Monday, January 21, 2008

As America Sleeps NSA Satellites Are Spying On Them/ Yet Few Understand How Vulnerable They Are To This Nazi Organization -- Even Within Their Homes

"Your average FBI/NSA investigation involves so many violations of the US Constitution that such investigations must be considered a conspiracy in which to deprive the targeted person of their inherent rights as a US Citizen"

-- James F. Marino
Government Mind Control Victim


NSA Electronic Brain Link

And Remote Neural Monitoring Of The Human Brain By Way Of Satellites & Supercomputers

The NSA can attach itself to your body way of the electromagnetic field which your body emanates. Once this is accomplished, an NSA artificial intelligence supercomputer can electronically track you and know your whereabouts 24 hours a day, while knowing what you are thinking by tapping into the brainwaves which emanate from your skull. Your privacy in both a physical sense as well as your privacy of thought have been totally eradicated by this technology and the New World operatives within the NSA who deploy such technology on a mostly unwitting and non consenting American population.

Learn more about the NSA's electronic brain link technology (EBL) at the following Websites, as well as the most remarkable threat that this technology represents to the privacy of every person on this planet. No one is safe from the NSA or its remote neural monitoring technology -- the most advanced tracking system in the world -- one which the NSA, FBI and others within US Intel depend on when they go on Orwellian types of protracted and illegal fishing expeditions of the minds of those whom they are targeting.

It would be helpful to the readers to begin with John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA which is near the top of the list of Websites that you will find by accessing the following link. For further research concentrate on terms such as: synthetic telepathy, remote neural monitoring, radiation intelligence, electronic brain link, mind control.

Also check out this Website by an Australian citizen being targeted for similiar attacks. This site also lists patents for the types of technology being deployed by way of government satellites; technology which has weaponized these satellites:

Gone is due process of law; gone are your 4TH & 5TH Amendment rights to privacy; gone are your Miranda rights. This is not an argument which the US Congress can win rationally when challenged by those who have been attacked by the NSA, given its extreme assault on the US Constitution. So when challenged in regard to these egregious violations of American freedoms, the US Federal Government will rely heavily on character assassination and obfuscation of the facts behind the NSA's mind raping technology, before ever acknowledging that such technology exists, or the abject threat that it represents to the American people, and the future evolution of the human race.

The FBI, IRS and US Congress have already used similar tactics in defending the illegal and unconstitutional operation of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank, and its treasonous usurpation of the US economy by way of the improperly ratified and unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act -- as well as the illegal operation of the IRS, which continues to function as nothing more than a private collection agency and holding company for the Federal Reserve Bank and its global counterfeiting operations. You can learn more about these treasonous frauds which the US Congress knows about and quitely has endorsed since 1913, by seeing the late Aaron Russo's superb documentary on the fall of the United States, entitled: America From Freedom To Fascism.

See America From Freedom To Fascism Here:

In spite of all of the rhetoric propagated by the US Federal Government, propaganda which is used to instill a sense of false pride within the American people, this country has become the land of the lies, where deceit is commonly practiced even within Congressional and Judicial settings, while truth remains an obstacle which those in power must use their machinations to overcome.

God Bless America? It's seems more like He's cursed it.

When art imitates life -- Singer John Mayer on the state of this planet:

"I've just found out there's no such thing as the real world -- just a lie you've got to rise above."

-- Recording Artist John Mayer
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