Saturday, January 19, 2008

Scientology -- Mind Control For The Masses -- Has Actor Tom Cruise Become Its Latest Victim?

Has the Scientology community brainwashed Tom Cruise for their own agenda? In the following video Cruise rambles about Scientology, making little sense, while leaving the viewer wondering if he is suffering from the effects of mind control. Instead of his usual engaging personality, Cruise appears glassy eyed and almost trance-like at times -- making little sense -- and forcing one to question as others have speculated, if Tom has been brainwashed, and is under the influence of the Scientology community?

Tom Cruise has a long history of performing kind acts. It would be ashame to see his reputation destroyed by a cult whose only interest is in using him to further their own agenda. And I certainly hope that his attorneys have protected his financial assets so that the Scientologists don't wipe him out.

Operation Clambake -- An Expose On The Church Of Scientology
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