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How The FBI Destroys The Reputations And Relationships Of Those It Targets -- While Covertly Murdering Its Victims Mercilessly & Unconscionably

The following is not just the Website of someone who's been targeted for the FBI's COINTELPRO operations. What we have here is testimony before a Senate Subcommittee on how the FBI used its illegal COINTELPRO operations to prey on the Black Panther Party civil rights movement, while systematically destroying every aspect of the lives of its members -- completely outside of any rule of law that we have here in the United States.

When being targeted for such crimes, FBI agents will send your family or employer anonymous e-mails or snail mailed letters in efforts to covertly destroy your relationships with them. Accusations which can include slanderous information such as infidelity are common. All it takes is an anonymous 15 second phone call with something to the effect of "your husband is cheating on you" or "your employee's a pedophile" to send perfectly good relationships onto the skids. The FBI by its own admission perpetrated a myriad of similar crimes in efforts to impugn the characters of those persons whom they were targeting for COINTELPRO.

The FBI would also send anonymous letters or those sent under false names to persons being targeted for COINTELPRO's urging them to commit suicide. The FBI sent such a letter to the late civil rights leader Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. at the request of J. Edgar Hoover, just days before King was to receive the Noble Prize for peace. However, King would not be intimidated and accepted the Noble Prize in spite of the FBI's covert attempt to blackmail him.

The FBI would also circulate black propaganda which was used to mimic posters and other forms of literature which activist groups like the Black Panthers, American Indian Movement and EarthFirst! would circulate to the public, in efforts to hurt the credibility of these groups. The propaganda that the FBI would send out in regard to these groups was always designed to project them as being violent, when in reality they were just the opposite. It was the FBI that was being deceptive and violent.

The FBI has never been a legitimate police force. It has always been a political arm of the office of US President. And never has this been more clearly demonstrated then when President George W. Bush used the FBI to attack a woman by the name of Margie Schoedinger, who had filed rape charges against Bush and several FBI agents.

Bush used the FBI to destroy her life. He had them raid her bank account, revoke her masters degree, prevent her and her husband from earning a living, and harassed and beat up other members of her family. And like actress Jean Seberg,who was also setup by the FBI for a COINTELPRO Sting (a result of her support for the Black Panther Party), Schoedinger also had a miscarriage causing her to lose her unborn child -- a child whom she'd stated George W. Bush had fathered.

However, unlike in the case of Jean Seberg, in this particular situation Margie Schoedinger's miscarriage was due to more than just the psychological abuse which the FBI had subjected her to. She was actually beaten by some of these agents at the request of Bush, which resulted in her hospitalization and the death of her unborn child. The FBI saw to it that Bush (the criminal) was protected and that Margie Schoedinger (Bush's victim) was destroyed.

This is the real FBI! And this is why it should be considered the nemesis of the American people.

As is the case with the FBI's attack on the Black Panther Party, many members who were ultimately murdered by these filthy criminals who masquerade as law enforcement, had their relationships and lives destroyed in similar ways to those of Margie Schoedinger, Jean Seberg and myriad others. Many Black Panthers were shot to death by FBI agents, local police who were following the FBI's lead, or other federal provocateurs who were on the FBI's payroll. Yet none of them were ever charged with these murders. It had become clear that J. Edgar Hoover and his FBI had declared it open season on the Black Panthers and that everything possible was being done to destroy them.

Even in the case of Schoedinger, who was clearly targeted by George W. Bush and the FBI for murder, her death (a single gun shot wound to the head) was ruled as a suicide. However, it is quite the coincidence that Margie Schoedinger's "suicide" came about just nine months after she filed rape charges against George W. Bush, while accusing several members of the FBI of also taking part in her attack. Even the Sugarland, Texas Police Department refused to accept Schoedinger's complaint against Bush, instead giving her a difficult time when she attempted to file it. The Sugarland PD even denied to reporter Jackson Thoreau that Schoedinger had attempted to file a complaint against Bush. However, all Thoreau had to do was to visit the local court house to find that Schoedinger had indeed done so, and that the Sugarland Police had lied to him.

According to the following report there was virtually no crime that FBI agents would not commit in their destruction of a targeted person. Especially when they were going after the Black Panther Party. The FBI and its psychopathic leader at the time -- J. Edgar Hoover -- hated the Black Panthers with such an intensity that they even set about to destroy those who supported them.

As mentioned earlier, one of these victims was the beautiful and talented actress Jean Seberg, who after two solid years of COINTELPRO, committed suicide not long after the FBI's psywarfare attacks caused her to suffer a miscarriage during her pregnancy. The FBI murdered Jean just as they did many members of the Black Panther and American Indian Movements -- heartlessly.

FBI agents murder without compassion or conscience. They are cold blooded psychopaths -- programmed sociopathic robots who stalk, menace and terrify until they have murdered their targets.

Many FBI and NSA agents are also sexual deviants who will use satellites to illegally spy on and videotape American citizens within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms. And then attempt to justify such outrageous behavior! Maybe if these agents were spied on while having sex and sitting on their own toilets they might actually find their own such spying of the rest of us to be objectionable -- as any sane person would.

These agents have so little respect for the rest of us and are such filthy pigs that the only thing which they deserve is hard time in prison; so that they can be introduced to those with like minded intentions. Perhaps this is what it is going to take to rein these hi-tech- control-freak-degenerate-predators in. Especially when one considers that nothing else has convinced them to do so.

Read the Senate Subcommittee report (at the end of this post) in reference to the COINTELPRO operation which the FBI carried out against the Black Panther Party. While it is tame in comparison to what the FBI does to those whom it targets for COINTELPRO operations, the report firmly establishes that the FBI is a CRIMINAL organization that has terrified any citizens whom it has targeted for its illegal operations; victims who include a myriad of American civil rights activists.

In my opinion the FBI/NSA ability to both track by way of satellite and remote neural monitor and manipulate the brainwaves of any citizen in this country through the use of an NSA developed technology known as electronic brain link EBL -- including members of the US Congress, Judiciary and Justice Department -- makes these officials vulnerable to being blackmailed by the hierarchy within these agencies and those within the Illuminati who control them.

This in turn can sideline criminal investigations against the bureau and other agencies of US Intel. I also think that it's for this reason that the FBI's rogue agents are virtually invulnerable to prosecution, and thus never held accountable for the crimes which they commit against American citizens under the color and cover of law.

Was Lindley Devecchio A Benficiary Of Voice Morphing?

I also believe that technologies such as voice and video morphing can be used by federal agents to fabricate evidence in regard to those whom they are targeting, when they are unable to arrest these people by any other means.

And it is likely that the same technology can be used for disrupting criminal trials in which federal agents are the defendants, or preventing these trials from taking place. In this case I cite the recent 11TH hour information via audio tape, in which a retired FBI agent by the name of Lindley Devecchio was able to avoid a trial in regard to five murders which he had been accused of complicity in. An imminent trial which became unnecessary when an audio tape exonerating Devecchio surfaced at the last minute.

Was the voice on this audio tape morphed?

Should Devecchio have been faced with the prospect of a trial, he might have found it necessary to take a plea bargain deal, in which he may have implicated many other FBI agents in crimes perhaps worse than those which he had been accused of -- something which would have given the FBI yet one more black eye in the myriad which it has had over the past Century.

This "miracle" audio cassette tape which let him off the hook certainly showed up at a convenient time. Was this tape legitimate and simply a lucky coincidence for Devecchio and his team of lawyers? Or was voice morphing technology used to create this audio tape in efforts to quash a trial which could have been damaging to the FBI, Devecchio and some of his associates?

While we may never know for certain if Devecchio was guilty or not, this tape certainly did help to pull his bacon out of the fire at the last minute.

The Senate Subcommittee report on the FBI's COINTELPRO attack against the Black Panther Party can be accessed here:

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