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FEDS Again Use Jury Duty As Part Of The Psywarfare Campaign They Continue To ILLEGALLY Wage Against My Person

Just last week I was wondering when the FBI would get around to again using jury duty as part of the psywarfare harassment that it continues to deploy against me -- the result of its decade's long COINTELPRO attack of my person. And as of today, they are at it again. What a surprise.

** I should also note that as of yesterday, the FEDS have disabled the editing buttons at the top of the area where my posts are written -- this done in further efforts to frustrate my attempts to expose them. I am also being targeted with satellite based directed energy weaponry at this time which is causing me to experience an artificially induced case of vertigo -- something which the NSA has intermittently subjected me to for several years.

More than a year ago I received a jury duty questionnaire from a Brooklyn, NY court. This was strange because I do not reside in the borough of Brooklyn, but instead in Long Island, NY. As such, I did not bother to fill out this earlier questionnaire since it made no sense that I was contacted by this court. However, I did wait for a subpoena from the Brooklyn Court, which never arrived.

A short time later, I received another jury duty questionnaire from a Long Island Court. And since it was clear that the FBI was again manipulating this situation and that the only reason for this contact was as part of the criminal scam which the Bureau is running against my person, I refused to answer this questionnaire as well. However, upon receiving a subpoena in regard to said questionnaire, I did fill it out and deliver it by hand to the respective court from which it was sent. At this I was told that I would be called for jury duty.

However, I never was.

Instead, I was notified that I was to be used as a telephone standby juror, and that I was to call in for five consecutive days in which on any given day I could be called for jury duty. I fulfilled my obligation at the time without ever making the "cut."

Of course this also happened at a time when I had just viewed the late film producer Aaron Russo's: America From Freedom To Fascism (which can be accessed below), and allowed the FEDS to know that if called to a jury duty pool, I would make certain to discuss various elements of Russo's superb documentary within earshot of other jurors.

Included in my conversation would've been how the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and its bagman IRS holding company are operating unconstitutionally, while stealing nearly a trillion dollars a year from the American taxpayer, who have been duped into thinking that they are actually receiving government services for the federal income tax which is attached to their wages.

However, they are not.

In the mid 1980's a special commission appointed by then President Ronald Reagan and overseen by Peter Grace (known as the Grace Commission), found that every dollar collected in a federal income tax by the IRS, goes directly to the privately held Federal Reserve Bank. This commission found that although Americans have been led to believe that their tax dollars go towards government services which they receive, not one government service is provided by this money.

And what's of equal interest is that the US Federal Government is able to operate annually without collecting one cent of the federal income tax. So what we have been told about this government's need for this money in order to operate has been and continues to be a complete fraud.

The US Congress has once again lied to us.

And of course I would've also mentioned Aaron Russo's wonderful video and how it can be accessed for free on the Google search engine -- that is when the FBI and DHS aren't trying to find ways in which to have it removed. The FBI did not like this idea of mine and made certain that I was never called to actually attend a jury duty pool.

I wonder why?

Perhaps the FBI was just afraid that a little a bit of truth circulated amongst some jury pool members might have later wrought total havoc in a courtroom in which a case on tax evasion was being heard? Given the number of Americans who have been wrongfully convicted on charges of tax evasion, what a glorious occurence that would have been. And I would have been proud to have been the catalyst in promulgating such information, and in keeping innocent tax protestors from going to prison. I cite two in particular here who are always in my daily thoughts.

New Hampshire couple Ed and Elaine Brown.

The Browns were wrongfully convicted on charges of tax evasion and are now serving nearly six years each in a federal prison. And while Elaine appears to be fairing well considering what she has been put through, I am concerned that Ed Brown is being covertly tortured to death. There's also the upcoming trial of four supporters of the Browns to consider -- four men who have also been wrongfully incarcerated for supporting them. This trial was supposed to begin this past Monday, Jan. 28TH. However, it has been reschedualed for some time in March, 2008.

The men who will be wrongfully tried are: Robert Wolffe, Danny Reilly, Jason Gerhard, and Cirino Gonzalez, all of whom will most certainly be railroaded in yet another Kangaroo court as Ed and Elaine Brown were. Danny Reilly has recently filed a complaint with the court regarding his harsh treatment, since being wrongfully arrested several months ago.

Of course this does nothing to improve my opinion of the Judicial system in this country, which I now perceive as being controlled by criminals and as such consider inherently corrupt.

Since the latest jury duty questionnaire is yet another FBI scam, I will avoid answering this one as well, and instead await a subpoena -- if one should actually be sent. Something which I will document here in its entirety, as I continue to illustrate one of the most egregious and precedent setting violations of the US Constitution and my rights as an American citizen, ever documented.

A criminal conspiracy waged by the FBI, which has now included all branches of the US Federal Government, as well as NY State and local governments. Birds of a feather flock together -- and so do criminals.

In all likelihood, no subpoena will be sent by this court. Instead, I will probably receive yet another jury duty questionnaire from a Long Island court in which the same vicious cycle will begin anew.

In fact, it would appear that this vicious cycle has already begun. And I will (as I have in the past) continue to document every aspect of it, as well as the abjectly criminal behavior of a US Intelligence agency against an American citizen -- precedent setting crimes which continue unabated by these overpaid, psychopathic and heartless scoundrels. Those who use our beloved Constitution for toilet paper, while praising fascist legislation like the Patriot Act.

What I am describing here is what it's like to be an American citizen who's covertly attacked by a federal agent who attempts to abuse his position of authority to perpetrate a felonious vendetta in which to deny me my Constitutional rights under the color and cover of law. An agent who has now been caught having done so and then committing even greater abuses of his authority by attempting to cover up his complicity in such treasonous crimes, through the demonization of my person, waged by this miscreant and his federal cronies through the US Media disinformation system.


What follows is an earlier post regarding the FEDS' attempts to use jury duty in their efforts to set me up for entrapment. Proof that once the FBI's dropped a few million dollars in attempting to entrap you -- and failed to do so -- it has no problem spending additional public funds in efforts to continue to violate your rights, while keeping its own criminal agents (Nazi's and hate mongers) gainfully employed at the expense of the American people.

Included in this agenda is the circulation of video taken of yourself within the privacy of your home -- including your own bedroom and bathroom -- something which many mind control targets have now reported, and conclusive proof that the rule of constitutional law within the United States is now dead. And the FEDS are being paid to carry out such criminal behavior.

FBI agents gotta eat too right? All criminals do. So they continue to receive paychecks for violating the laws of this country and the Constitution.

And while I have no way of knowing exactly how much the FEDS have flushed down the old crapper in their attempts to set me up over the past three decades, I can guarantee you that it's a hell of a lot more than a few million dollars. They spend that in jet fuel following me around every time I leave my home.

Such is the life of an NSA satellite prisoner and target of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, where your brainwaves are quite literally electronically remotely hooked up to an NSA supercomputer -- via NSA satellite -- which monitors your thoughts 24 hours a day -- without your knowledge or consent. That is unless the NSA wants you to know what's being done to you. And if that happens as it did in my case and a number of others, you will learn far more about the NSA's insidious radiation intelligence program and the satellite based computer driven technology which it deploys against myriad Americans, than you ever wanted to.

Does any of this sound legal to you?

Of course it doesn't -- because none of it is.

And the FEDS are well aware that they are committing serious crimes here as well as horrifying breaches of their oath to protect and defend the US Constitution. And whether they choose to admit it or not, it is these agents and their overtly hostile attacks on the American way of life who have become the terrorist threat to the American people; not those of us whom they have deliberately referred to as terrorists, yet who have no criminal records and no connections with terrorist groups or terrorist activity.

What the NSA (at the direction of the FBI in my case) has done here is the most precedent setting violation of both the 4TH and 5TH Amendments ever documented. And certain to cause a scandal within this country in regard to these mind raping PIGS, which will be equally precedent setting -- one which will follow them around until the glorious days when these anti-American organizations are permanently and justly abolished, and these covert government rat bastards are firmly planted in the ground where they belong. When they can never hurt another living soul ever again.

The FBI and its criminal brethren have committed the most serious crimes against myself and myriad others imaginable. And in doing so, they have let us know that that they are going to continue to commit treasonous crimes against us. Something I am not about to ever allow them to get away with.

An earlier post on the FEDS' attempts to entrap me through the use of jury duty:

Aaron Russo's brilliant exposition of the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds --America: From Freedom To Fascism:

My message to the FBI and the rest of its criminal and degenerate brethren -- those who monitor this Website daily and have colluded to deny myself and myriad others our Constitutional rights: I may not be able to prevent you from violating my rights as an American citizen or those of others. However, you can be certain that I will document every time in which you Constitution raping reprobates do so. And I will continue to expose the abject fraud that you represent to the American way of life until I take my last breath.
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