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The FBI Covers Up The Facts Behind The Murder Of Chandra Levy -- Why? A Person Alleging To Be An NSA Agent Claims To Have The Answer

"That the the F.B.I. claimed for so long that they had no idea who or what was behind the murder of Chandra Levy is just an outright lie. They know, and knew from the start, that she was being used by the MOSSAD to obtain top secret information. The lead FBI investigator in the Chandra Levy case was Special Agent Bradley J. Garrett. He is known as 'The Fixer,' because he is called in to find patsy's to take the blame for government murders."

-- The NorthStar Foundation

The above may well have been a story planted by the Bush Admininstration in order to misdirect attention away from a more obvious explanation for why Chandra Levy was murdered. There was a post listed several years back on the controversial Website "Rumor Mill News" which was sent by someone who claimed to be an NSA agent, which offers a far more plausible reason for Levy's murder.

The person claimed to have known exactly what happened to Chandra and why she was murdered.

Interestingly enough, rather than a connection with the Israeli intelligence group Mossad and espionage being the case (as the Northstar Group has been promulgating), this alleged NSA operative claims that Levy's murder was instead the result of an illicit affair between herself and Congressman Gary Conditt which turned sour, when Conditt looked to abruptly end the affair. And when Levy, then a woman scorned, decided to exact her revenge by threatening to reveal the affair to Conditt's wife, as well as adverse information which she had procured off Conditt's computer in regard to himself and the present Bush Administration. According to the report, Conditt contacted Karl Rove to inform him that Levy had obtained damaging information about the Bush Administration and that she had to be taken care of.

Now if there's one constant with the Bush Adminstration (aside from its pathological deception of the American public), it's that people whom this administration considers to be a threat to it have a nasty habit of dying.

And while there is no way of knowing if the following scenario occurred in the way that it's been purported to have played out, it does seem logical enough that Chandra Levy was murdered because she felt betrayed by Conditt and threatened to destroy his reputation and career. And given Conditt's connection with the Bush Administration, this couldn't have been a more unhealthy choice for the beautiful and ambitious young Levy to make.

It should also come as little surprise to learn that the FBI claimed that all leads in their investigation to Levy's murder had dried up, since when you are told by your superiors to drop an investigation and consequently stop searching for leads, that will tend to happen. In the case of the late Margie Schoedinger, the Texan who filed raped charges against George W. Bush, there wasn't even a case of leads drying up for the FBI. Instead, the FBI had a great lead, which they chose to ignore. And according to Schoedinger, not only did the FBI refused to protect her from George W. Bush and his henchman, they forwarded her complaints about Bush directly to the Whitehouse so that the current standing President could finish Margie off for good.

Which occurred in 2002, when she was found shot to death -- just nine months from the time in which she filed a lawsuit against George W. Bush. One which until recently could be viewed at the Texas Courthouse where she made the filing.

Once again, the FBI was used to obstruct justice.

This is the real FBI -- the one which the American people need to be aware of -- not the Quinn Martin romanticized version which graced our Television screens back in the 1960's and '70's -- one which was subjected to the screening approval of J. Edgar Hoover himself, before it was allowed to air nationally on prime time TV.

The situation regarding Levy is also further proof that the FBI is used as a political watchdog by those in Washington -- to cover up their own crimes -- instead of for any legitimate type of police work. The FBI has always been a criminal conspirator colluding with other agencies as well as organized crime families as evidenced by the many scandals within the Boston FBI over the years. Its role as legitimate crime fighter has always been and will always be a complete and utter farce.

Moreover, when the FBI isn't acting as a political arm of the President, it's slumming on the Internet for datamining purposes while claiming to be after criminal types. Truth be told, the FBI can find more criminals in its own backyard than it can anywhere else as evidenced by the number of former FBI agents who were forced to turn to whistle blowing activities against the bureau, and who now find themselves being preyed upon by this Americanized Gestapo and their former colleagues.

Still worse is that through the bureau's use of the US Media to extensively brainwash Americans into believing that the FBI's final word on an investigation should be considered sacrosanct, the reality is that it's at this juncture where the American people should begin questioning the FBI and its motives the most.

And while we're on the subect, exactly where are the rest of the God damn tapes which the FBI seized from around the Pentagon more than six years ago, and flatly refused to release to the American public? And why hasn't the US Congress forced the FBI to release these tapes? What are they all covering up? And who are they protecting?

Those who murdered nearly 3000 of our people, that's who! They're protecting themselves.

Moreover, if there has ever been a government agency that you would not want to trust under any circumstances -- it's the FBI.

In the past three years, I have found numerous disturbing instances in which the FBI was deliberately brought in to obfuscate the facts in serious crimes, while looking to aid and abet those who took part in them.

Instead of helping to illuminate the situation.

And what's worse is that throughout its sordid history, this actually seems to be standard operating procedure for the FBI, which gets called in to muddy the waters in legitmate investigations (The missile attack on TWA Flight 800 is one of the best examples of the FBI's deception) so that the American people never learn the truth about crimes which the US Federal Government is complicit in -- particularly as they apply to the US Military-Industrial-Intelligence complex.

The deliberate cover up regarding the murder of Chandra Levy is yet one more instance in which the FBI has been used as a pawn in which to do so. And any American citizen who believes that the FBI is not extremely deleterious to the safety of the American people and our freedoms, need only research this Americanized Gestapo's terrible history of both civil and human rights abuses, to learn that the exact contrary is true. The FBI respects no American citizen and no law -- which is why the American people themselves will eventually be forced to abolish it.

That is, when they finally take the time to research the FBI's Century long history of conducting the types of illegal COINTELPRO operations (by this name as well as others) in which the bureau routinely undermined the US Constitution and the freedoms that the United States -- as a former constitutional republic -- once offered all of its citizens. That was before agencies like the FBI, NSA and CIA got through destroying it. And their destruction of our Constitution is a direct act of treasonous aggression against the American people.

The following's an article from the Rumor Mill News Website which covers allegations made by an alleged NSA operative, that the FBI was told to drop its investigation into the murder of Chandra Levy. Much like it was told to drop investigations into the money trail which led up to the attacks on 9-11. Where did the orders to drop both of these investigations come from? According to this alleged NSA leaker:

The Bush Whitehouse.
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