Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The NSA's Artificial Intelligence Computers -- Computers That Can Think For Themselves & Learn As Humans Do -- How Complex Are The NSA's AI Computers?

While the NSA is loathe to admit to the capabilities of its supercomputers (is it any wonder given how they are used to illegally monitor the human brain?), the following Website shows a photo in which such a computer designed around an Artificial Intelligence platform, was used to defeat then reigning chess champion Gary Kasparov in an exhibition match. This IBM computer dubbed Deep Blue, set a precedent in being the first computer system to defeat a "reigning human World Champion."

If an AI computer can defeat Kasparov, imagine what the NSA's cutting edge AI computers are capable of doing to our brains in the way of brain wave entrainment, as our minds are electronically accessed by way of the NSA's satellites. Many of us have already experienced this disturbing phenomenon first hand, even though it's doubtful that the criminals within the NSA (the FBI or others within US Intel) will ever admit to having done so.

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