future. This act will also fall in line with the New World Order Totalitarian government now being ushered in under the Bush Administration - one in which our once great Constitution will be completely eradicated by this Illuminati scum.

And the reality for the global population will be one of Orwellian proportion as well, in which their minds will be (if they aren't already) electronically hooked up to the NSA's supercomputers by way its vast spy satellite network, so that no thought that they have is private. Technology which the NSA has been illegally using on the American people for nearly three decades.

Given this superior way of monitoring the human brain, it is inconceivable that the NSA will not utilize it to simultaneously monitor every American citizen in such ways -- it is cost efficient, and allows for the most comprehensive dossiers ever compiled on the citizenry of a nation -- real time surveillance of each and every man, woman and child in the United States, for the duration of their lives.

It is also probable, given its global presence, that the NSA will also use this satellite tracking system to monitor every person on this planet in the same way -- if it is not already doing so.

What concerns me most about this technology is not only the surveillance aspect, but its mind control implications as well. Such technology, as I have seen first hand, can be used to violate the privacy between family members, in which their relationships are destroyed. Imagine a technology that can be applied to a couple, in which to remotely access their minds so that they no longer trust one another - leading to the destruction of their relationship. Such mind control technology already exists, and is being covertly utilized by the NSA, through its spy satellite system, where humans are being transformed into unwitting lab rats without their knowledge or consent.

This is already happening within the United States as well as myriad other countries.

The only limitation of such technology concerns the collective conscience of those operating it. And those of us who have already been targeted for this technology can safely conclude that these people have no conscience. The existence of mind control technology, especially when applied by way of satellites to the global population means that no relationship can withstand such an attack, regardless of how close the people in said relationship were prior to such an attack.

The criminal use of such technology by the United States or any other country means that ultimately no person will ever be able to trust another. The ideal state for a Totalitarian government to flourish in, depends on its ability to divide and conquer its population. However in the case of remote neural monitoring/manipulation of the human mind, it is not just the populations of such governments which are divided -- it is the minds of those who occupy these populations which are also divided.
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