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A Former Classmate Of Mine Is Shot And Killed In The Line Of Duty/ Was He A Rogue Cop Being Used By The Franconia PD To Intimidate Its Citizens?

N. Bruce Mckay

I've just learned that back in May of 2007 a former high school classmate of mine by the name of N. Bruce Mckay (the N stands for Norman) was shot and killed after pulling over a speeding car. Bruce was a police officer in the State of New Hampshire. And while there is probably no connection between those who attack me and Mckay's murder, I still must post this situation here, as I continue to note the number of persons whom I have either known personally or was familiar with who have either been seriously injured or killed since the FEDS' harassment of myself went from covert to overt in 2003. There have been far too many instances of this to ignore.

I do, however, find it of interest that I had not given Bruce any thought in the thirty or so years since I had last seen him. However, sometime back in the Spring of 2007 I did wonder how his life had turned out. Why all off the sudden after so many years?

Perhaps this is just a coincidence, yet this was about the time in which he was murdered. Was this my thought, or were those within the NSA who have subjugated me to a life of mind controlled purgatory letting me know that something had happened to Bruce by way of electronic brain link?

A recent news clip in regard to the facts surrounding his death -- and his obituary.

In May of 2007 Bruce was shot to death by a man named Liko Kenney, a cousin of professional skier Bode Miller -- after pulling Kenney over for speeding. The following are three videos in regard to a prior 2003 traffic stop in which Mckay and Kenney met for the first time. An unpleasant meeting for both, as you will see. I list these videos here in efforts to maintain objectivity in regard to what happened in this situation, since the murders of both these men have polarized the community in which they resided.

I also note that in the case of the second and third videos in which Liko Kenny can be heard screaming that he had been punched in the face by Mckay, the last three or so minutes of each video which had been taken from the videocamera in Mckay's police cruiser, have been erased. Why?

There is also the issue of a missing report taken in 2003 in regard to Mckay's arrest of Kenney which has never been cleared up. What happened to this report? And why was it removed from police headquarters? Was the information on the erased portions of these videos and the missing report the reason for Kenney's deep seated hatred and fear of Mckay?

See the 4 videos of Mckay's arrest of Kenney here, including (video 4) a bloodied Liko Kenney sitting in the back of Mckay's police cruiser:

Mckay And Kenney Square Off For The Last Time

Video of the 2007 police chase which ended the lives of Bruce Mckay and Liko Kenney, and turned this situation into one of national controversy.

In May of 2007, 48 year old Officer Bruce Mckay was shot and killed when confronting the driver of a speeding vehicle -- a 24 year old by the name of Liko Kenney, who was a cousin of professional skier Bode Miller. According to reports, Mckay and Kenney had a long standing history of disliking one another since Mckay first arrested him at a traffic stop back in 2003. A situation which likely played a role in the ultimate deaths of both men on the evening of May, 11Th, 2007.

And while there have been some less than flattering comments regarding Bruce Mckay's conduct as a police officer, there is no doubt that Kenney was a troubled young man with a chip on his shoulder and an intense dislike for authority. A situation which undoubtedly got him killed.

Back in the 1970's when we both attended the Portledge School, I remember Bruce Mckay as being a decent sort of kid. My own opinion of Bruce in those days was that of a basically fun loving person, who adored beautiful women nearly as much as he did sports. A rough and tumble character whose intense interest in sports was as great as his indifference towards academics.

Most of all Bruce was fun. A kid who wore Wallaby's before they were fashionable, he was a larger than life character whose magnetic charm attracted virtually every young woman who attended our school to him. He was that personable and likable. And his physical strength was indeed impressive for someone of his age.

Many considered him to be the toughest kid in our school at the time, in spite of his generally easy going nature. And he would tough it out in sports in spite of how much pain he might have been experiencing from injuries sustained while playing lacrosse and soccer. I remember that his position as goalie for the soccer team cost him two serious concussions which sidelined him from the sport in his later years at Portledge.

And I will also never forget the day that we took his father's brand new Jaguar out for a ride and ran out of gas. Only to discover that the car had two fuel tanks -- a good thing since we would've had to push the Jaguar back up the steep drive by his home in order to get it into his father's garage, had it not been for the spare gas tank.

I also remember Bruce's frustration one day in English class when our assignment was to write a poem. After reading what he'd written I remember thinking "this guy does have a sense of humor."

"A poem is...
A poem is...
A poem is...
I'll Be Damned...
If I Can Write One..."

-- Bruce Mckay

These are some of the good memories that I have of Norman Bruce Mckay, as part of my youth, and I will keep with me in spite of what he may have become in later years.

I don't know for certain if some of the disturbing rumors that I have heard about Bruce and police brutality are true. However there do seem to be quite a number of formal complaints which were filed against him by residents of the town of Franconia, New Hampshire, which paint the picture of a disturbed individual who used his badge to bully people.

And that Liko Kenny, the man who ultimately ended Bruce's life, had been victimized by him for years before Kenney finally snapped. However there is much information to suggest that Kenney was also disturbed, had a tendency towards violence, and that as a result of their like minded personalities, the two had been headed on this collision course since that fateful day when they first met at a traffic stop in 2003.

All I do know for certain is that I choose to remember Bruce Mckay as that fun kid whom I knew decades ago, with a quick wit and zest for life like few people I've ever known. I also know that he did not deserve to be shot in the back four times -- something that only a coward and cold blooded murderer would have done. However, did Officer Mckay utilize psychological warfare in which to drive Kenney over the edge; to a point where he lost all reason and became the cold blooded murderer that he did?

I specifically ask this question because as a target for non consensual human experimentation and the crime of organized stalking, the federal agents who deploy the use of psychological warfare against me have done so in which to drive me to a similar state in which Liko Kenney found himself at the time he murdered Bruce Mckay. And for this reason, I can be more compassionate towards Kenney than most people would be, even though I detest his cold blooded murder of Officer Mckay.

Many residents within the town of Franconia also appear to maintain this belief. A number of whom have also publicly stated that the Franconia Police Department is extremely corrupt and that this allowed officers like Mckay to abuse Kenney and other residents who have filed complaints against Bruce in the past. Complaints which have for the most part been ignored. Moreover, one must wonder if the Franconia PD used Bruce as a rogue cop in efforts to keep those within this town whom they considered to be of questionable character in a constant state of fear? And did cops like Mckay resort to committing violent acts against these citizens in order to carry out this covert enforcement? If so, it won't be the first time in which a police department has allowed for the types of police brutality that have caused a myriad of scandals in the past.

If this is the case, I think that perhaps something terrible may have happened to Liko Kenney on that night back in 2003 when he was arrested by Officer Mckay; evidence which Mckay may have found the need to destroy. And that whatever was on those six minutes of blanked out videotape, plus the missing police report which Mckay was supposed to have filed in 2003 regarding Kenney's arrest, may well explain why he gunned Mckay down execution style.

Once thing is for certain. The town of Franconia, where Kenney's family's roots run deep, is sharply divided by the murders of both men. Those who believe that Mckay was basically a good officer, and those who believe that he was a rogue cop, who used unnecessary force to terrorize the community of Franconia. And since Mckay was treated very well by most of the media and given a heroes funeral, it is only fair to cover the reports of others within Franconia who saw him in a different light. The following is a blog covering an attorney's experiences with Officer Mckay, when defending a client who accused Mckay of spraying her with pepper spray.

Another Perspective On Officer Bruce Mckay

Yet another comment from someone who claims to be familiar with the abuses that Officer Bruce Mckay was alleged to have committed against Liko Kenney and others within the town of Franconia can be found in the quotation marks below. In this instance the person also accuses the Franconia Police Department of racketeering as well as covering up many of the complaints filed against Mckay, and refusing to release reports which would implicate him in conduct unbecoming of a police officer.

The person also accuses both the Franconia Police Chief and local politicians of taking part in this cover up, while deliberately lying to the public in efforts to keep the complaints filed against Mckay and other officers from the scrutiny of the town's people.

**** A disturbing comment in regard to Mckay's time on the Franconia PD

"Mckay did not represent the law, he continually broke its spirit and letter with tremendous heaps of cruelty, and for personal profit, as he acted as arresting officer, and then a lying prosecutor in the same cases.

He used the town, and his authority as a personal checkbook. He spit on that sacred badge and the goodness it represents.

He neither served nor protected, but created an incredibly fear ridden and hostile environment that disgusted many Franconia residents long before he met his fate on Easton Road.

To use the 'serve and protect' credo as cynical propaganda to bolster the bad reputation of a rogue is totally sick. Unlimited and unchecked power was given to him, despite a remarkable number of official complaints. He gassed kids in school; threatened, gassed, abused and terrorized old women and young.

This is lovely area with lovely people and this guy was more of a skell than the people he abused under the false color, and cover, of law. That's pretty low. So low were his behaviors that the taxpayers are paying God knows how much in Concord lawyers to keep basic 'right to know' materials about the rogue from public light. Essentially spitting on their constituency. Cowards like Belz and the McCleods spending the taxpayer's money to protect their own irresponsible and dark agenda to hide the truth and their own inaction and criminal racketeering.

It's a political move to avoid responsibility. The community did not love or like or respect this terrorist, and the officials covered up instead of acting responsibly. To suck the genuinely earned honor and respect that good, honest and brave peace officers deserve, all for continuing tributes to this one rogue, is not going to fly.His name is memorialized in Concord and on a part of another highway already. Enough. Kenney could not have done more to mitigate this violent coward's rogue agenda that day.

How much is it costing the taxpayers of Franconia to pay a Concord lawyer to represent the FPD and the Selectboards racketeering and hiding 'right to know' documents...and DESTROYING 'use of force' records?

He had nothing in common with honest police officers who serve their communities with professionalism and care, and the comparisions with those officers besmirch legitimate law enforcement.

Mckay was successful at even disgusting his ranking officers by continually begging for awards and medals. The Chief wrote that maybe he should try out for the Olympics if that was his goal.The senior Mckay writes about the non-existing community support for denigrating Franconia Notch, Echo Lake and Cannon with his name with yet a third memorial.

If there had been community support Mcleod, and the incestual selectboard wouldn't have tried to sneak it through; but the community, with almost no notice flocked to Concord to testify against this. Nor would there be a hundred or more names on a petition to block it.

He was cruel and unusual, and his family members from out of the area who beg for yet another memorial, and do so in the name of legitimate police officers is falacious and pathetic and irresponsible.

Not a third memorial for a rogue cop who maligned the law, his badge and the credo of fine LE everywhere. The people have spoken. People who live peaceably and respect officers. Mckay has ruined the reputation of one of the most pristine, poetic and glorious areas in the entire world, and the community would like to heal and move forward."

The Portledge Curse?

I do wonder though in light of the deaths of several former Portledge students, if the school does not carry a curse -- perhaps even from the early days when it was known as Miss Stoddard's School.

In the 1970's there were the untimely deaths of Barbara Ayers and Bill Hoehne; in the 1980's the deaths of Rob Kerrigan and Joey Cosulich; and now the murder of Bruce Mckay. Five Portledge Alumni just a year apart in age who are all now gone; two of whom died before the age of 18; two who died before the age of 30; and one who will never see 50; all of whom should have lived a lot longer than they did. And given the small sizes of the classes at Portledge at the time (roughly 30 students per grade), any actuarial table would indicate that these deaths were an anomaly.

In any event may they all rest in peace. And may there not be another member of the Portledge School whose name is added to this list for a long time to come.

*Another member of the Portledge School died over the past year, bringing the total number of deaths to six. Jordan Krown, died at the age of 48. Once again, given his death before the age of 50, one might also see Krown's death as being an anomaly.
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