Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Red -- White -- Black Day As Stalkers Use Their Vehicles For The Purpose Of Intimidation -- America Gone Rotten

These are the colors of the Nazi flag and can be found on vehicles which the stalkers drive while parading in their criminal procession in front of my home. These people are perpetrating the act of criminal menace. They are well aware that what they are doing is illegal and that the FEDS are behind this criminal act.

Moreover, the FEDS in their criminality have taken to making me a pariah within my own community, even though I have never been arrested, tried or convicted of any crimes. However, the FEDS have committed myriad crimes against myself, and have taken to demonizing me in efforts to cover up their own egregious violations of my rights as well as those of the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

What's more, there are thousands of people taking to the Internet to describe similar situations of their own, in which the rule of Constitutional law within the United States (as well as other countries) is being violated by our paid servants in the most precedent setting ways ever documented. Servants who by their criminal activites are demonstrating that they are no longer handmaidens of the laws of this land, but instead those who violate such laws.

Consequently, we as Americans must now take matters into our own hands. Either the Congress enforces the US Constitution and places those criminals within the FBI, NSA, CIA and other agencies of US Intel (which are threatening the well being of this country and its people) in prison, or the American people must rise up to this threat and take an appropriate and Constitutional response to such acts of treason -- before we end up with another Nazi Germany on our hands.
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