Monday, January 28, 2008

FBI E-mail Regarding George W. Bush's Authorization To Use Inhumane Interogation Tactics

As a kid Bush believed that stuffing frogs with firecrackers and blowing them up was fun. So is it any wonder why he would enforce various forms of other torture including water boarding (and as you shall see in this following article even worse forms of torture) on prisoners?

Ironically enough, in the following article it's the FBI who voices concerns that it may end up being blamed for Bush's authorization of inhumane torture methods, and receive public condemnation for doing so. Quite the surprise since the FBI regularly uses psychological warfare operations to drive those whom it is targeting to suicide. It's also quite clear that the FBI was concerned about its public image in this situation, and that in this case it did not have the usual plausible deniability which it depends on to perpetrate its rampant criminality anonymously. And that it might have actually been left holding the bag for Bush in this particular instance.

Of course there's still the issue of the FBI conducting long-term illegal spying on Americans within their own homes by way of satellite, and trying to justify this outrage by declaring such citizens as terrorists -- another pathetic rape of the 4TH Amendment by this fascist anti-American juggernaut which should have been abolished long ago. We can only imagine how many millions of Americans are on "no flight" lists , while having no idea that they are under 24 hour a day NSA/FBI/DHS satellite surveillance.

This is the America that our forefathers created? The hell it is! This is a fascist police state controlled by those within the US Military Industrial Intelligence complex, who through the US Media, control the flow of information, at the expense of this country's citizens. Is it any wonder why your average American citizen knows less about the reality of their own government than the people within other countries know about the same government? It's about keeping the American people in a state of ignorance while robbing them blind -- the Illuminati run US Intelligence's way of maintaining the status quo while leaving Americans with the "ILLUSION" of being in control of their government.

Clinton, Obama, or whoever else gets elected will make no difference at all. If they could make a real difference -- like Congressman Ron Paul -- they'd have absolutely no chance of ever winning the next Presidential election. It's not about change -- at least not change for the better. It's about maintaining the status quo in this country and even ensuring that the situation for most Americans gets even worse as time goes by. Something which will happen as the economic markets, hampered by a weak dollar and housing glut, continue to take us into the worst recession we have seen in decades, as 2008 unfolds.

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