Monday, January 28, 2008

FEDS Continue Hacking Into My E-mail Account/They Should No Longer Be Considered As Anything But Rogue Organizations Guilty Of Treasonous Crimes

In the past half hour I sent one E-mail out to a member of the TI community asking to be removed from their E-mail list. I happen to believe that this person and their group are heavily infiltrated by the FBI and perhaps other agencies of US Intel. When I checked my E-mail sent list a few minutes ago, someone else had hacked into my hotmail E-mail account and sent the same E-mail which I had sent at 10:37pm, again at 10:38pm. This is yet another instance of how the FEDS use various venues in their gaslighting tactics of my person.

It is easy for them to get away with this in the present day -- they just call you a terrorist. There are millions of Americans who have been labeled as terrorists, who have absolutely no idea that this has happened. The real problem is that if you have no connections to terrorist groups (international or domestic) the FEDS must find other excuses in which to justify such extensive abuses of your Constitutional rights.

And if you have been targeted as I have, by a rogue FBI agent who has colluded with others within US Intel to violate my rights under the color of law, you will understand what it is like to be targeted by TERRORISTS.

Terrorists who work for agencies with acronyms like FBI, NSA, CIA and a host of other nasty Nazi organizations whose existence is to ensure that the US Constitution is quietly destroyed, so that these miscreants can continue their rogue operations completely outside the purview of the US Congress and Department Of Justice -- both of whom have a history of allowing the US Intelligence community to operate without any responsible for their actions.

This is indicative of the fact that neither the US Congress nor Department Of Justice are in control of the US Intelligence community any longer -- if in fact they ever were. It appears from an historical perspective and the myriad reports by other American citizens who've been targeted for illegal and unconstitutional attacks perpetrated by the FBI, CIA, NSA and other agencies of US Intel, that these agencies have never operated as anything but rogue organizations who believe that the laws of this country have never applied to themselves.

Hence, the US Congress and Department Of Justices' public claims to oversee US Intel operations have never been anything more than an illusion used to give the American people the false sense that these agencies were operating within certain guidelines -- something which from my experience and those of myriad other TI's they clearly are not. No federal organization that uses its satellites to spy into the homes of American citizens while videotaping them within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms, can ever be seen as anything but a criminal and rogue organization which is composed of agents who are sick minded and degenerate filth.

What their intolerable, cruel and treasonous actions indicate to me is that there is no longer any rule of law in this country except that which we ourselves look to enforce as sovereign nations. Consequently, those targeted for such injustices by these closeted Nazi's should no longer be forced to consider them as legitimate law enforcement, but instead as the Constitution raping criminals that they are. This is how I see these reprobates, whom I no longer consider to even be part of the United States of America, given their anti-American activities and history of attempting to undermine and destroy the US Constitution.
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