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In Your Place Of Worship, Employment Or Myriad Other Venues, Are You Being Covertly Mind Controlled?

Following this post is an interesting video describing how mind control techniques are covertly utilized by those whose intention is to change the belief systems of the persons whom they are targeting. The US Intelligence community has been honing virtually every aspect of its own mind control intitiative which began in the late 1940's, since the time that the US Mind Control Triumvirate -- the CIA, NSA and DOD -- received their charters.

There are myriad ways in which a mind control victim can be targeted beginning with cult type scenarios like the ones in the following film, and ending with electronic forms of computer driven weaponry (oftentimes satellite based), used to electronically access various parts of the human brain, in which to bring about the desired effects that the controllers of this technology are looking to achieve.

To some degree the entire population of the developed countries on this planet is already being mind controlled by the global media system, their employers, religious groups etc.

However, there is an even darker side to mind control -- that which is deployed by way of agencies like the NSA, which utilizes a specialized technology known as Electronic Brain Link to illegally access and monitor the brainwaves of targeted individuals, for the purpose of both extracting information as well as implanting it within an unwitting subject's brain.

This information is then used to covertly alter the person's way of thinking and behavior on a subconscious level.

As a long-term target of such mind control technology, I believe that every person on this planet should be made aware of how agencies like the NSA, FBI, CIA and DOD covertly utilize these classified weapons to target those whom they are either illegally investigating, or using as unwitting victims for advanced forms of mind control research.

There are millions of American citizens who are being targeted in such ways. However, only a handful of us have actually learned of what is being done, which is why it is so crucial for us to alert the rest of the population to this technology, and to how it is being illegally deployed against many of them without their knowledge.

If we don't take this crucial step no one else will.

This clandestine invasion of the mind is of such import that it must eventually be acknowledged by the United States Congress, which will then be forced to either address the grievances of those who've been targeted for such despicable human rights abuses, or suffer the serious consequences for failing to do so.

When you are targeted by the NSA for mind control research, the electromagnetic field which surrounds your body is electronically tapped into by the NSA using its array of spy satellites. This enables NSA supercomputers via these satellites to track your whereabouts 24 hours a day while recording what you say, do and think.

No aspect of your life is private.

You are remotely interogated by NSA operatives without your knowledge, consent, or ability to consult with an attorney. What the NSA has done in perpetrating this most serious of crimes is to completely eradicate due process of law -- something that this agency has no right to do.

And in having done so, the NSA is sending us a clear message, that in the future if they are not stopped, they will completely destroy the constitutional rule of law for every American citizen.

Instead, the NSA will simply use a satellite and supercomputer to remotely interogate those Americans whom it has illegally targeted, while destroying the reputations and relationships of these people through covert channels such as the FBI. And in my experience the NSA's advanced technology is being used by certain members of the US Intelligence community to wage their own personal vendettas on American citizens of their choosing, while denying us our rights under the color and cover of law. A serious federal crime which these agencies have been charged with preventing -- yet are now in the commission of.

The NSA's covertly hostile tactics are an open invitation for the American people to call for its abolition. Those within the NSA have always considered themselves to be above the rule of law which is clearly defined by the US Constitution. Under General Michael Hayden's purview, the NSA has become far worse. And one can only conclude that in his newest role as head of the CIA, these abuses are going to become more widespread than ever before. As such, both of these Nazism's which masquerade as part of the US Intelligence community should be abolished.

The new rule of law in this country is fast becoming the deployment of inhumane tactics such as that of mind control, organized stalking, and the use of smear campaigns in which to impugn the reputations of those being targeted for these Orwellian crimes.

What the NSA and other Intel agencies are perpetrating here are without a doubt the most serious crimes ever waged by the US Intelligence community against Americans as a nation; crimes which are a direct and treasonous assault against the US Constitution.

In illegally deploying this technology against American citizens, the NSA is not only in violation of its own charter and the US Bill Of Rights, but also of both the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Code.

Moreover, through the use of this technology, an NSA cryptologist is in a sense physically with the person being targeted at all times, without that person's knowledge or consent; while going on a protracting fishing expedition of this person's life and thoughts.

There's also another serious issue at hand here. How the NSA's illegal use of this spy technology also invades the privacy of those persons who are in communication with the targeted person.

Imagine a situation in which the TI is in a long-term relationship with a spouse or lover. Now this person's privacy has also been blatantly violated without their knowledge or consent. And the same can be said for every person with whom the initial target has either spoken (Telephone,E-mail,Snailmail communication) or been in direct contact with. No American should have to tolerate such abuses of their privacy, by federal agents who are not only treasonous criminals, but also the moral equivalent of the sewer rat.

What the NSA has perpetrated here is even outrageous in regard to its own history of crimininality -- which is extensive. And what's even worse is that those Americans being targeted by this technology may be experiencing the remotely induced manipulation of their thoughts and behavior without even realizing what is being done to them. The NSA may well be using this techology to create programmed assassins, while encouraging other types of criminal behavior in those being targeted.

Furthermore, using psychological warfare campaigns to drive mind control targets to such rage that they are forced to act out with violence, has nothing to do with protecting society, and everything to do with creating criminals who will eventually become a threat to it.

Again, for these reasons, every person within the United States (as well as those of other countries who are also vulnerable to the NSA and this mind raping technology) must be educated in regard to the NSA's mind control weaponry, so that they can at the very least begin to understand how vulnerable they are to it.

This situation has now gone well beyond that of constitutional rights, and crosses headlong into that of human rights issues, which are certain to become contentious as the NSA's radiation intelligence technology is finally exposed on a global scale.

An interesting film on the basics of mind control:
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