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2001 FBI Murder Of Rainbow Farm Owner Grover T. Crosslin/Another Unjustified Murder

In the US Federal Government's continuing attack on marijuana growers, Grover T. Crosslin is yet another casualty which the US Media barely mentioned when he was shot dead by an FBI sharpshooter.

Given the Military Industrial Intelligence complexes control over the US Media information gathering and disseminating system, most Americans have never heard the real reasons for the demonization of marijuana and the hemp plant. And they should.

Marijuana is perhaps the most demonized drug in US History -- not because of its so called dangers, but as the result of a campaign waged during the 1930's by the oil and paper industries within this country, who feared that the hemp plant would be used to replace the goods produced from oil by-products (petrochemicals such as plastics), and products derived from trees and wood pulp such as furniture and paper.

What your average American doesn't realize is that by the mid 1800's, hemp was commonly grown by farmers in the southern part of the United States, for its myriad uses. However, as the industrial revolution and those who sought to ensure its success grew, those who chose this ideology over competing agriculturalism -- the real battle between the north and the south -- demonized hemp in the same way in which they attack anything or anyone whom them consider to offer a better product or alternative to what they have to offer the public.

And it was for just this reason that companies like Union and Standard Oil (now Exxon) used their influence to create laws against growing marijuana (the creation of the federal bureau of narcotics was done expressly to end the growth of marijuana), while convincing media moguls like publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst to use the US media to demonize marijuana with the American people.

It was a very successful and criminal campaign in which to destroy a very beneficial plant, while causing the US agricultural industry a serious set back in their battle with the Industrialists in this country.

Overnight, a plant which had been commonly grown and considered socially acceptable had become the bane of the American people -- something they were to be terrified of -- as evidenced by the Hearst financed film "Reefer Madness."

However, there were those Americans who realized that the hemp plant and marijuana had been unfairly attacked, and decided to support a lobby in which to expose the real reasons why these useful and natural resources were denied to the American public.

The following Website contains the story of a man by the name of Grover T. Crosslin, who believed in his God given right to grow marijuana. A belief which ultimately cost him life when he was shot and killed by an FBI sharpshooter for defending this right. Furthermore, if one looks back at the FBI's history of entering into such types of standoffs, they will find a consistent pattern in which difficult situations quickly escalated into violent and deadly confrontations once the "trigger happy" FBI showed up.

These snipers like to kill people -- that is why they do what they do for a living. No one knows this better that the FBI sniper who murdered Vicky Weaver in Ruby Ridge, Idaho back in the early 1990's. An unarmed woman who while clutching her 1o month old baby to her chest was shot through the head execution style. And this cold blooded murderer, a miscreant by the name of Lon Horiuchi, got a promotion instead of life in prison. That is the FBI for you. The more people you destroy the better for your career. That's been the case for every agent who ever took part in a COINTELPRO operation -- illegal and well financed operations to deny Americans their constitutional rights.

Waco, Ruby Ridge and Wounded Knee are just three of the better known examples of myriad other situations in which such egregious violations of both constitutional and human rights have occurred during the FBI's long dark history of violence. And while there are some decent FBI agents, they usually find themselves being targeted by the bureau when they attempt to expose the overwhelming criminality of the FBI and its psychopathic rogue agents.

More on the FBI's murder of Grover T. Crosslin:


Read about the US Oil and Paper Industries' demonization of marijuana and the hemp plant at the following Website. It had nothing to do with your health -- it was all about making astro bucks and maintaining the hell-th (sic) of the types of juggernaut industries who now own the politicians who are supposed to be accountable to you. The demonization of the hemp industry combined with the privately held Federal Reserve Bank cartel and its system of fractional lending, as well as the illegal taxation of the wages of the American worker through the Federal Reserve's holding company -- The Internal Revenue Service (not part of the US Federal Government) -- are largely responsible for the terrible condition that the US economy and average American family are in today.

The hemp plant should be legalized and so should marijuana -- especially for those terminally ill patients who need marijuana to reduce their miserable suffering.

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