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Video Of Zecharia Sitchin Discussing The Sumerian Tablets Which He Translated & The Annunaki Whom He Claim Created The Human Race

If Sumerian expert Zecharia Sitchin is correct in his statement that the human race was created by a superior race of extraterrestrial beings (whom he refers to as the Annunaki), than the entire human lexicon as it applies to religious indoctrination must be considered highly questionable.

I also find many parallels between Sitchin's research and an epic story of the early days of Sumeria which was (and may still be in the modern day) required reading when I was in high school many decades ago -- "The Epic Of Gilgamesh." Prior to Sitchin's research, this Sumerian piece of literature was believed to be the oldest account of human history in the world. If you can't find it at your local library you can print it out at the following Website, which contains each chapter of the book as it was translated table by Sumerian table.

And given that so much of Sitchin's translation of Sumerian tablets corresponds with the King James Bible, it becomes difficult to ignore his research. Sitchin is not hypothesizing here, but merely translating these Sumerian tablets which act as yet another historical reference to what life on Earth was like long before the Bible had been written.

And if he is correct, then the God to whom the Bible refers may actually be of extraterrestrial origin -- but in a physical and not ethereal sense as we have been told -- meaning that this God (Anu) did indeed exist in the flesh and was not as Christians have been led to believe, a non physical entity. While few people know of Zecharia Sitchin, his books are of such historic importance that they should not be ignored.

For those who support the Bible, Sitchin's books may help clarify many of the more nebulous aspects of this historical record of the human race during its time on this planet roughly two thousand years ago. For while the Bible appears to oftentimes offer more questions than it does answers, it certainly contains enough historical fact from the early days of the Roman Empire, to be considered required reading for anyone who's interested in what human life was like here on Earth in those earlier days.

Moreover, if Sitchin's translations are correct, and the human race was genetically created from the days of Homo Erectus -- some 450 thousand years ago -- then these Sumerian tablets have covered human history from its beginning, and should be treated with at least as much reverence at the Bible (which came much later), in regard to their importance as an historical record of humankind.

Sitchin's translations also support certain aspects of Charles Darwin's theory of human evolution in that DNA from the early cave dwellers was reported to have been used in the creation of what human beings have presently evolved into. Consequently, it would appear that humans are a hybridized version of the early ape man (Homo Erectus) and those of extraterrestrial origins -- those who created the human race.

I am certain that the theologians within the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church as well as numerous other religions, have had their own intellectual curiosity with regard to this information, since Sitchin wrote his first book on the subject nearly four decades ago. Especially when considering that some Catholic priests have supported Sitchin's research and have expressed their belief that extraterrestrial beings do exist.

Perhaps the most interesting question here is if humans are indeed a hybridized race of beings, created by an extraterrestrial race, then who created the ape man and his ancestors? The God of whom Jesus Christ speaks? And if this is so, exactly how will this God perceive of humans, given that they are only in part HIS creation? Or has HE also created the extraterrestrial beings whom Sitchin has claimed created the human race, in which case all of humanity is indirectly HIS creation?

Or does the ethereal God to whom Jesus Christ referred during his alleged time here on Earth not exist? In which case we must ponder who is it that created Anu, the God whom Zecharia Sitchin claims created the human race?

Theologians have had a difficult enough time in attempting to make sense of the complex topic of human creation since long before the days of Zecharia Sitchin and his work. However, if given a chance, perhaps Sitchin's work can now help to illuminate this topic in a way which was not possible in the past. However, only if those who are considered to be the foremost experts on this subject remain open minded enough to integrate Sitchin's research into their own.

Afterall, Sumeria is historically regarded as the first human civilization, so it only logically follows that any historical information which can be ascertained from this race of people should be considered the foundation of modern day humanity. And as such, this information should be given priority above all which has come since.

58 minute video of Sitchin discussing the aforementioned concept in some detail:

A 38 minute video of producer John Gress discussing his movie on the Annunaki entitled 1Annunaki. Gress refers to his movie along the lines of the Divinci Code, and as was the case with that movie, also claims that his movie is going to shake up the formalized religions on this planet when it is released in early 2008.

However, it is now the early part of 2008 and nothing can be found in regard to this movie. In fact, aside from the following video, there is nothing at all regarding John Gress on the Internet. Perhaps the RC Church is not taking any chances that 1Annunaki will have the same negative impact on the Church that the The Divinci Code did, and as such, Gress has received pressure to cancel his plans to produce 1Annunaki?

Another interesting perspective on Zecharia Sitchin's work which challenges the basic precepts of modern day religious indoctrination:

The following is a video which purports to be of Neil Armstrong discovering an ancient alien structure on the moon. It certainly appears to be realistic enough. And if so, this structure offers physical proof that at some point in time, the moon was home to an extraterrestrial civilization. This information boggles the mind. Especially since Armstrong has never refuted having taken this video during his moonwalk of the Apollo 11 mission. And if it does turn out to be real, it also offers more credibility to the accounts of Zecharia Sitchin regarding his claim that humans are the creation of extraterrestrial beings.

Zecharia Sitchin's Website:
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